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Hopefully More help for Beginners to D&D - I found it a minefield when I first started, so hopefully this will help other novices (and my new players)

EDIT: These are the house rules that we follow when I’m the DM for my group as I use critical fails and success for fun flavour: 

In 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, rolling a natural 1 or 20 doesn’t necessarily mean a critical failure or success outside of attack rolls. (It’s not the standard.) A crit fail on an attack roll isn’t 5e standard either– penalties don’t inherently occur on a 1. 

Fact: A lesser-known Pan-Power is the ability of all pansexuals to excel at Dungeons and Dragons rolls. Although studies are still being performed, it is estimated that pansexuals roll natural 20s at three times the rate of the average player. Although pansexuals have been met with accusations of cheating or loaded dice, this phenomenon mysteriously occurs regardless of the dice used.

Some quality Older Sibling Things that the Bureau of Balance employees have probably done to mess with Angus

  • Extensively coaching him in a particular skill only to then use his new mastery of that skill solely to impress other people and or play tricks on them. Carey taught him how to cheat at cards and dice and then turned him loose on the general population. Magnus is working on his pool skills. They’ve made a tidy profit gaming innocent guards who were too stupid to realize that a small child approaching them with a smile and asking to play was not a good sign. 
    • Angus occasionally objects to these scams on moral grounds, but has been convinced that these are important life skills he’s being taught, and anyways those guards need to learn to recognize a set up. This is a learning experience for them. 
    • Similarly, Killian spent three weeks coaching him every morning until he could do a LOT of pushups, only to then drag him around and make him show it off to everyone on the Moon Base. 
  • Once he came up to a group of them at lunch and they started speaking elvish purely to confuse him. Members of the party who did not speak elvish started making words up. They refused to switch back to common until he went away. 
  • “Hey there, kiddo, baby, tiny-small-child-thing!”
  • Complaining that they’re being patronizing only encourages them. 
  • He worked as a police detective for a while, he has a surprisingly good grasp of gross and grown up stuff. Whenever someone tries to cover his ears or shoo him away when the talk turns to the many, many, many scenes of carnage that come with the job he starts talking about crime scenes he’s been at and how one time he saw a guy’s head with the ears ripped off and stuffed in his mouth. 
    • This has not stopped non-THB-people from censoring swear words, discussions of death, dark humor around him. He’s getting a little frustrated. At least the trio, Carey, and Killian seem to respect him in that regard. 
    • They’re actually all a lot more lax about keeping him away from the lewd stuff, since he is under strict orders from the Director to not traumatize himself and therefore will cover his own ears when necessary. Thanks, Angus. 
  • Blocking his way for no apparent reason. “What’s that? You can’t get by me. Say the magic word.”
  • Trying to fix his clothes or ruffle his hair even when there is no need to do so. 
  • Trying to convince him of stuff that is blatantly Not True. He’s a smart boy and will can see through the more obvious ruses, but sometimes he plays along. One time Merle tried to convince him that since they were on the moon and the moon is made of cheese he could just eat the dirt, and he got Merle to do it first. 
    • Taako has the highest success rate when it comes to bluffing Angus out, and has gotten him to believe that the Director wears a wig, that Taako is in fact human and his ears are fashion implants, that you can just pour No Tear shampoo into your eyes, and that Davenport eats the bones of fallen BoB members to ensure their bodies can’t be used against the Bureau. 
    • Magnus is a simple man and prefers the “what’s that on your shirt?” gag. It never gets old. Agnus is a very neat kid and always falls for it, even when he should know better. 
  • He has a Baby Corner in the Icosahedron with, like, five pound weights and tiny boxing gloves in it. Killian made it especially for him. There is a sign. 
  • Avi just randomly gives him things. Candy. Bottle caps. “Here, have this rock, kid, now run along.”

ghostravens  asked:

can you explain me why you (and apparently everyone) don't want orion back? i'm genuinely curious

he was a notorious metagamer (using information he didn’t have as tibs while in-character) who lied about dice rolls (which matt straight up said on reddit at one point that orion cheated w/ dice rolls + you can even see marisha and tal leaning over to check on his rolls at the end)

in addition to that, he just… was kind of a shitty player in general when it comes to player etiquette? his last episode was unwatchable for a lot of people because he hogged time for one-on-one shopping that was for a project that was so unrealistic that even MATT was getting sick of, and the other players were uncomfortable too. he also tried to circumvent percy’s entire personal arc by trying to form an army from his father, which is just… shitty for tal AND matt on top of not being something he’d logically be able to do.

on that note, he had a tendency to step all over other players in general? like the time vex shot an arrow to hit a button and it was successful but he made sure to say that he used magic to make it go in so he got credit? and him bamfing out of the kvarn fight and being pissed off at matt because he was convinced matt was specifically trying to kill him lol.

there was also the time he blew up at a fan shortly before his last episode because the fan made a tshirt (i think?) with tibs on it and he got offended bc tibs is his ‘property’ and he told the fan he was “#uncrittered” and laura and travis stepped in to tell the fan that he was perfectly fine and that he did nothing wrong

there are other things that added up, but those are the big reasons why i dont like him, never want him back on cr, and why watching older episodes with him in it is often hard for me lmao



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Doing “Justice”: Randyll Tarly Is Not Fair

Let’s put aside for a second the abominable abuse he inflicted upon Sam, and the misogyny with which he treats Brienne. Let’s just look at how Randyll Tarly makes his in-person entrance in AFFC, and examine a short part of Brienne III.

They found Lord Tarly in the fishmarket, doing justice.

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board games//calfreezy

i’m sorry if this is bad, it’s the first imagine I’ve ever written. Let me know if there is any chance you do like it though! feedback would be much appreciated x

part 2 

“Wow, (Y/N), you rolled another six!” Lux exclaimed, his eyes wide in awe. “How can you be that lucky?”

“It because she’s cheating,” said Cal with a roll of his blue eyes. He was sat opposite of you, clearly not happy that you were beating him at a game he claimed to be the ‘master’ of.

“I am not cheating, how can you even cheat at rolling a dice?” You argued.

“Simple; you rigged the dice.” He shrugged, as if that explained everything.

“Why would I rig the dice, Freezy? That’s your job.”

“Are you actually calling me, the Master of Monopoly, a cheater?”

“I’m just saying, there’s obviously a reason you think you’re so good at this game,” you smiled sweetly at the blonde and he glared back.

“Why don’t we carry on with the game?” Sarah suggested to break the tension between the two of you and so you carried on, but not before the both of you flashed some rude hand gestures at each other.

The game ended shortly after, with you taking the crown by a clear win. The four of you still stayed sitting on the floor long after the game was over, chatting and drinking a few beers waiting for the food you had to ordered to come, all the while you and Cal were glaring jokingly at each other.

You had met Cal through mutual friends and it wasn’t long before a friendship developed, along with some romantic feelings on your part that were pushed to the back of your head. As cliché as it sounded and as much as it hurt, you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him over something that might not even work out. Plus, you didn’t even know if he returned your feelings.

You were snapped out of your thoughts when Cal stood up and headed towards the kitchen. “Will you get me another drink, please?” You asked kindly, even throwing in a smile and some exaggerated puppy eyes.

“Nope,” he said popping the ‘P’ without even turning around to look at you.

“Are you still being a sore loser, Freezy?” You teased and he finally turned around to face you with his eyes shooting daggers.

“You cheated.”

“You’re boring me now,” you said faking a yawn, knowing just how to wind the blue eyed boy up.

“Well, you’re a cheater,” he pathetically retorted.

“And you’re a dick.”

Callum dramatically fell against the counter as you said this, placing a hand on his heart and throwing his head back. "I’m wounded, (Y/N), I thought you loved me!“

"Looks like you thought wrong, sorry.” You quipped, ignoring the heat coming from your cheeks and the knowing looks coming from the couple beside you. “Oscar winning performance, by the way.”

A few seconds later, Cal sat down next to you and placed a cold bottle of beer on your lap. You looked up at him with raised eyebrows, “trying to make up for the rudeness?”

“Shut it, you melon.” He shook his head and poked your side, gaining a high pitch squeal out of you.

“Your friendship confuses me,” says Sarah slowly with narrowed eyes, as if she was trying to figure you both out.

“It’s all love,” Cal speaks from beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and flashing a grin down at you.

You say nothing but lean closer to his side, wishing you had the courage to tell him how you really felt. But as he pressed a light kiss to the top of your head, you decided that, for now, this was all you needed.

♡Love Dice with Ethan Would Include

Originally posted by medicinalmccall

♡ Shower sex

♡ Kissing Ethan’s elbow

♡ Licking his left nipple

♡ Him licking your nipples

♡ Him squeezing your breasts

♡ Him cheating when rolling the dice so you have to do things to him

♡ Fun new positions

♡ Having to look up fun new terms

♡ “Ethan that tickles!”

♡ “Wow babe that feels good”

♡ Ethan licking your thigh which quickly turns into eating out

♡ You nibbling on his ear

♡ Ethan massaging your back and squeezing your butt

♡ *Dice rolls and you see the terms EAT and ASS*

♡ “No way I’m not doing that!”

♡ “Can I eat yours?”

♡ Hot wild sex after

♡ 69

♡ Ethan massaging you the next morning as you are super sore



A non-comprehensive list of canonical facts about Rohan Kishibe: -Casually chooses to murder Koichi by slowly tearing his memories out instead of just inviting him over and reading them. -“Fights” Josuke by forcing Okuyasu to set himself on fire (making him history’s greatest monster). -Almost immediately tries to befriend Koichi like the whole murder thing wasn’t a big deal. -Later pays his victim to hang out. -Destroys a small child at rock-paper-scissors before he knows it’s a stand battle. -Severs his own finger and sets his house on fire because he suspects Josuke is cheating at dice. -Saves Josuke not because it is the right thing to do, but because it lets him be a jerk to someone else. -Indirectly murders a man because he can’t control his curiosity. 

Basically what I’m saying is that Rohan is the best. (I’m also saying I can’t wait for a DiU anime to be announced: that shit is gonna be amazing.)

e: Next page, Okuyasu’s New Trick/Jotaro Kujo: Dad of the Year, is up!


So while I’ve been struggling with some internal conflicts, I’ve been procrastinating on real work (prints and artbook) and instead have scripted a few comics, some of which I’ve started on already, so I thought I’d share the list with you cause why not… Up there are previews of pages 1, 2 and 6 of the next one I’m uploading. List is after the break~

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad to get cheet dice if i never use them for actual dnd? I just think these ones im about to order are really pretty hhah

Nah, I don’t see anything wrong with having them as long as you don’t try to pass them off as real game dice! Are these the kind that have another 20 instead of the 1? You could even use them as a game gimmick, like, if someone does something really cool they get to use the cheat dice for one roll, or something.

anonymous asked:

orion always made me super uncomf? i didn't know abt the whole dice cheating & stuff so good to know that feeling wasn't coming from nowhere.

yeah same. he was a little annoying in the underdark but i still enjoyed tibs up until the kvarn fight, and from then on he was really hard for me to enjoy.

Why I Love Killian Jones

Companion piece to this post, because one person asked, and because this kind of thing is so much fun to write.

It’s funny to think back now, but Killian is actually a big part of why I started with OUaT; somebody I follow kept reblogging gifs, and my curiosity was piqued. Once I actually watched the show, of course, Emma captured my heart, and my love of CS is founded in my love for her, but Killian is also one of my favorite characters in his own right.

Why is that?

First of all, he has impeccable taste in women. A++ choices in selecting those to receive your lifelong devotion, will applaud forever.

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Okay but...

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’ve already had two episodes of Gravity Falls with a strong “cheating is wrong” message…

And then in this last episode the day is saved by cheating a die roll.