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Been a little busy but got to go practice today at the range. Thanks to @801gun for the shirt go check out their page, they post some really nice stuff!👍 #801gun #check #out #cool #shooting #practice #nice #day #bang #fast #gun #cowboy #dontmiss #molefty - #regrann

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Følelser på norsk. Feelings in Norwegian.

Jeg er glad - I am happy.

Jeg gleder meg - I am excited.

Jeg er forelsket - I am in love.

Jeg har forelsket meg - I have fallen in love (with someone or something).

Jeg er takknemlig - I am thankful/grateful.

Jeg er overrasket - I am surprised.

Jeg er engasjert - I am engaged. (not marriage related!). In Norwegian an engaged person is someone who is passionately and care. Usually you can tell by their face & by how fast they speak, that this is a person who is engaged in this/these topics. And some people are just programmed this way - they care about a lot of topics & they are very engasjert.

Jeg er stolt - I am proud.

Jeg er fasinert - I am facinated.

Jeg har en god/dårlig følelse - I have a good/bad feeling.

Jeg er sikker/usikker - I am sure/unsure.

Jeg er lei for det - I am sorry (lit. I am sorry about it)

Jeg kjeder meg - I am bored.

Jeg er trøtt - I am tired.

Jeg er sur - I am angry.

Du skremte meg - You scared me.

Du såret meg - You hurt me.

Du fornærmet meg - You insulted me.

Jeg er redd - I am scared.

Jeg er opprørt - I am upset.

Jeg er forvirret - I am confused.

Jeg er lei meg - I am sad.

Jeg er sliten - I am tired.

Jeg er nervøs - I am nervous.

Jeg er utslitt - I am exhausted.

Jeg er irritert - I am annoyed.

— I really appreciate if you could translate this list into your native language :D Jeg setter veldig pris på om du kunne oversatt denne listen til ditt morsmål :D