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Doodle of good ol Jackaboy, and simply i got an idea for this after Fireflies from owl city came on *its amazing go check it out if you haven’t * but yeah.

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Shields of Distrust [Art Masterpost] 

Title: Shield of Distrust by @ihavetobenkyou
Series: Owari no Seraph
Characters: Hyakuya Mikaela, Hyakuya Yuuichirou, Hyakuya Michirou, minor appearances by others.
Rating: M (Disturbing themes, brief sexual scene, etc.)

Summary: Mikaela had always known to himself that their freedom came at a price.The birth of Michirou gives both Mika and Yuu a renewed chance at redemption and contentment, but as they soon find out, the cost of their cherished happiness might be too much for either of them to bear in the end.

Canon Divergence / Gyumiverse // Hyakuya Michirou, Hiiragi Gyurei, and Ichinose Shiren belong to @califlair and @evenica respectively.


Based on @crystallinee-waters ‘s On The Edge

People always talk about Pasiphae and how she could only be sexually satisfied by having a cow suit made and getting mightily jiggy with a divine bull, thus resulting in the Minotaur

and let’s face it, that does tend to stick in the mind

BUT let’s also talk about the fact that she was a daughter of the sun god Helios; the sister of Circe; the aunt of Medea; and when she found out her husband Minos was being unfaithful to her, she cursed him so that if he slept with anyone besides her he’d ejaculate snakes, scorpions and millipedes. 

I’m rather annoyed at the amount of people framing Mon-El as abusive. You are shaping his actions to fit criteria.

To a different point on the same train, learning to forgive, and to understand someone else point of view, is not a bad thing. Kara has been dismissive of everyone’s point of view, and feelings, except for Alex, from at least the beginning of the season. She never lets anyone else explain their thinking or their actions - it’s her way or the high way. That is not being an independent badass women, that is being a person who does not understand empathy. To be an independent but great woman, is to be able to have your own opinions, but to consider others as well.

Mon-El has only ever been exposed to one way of living almost his entire life. He grew up thinking slavery for example was normal. There is no excuse for slavery, but the fact is if you grow up in the kind of environment where it exists, you grow up thinking it is normal. Since getting to earth, mon-el has slowly but steadily been learning a new standard of morality, something anyone would have immense trouble with. He has been learning and adjusting his behaviour to go with it. More and more he listens to Kara and considers what she’s saying. When you come to realise how wrong your past behaviour was, would you not be ashamed, sacred that those around you would hate you? It is a normal thing to keep secrets which we fear could lead to this.

Behaviour is learned, and Mon-el has shown himself willing to learn how to be better.

Lastly people have said it’s racist that she forgave mon-el for lying to her so quickly, and not James. I cannot say if this was racist, I’m not sure, I can’t see inside the minds of the writers. But there is the fact that people usually forgive someone they are in love with much faster than friends. What I do know is that Mon-el and supergirl were a thing in the comics, and the writers perhaps are having an easier time writing for the show with a basic guideline, then creating a romance themselves (if anything I think this simply speaks to the incompetency of the writers to direct a superhero show without a baseline).

Being the protagonist does not mean Kara needs to be a block of self-sufficient emotion. Feminism is to provide equal opportunity - opportunity to contribute, and opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Kara being in love with a man who is still learning to be a rounded person, does not mean she has lost her ‘character development’. To me it means she has gained some.

If her and mon-el grow to find they are not in fact 'in’ love with each other, that’s fine, it’s character development which could be great to watch. If they develop Lena and Kara’s storyline to where they fall in love, I will be happy to see that too. Just don’t say that Kara is any less valid or powerful because of a relationship where each person is learning more about themselves, and developing into better people.