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Illustration by Elizabeth Graeber for NPR

Social activist Innosanto Nagara wanted to find a fun book to read to his 2-year-old son that also talked about the importance of social justice. Nagara couldn’t find any. So he wrote one. But not all parents have the time to do what Nagara did – so our pals at the NPR Ed team, with the help of Teaching for Change, have compiled a great list of summer reading for your woke kid. 

Check it out here!

– Petra

todomomo (first kiss) headcanons (because I'm dying with love for them)

-They get together Senior year of high school, but before they were official a lot of things happened.

-Yaomomo has had a crush on him since freshman year, but she didn’t think anything would come of it so pretended she didn’t find him attractive and his personality endearing

-It was hard

-His shirt burns so easily when he’s not in costume and damn he has great abs

-But she’s staring for purely research purpose!! Gotta check to see how buff he is to come up with a plan to help/beat him in a fight!!

-Yep totally the reason

-and during class he was always one of the first people to notice if something was wrong, whether it was another person or herself.

- She admired how observant he was so much

-She admired so much about him actually, his looks were helpful in liking him, but his personality and actions captivated her so much more

-like how he’s so dedicated to become a hero and seemed to be born to do so in how he speaks and acts (which he actually was)

-and he’s genuine drive to be a better person then his father and how he learns from his mistakes made him so admirably and great in Yaomomo’s eyes.

-She liked him for that and so, so much more

-And all the reasons why she liked him where the very same reasons why she was sure he’d never like her.

-Shouto didn’t realize he had feelings for her for the longest time

-They just appeared one day a couple months before summer and he’s just like “?????”

-He saw her helping some of their classmates with homework and that started him on the thought process of how good of a person she is

-Like she’s always helping everyone in anyway she can

-and she encourages them

-and she’s brilliantly intelligent and is amazing at analyzing villains

-and her quirk is useful for being a hero and she utilizes it perfectly

-and then his heart started racing and he was so confused and concerned

-and after a couple days of his heart speeding up whenever he saw Yaomomo, he decided to ask his mom and sister about it during the weekend, figuring maybe they’d know what was wrong with his heart before he went to medical professionals

-and so he asked when he and Fuyumi visited their mom

-was he overworking himself? Stress? An enemy quirk?

-he hoped it wasn’t an enemy quirk making his heart act weird when he looked at Yaomomo, he liked looking at her

-and his mom and Fuyumi both got kind of excited because he likes someone!!!

-And he’s so confused

-why are they happy?? Do they want him to be stressed or under a quirk??

-and when they explain to him what they think his heart racing means, he’s kind of…. unsure what to think of it.

-he’s never liked a person before, and the only relationship he had was in 3rd year, which Endeavor forced him into for a publicity stunt

-the girl was the daughter of some important hero family, and had liked him a lot more then he liked her

-plus his parents relationship wasn’t the best, so he’s not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do when you like someone

-the only other examples he has are his classmates, and they aren’t exactly perfect role models when it comes to confessing feelings

-so he keeps his possible feelings to himself and tries to make it through the rest of the semester without making it obvious

-he more or less succeeds, though Midoriya, Kirishima, and Ochaco have their suspicions after he slips a couple times

-so they both go into summer before senior year liking each other

-their first kiss happened that summer, at one of the fancy parties Yaomomo’s parents throw (psssst I might be writing a one shot about their first kiss ;)

-Neither of them knew the other was going to be there

-Shouto didn’t recognize the house since it was at the Yaoyozoru’s summer home, and Momo hadn’t checked the guest list

-when she sees him standing off to the side, she goes over to talk with him as quickly as she can without seeming rude to the other guests

-she’s concerned with how distant he is, and he confesses that his mom’s sick and he’s having a hard time thinking of anything else except his concern

-to try and get his mind off of it, Momo asks if he would like to go to the study hall and do some prep work for school, or to just read

- he doesn’t see why they shouldn’t

-Momo isn’t supposed to go into the study hall outside of an allotted time, as she will just spend all her free time in there so her parents lock it and she out of respect for them doesn’t replicate the key

-she respects them but she isn’t above telling them a little white lie

-her mother knows Momo likes a boy from her class and is super paranoid about her getting into a “scandalous” relationship

-so if Momo told the truth, that she wanted to go study alone with a boy, her mother would put her foot down and say no

-so she lies and says she’s not feeling well, and would like to relax in the calming that the study hall is for her

-after getting the key, she and Shouto sneak off to the study hall where they had all the plans to study and read and do nothing else.

-but…. there was a change of plans

-it wasn’t either of their fault! They had been reading different books and just sitting in silence, when Momo had pointed out something she found interesting in the book she was reading

-and Shouto moved closer to read over her shoulder

-and Momo forgot what she was saying as she could feel a little bit of his breath on her

- and as she trailed off, she noticed how close their faces were

-and they both just looked at each other, inches apart

-hearts racing in the dim light

-Momo doesn’t know if she kissed him or if he kissed her

-Either way, they didn’t stop kissing until the butler came knocking on the door, informing her that the party was over and she needed to come say goodbye to the guests with her parents

-Shouto snuck back into the slowly dissolving party easily, while Momo checked and made sure she didn’t look like she felt: red faced and disheveled

-her parents didn’t seem to notice anything, so she was sure she was in the clear, she politely stood by them while they talked to the line of departing guests

-Yaomomo had forgotten she’d have to see him face to face in front of her parents, and was only reminded when she saw him a couple people back in the line

-She did rather well in staying composed, she shook his hand and smiled at him easily, what was hard was not thinking that his hands had been holding her minutes before, and that the lips that were almost smiling at her had been kissing her

-she almost lasted, but then as he was walking away, he looked back at her and with a genuine smile on his lips told her he would see her at school

-Yaomomo’s blushed then, but the thought made her smile genuine in return

-As he walked away, she decided that senior year was going to be much more fulfilling then she had assumed it would

-Yaomomo woke up the next morning with her cellphone going off like crazy: most of the texts where from Mina and Kyoka, who last night Momo had decided to tell that she’d kissed someone,

-she had been overcome with excitement and needed to share it with somebody and those two were the first that popped into her mind

-Momo hadn’t specified who, and that was what the two girls where texting her madly about

-Her heart sped up though when she noticed that one of the texts was from Shouto

-it wasn’t a long text, short and simple and right to the point

- He was asking if she wanted to meet up with him for lunch

-He apparently couldn’t wait for school to see her, and Momo couldn’t wait either


So I was planning on doing this a while ago and never got around to it. My most active followers as of 06/08/2017 10:40PM are:

I follow a lot of quality blogs! And am lucky enough to have several that will tolerate my stop and go rambling on a somewhat occasional basis!

Some of my favorite stories are:

@cinamun (I want to hug Darren and chain Indya and Juan together), @josiesimblr I need to check and see if I’ve missed any more Secrets Revealed, it feels like it’s getting near the end and I don’t want to let go :(, @pixeltrashcan Please tie up Sasha and take him to a good therapist, @neutralsupply The next generation of Save Me From Me is looking like it’s going to be drama-filled. I’m excited!, @thefoxandhersimblr I wanted Sonia to be with the guy that she’s with right now but then I started liking Elliot?! I don’t know how to ship your couples. @eslanes Hottiiiiiie Landlord! ♥♥, @zauglom Your comments genuinely make me happy, your legacy makes me happy, I think you’re a walking ray of sunshine. @nervous—subject Draaaaaamaaa! I want Kali to find a nice girl that isn’t hung up on her ex T-T, @something-wicked-sims Everything you touch is amazing. If I ever do one of these things on here and I don’t @ you… please assume that you’re on the list anyway, @simsomedia I don’t know how you keep up with that many sims. I’m in awe. I’m terrified. But I also like seeing the family progress as time goes on!, @beverlyallitsims With Randy recently married, I’m worried that his sweet cheeks won’t be making any more appearances, @experimentalsims BEAR! I LOVE BEAR! @laylasims I think you get a kick out of watching your readers recoil in horror after you kill off beautiful men. I enjoy it. But I also miss Luca’s butt, @budgie2budgie I need more Lee in my life!, @tinwhistletoo I love your stories, the only regret I have is that I wasn’t following you earlier, @quiddity-jones AAAAAAAHHHHH YOU ALREADY STARTED SEASON TWO AND I STILL NEED TO CATCH UP IMMADOTHATTHISWEEKEND, @blackthornsims I will miss the blackthorn legacy but… I just saw that you started a new thing! I’m excited! I glanced at the latest post but didn’t read it because I need to start from the beginning!


Edit: I forgot @lovelychooser! I’m obsessed with her newest! I have her on alerts! Shame, shame! I’m sorry 😭

[Aug. 03, 2017] Spending this evening rehashing my summer goals via timelines and to-do lists. Only 40 days left til I release the biggest project of my life into the world and the very idea is the scariest, most nerve wrecking thing ever but I’m diving forward head first because if I don’t chase my dreams no one else will~!!! Is this getting too corny? ^^;;

In other news, despite my habit of procrastinating for endless periods of time, this summer has been my most productive. I should’ve started my bullet journal/studyblr account a long time ago ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )

anonymous asked:

What are some cute, fun reads for the summer? (Romance... Etc?)

I have some I could recommend!

Some summer mysteries that you might like, but are not very light, include:

Some that we have just bought for our summer holidays include:

Some we have not read but heard some really good things about:

Anyone else have any summer-themed/light romance recs?

8.12.17 Another back to school centered spread with a check list for my summer work; a Harry Potter theme with part of a quote from @bookmrk about back to school advice from each house that really motivated me, a Harry Potter quote that always makes me smile, an aesthetic moodboard made by @nebuladisquisitions, and star themed washi tape from a printable of @journalsanctuary

“I think we’ve outgrown full time education, time to test our talents in the real world” Fred and George Weasley

marathon city-> a Malisaac fic.  coming soon.  

Scott and Co.’s summers in Beacon Hills usually go the same.  During the day, they all work their summer jobs, or they watch movies, or they walk in aimless circles around the mall because it’s air-conditioned.  By night, though, they check off tasks on a summer bucket list.  It’s not exactly thrilling, but spending three months in a small town when it’s really fucking hot doesn’t allow many opportunities for entertainment.  

Malia Tate and her younger sister move in with their dad for the summer.  While Malia intends to find a job and spend her summer training for track season, she ends up befriending Scott and joining him and his friends in crossing items off their list, and tilting their perfect summer world on its axes.

[Scanlation] Shiawase! Tachibana Family 2 {Free! DJ, MakoHaru}

This is long overdue. Planned to got this out before christmas but better late than never *nervous laugh* (*´ω`*) 

Sequel to ‘Shiawase! Tachibana Family

Disclaimer: Not for profit. For fans only. Please do not use the scans without permission under any circumstances. Do not repost / upload this to manga reading sites. Please support the author/artist by buying the doujinshi.

Warning: domestic parody, appearance of SouRin, PG-13

Title: Shiawase! Tachibana Family 2 (Happiness! Tachibana Family 2)

*note: book cover is made of sparkly material and it doesn’t scan very well, I tried my best with editing it.

〜💚💙  Happy End  💙💚〜

As most of you may know, makoharu tag has been quite unwelcoming lately. Personally, start of 2016 has been rough for me and my online escape haven of makoharu hasn’t been ‘fun’ lately. So, I hope this will bring some joy and laughter back to the makoharu tag/fandom on tumblr. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Here’s my {Translation Master List}. Check it out! ✿


Went apple picking yesterday in Wisconsin with my mom.

So Midwest and so fun. We sampled one of each kind as we went.

I rented a car from some dude off an app like Uber but for the day? What a time to be alive.

I simultaneously checked off a fall bucket list item and a summer one in one day. The summer item I had been craving all summer was driving around with the windows down blasting Whitney. The best summer album. Which I was missing since I haven’t had a car.

Cuffing Season: What Really Happens.

Every Fall we start looking for to reconstruct our line up. The summer is over and a lot is changing now that people are going back to school. Inevitably the line up changes. Convenience has a lot to do with it but it all boils down to where you line up next to everybody else. I talk about the list here.

So everybody has a list. Everyone on this list plays a role. Sometimes the top two rotate in and out for different situation. I call these them your “Down & Distance”. That just means that you can’t decide between the two so you play them both until one fucks up enough to take them out of the rotation. 

Then you’ve got your “Sixth Man” these are the ones who always come in clutch when you need them. You might not fuck with them heavy but they’re convenient so you keep them around. The sixth man probably at the top of somebody else list so be careful they’ll walk. 

But I haven’t forgotten about the “Bench Warmers” they are important. They sit back secretly crushing waiting for somebody to fuck up. They don’t you not really fucking with them like that but they don’t care they just waiting for you to be in your feelings. They just waiting for you to need a shoulder to lean on. They probably know the most about you lowkey. they are probably the most sincere on the list. These the kind motherfuckers. They loyal even if you haven’t given them a reason to be.

Now here is how this plays into the cuffin season. During the summer everybody has fuck their go-to and enter the market. Everybody start thinking about being a hoe. They say fuck that list I got a bucket list and I got to check some shit off. The summer is over and boom- niggas start looking for a new go-to. Ladies love regular dick and the fells love some regular ass. So they dig into their pocket to try to salvage that list but wholetime you got to scramble to find somebody who not in their feelings no more because you dropped them for some new pussy or some new dick. 

Cuffing Season officially begins in October. You had since August to figure it out. Shit if you tripping if you weren’t scouting come September. Boom– October is here and it’s getting cold out. They gone want that regular meat in their life by December at the latest. Time is winding out and niggas trying cuddle and fuck– fuck netflix and chill– I’m talking about ya boys getting your phone asking you what you doing tonight and you tell them you staying cause you know you bout to be getting some ass all night.

Everybody has been scouting for months now. If they haven’t found their go-to yet them that means they haven’t narrowed down their list yet. Once the list have been cut down there are about two or three sitting at the top. There are usually two types of people on the top of that list– that’s the one you want that don’t really want you and there is the one who wants you but you don’t want them because you want the other one. Rarely do y’all really want each other. Half of the time we settle for a go-to that’s not really for us because they cool peoples or they cute or whatever and you know you can get the cheeks on a consistent basis. 

So which one are you? Are you the settle piece of ass or do you honestly think you were the go-to from jump? 9/10 you started out as a bench warmer and you just so happen to make your way up. But it’s December a lot can change over the next few weeks.

Happy Cuffing Seasonings !

Cabin Fever (prologue)

in which Simon and Baz, rival camp counsellors, are forced to share a cabin and everything goes wrong, based on a AU by @imjustinitforthefanfics



1. S'mores
2. Bug repellant
3. Torches
4. Basilton Pitch repellant (still working on it)

Simon folded his list into a neat square of paper and tucked it into his pocket. If you have a list, you’re organized, if you’re organized, you’re one step closer to reducing Basilton Pitch to nothing. He smiled triumphantly, every year his cabin’s team lost to Basilton’s, every year but this year, Simon was sure of it.

New approach? Check. Totally foolproof planning? Check. There was literally nothing that could go wrong.


Literally everything was going wrong.

“I’m sorry, but there’s really nothing we can do at such a short notice. Camp starts tomorrow.” Ebb blinked against the harsh light flooding Baz’s cabin from the gaping hole in the ceiling. Too much water damage had completely rotted the roof until it collapsed in on itself, rendering the cabin temporarily unusable.

“I know,” he muttered, dragging a hand through his hair. “There has to be something you can do for me, Ebb. Another building—we could sleep in the mess hall.” Baz grasped fruitlessly for ideas. There was no way in hell he was giving up before camp started, that meant Snow actually winning for once.

Ebb’s eyes wandered to the grimy window, which gave them a view Simon’s cabin just through the trees. “You could try squeezing your campers in with Simon’s. He always has a few empty bunks.”

Baz laughed harshly. “There’s no way in bloody hell I’m putting my campers with his campers. They’ll be at each other’s throats before the month is up.” Snow and I will be at each other’s throats before the month is up.

Ebb shook her head and smiled gently. “There’s really nothing else I can do for you.”

Baz followed Ebb’s gaze out the window. He didn’t have another option, if he wanted to keep the trophy another year, he’d have to share a cabin with Simon Snow.

“All right, I’ll tell him the news.”

“What do you mean you’re sharing my cabin?” Simon was fuming, Baz was worried he’d catch the cabin on fire and they’d both have to forfeit their competition. That’d be great.

“It means exactly what it sounds like, Snow,” Baz sneered. “There’s nowhere else for my campers to go.”

“But doesn’t that mean you’ll be staying here too?”

He rolled his eyes. “Obviously. I hate this as much as you do.” Baz watched Simon open his mouth to say something before clamping it shut. “Crowley, spit it out!”

“Fine!” Simon tossed his hands into the air dramatically. “I’m not sharing my cabin with you.” He jabbed a finger into Baz’s chest. “You couldn’t pay me to expose myself, or my campers, to your unsportsmanlike scheming.”

Baz scoffed. “You’ve really lost it, haven’t you?”

“You’re always plotting!” Simon fired back. “Plotting and—”

“Have you ever thought that maybe I’m just better than you?”


All the damn time, Simon thought bleakly. “Get out of my cabin,” he muttered.

Baz grinned smugly. “Our cabin, Snow.”


1. Figure out how to control sexual tension (???)
2. Hope Baz learns to get the hell away from me with his perfect self
3. Maybe stop being so gay for your arch enemy
4. S'mores (still delicious, despite circumstances)

Simon eyed it his watch; it was less than an hour until the campers arrived. He took a deep breath of piney air and squeezed his eyes shut. “What could possibly go wrong?”

The trees didn’t reply him, but he knew the answer. Everything.

dear d,

I just checked the list of people who will be on my summer job with me. you were one of them.

I’m exhausted. and hurt.

it’s as if faith likes to play its games with me and I’m always the one loosing.

I was letting you go. How am I supposed to continue doing that when we’ll be working side by side for weeks?

I’m just hoping you chose a different week than mine.

if you did not, let’s pray I’ll make it out alive.

-overly emotional girl

Planning a summer trip to NYC? Check out our list of upcoming exhibitions, including Stuart Davis: In Full Swing, the first major exhibition to consistently hang Davis’s later works side by side with the earlier ones that inspired them.

Stuart Davis (1892–1964), Owh! in San Paõ, 1951. Oil on canvas, 52 ¼ × 41 ¾ in. (132.7 × 106 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase 52.2. Art © Estate of Stuart Davis / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Watch on

Today, I checked shooting a .50 BMG off my bucket list. Looks like summer is ending with a bang. (at Harris Park Shooting Range)

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Summer Beauty Checklist

Now that it’s officially summer it’s time to shed those layers, grab some cocktails and have fun! But before you can do that you have to make sure you’re summer ready. I always have a full beauty checklist to maintain when going into any season, but summer is by far the most important … Hello skimpy bikinis! 

Here’s my summer beauty check list:

1. Hair removal. It’s important to be well groomed especially during a season where so little clothing is required. Make sure to get a full body wax or try my personal favorite, laser hair removal at Laser Away. They have so many locations and the laser actually blasts cool air on you during the treatment. Painless and convenient.

2. Get a tan! The traces of winter may still be written on your body so take some time to step in a spray tan booth, or better yet, book a custom spray session to really get your color just right. More of a do-it-yourself tanner? Grab some of these self tanning products to achieve a glow:

Jimmy Coco self tanner

External image

St. Tropez self tanner

External image

Scott Barnes body bling

External image

Jergens Natural Glow self tanner lotion

External image

3. Nails doll! Make sure your pinkies and toes are ready to go. Get a mani pedi and pick a color that pops against that new tan of yours. I like a creamy white or a red. Very Fourth of July.  

Shop my fave summer nail colors:

External image

External image

4. Lighten up! even if you still plan on rocking your darker tresses for the summer it helps to lighten your brows the slightest bit. Just taking the “edge” off can really brighten your face. This is a must if you plan of going lighter all over for the summer. In that case, feel free to take your brows down a full step.

5. Whiten those teeth! This may be the cheesiest tip, but it’s true! There’s nothing sexier than pearly white teeth against tan skin. So grab some Crest white strips or better yet, stop by your dentist for a Zoom treatment. You won’t be sorry!

6. Lip Plex Shot! Still feeling like you can’t shake those extra one or two pounds of winter weight? A lipo plex shot may be the answer! Different places call them different things but essentially you’re looking for a vitamin B12 B6 compound that helps boost energy and metabolism. Call around to your local med spa and ask if they offer it. Some vitamin and health food places even offer a vitamin drip cocktail with a metabolism booster mixed in. It might be just the little push you need to look your absolute best. Not to mention how glowing your skin will look after all those great vitamins get in you!

The Summer Check-List

While it’s not quite application season, the school year is winding down (and it’s even over for some).

Juniors, you’re officially rising seniors.

Which means that this scary admissions stuff is finally real.

I’m going to come out with the official 2014 Junior/Senior timelines in a few weeks. But for now… Let’s go into what you seniors-to-be need to be looking into finishing this summer.

1. Make a short-list

You can keep adding schools up until the end of the admissions process, so you don’t need to have your final list ready to go at this point.
However, by the end of the summer, you should have at least 5 schools (1 safety, 1 low match, 2 true matches, 1 extra) on your list that you’re sure you’re going to apply to. Make an effort to tour the ones that are possible to tour, and keep doing research. Start working on these core applications as soon as you can, so you don’t have to worry about them once the year starts.

2. Decide on essays

You have several choices on which commonapp essay you’re going to write. Which can be a bit daunting. You’ll want to have a decent draft done before the school year starts, and the first step of that is deciding which essay you’re even going to write.

I’ll talk about choosing a topic more in the coming weeks, but HERE are the posts I wrote breaking down the 5 essays last year.

3. Schedule interviews and tours

While obviously we don’t all have the resources to tour every school, chances are a few are within a few hours driving distance, making the possibility of a tour very likely.

Figure out days or weekends you (and your parent/guardian) are free to tour, and make an effort to go see at least a few schools.

If you’re the interview type, see if you can squeeze in an interview while you’re there. It’s a great way to express interest, and it can be a plus on your application.

4. Solidify Recs

If you haven’t asked your teachers for recs, stop reading and do it now.

5. Make a commonapp account

August 1st, be ready.

6. “Twitter” Your Resume

The resume on commonapp kind of… sucks. It’s brief, to say the least.

You don’t want to be stressing about it in August, so be prepared in advance. Narrow down your top 10 activities, and “twitter” them. As in, write 140 characters of the highlights of the activity.

If you do it now, it’ll be a breeze by the time the commonapp opens.

7. Talk about finances

This is a rough one, but start talking to your parents about what their expectations for you, financially, are when it comes to college. It’s a really rough conversation to have, but it’s better to know now rather than when you have to turn down your dream school because you just can’t afford it. Check out the calculators for every school, and know that student debt sucks. Know this as far in advance as possible, it’ll help you make a great list.