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Dear Mr. William Shatner - or why Destiel is so important

Nichelle Nichols once told this wonderful story at a convention about the first kiss scene between a black woman and a white man on Television. She told us how you were responsible for ruining every take so that this kiss scene would go into the final cut. You wrote history in that moment, as did Gene Roddenberry with his vision of the future.

Representation on the media is important. This rule still applies.

The phrase “queerbaiting” is still something many people don’t understand nor why it’s such a big problem. I don’t want to accuse the producers and writers of Supernatural that they did it with malicious intent but the fact remains: The show is a textbook example for queerbaiting.

But what is queerbaiting anyway and why should this interest me? I’ll keep it short.

Queerbaiting is when a show is baiting a romance storyline with two characters of the same gender to attract queer viewers but never intent to acknowledge it.

As in terms of Destiel (Dean and Cas) you might say: What??? They don’t have a romantic storyline! That’s all in your head!

Oh Captain, my Captain, please follow me upon my proverbial desk to remind us that we must constantly look at things in a different way. Let me give you a new perspective. Look at this picture for example (and my amazing photoshop skills…)

You think Dean is checking out the girl and why wouldn’t he? This girl is hot. But whoops, that girl wasn’t in the scene. It was Cas - and Dean was looking at his chest after he just had told him to unbutton his shirt.

You could argue this is just one scene but there are tons of other examples where they give each other flirty looks.

(last 2 gifs aren’t mine. credits to whoever made them, sadly I don’t know)

If you replace Cas (or Dean in the last pic) with the hot chick from the first image you would NEVER argue that they are flirting in this scene.

In fact if Castiel was played by a female actress from the start, there would be no discussion at all. Everyone in the audience would think that they both will end up together. Actually for a heterosexual pairing you don’t even need a build up in a tv show. You have a sexy male main character and a sexy female character at his side. Et voilá - everyone KNOWS they will be endgame.

But for Dean and Cas: They save each other from Hell and Purgatory, they die for each other, they stare at each other, they are devastated when the other one dies or disappears, they need each other, they come through to each other even when one of them is brainwashed to kill the other one, Cas said he is indifferent to sexual orientation, we see Dean flirting or attracted to men on several occasion throughout the show and and and…

Again: Replace Cas with a female actress and you have the love story of the century.

But they are both male and this means: No homo, they’re just bros.

Maybe now you can imagine how “wonderful” this feels for any queer or open minded human being who watches this shows. It is as NORMAL for us to see a possible love story between two man - like it is to see a possible love story between a man and a woman on a tv show.

Shows which queerbait and don’t even have the decency to acknowledge this, push people like us back in the closet, showing in the media that it is not okay to be gay. Stage directions like “Play this scene like a jilted lover” (Dean and Cas meet again in 9x06) are queerbaiting!

Jensen and Misha are awesome actors and if Misha plays the scene with Jensen as a jilted lover we can see this in the series!! And of course we also get our hopes up that destiel is endgame.

Of course, let’s get real for a moment. We know that they will never make destiel canon because they’re both male. That’s the message we get.

That’s the representation we get.

We need a hero like Captain Kirk who says to hell with the system because I WANT THAT KISS! THIS KISS IS IMPORTANT!


So many men had tried to make her a queen. Now she understood that she was meant for something more. The Darkling had told her he was destined to rule. He had claimed the throne, and a part of her too. He was welcome to it. For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. She would rise.

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