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The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.

for all the people who are like “yeah but why would zoe like evan back? it seems so forced.”

-zoe is in a severely compromised situation rn and is dealing w/ a lot of shit about not “mourning in the right way” and is looking for someone that isn’t her parents and isn’t the people at school who pity her to just kinda be there.

-evan is a nice kid. he’s probably a direct contrast to her brother and everyone else around her, because he’s awkward and pretty forward and seemingly isn’t consumed by connor’s death

-also evan puts zoe on a pedestal, he has a whole song telling her how wonderful she is. i mean, that can be really nice sometimes

-zoe is very very very very very intelligent and strong, she doesn’t want pity and she doesn’t want someone else to be in control. she wants to be in control over something, anything in her life which seems so panicked and haphazard rn, and maybe malleable evan, who seems willing to go along with whatever she wants, is that something

-zoe is literally 16? 17? years old, i’ve seen 16-year-olds get together and break up w/ someone they don’t even sorta know in the span of 2 days, so their relationship being kinda flimsy is actually more realistic

-and, like, have you seen ben platt (aka evan hansen)?????

^idk about you but i think ya boy is v attractive/cute, so maybe like it was all just superficial (also the show is definitely commentary about the superficial nature of social media, as evan’s “love” of her despite only really knowing her through instagram (in the beginning) is actually quite a main statement) 

-(also evan has a nice personality, too, i firmly believe, so)

-it was a while between the 1st act (the kiss) and the 2nd act (dating), and we don’t know what happened in the time between, and we can’t judge the circumstances and intricacies of their relationship with so little information

-also they don’t end up together, so maybe there’s a reason their relationship wasn’t built solidly, but rather as a more sudden thing, to emphasize why it all fell apart


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Love Triumphs Part 15: Karaoke

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

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“I had no idea karaoke would be so much fun!” I exclaimed, my arm around Brianna as we left the stage, heading back to the little room off of the stage. “It was absolutely crazy!”

“I knew you would like it.” She answered, grabbing a bottle of water from the side table. Passing one to you, you pressed it against your neck, hot and a little sweaty.

“I mean, it’s fun dancing and singing with all those fans, and it also gives us an excuse to wear these costumes.” You said, gesturing down to the corset and black skirt you were currently wearing. Your hair was curled and tousled upon your head, with heeled black boots. Brianna was wearing about the same thing.

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when you buy something used, please clean it energetically. also do that with “gifts” from people you don’t fully trust.

Hounds of Justice (Alternate Ending)

A/N: Hope you all like this alternate ending!

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Death, Guns.

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Word Count: 2000+

Originally posted by leakees

You stood on top of Hunter and pointed the gun at him. Before you could pull the trigger, he pulled you down towards him, forcing your to drop the gun.

Hunter got on top of you. 

His fist connecting with your cheek. You reached up and pressed your thumb into his gunshot wound. He screamed you flipped him, getting on top. You pummeled his face, screaming. “You killed him! You killed, Dean! You rotten motherfucker!”

Smashing your knuckles against his cheekbone, jaw, neck. You began slamming his head into the ground. Tears running down your face. “You killed him! You killed my Dean! My friend!” Your mind was filled with blind fury. You didn’t hear his screams of protests.

You didn’t feel him stick his knife into you two, threes times. It wasn’t until you were certain he wasn’t getting back up that you realized the knife was stuck into your stomach. You slid off of him and hit the ground. Your hands went to the knife wound. Red, bright and dark was all over your hands, shirt, Cut and Jeans.

The adrenaline that was once fueling your body, was now gone. You felt it all at once. The pain in your hands, you were certain some bones were broken. The pain in your faces, blood rushing down from your nose and forehead.

The blinding pain in your stomach, causing you to hunch every so slightly. Hunter groaned to the side of you. You reached for your gun, pain causing you to hiss, and moan.

You pointed the gun at Hunter, who reached with a bloody hand for it. His face unrecognizable. A single shot rang out. White spots began floating in your line of vision. You placed a bloody hand over your head, as your vision became blurry.

You tried to move forward, towards the shapes that were making their way to you, but you couldn’t will your feet to move. Your head spun again and you had to catch yourself before you fell. Pain shot up your back causing you to whimper. Was this what dying felt like?

Again you tried to will yourself to move, but could. Black spots began to cloud your vision. You stumbled backward and your head felt like too much to hold up. You stumbled again. The shapes were getting closer, as your eyes began to get heavier.

You began coughing, you brought a hand to your mouth. You looked at your hand. Fresh blood was splattered on the inside.
Your head spun and before you knew it, you hit the ground. You heard yelling as you lolled your head to the side. Slowly your eyes felt shut, your hand letting up pressure on your wound. Blood began rushing, incoherent words tumbled from your mouth.

The yelling was louder. A lot louder. You thought you heard your name, but all you could focus on was that blinding light. You tried to lift your hand to block it, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t move your arm.

Then you felt it. Hands on your face. You forced your eyes open. Roman was looking at you, panic across his face. “It’s going to be okay! We’re going to get you to a doctor.” 

“I can’t feel…my arms…” You murmured. Tears came to his eyes. “It’s fine. You lost a lot of blood. You’re going to be alright. I know it.”

You coughed again, blood flying from your mouth. Roman touched your forehead. “I…I love you.” You said, letting your head roll to the side. Roman began panicking. 

“Hey, come on. Stay with me.” Roman picked you up with easy. “I just…wanted-” More blood came out as you coughed into his chest. “Wanted to say…That before I go…I-I love you so much-” More coughing and more blood.

Your life was playing out before you as Roman ran with your bloody, beaten body. Seth was alongside him, Randy and Taker. You mumbled things no one understood. 

About your parents, pets, and friends. You murmured about Roman and Dean, Baron as well. Your head would go slack causing Roman to scream louder at Seth to get you to the hospital.

Tear flooded Roman’s eyes at the fact that right now that chances of you living were slim. “Not you too! Don’t do this! Stay with me! I can’t lose you too.” 

Seth blew through stop signs and red lights, nearly getting T-boned more than once. Randy yelled at him, telling him not to get everyone else killed. Causing the both of them to yell back and forth until Taker yelled at them.

Roman brushed away bloody hair from your face, fixing your Cut on your shoulders as you laid out across the van’s floor. Taker was making sure you were still living by checking your pulse.

 Baron was kneeling between your legs, undoing your belt like Taker was telling him to. Next Baron ripped your shirt, allowing Taker to get a better look at the knife in your stomach.

You came back to the present time when you felt the cool breeze hit your midsection. Your fingers twitched, head lolling to the side. Roman was looking at you. “Hold…my…hand?” 

You whispered far too low for Roman to hear. He knitted his eyebrows together. “Hold..m-my …hand?” Again Roman could quite catch it. “Hold her fucking hand!” Baron growled. Roman in an instant looped his fingers through yours.

“It has to come out.” Everyone looked to Taker. “What?” Taker put a slight amount of pressure on the area around the wound, causing you to let out a whimper. “You can’t take that out. “ Roman said, 

“Seth take us to the clubhouse!” What?!” Everyone yelled. “Do you want to explain to the doctors why everyone is covered in blood? Why Y/N has a knife sticking out of them? Why we have an armory in the van!”

 Everyone stayed silent. “That’s what I thought. Take us to the clubhouse. Baron help me get this belt around their midsection, it’s slow the bleeding and makes it a lot easier to get control of once the knife is out.”

Seth swung the van into the parking lot of the clubhouse, everyone was already opening the doors, getting ready to move you.

Gently, Roman, Seth, Randy and Baron set you on the pool table. “Seth, under my bed you’ll find a tackle box, get that.” Taker said, slipping his Cut off. Seth nodded his head and ran towards the dorms. 

“Randy, get me the bottles of liquor that has the highest alcohol contains.” Taker rolled up his sleeves. Randy quickly ran and slid over the bar top. “Roman, get me all the towels and sheets you can. Baron get me the first aid kit from the hall bathroom.” Baron ran off, Roman, on the other hand, couldn’t move from your side.

Suddenly the door to the clubhouse swung open, Finn came running in, panic on his face. Taker looked at Roman, seeing that he wouldn’t move, that he couldn’t move. “Finn! Shut the damn door, and get me towels, sheets. Whatever you can carry!” Finn nodded his head.

Seth returned with the tackle box, Randy with the liquor, Baron with the kit and Finn with the sheets and towels. “Finn, Randy, hold ‘em down. This is going to hurt and I can’t have ‘em moving around.”

The amount of pain that suddenly came, made you scream. Roman took a few steps away, he couldn’t watch it. Watch you arch your back in pain, watch your hands clench into a fist. He couldn’t hear the screams. 

Roman’s head shot up when the clubhouse door swung open. Aj stood there, someone beside him, holding a cooler. “I’m sorry…I can’t…I can’t be here.” Roman said.

Roman sat on the curb outside, head in his hands. Blood was covering him. Your blood was covering him. The door behind him opened, Taker stepped out, wiping his hands on a rag. Roman looked at him and for the first time in a long time, Taker could see that…innocent look. “They’re stable for now. Come see ‘em.” Roman got up and sprinted into the clubhouse.

Everyone moved you to one of the dorm rooms, making sure you were comfortable. Aj brought a friend, Alexa Bliss, a doctor. 

“Three blood transfusions. Three!” She shook her head as she placed her hand on your forehead, checking for a fever. Aj looked at the doorway when Roman appeared. “They’re going to make it. They’re going to live.”

Roman slowly walked into the room and looked at your frail body. Sweat was coating your body, your skin was pale, sickly looking. He could see how weak your were. Roman walked over to Aj and pulled him into a hug. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” Roman pulled away from Aj and looked to Alexa. “Thank you as well. I really mean it.”

Alexa grabbed her bag from the floor. “Make sure they don’t get a fever. If they do, call me. Got it?” Roman nodded his head. “Good.” 

“I really mean it. Without you, I don’t know if they would have made it.” Alexa rolled her eyes. ‘Yeah, yeah. And with that, she left the room. “She gets like that…Just…Errr, yeah.” Aj clasped his shoulder. “We’ll leave you alone.”

Roman watched you all night long. Going in and out of sleep, checking your pulse every so often, kissing your forehead, pacing at the foot of the bed, checking you for a fever, holding your hand, and even going as far as to check your bandaged wound. 

Three days you were out. Alexa had to come back and hook you up to an IV to make sure you got fluids. Aj laughed when Roman thanked her again, only for her to glared at him and leave. She wasn’t a very happy woman.

When you finally came to, you felt every ounce of pain. Your ribs hurt, your hands hurt, your head hurt, fingers, feet, back, legs, arms, everything. There wasn’t a part of your body that didn’t hurt. 

With a slight groan, you shifted in the bed. Roman laid in the chair beside your bed, legs spread wide, arms folded loosely over his chest, his chin resting against his chest. 

Placing a bandaged hand over your midsection, you tried to sit up, which ended up making you yelp. Roman jerked awake, placing his hands on your arm. You tried to smile, causing pain to shoot through your jaw.

For a long moment, you just stared at him and him at you. “You’re alive…and well, not exactly healthy, but alive.” You tried to smile again. It ended up making you look like a gremlin. 

Roman smiled. “I would say something. I just don’t know what to say.” You laughed, a raspy laugh that ended in coughing, but it was still music to Roman’s ears. “I’m alive…I was sure I was going to die. Right in the back of the van…” 

Roman stood to his feet when you shivered, he grabbed a spare blanket from the closet. Tossing the blanket over you, he leaned down, placing a kiss on your forehead and helped you lay back down.

You tugged at Roman’s arm. “Lay with me?” Roman stood there. “I don’t know. You’re very…broken at the moment.” 

You gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could muster up through the bruises and bandages. Roman bit his lip. “Fine! But if you start hurting, you tell me.” You nodded your head, moving a little bit over for him.

Roman slid into the bed and draped his arm around the tops of the pillows, you went to snuggle him, he stopped you. “No. I’ll lay in the bed…No cuddling until you get a little better.” 

You frowned and waited for him to close his eyes, then you moved closer to him, letting your head rest against him. You kissed his chest, closing your eyes. Placing a bandaged hand on his stomach, he placed his over top of yours.

Seth opened the door to your room around two hours later, a bottle of water in his hand, making sure Roman was well hydrated. Roman wouldn’t leave the room much, Seth had to force him to shower, to get all the blood off of him, both yours and the Kings. 

Seth smiled at what he saw. You snuggled up against Roman’s side, his arms wrapped tightly around you, your hands intertwined. Seth placed the bottle of water on the nightstand and pulled a blanket over Roman and felt to make sure you still have no fever. 

Seth left the room then, taking one more glance at your entangled forms.

4 Mouths Later…

Roman was still the President of the club. Running the Hounds just as hard.

Seth was the VP. Even if Roman wanted it to be you. He was now engaged to Becky, who was working in Hounds Auto as well, knowing full well what the club was about.

You were Sgt-at-Arms. You’re responsible for discipline and security. You also serve as a bodyguard for the President, protecting him from danger. You’re almost always at the side of Roman. You also wear the Men of Mayhem patch. You went above and beyond for the club. You spilled blood for them. Roman still didn’t think that patch was good enough for you.

Randy focused a lot on Hounds Auto. Doing very little in the way of the Club. Everyone knew he was looking to get out, no one was going to stop him either. No one blamed him for wanting out.

Baron was the Road Captain. He was responsible for organizing the route the club takes on rides, ensuring the safety of everyone on the road and ensuring discipline while on rides.

Finn was patched into the club, giving him a Cut to the Hounds. He did what he could for them, helping them with the ongoing war with the Kings and Family.

Aj didn’t want into the club. He was happy with just being a help and doing his own thing when he wasn’t needed.

You held Roman’s hand as you walked lazily through the park. It was a beautiful night, stars shining bright, the wind blowing gently. Roman pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around your waist, his lips pressing against your temple. “I love you, Y/N.” 

You closed your eyes, allowing Roman to lead you. “I love you too, Roman.” It was rare that you two got any time alone. You both were stressed to the max with the war. Roman’s finger rubbed circles into your hip. “So Seth and Becky huh?” Roman laughed. “Yeah. I know. They’re getting married in the spring. It’ll be nice.”

“What do you think about marriage?” Roman asked. You shrugged. “I think if they love each other and they both want that then they should do it.” Roman shook his head. “No…I meant,” Roman took a long pause. “I meant for me and you. Like, would you want to get married?” 

You looked up at him, smiling. “Are you proposing, Roman?” Laughter was underlying your voice. “No! I’m just asking if you ever thought of that.” You were silent for a moment. “Yeah. A few different times I did.”

“So if I were to propose in the future…” You smiled. “I would say yes.” Roman smiled as he kissed your temple once again. “Good to know. Good to know.”


Bucky slipped between folds of tent cloth, feeling strange and out of place. He wasn’t even sure what he was aiming for, here, if he was just here to congratulate, one kickass marksman to another, or if this was an area where he was more used to his best clothes and somethin’ to slick down his hair. He wasn’t sure what kind of picture he offered in his khakis and the inherited loose shirt that still had the bulletholes in the back.

When the musty-smelling canvas was finally out of his way, Bucky almost swallowed his tongue. The bright tunic the guy had been wearing had been stripped off, discarded on a rickety bed, and even in the low light that filtered in he glittered, a little. All along the sculpted lines of him, the scarred back and freckled shoulders that made Bucky’s mouth go dry. And Jesus, whatever the hell kinda pants the guy was wearing, they did nothing for his modesty, outlining and highlighting and -

“Whatever entertainment you’re used to out here,” the guy said, startling Bucky’s eyes away from where he’d been staring, “that ain’t what they pay me for.”

Bucky flushed bright and then paled, aware precisely how much trouble he could be in, but the guy’s mouth was twisted up in amusement and nothing else.

“No I just,” Bucky stuttered, wrong footed and uncertain, “your shooting. Damn, pal, that was something else.”

For a second the guy looked startled by the compliment, even after all the applause. Then he grinned, slow and hot and practiced, somehow. “Didn’t look like my shooting was all you were checking out.”

Bucky flicked a glance towards the entrance, then back at the archer, unwilling to say anything at all that could be overheard. In his inattention the archer moved closer, leaned in until they were almost touching.

“I - ”

Two fingers layered with calluses pressed his mouth closed, quickly replaced by a pair of lips that were too quickly gone.

“You wanna be careful who you’re tangling yourself up with, soldier,” the Amazing Hawkeye told him, but to Bucky it seemed the warning was too little and far too late.


The winter came back today. It was too windy, so I only had the camera out for a bit. Still got some pretties, blue-gray and red were dominant colours today :) I wonder what is happening to that Cardinal though. This is not molting time, could he be roughed up from fighting with a rival? I see them chasing eachother a lot lately. Bluebirds were back to check out the nestbox this morning as well.


April 4, 2017

This summer 2017 is probably the happiest summer I’ve had in ages because well, it had the most adventures and secondly, it was spent with my family. Right after my cousins arrived in Davao from Manila, we immediately prepared our things and travelled to Surigao Del Sur, even though they were straight fresh from the airport. We ain’t wasting any time hahahaha! About 3pm, I came home from school (I had to start my clearance), and they were already waiting for me and for our vehicle to arrive. We rented a van. Few minutes passed, we were already on our way to Surigao Del Sur. On the way, I really didn’t want to sleep because I wasn’t going to miss out any beautiful views. We don’t always travel this far by land, so I’m not going to miss my chances. Then I realized we were to sit on a van for at least 8 hours so I need to get some rest.

After about seven hours and so, we already had a stopped over to eat, we arrived at the resort, Mac Arthur’s Place. We settled, had dinner and went to bed. 8 hours, what a travel, right?

The next morning, we woke up at 6 am to have breakfast. We then proceeded to the island hopping! It’s my first time, if that’s shocking for you hahahahaha! I already forgot the names of the islands but there were 4 of them. I remember one of them was called Naked Island because it didn’t have trees. It was just sand. 

The weather was perfect for island hopping. It was about to rain and so it looked like the clouds were following us. We could see it was raining on the other side and it was heading on our direction.

I also got to taste some kind of sea urchin. I wasn’t going to in the first place but my mom insisted, “Minsan lang ‘to. Try mo na, baka pagsisihan mo pa.” So yeah, I tasted a bit. It was salty but I think that’s because they washed it with ocean water. Overall, I wouldn’t taste it again HAHAHAHA!

After those 4 small islands and after hundreds of pictures, we headed back to the resort to check out. We were on the road again on the way to the famous Enchanted River (6th photo). It was enchanting, of course. It has a crystal clear water. You can see the bottom clearly and the fishes swimming around you. 

Then we rode to Tinuy-an falls. We sure did made our time in Surigao worthwhile. My tanline sure is worth it hahahaha! Gahd I never realized how light my skin used to be, now it’s about 2 tones darker HAHAHAHAHA.

Surigao is indeed one of the wonders of the Philippines. It was worth the 8 hours of travelling by land. You all should visit sometime soon! Especially the Enchanted River! I witnessed its beauty with my own eye, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to do so.

Avengers Preference: Your First Date

A/N: I really like preferences. This is my first one with Loki, so enjoy :)

Request: Preferences, first date?? Include Bucky and Loki as well please

Warnings: none!

Loki: On your first date, the god of mischief picked you up, surprisingly on time. He took you out to dinner and was a perfect gentleman, until the waiter got a little too flirty. “Loki! What was that? Where did he go??” “If he is going to act like an animal and flirt with MY princess, I will lock him in a cage.”

Thor: You and Thor went on a coffee date. He met you at your favorite coffee shop, because he adored the “strange mortal drink”. He ended up spending almost fifty dollars on coffee because he wanted to try every drink, and that much caffeine took its toll on even his godlike body. You spent the rest of the night at the Avengers Tower, laughing as the blond god ran around like a child, to the dismay of the others.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: For your first date with Wanda, you went and watched a foreign film that just so happened to be in Romanian. She spent the first half of the movie translating for you, her lips right next to your ear, but that ended quickly when your desire got the best of you. On the bright side, you could now scratch “getting yelled at by an old hipster woman for making out in a movie theater” off your bucket list. On the downside, Tony now demanded a hand check whenever you and Wanda were watching Netflix on the couch.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro took you to a local indie rock show on your first date. You weren’t expecting him to look as…well, hot as he did in skinny jeans and a flannel. When you opened the door, you took a moment to check him out, fully appreciating how lucky you were. As you eyes flicked back up to his, the smirk on his face told you that he knew what you had been doing. “What can I say? You look good, Speedy.” The night was a whirlwind of dancing and flirting, and when you woke up in his bed the next morning you knew you could do this forever.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: For your first date, Bucky just invited you to his house to watch a movie. He was still adjusting to the world, and he didn’t want you to be in public and have to contain him if something happened. The two of you settled in with a silent movie (“It was my favorite growing up,” he explained with a shy smile) and you spent the whole time feeding each other popcorn and cuddling and laughing at the antics on the screen. You fell asleep on his normal shoulder, and he smiled softly at you, brushing your hair out of your face and gently kissing your forehead.

Steve/Captain America: On your first date with the super soldier, he took you swing dancing. He had heard of your love for it, and he figured he would take you and show you how they really did it back in the day. You both dressed up for the occasion, in authentic 40’s style, and he had never looked more handsome. As he swung you around on the floor, you told him, “It’s a wonder you never had a string of girls back in your day.” He smiled softly at you, “I was just waiting for the right partner. I’ve waited 70 years, but I think I’ve finally found her.”

Natasha/Black Widow: You and Nat went to the shooting range for your first date. To the others, it seemed like an odd choice, but you both knew it was perfect. Once you got there and starting shooting (really, it was more flirting than shooting), some random douchebag decided to come and try to hit on Nat by offering to give her a “private lesson”. She laughed and looked at you, knowing you had a jealous streak a mile wide. You smiled at the guy as you wrapped an arm around her, saying “Yeah, that’s nice, but we’ve got a private lesson of our own scheduled later tonight.” Nat visibly grabbed your ass, and the guy got the hint and walked away, muttering about how “the hot ones are always gay”.

Clint/Hawkeye: Ever the one to try and impress you, Clint took you to play paintball with Wanda and Pietro (no powers allowed). “This way, I can finally shoot the quick little bastard” he told you with a wink, making you throw back your head in laughter. At the end of the game, you suspected that he had paid the twins off to make him look good and make you feel better, because there’s no way that he could hit Pietro that many times (powers aside, he still was quick) and you knew that you didn’t even fire as many times as Wanda claimed you hit her. It was cute, though, the way he looked at you to make sure you were watching when he made an incredible shot. So you rewarded him with a gross, dirty, paint-stained make out session in one of the bunkers while Wanda and Pietro shot at each other :)

Tony/Iron Man: To the surprise of exactly no one, you and Tony went clubbing on your first date. He complimented your dress with a wink and drove his nice car way too fast, which suited you just fine. You loved Tony in part because of his wild side, and because he made you feel like royalty. He helped you out of the car and straight past the line, and you spent the night dancing way too close. At one point you challenged him to a shots contest, and the two of you woke up beside the pool on the roof of his tower. Despite the fact that one of your shoes was missing and he had lost his jacket AND his shirt (Tony looked hella great in just a tight white undershirt, though), the two of you went out again the next night.

Bruce/Hulk: You planned your first date with Bruce, and you took him to the children’s interactive science museum in the city. When he realized where you were he laughed at you, saying “Really? Why here?” You smiled and told him that it was a lot of fun, and you knew he’d enjoy it. Boy, were you right. As you went through the museum, you could see his shy exterior melting away. When he stopped at yet another exhibit to give you an in-depth explanation as to how it worked in that nerdy, kid-in-a-candy-store way of his, you stretched up on impulse and kissed him. He blushed. “What was that for?” “You’re cute when you’re excited.”


Meet Joanna (JoJo) my new leopard gecko! She’s a lavender reverse stripe raptor. She was hatched 9/7/14 and bred by Kalico Gecko (check him out on Facebook!). They were recommended to me by @geckogalaxy a while back and I wanted to wait until he had some available. She’s a little wiggly but very chill over all. No issues being handled!

Note: I’m going to always tag her as #jojolizard if you wish to not see reptiles on a dog blog :)

experienceyouryouth  asked:

Hey! So last night I went I on my very first meet up with a POT and it sparked a few questions for me to ask you. So first, I met him on SA and when he came in he wasn't to guy on his picture, is this common? Secondly we were in the nicest mall in Toronto and he asked if I needed anything and I just needed one highlighter from sephora. Then when we were checking out he stepped back so I paid for it, which wasn't really an issue, I just thought since he asked he would of. Continued :)

(2/2) So finally that left me wondering two things; one I wasn’t sure if these were signs that he was more salty that sugar, and two when it come time for someone to take me shopping or just asking for things in general (I know its a big part of it) but how do I ask for something with out sounding greedy. Like if I see a skirt or bag I like, do you assume they’ll pay or should you ask if its okay first? Im just not sure what the protocol is! Thanks xxx

Him not being the person in his photo is a red flag. Do you have any idea if the rest of his info is true? Him not being the person in his photos is super weird, especially if he didn’t bring it up and give some type of explanation. The fact that he asked if you needed anything, then didn’t pay for literally just one highlighter is honestly a deal breaker. What’s the point of having a SD who won’t even pay for one small item after offering to take you shopping. It really sounds like this arrangement isn’t a good one, and he’s just salt.

Scariest Man

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1026
Summary: It’s Halloween, man. And you get ready for your little gathering.
A/N - This was supposed to be a drabble but kinda got turned into a one shot. Oh well.

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You were on batch number three of your baking goods. You’ve already made zombie cookies, graveyard tarts and now you were waiting for the cupcakes to cool down so you could fill them with green goo, red blood and black ectoplasm. Of course, you didn’t really put those in your cupcake because first of all, eww, but second of all you worked close enough with these freaking monsters to know if this stuff looked real or not.

As you were sprinkling the cookie crumbs over your graveyard masterpiece you felt strong arms wrap around your midsection and a nose nuzzle into your neck inhaling your scent, you smelt like flour and cookies, you thought that would be disgusting and put Dean off but he began kisses up your neck to your jaw. You removed both of his hands from your waist, grabbed hold of your shoulder and spun you slowly to face him.

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Not Enough Time - Barbara Gordon x Reader

Requested by Anon -  the reader and Barbara Gordon are going to go out to a fancy restaurant on a date, but Barbara is called to an urgent mission and her girlfriend gets frustrated because their dates have been postponed for days because of Barbara’s role as Batgirl.

You were in the bathroom of your apartment, styling your hair for a date with your girlfriend. Both of you were going out to a new fancy restaurant in town that took you weeks to get reservations to. Barbara had been so busy lately with her night job as Batgirl that you hadn’t had any quality time together in a while.

Of course, dating Barbara was not easy. Most of the time she would have to cancel dates because Batman would call her in. She would try to reschedule them, but when they kept being postponed for days on end, you would just drop the subject. You loved Barbara, but sometimes you wished she could make you the priority for once.  

Finishing your hair, you take a step back to check yourself out. You were looking good in your new cocktail dress and heels. You hoped Barbara would be impressed. Just as you were about to step out of the bathroom, your phone rang. Glancing at it, your stomach dropped when you saw Barbara’s number flashing on the screen.

“Please don’t tell me what I think you’re going to tell me,” you say, answering the phone before pressing your free hand against your forehead. 

“(Y/N), I’m am so sorry, but…,” Barbara began regretful. 

You sigh loudly, “You have to cancel, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Baby, but Two-Face broke out of Arkham and Bruce needs me,” she apologies. Your eyes began to fill with tears of disappointment. “We can reschedule.” She sound so hopeful, but you knew the process by now.

“No, we can’t, because these reservations were hard enough to get in the first place. Frankly, I’m beginning to think rescheduling is a waste of time,” you complain, letting out the words you had kept in so long. Words you never said before, but felt you should say now.

Barbara went quiet for a moment. “What do you mean,” she asks carefully in her “detective” voice. You roll your eyes.

“Babs, I love you, but let’s face the facts. You don’t have enough time for me,” you state. From the silence on the other end, you knew you hit the problem right on the nose. 

“That’s not true,” Barbara replies after a long moment of quiet. You could hear the hurt in her voice. Your words hurt you too, but you knew they had to be said.

“It is, Babs. Think about it, all the dates we had to reschedule due to your Batgirl activities have never happened. We say we’ll reschedule, but we don’t because the moment we do, Batman will be calling again, demanding more of your time,” you rant, closing your eyes as you felt a headache coming on.

Barbara sighed through the phone. “Being Batgirl is something I have to do, (Y/N). The city needs me, Batman needs me,” she says, passionately. “We have talked about that before we started getting serious.”

“I know,” you response, your hurt seeping into your voice. “But sometimes I think you’re dating Batman instead of me.”

“How can you even say that? You know I love you, it’s just this is something I need to do,” Barbara explained desperately as if she needed you to understand. Of course, you did, but you were frustrated Batman saw her more than you did most weeks.

“I do get it, Babs. I just wish that sometimes…I could be your priority,” you admit. A tear falls down your cheek, but you quickly wipe it away. 

“(Y/N)…” Barbara began, but you hung up the phone before you could hear the rest of her excuses. You understood her reasons, but you were just disappointed. Taking a moment, you compose yourself before calling the restaurant to cancel your reservation. When you were asked whether or not you wanted to be placed on the waiting list again, you said no, knowing there was no point. 

Barbara didn’t call you back for several days after that. You couldn’t blame her too much as the news showed the Batfamily every night, trying to catch Two-Face who kept escaping their grasp. 

Meanwhile, you found yourself unable to eat or sleep in your state of misery. What you said to Barbara haunted you, because you knew your words to be true. You kept thinking about your relationship, and wondering if this was going to be the end of it.  

You were sitting on your couch, staring blankly at the television when a knock sounded from your door. Glancing over your shoulder at it, you decide to ignore it as you didn’t have the energy to move. The knocking sounded again before you hear someone unlocking the door. Knowing who it had to be, since only one person had your key, you didn’t bother turning around.

“(Y/N), you could answer the door,” Barbara scolds as she enters your apartment, making sure to re-lock the door behind her. She pauses when you don’t react. “Baby, can we talk?”

“What’s there to talk about,” you answer, your voice rough from days without speaking. 

Barbara sighs before walking around your couch to kneel before you. You quickly turn your face away from her. “We need to discuss what you said the other night,” she begins, trying to meet your eyes. When you keep your face turned away, she grabs your chin to force you to look at her. She gasps when she sees your pale and sleep-deprived face.

“You haven’t been sleeping or eating, have you,” Barbara chides, shaking her head. “You promised me you wouldn’t do this anymore.” 

“I can’t help it,” you cry, tears filling your eyes. “I can’t eat or sleep when I’m sad.” Barbara is taken back by your words, looking away from you in guilt. You continue, “I’m afraid this isn’t working out, and I’m scared you’ll have to leave.”

Barbara hushes you, carefully taking your face in her hands to brush away your tears with her thumbs. “We love each other,” she assures you as you struggle to breathe through your tears. “We can make it work.”

“But how? You don’t have time for me anymore,” you argue before pulling away from her to blow your nose on a tissue. 

“That’s why I came over here, Baby,” Barbara says, picking up the garbage can by your end table to let you throw the used tissue away. “We’re having dinner tonight.”

“What,” you exclaim, your eyes widening.

Barbara smiles at your surprise. “I made dinner reservations at the restaurant you wanted to go to.”

“You couldn’t have, the waiting list is a mile long,” you say in disbelief.

“Well,” Barbara begins, taking your hand. “Let’s just say that being the Commissioner’s daughter and a friend to Bruce Wayne has a few privileges.”

A playful smile breaks out on your face. “If I knew that, we wouldn’t have had to wait on the waiting list so long,” you tease, squeezing her hand. Your smile falls after a second. “You won’t get called away again, right?”

“Nope, I had Bruce promise not to calling me unless it was an absolute emergency,” she reassures, grinning happily when your smile returns. “I have something else too.”

“What is it,” you shout enthusiastically, watching her with sparking eyes. The dark circles under your eyes were shadowed by the new light in your eyes. 

Barbara reaches into her purse to pull out a small box with a bow on top. “Open it,” she says as she hands it to you. You merrily rip off the bow, and open the box to see two plane tickets inside. 

You take them out of the box to study them up close. “What does this mean,” you ask, hoping the tickets meant what you thought they meant.

“We’re going to Hawaii together like that trip we always planned to take, but kept putting off,” she explained, grunting when you trapped her into a hug. She hugged you back, loving the feel of your arms around her. “And before you ask, Bruce is paying for it and he promises not to interrupt us.”

“We can’t accept this from him,” you say, pulling back when you heard what Barbara said. “It’s too much.”

“He insists,” Barbara assures, pulling you back into the hug. “And I want you to know you are my priority, even when he calls me in.” She places a quick kiss on your lips. You weren’t satisfied, so you pulled her into a longer and deeper one. 

You both pull back a moment later, breathless. “I love you,” you say, loving how swollen her lips were from only one kiss. Her lips were always so sensitive.       

“I love you too,” Barbara replies, grabbing your head to place a kiss on your forehead. “Now,” she states firmly as your eyes meet hers. “Let’s get you something to eat before you take a nap. After all, we want you to be refreshed for tonight.”

“Whatever you want,” you respond as she pulls you to your feet to guide you to the kitchen. Somehow, you felt like your relationship was stronger than ever. 

EXO Reaction on them comforting you when there’s a sudden death in your family

Anon Requested:  Hello :) You write so well!! Can I request Exo reaction to a sudden tragedy in your family? (like how they would comfort you, etc.) Thank you so much!!

I hope you like this! Check out my BTS Reaction as well :)

BTS Reaction

Kai: You were pacing back and forth, your heart was broken and tears were threatening to spill as the doctor just walked away. The news about your mother…it was too much to think about. She was gone, just like that. It was out of nowhere, one day you were saying you love her over the phone and the next day she was gone. You were too into your own thoughts to realize your name was being spoken repeatedly. Hands grabbed your shoulders and your head immediately snapped up. There he was, the only one you’d talk to. “Jongin.” You whispered, you paused before frowning. The tears spilled instantly and you were pulled into your boyfriends chest. You broke down, you didn’t care if there were others around, your mother was gone and now you only had Jongin.

Sehun: You both were silent, he knew you didn’t feel like talking, he knew if you wanted to talk then you would be. He also didn’t want to push you to talk when he knew you really didn’t want to, he didn’t want to pressure you to talk about your mother when he knew it would just stress you out and make you more sad. You’d be laying against his chest just watching tv when his arm would wrap around you and pull you closer to him. He’d kiss the side of your head and go back to watching tv, you’d be content with not talking, you just needed to keep yourself occupied for the time being and you were happy to be occupied with Sehun.

D.O: “It’s okay, you’ll get through this.” Kyungsoo said as his arms tightened around you. “We’ll get through this together.” He whispered and you started to shake your head, you backed away from him but he dropped his hands to your waist pulling you in again. You looked up at him, tears continuing to fall from your eyes as you spoke. “You don’t have to do this with me, I can do it alone.”

“No.” Kyungsoo instantly said. “We will be doing this together, I know he was like a brother to you and you loved him very much, so we will get through this together, I will help you when you’re sad, when you’re angry, when you’re frustrated, anything (Y/N) and I’ll be here no matter what you say.” You instantly fell against his chest again, slowly nodding your head as the sobs wracked through your body.

Baekhyun:  The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down your face. You feel the muscles of your chin tremble like a small child and you look toward the window, as if the light could soothe you. You hear your own sounds, like a distressed child, raw from the inside. It takes something out of you, the exhaustion of crying for hours upon hours finally taking a toll on you. The doorbell ringing cut through your sobs and you trudged your feet out of your bed and over to the front door that seemed to be 100 feet away. Once opening the door your eyes widened at seeing Baekhyun. “What are you-”

“Chanyeol told me.” He instantly cut you off as he made his way in your apartment. He closed your door and instantly brought you into a hug. “You should be with your brother, he needs his sister.” You let more tears flow from your eyes as you wrapped your arms around the boy consoling you. “I know this hurts but being with family helps, Chan needs you (Y/N).”

Chen: He wanted you to talk about it, he didn’t want you to keep it all in and become depressed. He knew you shouldn’t be keeping this all in and talk about it, he didn’t want you to stay quiet and wanted more than anything to open up to him and talk about what was breaking your heart so much. He knocked on your bedroom door of your apartment and opened after a couple seconds, you were just watching tv in bed but you weren’t talking. He couldn’t help but let a sigh out as he realized you really weren’t going to talk about it at all. “(Y/N).”

“I don’t want to talk about it Jongdae.” You instantly said.


“No.” You snapped your head in his direction, eyes piercing his own but almost immediately they softened and you just looked sad. “Just give me some time and then I’ll talk about it with you…I promise”

Chanyeol: You sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his jacket. He held you in silence, rocking you slowly as your tears soaked his chest. A tiny lapse let you pull away, blinking lashes heavy with tears, before you collapsed again, your howls of misery worsening. The pain must have come in waves, minutes of sobbing broken apart by short pauses for recovering breaths. You’d hear the quiet sound of Chanyeol shushing you as he tried to get you to calm down. He knew keeping it in wasn’t good but he hadn’t expected you to cry so hard, he knew you were holding in your grief but he never expected the agony you were actually in. His hands would run up and down your back and he pulled you closer to him. Your head buried in his chest as sobs left you minute after minute. 

Suho: You always liked being alone, sometimes you liked it too much because once you heard the news of your father passing away you completely shut down. You ignored the calls from everyone, you didn’t leave your apartment and called in take out almost every night. Your phone rang again but you didn’t even bother to look at it, you knew who was calling because of the designated ringtone. The ringtone ended and almost immediately your doorbell was rung again and again. After a full minute passing by you let out a groan and got out of bed, you drug your feet as you made your way to the door and swung it open. Your cheeks were puffy and eyes were blood shot but other than that you looked pretty normal but even in his eyes he saw how broken and upset you were. He pushed past you and closed your door and soon grabbed a hold of your hand and drug you to your bedroom. He slipped off his shoes and climbed into your bed pulling you in after him. He didn’t say anything, he only kept his arms around you keeping you close to him. You didn’t say it but you were incredibly thankful for him.

Lay: “I don’t want to talk about it!” You yell at your boyfriend, he constantly pushed you to talk about your grandmother but you just didn’t want to. You grew more frustrated every time he opened his mouth. 

“You need to talk about her.”

“I don’t want to!” You now screamed, you whipped around and faced Yixing. “Talking about it will only make me more upset than I already am, so no. I’m not going to talk about her.” Tears were welling up in your eyes and you were just about at the brink of breaking down

“Jagi, just talk about it.” And there it was, you just shook your head, eyes staring up at his but with only a blink of your eyes the tears fell and the sobs wracked your chest.

“She was like mother to me.” You cried out, your hand balled up into a fist as you grabbed his shirt. “She’s gone…”

Xiumin: You heard a sound by your head and your eyes fluttered open. You were sleeping a lot more than you probably should have but it was understandable why. Your eyes focused on the cup that was placed by you, you saw steam and smelt the faintness of raspberries. You trailed the hand that was around the cup and your boyfriend came into view, his eyes were trained on you, they were sad you could tell just by looking at him, but you knew him like the back of your hand and you could tell any little emotion that he was giving off. “I’m okay.” You croaked out, you coughed right after and reached for the hot tea that he had just placed beside you. You sat upright and took a small sip of the tea, Minseok sat at your feet, his hand landing on your shin and gave it a small squeeze. Your attention diverted from your tea to him. He didn’t say anything but he didn’t have to, that small squeeze was everything you needed from the days of not talking.

Joe’s Diner (1/3)

Summary: the reader works at a diner and a mysterious man comes in and somehow changes her nights (v bad at summaries pls just read)

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word Count: 1151

A/N: this is my first mini series so like pls be nice on me bc im smol

The bell above the door chimed as the door opened and a gust of the night’s cold winter wind rushed in and hits your back. You let a deep sigh as your put down your study material and swivel around on the bar stool to face the person who walked.

“Welcome to Joe’s diner,” You greeted automatically in that fake chipper voice. You glance up at the stranger as you walked towards the hostess stand to grab a menu and you notice that the man looks mysterious but somehow inviting. He’s wearing black sport shoes with jeans and a red henley that looks so good stretched out across his broad chest; on top of that he’s wearing brown hoodie layered underneath a forest green jacket. You notice that he has long luscious chocolate colored hair that reaches his shoulders and he hides his face with the plain navy blue baseball cap that rests on his head.

“Where would you like to sit tonight, sir?” You asked as you pulled the menu out from the shelf from the stand after you were done checking him out shamelessly.

“The back,” he responded in a low husky voice, nodding his head towards the last booth in the back of the diner.

“Alright, follow me.” On the way to his seat, you noticed that you had been walking with more a swing in your hips and you were glad that you weren’t facing him because a blush quickly rose to your cheeks.

“Here we are,” you said as you laid down the menu and moving to the side so he could slide into the booth, “I’ll give you a minute to look over the menu.”

When you turned around, about to walk to the bar and study again, you saw your co worker/boss, Martha, standing by your work station with a smirk on her face. You shook your head and made your way over to her, knowing that she was going to freak about the handsome man that had entered the diner.

“What a catch,” Martha said with a wink. You turned your head back around to sneak a quick glance at him and you smiled to yourself.

“I know!” You replied, turning towards her again.

“Damn he looks good in that shirt,” she muttered, thinking that you wouldn’t hear her but you did and you gasped before playfully smacking her arm.

“Listen honey, if you don’t make a move on that man, I will,” she said with a serious expression.

“Oh-okay,” you replied with a laugh. Unbeknownst to you and Martha, the man heard every word of the conversation and a small smirk graced his face but he soon wiped it off when he heard you coming back in his direction.

“Can I get you something to drink? Or are you ready to order as well?” You asked in a flirtatious tone as you took out your notepad and pen.

“Orange juice and the four piece french toast, please.”

“Alright. Coming right up,” you replied as you took the menu from his hand. Your fingers brushed over his briefly and another blush crept up onto your cheeks, so in order not to embarrass yourself any further, you scurry away.

“Embarrassing,” Martha said as you placed the order with the chef.

“What? He’s very attractive and I’m not good with those kinds of people,” you explained yourself. Martha let out a laugh as she handed you the glass of orange juice.

“Don’t mess it up,” she said with and gently pushed you in his direction.

“Here’s your glass of OJ. I hope you enjoy it,” you said as you carefully place the glass in front of him.

“Thank you,” he says and squinted at your name tag, “Y/N.” The way your name rolled off his lips was like watching syrup being poured over freshly cooked pancakes, almost pornographic.

“You’re, uh, welcome,” you stuttered.

“James,” he said with a smile sticking out a gloved hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you replied, “but you knew that because you just said it because you just read the name tag that I wear because I work here and it’s part of my uniform,” you rambled. Instantly you wished that you could turn back time and redo this whole conversation.  James let out a chuckle as he raised his glass and took a sip.

“Anyways, I gotta get back to studying. So see ya later. Well not really because I have bring out your food but like….I’m just gonna go now,” you said, incredibly embarrassed. You just turn around and walked back to the bar where Martha was laughing like hyena at your blunder.

“Shut up,” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his food was ready and you brought it over to him, he thanked you with a million watt smile that made your heart flutter and all you could get out was a hushed ‘you’re welcome’ before you went back to studying.

“I’m clocking out Y/N. Can you take care of this place for me?” Martha asked while she was packing up her purse.

“Uh, really? You sure?” You questioned, afraid of being alone with James and not because you find him scary, but because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him.

“Yeah honey, I’m sure.” She responded as she rounded the corner of the bar and walked over to you, “remember, give it a try,” she whispered as she squeezed your shoulder before walking out.

“What does that mean!” You half whispered half yelled to her receding back. Martha laughed and waved her hand before making the bell chime when she left. You looked back over to James and saw that he had finished eating and was currently on his phone checking messages.

“Can I take this plate away?” You asked as you walked up to his table, startling him a bit.

“Yeah. How much was it?” He asked as he reached for something in his wallet.

“Uh, $12.30.” James laid down a twenty, “keep the change doll.” He said as he got up. You gawked at the large tip he was leaving you with and stepped back a few steps to allow him to get out of the booth. A strong husky, winter lodge type of smell filled your senses and you realized that James and you were practically standing chest to chest as he looked down at you.

“Thank… thank you,” you stuttered out. He licked his lips and eyed you before he started to walk towards the door.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” You asked and watched him pause. You panicked thinking that maybe that was too forward.

“I sure hope so doll,” he said flashing you a wink and smile before leaving. You felt extremely giddy and like a schoolgirl after this encounter and for the first time you were excited for work tomorrow.

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this is so angsty o h my g o d

AU in which you and 10k drift apart after Cassandras death, you get kidnapped, and he thinks its his fault (AKA a doc and 10k moment, you almost dying, and the aftermath)

requested by my fav @stawmay12



You tried to keep track of the days, but eventually lost count. All there is is the bars of the cage around you, the bread that gets tossed in randomly. There is the knife that is slipped through the bars, cutting into your skin. Your left eye is swollen shut, a prize from a beating you got for trying to dig out under the bars. Your ribs are cracked, more than a few of them. You had no choice but to rip your thin tank up and wrap it around your torso.

You want to believe they’re coming for you.

You want to believe you’ll survive this.

You’ve made it up to this point. Through everything.

It’s your fault you’re here. You were the one who got distracted. You were the one who went back after dark to check it out. You were the one who got stuck in the trap. You were the one who woke up here.

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hiitsugaya  asked:

apparently a lot of people are having issues with preordering the CE of Destiny 2, and some people are getting those preorders abruptly canceled, so the immediate sold out might just be an issue on Bungie's end. local gamestops ARE carrying them, though; just stopped in at mine and it was an option even though the website said it was unavailable.

Be sure to check back! Me saying they were all sold out was me in a state of panic of not getting one. 

So fear not!


And I never minded being on my own
Then something broke in me and I wanted to go home
To be where you are
But even closer to you, you seem so very far
And now I’m reaching out with every note I sing
And I hope it gets to you on some pacific wind
Wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear
Tells you that I miss you and I wish that you were here

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I adore your writing, and the rarepairs are giving me so much Tango content, I adore it. But also! I messaged Ngozi on Patreon, and she said Tango was 5'10 and Whiskey was 5'11. Just so you know.

Thank you! Also double thank you because I was trying to figure out their heights for forever. It’s so hard to tell in the comics that are currently up who is taller than who and by how much. This makes things so much clearer. I’m sure I’ve gotten it wrong when writing in the past because I’ve just been guessing, but at least I can be better in the future. I appreciate it!