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Moving on from my heartbreak to a soulbreak…. I am talking about @zombie-frisk!! 

Zombietale is such a great AU, the comic is gorgeous, it has a great art style and it’s just so friggin cute! I adore it! My Frisk would hug that other Frisk because they don’t care about being eaten, they just want to mak them feel better <3

I love Zombietale :D

First Order’s TIE pilot Poe Dameron

I had momentary lapse of judgement which resulted in… this …whatever this is. I haven’t made any actual graphic for over 2 years so please excuse all those horrifiying errors (I’m switching my mind about it every five minutes, I love it, then I hate it but the more and more I’m trying to fix things - the worse it looks so I decided just post it and get on with it…)

(must tag the responsible people, please go blame @pretentiousandfrench @juulna and @floatin-on-bespin and also this was inspired by @brilcrist amazing art, go go go check it out)

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” If you try and rip the world apart, someone will always put it back together… . You can kill dreams, you can kill innocence, you can kill freedom… But you can’t kill progress. ”___ Adam Jensen 2.0
   Drawing featured the iconic Icarus landing system__ 4 hours via Photoshop CS6 
   3 more days to the game, and this is mark as congratulation to the game team that has the best rating scores at the Gamescon 2016 ^^
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“ How’s that for a punch ? ….” 

   Well just settle things up like man to man, hands only :) 

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