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Okay But Consider This: Pining Connor

In the Utopian Au™ where Connor failed his suicide attempt…

•Zoe rejects Evan and they just become friends
•Zoe formally introduces Connor to Evan (after the cast signing)
• Connor: Gayer Than He Expected™
•Everyone knows. Everyone but Evan, that is.
•If I Could Tell Him
•Connor won’t shut up about Evan.
•Even Heidi can see this. Connor comes over and the two teens are watching movies and Heidi walks in, looks at Connor trying not to look at Evan and mentally “Oh”
•Zoe: Connor please stop being gay at the dinner table
•Connor desperately tries to be an edgy, emo bad boy but he’ll melt if Evan smiles at him
•I want these teens to become friends.
•Heidi thinks Evan knows.
•Heidi refers to Connor’s crush on him casually.
•Evan: *spits out drink*
•Evan: Bisexualer Than He Expected™


NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨

                                        I will learn to survive.

So hype for The Evil Within 2 …..
I thought of an idea to draw all the designs (decline?) of Sebastian, and then made it into a little gif! Duran Duran is also one of my favorite bands of all time… so I couldn’t resist putting the lyrics in :) Can’t wait to see what happens in October to our fav Sad Dad Detective!!!

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Idk if you've ever watched Steven universe but if you have, what do you think Hiro and Penny's fusion would be?

hmmm….probably look like an anime character lmao

welp. meet fusion penniro everyone


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Translated by: susifg

Just some sweet boys, hanging out and stargazing 💖

Tell Her She’s Wrong
  • Type: Fluff, Smut
  • Pairing: Jin x Reader
  • Genre:  BFF!au, slice of life
  • Admin: Krystal 
  • Word Count: 3K

Anon Request: We kind of managed to lose the request heheh… but it was basicaly a fluff/smut scenario where you were best friends, etc.

Fic Promt: No.54 - “My mother thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

Description: You and Jin have been best friends for many years. You get in trouble together, you fail in classes together, but guess you get away with it because your mother likes him, and the worst thing is that she keeps saying that he obviously likes you. After an attempt to study for the class you two are failing in, you try to confront him about it.

A/N: Hi! Seriously, it took me so long to write this. I don’t know why (oh you know exactly why, you procrastinating bit–). Again, sorry for losing the request by re-creating our blog. Enjoy! Oh, and please send feedback.

Song: ‘Put your records on’ - Cover by Day6

The sun rays hit all the right spots on your flesh, hugging your curves beautifully, even through your oversized creasy pj-shirt. The upbeat tune played on your stereo, echoing in the empty first floor of your house.

“The more things seems to change, the more they stay the same… Ooh, don’t you hesitate-“  the singer sung on the speakers as you made your way to your closet, dancing, moving your hips to the beat and with your messy hair bun bouncing on your head.

Opening the closet, you pulled out your skinny black jeans and your loose off-shoulder baby blue shirt just to throw them on your bed, waiting to be worn.

“Girl, put your records on,–“


You stopped on your tracks, in the middle of your room, just to roll your eyes and sigh in frustration.


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Ayato x Raito !!!

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / BROTP 

It’s interesting to me how the youngest and oldest of the triplets hang out together more than any of the other Sakamaki brothers (that I see): 

They seem to get along well (for siblings that have grown apart anyway). By the evidence from their Versus CD, to moments where they interact in each game with each other, or talk about each other, it’s shown that Ayato is well aware of Laito’s experiences with their mother.  

Laito is actually jealous of Ayato in some ways because he perceives Ayato as still having that ‘innocence’ that he no longer possesses thanks to Cordelia. While Ayato is frustrated by his brother’s denial to accept that their mother never really loved them. 

Btw check out this bro hug:

And then there is this infamous CG:

The family that eats together, stays commits matricide together: 

Don’t feel too bad for Yui; she burned these two to death in a shed in one of Kanato’s bad endings after luring them to suck her blood together.

Whether the mood is serious and full of angst or lighthearted, I want to see more moments where they interact.