cheatin on me

ok so i was rewatchin eps right and im sitting here thinking holy shit just think how different this show would be if eddie wasn’t conveniently unconscious in the first ep when barry takes down the weather wizard

i mean just imagine joe being the one unconscious and eddie finding out barry’s got superspeed

imagine that moment they make eye contact and barry realizes oh shit eddie can see me and panicking and legit bolting leaving eddie just standing there shellshocked bc he has no idea how to process this and he’s pretty sure he had to be hallucinating right

imagine eddie being confused and cautious around barry bc he doesn’t know what he is or what he can do or even if it was barry at all that night bc maybe he was just passed out and dreaming all of it but then reports of the streak start coming in and it all starts coming together

imagine eddie confronting barry in his lab like it really was you that night, you’re the one out there, you’re the streak, but how is that even possible and barry is just so uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to admit anything but eddie is the only one that knows and he can’t risk eddie telling joe or iris so he has to tell him

imagine eddie and barry working more closely together bc eddie’s the one who has to keep barry’s secret and things maybe starting to get a little romantic but neither of them is willing to admit it bc …. department regulations …. but mostly eddie not wanting to get shot

(imagine joe wondering if this is suspicious behavior or if it’s good that barry is making such close friends with his partner

imagine iris being totally oblivious to anything going on between barry and eddie and just being happy her!!! boys!!! are hanging out bc even if she and eddie didn’t work out he’s still important to her and it’s nice to see barry and eddie getting along)

imagine barry introducing eddie to team star labs and all of them being super suspicious of eddie and overprotective of barry and wells just being pass-aggs as all fuck but it’s like wow eddie is super!!! nice!!! and trustworthy!!! excuse u

just imagine this au

(which obviously ends in barry/eddie kisses so imagine those too)


Valentine’s Box 2017
Name: Clearly, I Love You
Dosage: 75mg each
Description: All of the best and classic chocolates you hunt for in your Valentine’s box each year in one perfect package. 10-15 mg each totaling 75mg total in each box. From the first picture down: Cashew Cheatin, Brittle Me This, Cream Dreams, Caramelt In My Mouth, Everyday I’m Trufflin & The Golden Snick

broadway aesthetics - Maria Reynolds | Hamilton 

I know you are a man of honor / I’m so sorry to bother you at home / But I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone / She said: / My husband’s doin’ me wrong / Beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreatin’ me / Suddenly he’s up and gone / I don’t have the means to go on / So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home, she said / You’re too kind, sir / I gave her thirty bucks that I had socked away / She lived a block away, she said: / This one’s mine, sir / Then I said, “well, I should head back home,” / She turned red, she led me to her bed / Let her legs spread and said: / Stay?