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“I don’t want someone who promise me the moon and stars. I want someone who promises to lay on the grass and watch them with me.”

GUYS Fairy Tail is over I can’t COOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!! I mean I admit that I’m a bit disappointed but I still liked the chapter! Omg what am I gonna do with my life now that it’s over :( I really hope the fandom doesnt die lol because I love drawing these two :’)

Easter egg! The constellations in the sky are the constellations of Lucy’s Zodiac keys :D I thought it was a cute touch haha!

ALSO Happy Birthday @fablerose! She also does drawings and colourings so check out her blog and wish her a happy birthday too ;)!


*An Appealing Tittle* *MBTI* *Zodiac Signs* *Read pls*

Reblog your zodiac ‘’element’’ and your mbti type please. I love youuuuu. (you can say multiple elements if you’re not sure) 

The element/type you IDENTIFY with. (please :)

***once i get about 150 respones imma post the results, so.. stay tuned?***

PLEASE check out mbtilove’s aesthetics, they’re awesome! Just click this or hit the search tab in her blog and search for ‘mbti aesthetic’

I only have 10 followers on this blog and I appreciate you guys a lot so I decided to make little mood boards based on your blogs. Feel free to ask me anything, or send in tea party theme requests or just say hi any time.


This board is for: @ari-gator (my beautiful girlfriend who I love. check out her blog, that’s her art right there isn’t it cool?)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any theme recs for an indie/multi-muse account? x

hi hello i definitely do !! i think it’d be good to check out these two tags ( x, x) on my blog, but my personal faves are 

i. hylia by @nintcndos (lowkey ,, i love every theme made by ari so pls check out her theme tag here

ii. hufflepuff by @desveladas (ok ok i truly do love all her themes as well so pls check out her theme tag here

iii. rosen by @simplyrps is super cute tbh & perfect as an indie theme ??

iv. delicate by @astraeawrites is honestly a+++ for indies & also hella pretty !! 

v. lastly, both kisa v.02 & heavenly v.02  by @mangitos are def recs as well since they’re my go-to themes tbh akghjk 

i hope this helped, but feel free to send me another message if you’d like more suggestions !! 

Hi hello hi everyone!! So it’s my first time doing one of these follow forever things so I wanted to make it special. For example, not only is it 2015, I also have 2015 followers. Being my first one too I wanted to set a tradition of typing out reasons for some of those people I think you should follow as well. While I can’t do this for everyone involved, know that if I include you I think nothing but the world of you. And if I miss you, message me and I’ll add you accordingly. So let’s get this show on the road shall we?


muileach - The Loch to my Ness. The Irn to my Bru. The Mars to my Bar. This talented Scottish lop-eared bunny is my fiancee. Amy’s extremely hard working, a fantastic singer, mixer, artist, RPer and overall fun and amazing person. She’s super pretty too and is addicted to Disney stuff (Took her to Disney World for the first time over the summer and you should of saw her face, because that’s where I proposed too.). She also wants to do cake related things so don’t be surprised if we open a bakery or a cafe.

starcre8tor - Only right to include the rad person who did the art for my follow forever in said follow forever. Natasha’s a super rad artist and animator who I’ve had the pleasure of talking to over the last few months. We got to know each other through the Mystery Skulls animated fandom. She claims to like stars as much as I do but I doubt that. She also has a super cool Webcomic that’s soon to be an animation called beyondthewallscomic go check it out!

mioko-san - If you don’t know who Mio is then I recommend you go and visit her blog. Seriously do it. She’s an extremely talented artist and her Attack on Titan AUs are to die for. She’s also the character artist for Orion, the game I voice the main character in. We also talk about ships, zodiac signs and geek out over video games and other things. I seriously recommend checking her out because she’s gonna rule the world I swear to god. Also an Aries. (;D)

princelupin - Lupin is basically one of the bestest friends I’ve made in a long, long time. I’m so glad that we met through Despair Drive because seriously I love talking to you. You’re a blast, creative and extremely talented. We gon’ run the world homie. (Lupin’s also super cute and the creator of Pumpkin Panic, go follow them, go do it.)

supuru - Lemme tell you a thing about Lasha. This here is one of my homeslices, ya’ hear? If you mess with her I’ll boil your buns and feed them to you. Us campers stick together. Seriously though, Lasha’s a super radical artist who I’ve had the honor of having as a friend and getting to work with her on Camp Cryptids is an absolute blast. We gonna go places. I swear on it.


chisanaai - We’re partners in crime, we do that voice thing together and we look cute as fuck while doing it. Please go check out Kelly, she’s one of the most talented voice actresses I’ve ever met and doesn’t get enough attention. She’s a true sweetheart and you won’t be disappointed.

shadowlillium - I swear me and you became friends super, SUPER quick. Like it’s ridiculous, there’s never a dull moment when me and you are involved and we always seem to do something wacky and creative. I can promise you that Dragonkin is gonna be the bomb.

frillyrpg - Sammy, me and you are basically related and I LOVE seeing you improve in everything you do. You’re EXTREMELY talented and creative. Never give up!

transientdayOne of THE sweetest people I’ve met through the Mystery Skulls fandom. She’s extremely talented and deserves all the love in the world, we also talk about MSA AUs, OCs, food, and just geek out over everything. 

thepurpah - The purple princess and ruler of the realm. Purpah is one of the absolute SWEETEST, MOST TALENTED PEOPLE I’VE EVER MET. Seriously, she’s my anime buddy. We geek out about cute anime and Mystery Skulls. ALSO STORMTROOPERSPERCYLIFAIRIES

ninja46464 and kurobook - Star sisters and partners in crime, these two are rising stars! Please go follow them, their art is fantastic and they’re super fun to tease!

carranzis - We only started talking recently too but you’re so warm and friendly and I wanna hug you tight! Keep on doing what you’re doing!! Like seriously please.

bluebiesartblog - BluebieeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEE!! You’re super rad, talented and fantastic. I can’t wait to talk more and see what you come up with, because with your abilities you can do some awesome things!

pmseymourva - Some nerd with a cool voice. We’re planning on doing some really cool stuff come summer time. Video game, food related, life related. You guys are gonna like it.

momothewise - My string monster companion. Momo is one of my best buds, and I’m absolute trash for not talking more, but gosh we need to do more stuff together. ALSO KINGDOM HEARTS BUDDIES.

mysterybensmysteryblog - The man, the legend, the extremely talented animator who kickstarted my passion and drive for voice acting and creative stuff again alongside the late Monty Oum. Ben, you and your team are fantastic people and I really do gotta thank you for that.

heilos - This gal is one of the coolest cats I’ve come across. Fantastic art, great advice, and a wonderful attitude. Seriously please follow her.

artsyfeathersartsyblog - One of the NICEST folks I’ve gotten to speak to in a long time. Granted we don’t talk much Artsy, you deserve all the love!

lottafandoms - SNOW SNOW SNOW BABY SEALS SNOW SEALS FLUFFY SEALS. Mia, you’re an absolute sweetheart. Don’t you ever give up on anything in life you got that? You’ve got a lot ahead of you and I hope I can help somehow!

chocojax - Go follow this talented gal, we only just started talking recently but you’re super cool and creative. Your art is beautiful. <3

kmd2artgirl - KMD, we don’t get to talk much but I wanted to let you know that you’re extremely talented, sweet as a strawberry, and that if you ever need someone to talk to I’ve got your back!

oakythequeenofcandyland - Didn’t think I’d forget you did I! Oaky, you’re a sweetheart and I’m so proud of the job you’re working now! But don’t forget~ we’ve got some projects to work on together. ;D Lots of things to do!

nekorage - Taylor, you’re an absolute sweetiepie, than you for being my friend. <3 You’re a caring, loving, and talented lady and I can’t wait to see what you do.

severeinfatuation - MIRIIIIIII, we may not talk very much anymore, but you’ll always be my friend aND MY FRIEND WHO WE CAN GEEK OUT WITH REGARDING VIDYA GAMES

thebunnyofevil - I’d be a total idiot not to include you on this. Even though we don’t talk much, you’ve always been a great friend. You’re super hard working and I can’t wait to play Seduce Me, work on more Pizz'Amore, and hang out again sometime.

helenedaviauhunt - Same as with Michaela, we don’t get to really talk much anymore, BUT you’re one of my best friends essentially and it’s always fun to talk to you. We NEED to work on something together. Like seriously.

kankri-is-triggered - Hey this guy’s a space nerd and we’re gonna rock it with Orion. Go follow him.


Rad folks:

bossling, rileyav, ectoimp, kaladis-artist, nonbinaryrobotallon-s-k, jaegerrbomb, ectoimp, gabriel-is-the-man, spook-wolf, the-snowflake-owl, babsart-doodles, ophiuca, tentacuddles, splatterlewis, bluenerdette-vivi-msa, tsundere-world, mewnna-caythin, totalspiffage, everyonelovesrobots, whonagi [Will add more]