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Dear girl who have been cheated on

So here’s the thing people. IF THEY CHEAT ON YOU THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU. Hell if they cheat on you they don’t even respect you. I have so many of my friends getting cheated on then making excuses for the guys like, “he has a sex addiction”(that’s not real guys he was just horny and wanted to fuck someone who wasn’t you and by making it an addiction you let him), “he promised he wouldn’t do it again”(he will because you let him get away with it what he really means is next time he won’t get caught), and my all time favorite “he loves you wouldn’t understand” ( girl I understand better then you if he can sleep with another girl then go on a date with you like nothing happened he doesn’t love you). Why are you settling for less then you deserve. Baby I know you love him but if he wants to cheat on you then he don’t deserve you.
Rant over

17 things I learned when I turned 17
1. You don’t have to tell your parents everything.
2. Listen to the music you want.
3. Even if you are absolutely head over heals in love with someone, it doesn’t mean they are the best one.
4. In school, work until the bell rings. Don’t pack up.
5. It’s okay to cry over someone who broke your heart.
6. Go on many vacations as you can with your family.
7. Love your dog. Don’t punish them for something they don’t understand.
8. Be with your grandparents as much as possible. They won’t be around forever.
9. It’s okay not to forgive someone right away. But try to be on good terms with them. Even with that one boy who cheated on you.
10. Love will come out of no where.
11. Put your phone down.
12. Hang with friends
13. Trust your gut. Even if you really don’t want to.
14. Take classes you actually enjoy. Not that you think would look good for colleges.
15. Listen to as much music as you can. You’ll learn to love things you never thought you would.
16. Get your license. It’s great.
17. Try to forgive and to forget. Don’t let the past dwell on you.
—  17 things I learned when I was 17

Sadly these are things I had to deal with in past relationships. Ladies let me tell you something, THAT, is not ok! No man should treat you like shit and you shouldn’t stick around and take abuse like that. The amount of emotional abuse I went through is something I don’t want anyone else, male or female, dealing with. It rips you apart in ways you never knew existed. Being called a bitch and getting yelled at for no reason is emotionally scarring. Getting cheated on as well. The amount of shit I had to deal with was unreal. Please don’t put yourself what I had to go through. 

Boyfriends best friend HELP

Yes this is what you think its about, i’m having sexual feelings for my boyfriends best friend, and i dont know what to do.
My bf is literally the sweetest in the world, he cares about me, wishes me a goodnight en goodmorning every day and everyday he tells me how much he loves me. I have to say he’s pretty goodlooking too… i really love him so much and, its just, wow. But then we have my bf’s bff, he is like that mysterious guy who doesn’t really talk and doesn’t smile a lot, only with his friends. He is not very social either. He smokes and drinks and goes to a lot of parties and doesn’t give a fuck about anything. But there is something mysterious and sexy about it. And i can’t stop wondering what sex with him would be like. And to make it even more difficult, one of my bffs just recently spend a whole night kissing and cuddling with him at a party, and she cant stop thinking what being in a relationship with him would be like.
Last night i even dreamed about and woke up horny af. But i dont love him, absolutely not, i think. Its just, for me it feels like cheating on the good Guy with the bad Guy.
So, if you have any tips on what i should do, please let me know..

Taylor Caniff imagine for anon | Drinking problem

Omfg your imagines are perfect. Can you do more romantic Taylor ones and more drunk cheating Taylor ones? You or y/n can cheat. It should be y/n and Taylor sees and gets jealous! You’re amazing and thank you xx (:

“Stop it.” I giggled, playing with the hem of Dillon’s shirt.
“He doesn’t have to find out, you know.”
“Who said anything about Taylor finding out?”

I think there was too much alcohol in my drink. Or drinks. I didn’t know what I was doing, I never meant to hurt him or scare him away. Taylor was – is – the love of my life. He always has been. But with him being on tour, all the hate and negativity in my life, I just couldn’t help myself. I needed to escape. I know that wasn’t the best decision, and maybe if Dillon had stopped me, it would’ve never happened. I was lonely and scared. Alcohol was always my stupid way of escaping. I usually drank when I felt sad or forgotten, mostly at parties. And at that moment, I was at a party.

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anonymous asked:

My best friend and boyfriend hooked up and I made up with my boyfriend but that giant slut still keeps texting him even though she know we've worked through this mistake and she still isn't backing the fuck up...what do I do?

I’m going to say something you need to hear/ read.

Both of them betrayed you equally, and by forgiving 1 of them for hurting you like they did is almost like permitting him to continue to wrong you.

They are both guilty for the same thing. 
It took the both of them to cheat and I’m really sorry that it had to be two people that you really trusted and thought cared for you.

Also, if she is continuously texting him, it probably means she’s continuously getting a response.

What they did was horrible and what i truly think you should do is write them both off for a while and take some time alone or to hang out with other people. The guy you made up with is capable of hurting you, and he’s proven that. 

If you forgive what happened, you ultimately forgive them both. 
because 50 % of the cheat belongs to each of them.

Just some food for thought.
You are way better than that and deserve more. Sometimes an apology doesn’t mean it’ll stop, and I don’t think you should sit around waiting to get hurt again. 
<3 I said this because even on anonymous you are a real person with real feelings whom i care about. Do what’s best for you.

Sleeping On The Couch


After a heavily done fight I was left to sleep on the couch. After saying I was going to bed at nine, one o'clock in the morning and I was crying from a nightmare and the fight. How? How could he?