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You know what I find interesting as a neutral? I check the OL FB groups sometimes and see that they use cute gifs made here of Cait and Sam, discuss what they think and add their comments. In this case they found them distant at SDCC and blamed that on them doing it on purpose because shippers drove them nuts, but they were grateful for the gif posted of them acting friendly because it looked like old times. That gif was made by a shipper. The same ones they trash. These people are idiots.

Lololololol fucking hypocrites. That’s one of the worst things about this fandom. People take your gifs and use them for their own purposes, even when they hate you. Maybe we should all start watermarking them like this??

I’m sitting in Mod Market trying so hard to eat the food I don’t want in my body and I get a text message to check New Hope’s fb page. 

One of my original therapy riders passed away at 2am this morning. 

This isn’t news I want to hear from FB, not when I used to matter enough to be told first hand, not when I never stopped loving these kids, not when it feels like I’m getting murdered in the heart that such a pure human can just die because the god damn world isn’t fair. 

So now, I’m sitting in Mod Market waiting on a dear friend to come rescue me before I have a total breakdown in this very public space. 

How can I try and try and try to kill this body and always bounce back when someone so good just dies? This isn’t fair. This isn’t right. This isn’t how things should be. 


Me studying for exams

  • straight white guys: hahahaha lol ur all so offended by everything grow up #edgelords
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So one of my oldest doodles is featured on a tvtropes page and if that’s not one of my crowning achievements, I don’t know what is tbh

I remember someone asking for permission to use the doodle a loooong time ago, but I never actually found the page before today! Glad I did though! It’s a fun read hahahaha

So Greg Williams just upoloaded this

I’m speechless look at the tags!!


And needless to say Johnny looks damn good!

For those who don’t know,Greg Williams is the boyfriend of Alice Temperlay who was friends and worked with Amber.They basically met Johnny through her but look whose side they(or at least he) are on now!

some of yall that claim to fight for social justice and all people really tick me sometimes

cause so many of you, SO MANY, will only talk about ableism when it fits you and your agenda. Youll talk about it and use disabled people and the discrimination they face only when it suits you, only when you can make it about you, your group, what you face or just in general abled bodied people, and its disgusting.

some of you will even look at a very obvious ableist situation, that is about ableism and do everything you can to make it about a different form of discrimination that affect a different group, the erasure is so disgusting, and yes, while.there is intersectionality in alot of cases, there are tons of times where it is just ableism, and even in a case where it isnt, a lot of you go out of your way to completely disregard the ableism in the situation.

and then theres just people who flat out believe ableism doesnt exist, and so many of yall really thinking that disabled people arent discriminated against or arent as badly discriminated against as other groups, and therefore they dont get to talk about ableism, as if thats how it works, as if, because you claim to fight for social justice and equality, you get to decide what disabled people do and dont face.

what im trying to say here is, if you do this shit, youre not for social justice or equality or any of that good shit

youre just an ableist asshole who needs a very serious reality check.

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@consult Jess, I live in Australia too and am looking into getting an assistance dog for autism. My question is, did you train your dog yourself, or obtain them through an assistance dog organisation? And was it difficult to qualify for a dog for psychiatric reasons as an adult? And how much did they cost?

I owner trained my assistance dog - which means I did it myself. I did consult 2 trainers, one of which is my sister who happens to be a trainer and she assisted in the process. 

The first thing I would recommend you do is join the facebook groups Aussie SD/AD and Australian Assistance/Service Dog Handlers Support Group. There you will be able to get feedback and responses from a variety of people in the Aussie AD community, with experience with a whole range of issues. Their is a screening process for these groups to ensure the safety of members so you will be sent a message with some questions. Existing members are also usually asked to vouch for new members as being legit (because as you may know fake service dog teams is a big issue in our community) so if you wish to join you can PM me your fb name at or if you want to have a more ongoing conversation about this you can contact me there. 

I would also recommend you start following some service/assistance dog teams on social media- a lot of us have fb pages. This will give you more insight into what life with a AD is like. Many of the members of the groups I mentioned above have pages. I will give you some links to good ones down the bottom 

Marvelous Mutts Dog Services also posts some really good information and is run by the person who runs one of the AD groups and is a big advocate in the OT community. The infographic of costs comes from her. 

In terms of qualifying as an owner trained team - basically you just need to be disabled by your illness. In Australia Assistance Dogs (AD’s) are covered under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (commonly referred to as the DDA). This covers both owner trained and program dogs. Your state will also have its own laws about assistance animals. 

 Section 9 of the DDA states that:  

(2)  For the purposes of this Act, an assistance animal is a dog or other animal: 

  • (a)  accredited under a law of a State or Territory that provides for the accreditation of animals trained to assist a persons with a disability to alleviate the effect of the disability; or  
  • (b)  accredited by an animal training organisation prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this paragraph; or   
  • ( c) trained:      
  •       (i)  to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effect of the disability; and      
  •       (ii)  to meet standards of hygiene and behaviour that are appropriate for an animal in a public place. 

Section 9c is the part that allows for owner trained assistance animals. To decode the legal stuff: basically this means that to be a real assistance dog protected by the DDA there are 3 main components: The handler must have a disability The dog must be trained in tasks specific to needs arising from that individual’s disability. The dog must be able to behave appropriately in public, be toilet trained, non-aggressive, clean and healthy. 

So in terms of your question about qualifying - from an OT perspective - its not hard if you have a disability all you need is a doctor who knows you well to agree that you are disabled by your illness and that an assistance dog would assist you in dealing with your disability, and the doctor has to be willing to sign their name to it basically. 

In terms of qualifying for a dog from a program - that is almost certainly more difficult but as I have not had a program dog (yet - i am currently looking into it as an option for my next dog), I would say your best source of information is to check those FB groups I mentioned and ask there - there are many people with program dogs in there, including people with program dogs for autism.

I’d also like to mention there is a middle ground category - there are some organisations (orgs) that allow you to train a suitable dog (may be your own dog, you may purchase a dog, they may assist you in finding a suitable dog) and have the dog tested and qualified by the org to say yes this dog meets legal standards. The org will provide you with legal support and will help when there are access issues. MindDog is one of the best know orgs that does this for people with mental health conditions and although autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder it is covered by the DSM and still covered by MindDog. 

In my opinion, assistance dogs are fantastic tools and I owe my life to one, but fair warning that it is not an easy solution or a cure all. They take a lot of work and its not something you can do on a whim - Im not saying you are like that - I tell everyone this because these are living creatures not a piece of technology or a medication that you can just trial and throw away if it doesnt work.

LINKS (to access the youtube links, hover over the names):

  • Jaquie Blake - Has an OT service dog for many illnesses - she is autistic. Instagram (IG): Helper Dog Harlow AND Chronically Jaquie 
  • Tatyana Schneider - Multiple severe illness but not autistic - owner trained dogs. Follow her on facebook on that name or on youtube (particularly watch her older videos when she was less sick and able to post more)
  • Service Dog Colt - Janaye has a TBI and Colt is an amazing example of an OT service dog. IG: Service Dog Colt
  • Paws and Love are another fantastic OT team - NJ also post training videos of tasks like DPT that you may find useful (if you would like a tasks post send in another asks and I’ll make a separate post as this is quite long already). IG: nerdkidanddoge 
  •  The Service Dog Life - Another OT dog - Hazel is trained primarily for severe allergy alert 
  • The Frey Life - Mary has a service dog for cystic fibrosis however he is not the focus of their vlog, however they do have some videos specifically about service dog stuff. IG: The Frey Life 
  •  And finally - us - I don’t post public access so much any more and this is mixed as my personal and AD account but you are welcome to check it out - I do have task posts you just need to scroll through if you want. Tumblr, IG: adventures_with_bindi 
  • Marvelous Mutts Dog Services:  

I hope this ridiculously long post is helpful - feel free to contact me through asks on here or my personal blog if you have more questions.

- Jess (and Bindi)

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We welcome you to come check out our Transformers Cosplay Facebook group!

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