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These past few weeks have been awful

I feel like I make the same post every Sunday about how I’m starting over on the Monday.

But this is it. My last start over.

I’m meal planning now and I’m going to stick to it! I’m also going to incorporate a cheat day. I know how some will say that this isn’t a healthy way to think about your “diet” but this really does help me stay on track. It works for me.

My plan for this week is:

Run 4x a week MEAL PLAN !!!!!
1x a week of elliptical or strength training
Drink 2litres of water eveyday

I’m focusing on eating healthy rather than weight loss. And I’m hoping this will help sort my head out.


requested: “Can you do an imagine about the media talking about how shawn cheated on you and how toxic y/n’s relationship with shawn and then y/n started getting worried and its just fluffy and cute.”

authors note: i hope this is okay. i know what it’s like to have people constantly talk about your love life and giving you a bad rep and all that. i’ve experienced it, and i can’t imagine what it would be like to date shawn, where people would constantly be talking about your relationship with him. i didn’t write about him cheating on y/n bc i wrote this the other day and told myself that i was gunna incorporate the cheating part but i’ve been sick, and i was feeling kinda lazy on editing this imagine and adding more stuff to it. i sincerely apologize and hope u enjoy this imagine anyway tho.

“Reasons why Shawn Mendes shouldn’t be dating Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Treat You Better singer Shawn Mendes, supposedly breaking things off with long time girlfriend Y/N.”

You read multiple headlines and articles talking about your relationship with Shawn. You’ve been dating Shawn for a while so you were usually used to the media making up dumb rumors for attention. But lately you and Shawn haven’t exactly been on the same page, and it looked like the media could tell. The articles didn’t bother you that much, it was mostly what his fans had to say that hurt.

@/shawnmendesfanacc: ok but shawn doesn’t seem happy lately and i’m kinda worried it’s bc of y/n

@/shawnmendesfanacc2: guys shawn hasn’t posted any pictures of y/n on his snapchat lately and if that doesn’t worry u idk what will

Most of his fanbase was supportive of your relationship and so you had seen other tweets from them saying nice things to him, and wishing him well. Other tweets you saw were even wishing you well, and saying things like “I hope Shawn and Y/N are okay. They’ve been together for so long, they need each other.”

They were right about that. You did need each other, but they were also right about him not seeming that happy lately. You and Shawn haven’t had any huge arguments or anything, but lately you were just bickering about stupid things that for some reason got in the way of your relationship. You had told him several times that you thought it was the distance, but he only denied you. You were worried. Worried about him, worried about your relationship.

After reading several articles and viewing subscribed snapchat stories, you decided you’d had enough. Your relationship with Shawn was real, and you were both always honest with each other, so you figured if you just told Shawn how you felt, then maybe he’d understand. And so you wiped any tears from your eyes and picked up your phone to dial Shawn’s number.

Surprisingly, he answered almost immediately saying, “Hey love.”

"Shawn.” You said quietly and paused for a small second thinking of how you were going to say what you wanted to say.

"I know this might be dumb but like, have you seen all the recent articles and crap that have been put out about us? And not to mention what your fans are saying. Look, I know lately we haven’t been on the same page, and I’m sorry about that. But you haven’t exactly said anything about it, and it makes me feel like you don’t care, I don’t know. All I’m saying is, if you wanna end things then we can but like.. Why haven’t you said anything Shawn!!??“ You were getting a little frustrated and you probably sounded overdramatic but you didn’t care. This is how you felt, and you wanted him to know.

You heard Shawn let out a quiet laugh through the phone and that frustrated you even more.

"Oh so you think I’m joking or something?” You said trying not to lose it.

“No baby, of course not. Listen okay? You’re right, we haven’t been on the same page lately. But guess what darling? All relationships are like this. I’m not gunna leave you just because you yelled at me for not eating dinner, or because we don’t agree on global warming.” You chewed on your lip as your boyfriend spoke. You opened your mouth to say something but he cut you off.

“And the media can suck it. Those articles are what’s worrying my fans, making them think that I’m not happy or whatever. I thought about tweeting something about it but I didn’t wanna cause any drama of some sort. But maybe now I will. Either way Y/N, the media is always going to talk. Whether it be about my happiness or yours, or ours. But I’ll still love you. Always.” And with that, you felt so much better. Shawn’s sweet rambling always warmed your heart and it made you feel better to know that he probably hasn’t said anything about all this, was because he honestly wasn’t worried about any of it. Your silly arguments would never get in the way of his love for you and that made you happy to know.

“I love you too.” Was all you could think to say.

There was some small silence over the phone when suddenly a Twitter notification went off. You pulled your phone away from your ear to look at your screen. It was Shawn, tweeting a link to one of those articles, but putting a caption above it.

@/ShawnMendes: sorry “People” magazine but, y/n and i are still together! actually, i’m missing her terribly right now haha

“Shawnnn, I miss you too.” You said through the phone, your heart fluttering. You were lucky to have someone like Shawn who you knew would always come through during small rough patches like this.

anonymous asked:

I was reading your little art tutorial and the little part about using references caught my eye. I've been struggling a lot lately trying different art styles here and there but I've never been content because they're never "my" art styles y'know? I love being inspired by other artists but I always feel like I'm cheating by incorporating a style that isn't mine. I don't know where to begin when looking for my "style." :/

This is my personal opinion on the topic, and others might not agree with it, but I stand by it pretty strongly ^^ And that is the fact that nothing is 100% original. Unless you’re planning on developing a whole new art style the world has never seen before, there’s no reason to feel like you’re ‘cheating’ because you’re taking inspiration from something that already exists. 

On the topic of defining what exactly might be ‘your style,’ I would advise to not really worry about that, especially for people in the learning stages. Just focus on gaining skills in different areas, playing around with different styles not because you’re trying to ‘find yours’ but rather just as an exercise and for fun experimenting! Even if you’re aiming for, say, a anime style, you’ll still benefit from practicing realism. In the process of trying out different styles you might find some things that are similar across them: perhaps you like drawing eyes a particular way, or choosing certain colors, etc…that’s your style! 

Style isn’t really something that should be forced (although it can be, especially in the professional/schooling world but let’s say it shouldn’t be forced for someone who just wants to enjoy it as a hobby) and honestly, you probably are’t aware of it but you already have a personal style. I wasn’t aware of it myself until people pointed it out to me. Turns out, I have a pretty distinct style to people (i’m assuming, since I keep getting these kinds of asks haha), but I honestly was so uncertain of it myself before anyone told me. But that’s not to say you need others people to validate yourself, have faith in yourself and just do what you enjoy!

Note, however, that there is a difference between “i’m going to copy XX piece of art because I like the style” vs. “I’m seeing all these different artists do XX and that’s why I like their art, so maybe I should try it too!” That’s the mindset I like to have. For any sort of creative process, the more research and resources you incorporate, the stronger your end product will be!

You can see how I referenced photographs for the side profile, then took inspiration from the strong top lighting and colors of the painted portraits. The hair came from a more semi-realistic approach. I used the shape of the traditional painting for the arrangement of the flowers, but photos for the flowers themselves, and painted them in the illustration style of the teapot. This combination of the dozen reference images created something new based on my tastes, and that’s all style is, just personal preference! 

TL;DR just don’t worry, just draw what YOU like to draw and chances are, if you’ve been at it for a while, you already have a style you aren’t aware of. If not, just keep going, it develops naturally, and oftentimes, right under your nose ^^ 

I already saw a post for Day 5 but I’m still on Day 4 for another hour and 5 minutes. 

Okay, so I kind of cheated and incorporated both prompts into the story. :P Don’t hate me! Enjoy.

RUCAS APPRECIATION APPRECIATION WEEK; Day 4 Lucas having his Moment or Riley becoming jealous when they are a couple.

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