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Important Revelation

Me: Laslow totally has a thing for masked men. 

Me, a few days and two shitposts later: But you know, he could also have a thing for guys with cravats…

Me, after finally playing Conquest: Laslow most definitely has a thing for dem titties good choice my boy

(XanderOdin, Keaton, and Saizo C-A supports/Kaze and Niles DLC conversations)


Now what post by me would be complete without some shitposting?

Me: Wait a minute…

Me: OH SHIII—-!!!!!!!!!


Imagining of Heaven’s Library from The Inheritance of Eden, a Good Omens fic, everything by me.

Based off the Baths of Diocletian in Rome.

Back to Eden!verse masterpost.

When Nick and Judy’s friendship truly started

For me, the scene when Chief Bogo and the rest of the police back-up squad confronted Judy after her and Nick’s dangerous chase in the rain forest district with their claimed “savage” witness truly set the start of their friendship.

WHY you ask? Well, if you can hang in there long enough to read this long explanation(that’s really long overdue), here’s why:

First, did you notice Nick’s face in this scene when Chief Bogo strongly demanded Judy to hand over her badge?

He looked confused.

Because Judy Hopps– the self-determined, overly optimistic, and stubborn bunny cop that was annoyingly dragging him along her long chase after a missing otter just because she hustled him– was being cornered and indirectly degraded into nothing more than what she was: a simple bunny. And he couldn’t understand why they treated her and saw her that way. 

“She is a bunny but she’s still a cop”. I could read that thought from looking at his face.

He knew he joked and teased her about what she was all the time and stated those facts about her dreams will die and that they can be nothing more than what they are: a sly fox and a dumb bunny– that she won’t ever be a real cop BUT he knows that after all the things they’ve been through together like after putting him in danger and saving him from it that she IS in fact a good cop. And that he was wrong about her because she was more than what she was and she was fighting to prove it.

He saw her differently after that.

And he defended her which he could never even imagine his sarcastic, selfish, sly, and untrustworthy self would do. It wasn’t like Nick to get himself in trouble against cops or even defend one. He was NIck Wilde! He was a sly, shifty and quick witted fox, who would know to stay out of trouble if it meant he couldn’t gain or profit anything good from it. BUT he didn’t do that. He put himself out there for her sake. He didn’t even defend himself after Chief Bogo stated “Do you think we would believe a fox?” It offended him but he didn’t dwell or act on it because he was already used being seen as that but not Judy. 

Even Judy couldn’t believe what Nick was doing. He was sticking his neck up for her to her boss which after knowing him for a short period of time is not likely to happen. Ever. It was the first time he acknowledge that they were in this together as a team, and also the first time that he ever put himself in this case seriously. Judy realized that he did care.

And she saw him differently after that. 

They’re both natural enemies in terms of biology, they’re not friends, they were both in this only by agreement because they both had something they wanted, AND they are two very different animals/persons: one is a determined and hardworking cop while the other is a law breaking and cheating entrepreneur, each with opposite perspective about life. So it’s surprising on both their sides for this ever to occur in any circumstances. 



During the sky tram ride, they let their walls down for the first time. And they became honest to each other. They had both showed sides of themselves that were vulnerable. Even that is a hard thing to do with a person you really barely know about in a day or even thought of as a friend. 

It’s easy to block people off from your world, but to let your walls break down and letting other people in is a different because it is a lot harder. We don’t like it when other people see us in a perspective we are not proud of. It’s not because of their criticism. No, it’s because sometimes we let ourselves think we are the representation of our worst selves– our fears. We believe and get carried away by our negativity and self-doubt that sometimes we let it manifest itself within us. It makes us feel ugly and lonely. And sometimes even when we don’t realize it, it makes us monsters– our very own inner demons manifested outside of us because we let it win over our consciousness, because we lost sight and hope of who we truly are and who we want to be– which is the very best version of ourselves.

Nick was a representation of this and Judy was the mirror representation of it. Which is where the moral of this movie comes in: “You need to believe in the best version of yourself and try to see the bright side of every situation you’re in. It’s not about what you are, it’s about who you truly are as a person inside. Because you are unique and no one can take that away from you.”

That conversation in the sky tram was a real moment between the two of them. They weren’t talking about the case. At that moment, they were being real towards each other. They had a connection. It was because of that that they gave each other more trust. It’s things like that honest to goodness moments of realism that builds a strong relationship toward anyone.

They both saw each other in a new light of respect– not just as a police officer or a business man or that they’re from different species of animals or predator and prey, but as simple living beings with emotions.

And that’s when their friendship truly blossomed.

So… My pen tablet is being crazy. 

I thought the problem was fixed when I updated the driver and it did seem fine for a while (hence, I was able to draw that) until…. It started going crazy again.

I just bought Basara 4 so… *Endures*

I just like putting their heights because I want everyone to remember Akachin is small. *nods* He’s cheating with perspective.

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You are allowed to think for yourself

People pointing out problems with things are not always correct.

Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re wrong.

The fact that someone is yelling at you, using social justice terms, and calling it a call out, does not in itself mean you have done something wrong. It just means that someone is angry at you, for reasons that may well be justified, and may well be completely off base, and may well be partly right and partly wrong.

Sometimes people calling you out are right, and sometimes they’re wrong.

The only way to figure out what’s true is by thinking about it. There’s no algorithm you can use to mechanically figure out who is right. You have to think for yourself, and consider using your own thoughts whether you think the things someone is telling you are true or not.

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend let me borrow his phone and since he had cheated on me once before I had an impulse to go through his phone I felt bad about it but surly enough he was again .. He doesn't know I looked through his phone and im worried if I tell him he'll get mad I was going through his stuff with out his permission what should I do ???

well, so you’re just going to let him cheat? Put this into perspective, what is more wrong? You accidently discovering he’s cheating, OR HIM ACTUALLY CHEATING AND NOT TELLING YOU??

Claudio and Meg: Thoughts


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Hero (albeit unfounded)
  • thinks Hero cheated on him with Robbie (although she didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Hero
  • got verbally (and a bit physically) abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is being bad-mouthed up and down the tag for this; Hero is getting tons of sympathy
  • has a friend (Pedro) who defended him after he yelled at Hero


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Robbie (admittedly, well-founded)
  • thinks Robbie cheated on her with Hero (although he didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Robbie
  • got physically abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is getting sympathy up and down the tag for this; Robbie is getting bad-mouthed
  • has a friend (Beatrice, from the sounds of things) who commented approvingly after she yelled at Robbie and threw her drink in his face (at a previous party)

Now, having said all this, I know perfectly well that:

  • Hero and Robbie are not the same people; hearing a rumour that Robbie cheated is believable, whereas a rumour that Hero cheated is pretty ridiculous. It is much more reasonable for Meg to jump to the conclusion that what she heard about Robbie must be true than for Claudio to do so about Hero. (Although it’s also worth pointing out that Claudio believes he has witnessed the cheating with his own eyes, whereas Meg’s just hearing about it second-hand.)
  • Robbie certainly deserves to be villainized, because although he didn’t cheat on Meg, he certainly used her, and did so in order to mess up Hero’s life. We as the audience know this even if most of the characters don’t.

However, since the two people who were supposedly cheated on don’t know the cheating was faked, their perspectives are extremely similar to each other. Yet, the judgments being made about them (and their respective “cheaters”) by the audience are very different.

I think this is an interesting contrast that’s worth pointing out. Why are we so angry at Claudio but sympathetic towards Meg?