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Neglected children have particular appeal for self-centered parents

This is likely to be all over the place, because I’ve wanted to write this since I noticed the dichotomy presented by Rey and Finn and their juxtaposition with Kylo. Their personal circumstances map perfectly, if exaggeratedly, onto a judgmental parent’s stereotype of the difference between “a good kid“ and “a spoiled brat“ - right down to showing a thirty year old man having two violent episodes onscreen, that are pretty transparently meant to be read as tantrums, regardless of what they actually are.

(I’ve read some excellent meta expressing that several people with mental illness / related experience have interpreted them as meltdowns. I don’t disagree. But for the purpose of this essay, I’m building off the fact that Abrams has described Kylo’s characterization as informed by his fears as a parent - of a child gone wrong.)

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