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Rat E Reaper

This is a birthday present for makapedia who is an absolute darling and if you haven’t checked out her fics before you really need to because they are amazing. Happy brithday!

Maka could not believe that her idiot adopted brother had asked for his seventeenth birthday party to be at Chuck E Cheese. Or, rather, the Death City knock-off, Rat E Reaper. How they had not been sued yet was a mystery.

As she walked into the restaurant and got her wrists stamped, along with her brother and a group of their mutual friends, she looked around the place.

By the counter stood the restaurant’s name-sake, the mascot rat dressed up like a comical reaper. Half the room was given over to dining tables—which were all empty save for one, at which sat a couple and their kid, though they spent more time hissing at each other than paying attention to the kid—and the other half was filled with arcade games. The games were the reason Black Star had been so adamant about coming here; dinner with a game he had said.

Maka could remember coming here as a child, when it had been newly opened and extremely popular. But now, nearly a decade later, the place was looking a little worse for wear. She did not even want to know how sticky the place was.

And judging by Kid’s (one of the mutual friends) face, it was not going to be a fun experience.

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Day 3: Admiration

Heyooo~ I’m back with another entry for Nalu week! This one is rather short but probably one of my more fluffier fics. I hope you all enjoy and happy nalu week my fellow shipper :)

Genre: FLUFF
Day 3: Admiration-
something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect.

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Natsu stared at his wife. Her face contorted into one of pain and was flushed. He held onto her hand, which she squeezed in return and panicked as she screamed.

“Mrs Heartfilia you’re doing great. Keep pushing now.”

The nurses hurried around as the doctor kept watch over Lucy. If it had been under different circumstances than Natsu would’ve punched him in the face but considering what was happening, and the fact that Lucy had already had a word with him earlier, he had to let it go.

Lucy let out another scream of pain and he thought his hand was going to brake right then until he heard the cries of a baby. Natsu’s dark green eyes turned and saw the doctor with the baby in their arms, his baby. He could only make out the tuft of golden hair on the top of his child’s head before the nurse came and wrapped it up in a fresh white towel.

His gaze turned to Lucy who was panting and looked close to exhaustion. She had done this. She had that baby, their baby, in her stomach and gave birth to it. Lucy had made a new life. Natsu’s eyes brimmed with tears as soon the baby with placed into the new mother’s arms.

“It’s a boy,” the nurse murmured softly to the new parents before hurrying off. Lucy had fresh tears sliding down her face as she tiredly looked down at her son and then to her husband. Natsu’s mouth fell open in awe as he stared at his child.

“Lucy,” he whispered before locking his gaze with her, “I can’t believe you just.” He stumbled on his words and soon a stray tear fell down his own face, “I knew you were amazing but just. Oh wow.” Lucy chuckled as she reached out a hand to cup Natsu’s face.

“I love you so much,” she murmured and now Natsu was flooding with tears that he desperately tried to wipe away.

“I love you,” he replied, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” Natsu repeated until he stopped to press his lips against hers. “I love you so damn much, Luce,” Natsu sniffled, “We’re a family now and you. You did all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Lucy closed her eyes and hummed in response as a soft smile tugged at her lips while Natsu rambled to her and their new baby about all the things the three of them would do together as a family. His eyes sparkled in excitement and admiration for his wife who had given him this gift, this opportunity, to have a family and begin a whole new adventure.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

snogfairy - Many great Nalu fanfics, my favourite is tails and talons

missyplatina - Love her Nalu AUs, and she’s really friendly! I’m sure you all know about Virtual Flames and Texting Fire, check out her oneshot too!!

immortalpromise - I love seeing this writer’s one shots in the nalu tag, definitely check out her work! Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of the fanfics off the top of my head right now.

amehanaaa - Great Nalu AU writer! I recommend Living With Him. Check out her account on for more Nalu AUs

ff-darkshininglight - Check out the stories on! There are many great Nalu oneshot and ongoing AUs. Check out Let it be Random, Your Virtual Reality and Memory Stones among others

lonestorm - I’m sure you all know lonestorm, and for good reason because this writer creates magnificent worlds. Of course check out The Keys of Fire and keep updated with The Way We Smile (The first NativeAU! I’ve ever seen) on I always learn something from her fanfics, like the world of theatre in the oneshot You Light Me Up

toxineena - Many great fanfics over at, both AU and in universe like layman’s terms, adherence and stuck on you

rivendell101 - Nalu angst queen I tell ya, unfortunately I can’t remember fanfic names off the top of my head, but be sure to check out the author’s work both here and on!

I’m probably missing lots of authors but please do check these writers out!