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A pic for Henry J Doe. A very talented artist and a good friend. Please check his gallery.

This is his characther Nystagmus, the lion, his name is the answer of what happens in his eye, that’s why it’s patched. He loves bunnies!!

I made a time lapse of me drawing and coloring this, this time I didn’t explain a word as the past video, but this time I showed how I started the drawing from zero.

Traditional. Color pencils.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question but its not related to otome game, i hope you dont mind. And feel free to not answer it😅 so because i know that you already had a family so i bet you already wiser and slightly older than me. The question is, is it normal for my boyfriend (soon my fiancé) to have porn video and photo in his gallery? And some of them is a photo of me too such as my chest to hips (but in full clothe). Today i just secretly check his gallery and i found that and i kinda confused:s

Hi! I am not sure if I can be much help. I might be way much more older than what you think. I almost 40 and from the country I was born, mindset and way of interaction maybe different from your culture.

First let talk about the porn video. First you have to ask yourself if those are just downloaded or he film it himself. If download, how to you feel seeing it? If you are not comfortable, will he be willing to delete it if you had ask him to do so.

Same thing for the photo. You said that the photo of you are clothes but what about the others that are not you? Are they decent like yours? Are those downloaded as well?

If he willing to delete all as per your request, then at least he is concerning about your feeling and care about the relationship. At least both of you are open to each other.

However if he had taken the video and photo by himself, I am seriously concern over his characters. Are those people in the willing parties or victims? You may want to reconsider the relationship again if you feel that you can’t trust him.

We’re exactly 1 year away from Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk! July 21 2017.

An edit donated by lovely Dutch photographer Fokke Baarssen. He’s been sharing his wonderful photos from the set of Dunkirk on his Instagram, and he’s headed to Dorset when the production moves there next week, so more on the way. Give him a follow at, check out his gallery full of Cillian, Nolan, Harry, Fionn, Barry, Jack… and say hi. Oh, and yes, he can confirm just how blue those baby blues are!

New Members Submission

Hello! I’m cousin Itt Nikos and I live in Greece. I’m really greatful and excited to be a member of PWS. When I had the opportunity to curate an exhibition for PWS-Pop up, it was an amazing experience, so when Pete asked me to become a member of the team, it didn’t take much consideration to say yes.

My interest in photography goes back a few years but it’s the last two or three that I got really addicted and actually learned and improved (I think) and managed to depict exactly what I want with my photos.

I shoot mostly in black and white and I’m mainly interested in abstracts, experimental portraits and atmospheric landscapes. I also experiment a lot lately with double exposures and overlays.

Well, that’s about it. See ya!


Welcome on board, Nikos! We’re all very excited to have you and your outstanding sense for photography in our small family.

In case you don’t know Nikos’ work, check out his most fascinating gallery at snowghoul. Outstanding and very unique black and white photography with the occasional hint of colour

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Okay…long post…bear with me…

 A super long time ago (2001), my friends and I were browsing and came across, what we thought was one of the coolest flash movies ever. It was called Rockman NEO and it was created by a guy named Andrew Dickman. He had other great flash animations and his art was fantastic. I was an art student at the time so all of his hard work really inspired me and reminded me again for my love of cartoons and animation in general. I was gonna be just like Andrew Dickman! Sadly life throws us curve-balls sometimes…

 A few years later I was diagnosed with an incurable disease that killed both of my kidneys and damaged all of my organs. My time on this Earth is super limited and something like that can bring someone in their 20’s down. I dropped my passion for art. One day while in the hospital, I started watching the online reviewer, phelous, and he made me laugh for the first time in a long time, but what caught me off guard, was his title card artist at the time: Andrew Dickman.

 From then on, I found him on Deviantart and started watching his new show, Electronic Heroes. One episode in particular hit me pretty hard. After a very difficult talk about losing a close friend, he looked straight into the camera and said, “Know that, everything you do, everything you strive for is important and what you do for others is important”. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t spend my time left alive not doing what I love and sharing it with people I care about. He even drew me a picture when I told him how much his words meant to me. He’s a great artist, an amazing animator, a terrific online personality and most of all, he’s just a upstanding guy. He’s one of my biggest artistic influences and I’m proud to say and artist I look up to. So this picture is a fanart/gift to him. I hope he enjoys it if he sees it. Sorry this was soo long. I just felt it all needed to be said. Anywho, I’ll leave you with these words: “Stay excellent to each other.”

Oh! You should totally look him up! He’s terrific!

His Tumblr is awdplace and Electronic Heroes is electronicheroes!
Also check out his amazing gallery!

He’s also featured on Hey! While you’re there, check out phelous and obscuruslupa! They’re also amazing and well worth your support!