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Aesthetic Advent: Day 17

Luna Lovegood x Ginny Weasley 

“Oh, it’s been alright. A bit lonely without the D.A. Ginny’s been nice, though. She stopped two boys in our Transfiguration class calling me ‘Loony’ the other day —”


Wings Of The Damned Pt. 2

Pairings: None??? I think??

Warnings: Probably some self hate

“I don’t see why you guys love them so much…they’re just wings of the damned.”

The other sides looked at him curiously. Logan in particular was lost.

“Why’s that?” He questioned.

“Because they’re mine.” Virgil whispered. 

The logical side didn’t comprehend, and it was abundantly clear the others didn’t follow either. 

Virgil sighed, knowing he’d have to explain.

“Just take a look at them, first of all, they’re black usually associated with-”

“A fallen angel!” Logan interrupted, making the connection.

Virgil nodded.

“Yeah….then take a look at my personality, my entire being is the embodiment of someone’s anxiety. And I’m damned to this hell like life,” he concluded. 

“But that’s not true,” Roman said sternly.

“Yes you aren’t that likeable,”

Patton gave Roman a look. 

“Don’t talk bad about my dark son!” He defended.

“Hold your horses Dad, let me finish! Though you aren’t liked by many, we appreciate your being, and the functional life you help Thomas live. You play a large role for him, which we’ve established.”

“Precisely. Besides, you shouldn’t look at it like being “damned to hell” after all you have us,” Logan said in his usual tone. Virgil rolled his head around to look at Roman for a brief moment, before turning his attention back to Logan.

“And that’s a good thing?” He said pointing his thumb at the fanciful side. 

“I know it can be quite difficult, but you must know by now that none of us hate your presence,” Logan concluded. 

“Yeah..I guess you’re right…” he mumbled.

“And besides, who cares if they’re dark, they’re wonderful!” Patton gushed. He had has hands pressed to his chin, and was bouncing in excitement. 

“Not to mention, they totally fir your aesthetic,” Roman said, taking another go around Virgil’s large wings. 

Virgil let the smallest possible smile begin to form across his lips. He’s glad that they liked them, he really was.

‘Maybe things aren’t that terrible after all…’ He thought. He knew he could trust the sides with anything, and it was further proved right here and right now.

“What would I do without you all?” Virgil said. It was surprisingly out of character for him to be this calm and relaxed. But the others took it as a sign.

More importantly, what would we do without you?”