cheating at school

For my next trick, I’m going to explain why J/aune is a Mary Sue.

The character:

-Knows nothing about the rules of the world, despite being from a family of warriors, yet is told he’s special in many different ways, that he has a lot of aura, and is given a leadership role right away

-Cheated his way into school, never faces consequences by authority figures for this even though it’s implied Ozpin knows. Is, I fact, made a team leader

-Sleeps in class, reads comics instead of studying, blows off his partner’s attempts to help him train and yet still says he doesn’t want to be the damsel in distress, even though the character is not written putting in the effort to change. Is never punished for this behavior, instead is favored for it

-Immediately and inexplicably draws the eye of a much more skilled character in a romantic sense

-Is considered by the narrative and other characters as a tactical mind despite lackluster study habits and weak coordination efforts

-Is tangled up in an inexplicable love triangle, acts pushy towards his LI, lies to her, ignores her boundaries and never faces consequences for this. Is, in fact, encouraged

-Is the only character seen to visibly mourn his partner, even though she interacted with many other people

EDIT: since tumblr mobile decided to mess up and cut off the end of my post, here’s the rest of it

-Takes a dominant speaking role in volume four, even during a scene where two characters have familial ties to each other

Basically, he’s a character that starts the show as someone with no training, who cheats his way into the story, is handed help, even when he bites the hands that feeds. He never sees consequences for his bad behavior, is encouraged to continue it, is inexplicably or for weak reasons given leadership roles. He’s part of two romance plots that are entirely undeserved, leans no moral lessons during the course of the show and is still rewarded with relevance

You are part of an elite network of cheaters who cheat in school, work, and life. Each cheater helps out one another to get by with their daily endeavors. One day, you discover a cheater in the network is cheating death.

Smart!Lance Headcanon

Lance has a photographic memory.
He found out when he was around 8 because he could draw by just glancing at someone else’s art and being able to copy all the details not exactly but extremely close.
When his family was struggling finically, he signed up to do game shows and almost anything that invoked memory and could win anything. His family eventually became finically stable and his memory became no more than a party trick. His family was used to his talent and didn’t pay much more attention to him than his other siblings so he tried to make him stand out more. He would prefect his looks because that was his feature that was complemented the second most.
People started to change their opinion of him from smartest kid in school to class clown and flirt. He had been called an idiot in front of his peers and accused off cheating on tests. He had been in one of the top high schools in America but everyone there looked down on him and called him every name under the sun for idiot. He graduated early because he was sick of the treatment from the other students.
He was accepted into the Garrison with a full scholarship because he had scored a 100 on the acceptance test and his high school. Half of the Garrison officials said he had been cheating but the other half refused to not accept him so he was put into the cargo pilot class.
When he moved up to to fighter pilot, Iverson refused his right to be there. He fully believed he had cheated despite his background of schools. He would lower his test scores and over grade him on his piloting skills. He rose throw the ranks even with Iverson dragging him down.
Hunk was the only one who knew. He had found Lance, after a particularly bad day with Iverson, repeating the numbers of pi.(a habit he picked up when he was stressed to keep his mind off of it)
When they first found Allura, Corren, and the Castle of Lions, he had started learning Altean from a children’s book and worked his way up until he could fluently speak Altean. Corren learned about his talent after walking in on him practicing the pronunciations of the Altean alphabet and offered to help him if he wanted.
When there was a group meeting he would often try to correct the teams mistakes but he would usually told to shut it. Allura would sometimes curse him out and point out his mistakes in Altean with a normal tone of voice thinking it would hurt hurt less if he didn’t. It would have hurt less if she would say it to his face instead of hiding it and saying it as something you would bring up in a normal conversation. She would often mumble about how annoying he is and how he should be more like Keith, reminding him of how he only replaced Keith in the Garrison.
Pidge found out one day after a competition with Lance of who could finish a test first. Pidge would tell him that it was a waste off talent. She would say that she should have that because she would use it for good. He felt like he was back home again, being told by his sister that she should have his memory.
He was left behind on a mission because of his team being forced to retreat without him. The Galra captured him and tortured him for two weeks. Once he was recused by the team and back at the castle, he would have vivid nightmares and flashbacks of his time spent with the Galra.
He had been out of it one day after a night of nightmares and was not paying attention to Allura instructing how the drill would go and ended up asking if she could repeat that. She only responded with “why do you always forget stuff.”
He broke out into hysterical laughter. They looked at him like he was insane until the laughter quickly died off. He responded with “You think I forget things. I never forget. I never forgot all of the things you would say about me in Altean and brushing it off as an Altean ritual. I never forgot how many times I’ve been called a waste of talent and an idiot by everyone. I never forgot all of the nights I spent being tortured and days I spend with out food and little water because I am remind of these things every day because of you all”
(I’m sooooorry this it so long I don’t now how to do simple thing like put it under a cut)


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“After everything you’ve been through. I would have been proud of you for simply surviving, but you’ve flourished.“ - Draco Malfoy

Slytherin Head Boy aesthetic for @torestoreamends wonderful story 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Head Boy 

Drift Together

Pairing: Reader x Vernon
Genre: angst?, fluff, High School!AU
Request: “ Could you do a Hansol au? The ‘plot’ being: the reader is a very popular highschooler and everyone loves them. One day they find out their s/o has been cheating on them in one of the empty classroom. Later (still) at school, they start crying on the rooftop and Hansol (who’s the residential “bad boy”) finds the reader crying. They become friends and later more! Also, could you make the reader, flirty and charming?”
Word count: 4,159
A/N: Requested by smol anon. Sorry that this took me so so long! I hope you see this! Also I’m so bad at titles please forgive me


Today’s weather seemed set on offending you. The warmth and brightness of the sun seemed to sneer at you, mocking you for your own miserable demeanor. The sun only emphasized the warmth in your cheeks as you stormed outside, doing your best to stop yourself from crying. You couldn’t. Not here, anyway. Not at school. That would be a disaster.

You managed to make your way to the very back of the school, hiding yourself among the dumpsters. You sunk to the floor, resting your back against the hot, black plastic of one of the dumpsters. It smelt terrible, but you didn’t have the energy to care. You’d just caught your partner cheating on you. At school. In an empty classroom, for anyone to discover. They hadn’t even waited to get home. They’d only just sent you a text this morning telling you how much they loved you.

You burst into tears. Hot, unadulterated tears streamed down your face. Bile had risen in your throat. Just the thought of the two of them, shirts unbuttoned, with lips swollen from kissing was enough to make you want to throw up. How could they do this to you? Nine months. It had been nine months. Maybe that wasn’t very long in the grand scheme of life, but it had felt like something important to you. You’d thought that the two of you had been in love; and you had been, for all you’d known. What were people going to think?

The two of you had maintained a relatively high level relationship, after all. How were you going to confront people, if this got out?

It didn’t matter if everyone loved you. You were alone.

“Oh.” A voice broke your train of thought. “Hello.”

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Got an Essay to Write?

Here’s how to use up space when you are just absolutely done with life

-make all periods a font size or two up from the one you’ve been directed to use

-put two spaces after every period

-WATCH YO COMMAS you’re prob missing fifty of them

-2.15 space it

-MLA format the header

-use “such as” instead of “like”

-use “therefore” or “as a result of” instead of “so”

-add a space after every indent

-make the margins on your paper a TINY bit bigger

-get rid of all contractions

-see that word that’s so close to being on the next line? put it on the next line

*keep in mind that one or two of these may conflict with the essay’s instructions

*don’t forget to take a break and breathe some non-recycled air and close your eyes and love yoself <3

this has gotten me through several papers so i hope this helps. reblog this please, save a grade and some sanity


Y: I’ve encountered quite a few in my life. For family feuds or because of all the curses I’ve done or broken all this time. They just don’t like when someone touches their craft

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