cheatin on me

All Possible TS6 Song Titles That Ive Seen

1. Babe
2. Drama Queen
3. Had Nothing But A Time We Never Had
4. Cheatin’ On Me
5. The Sound of Sorry
6. None Of The Above
7. TMZ
8. Wonderful Things
9. What Do You Say
10. Boys And Love
11. Does It Matter
12. First Step
13. Famous Love (or Wealthy Love)

subtle moments of genius in Hamilton, PART 2!!!

The last post kind of exploded, so I decided to do a follow-up!

I read way too much into things. It’s just who I am as an INFJ. Luckily, I’m also an English major, so I get to put that trait to some practical use. Here’s my take on two moments in Hamilton that are so much more complex than I initially realized.


  • “how does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore” / “you never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break”
    • Hmmm, why would Lin reference the first two descriptors, “bastard” and “orphan,” but conspicuously leave out the third, “son of a whore”? Well, hear me out on this one…
  • “son of a whore” / “my whore wife”
    • Hamilton’s mother and Maria Reynolds are the only two characters in the show referred to as whores. This parallelism can’t be accidental. #chessnotcheckers
  • “When he was ten his father split, full of it, debt-ridden” / “My husband’s doin’ me wrong/beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreatin’ me/suddenly he’s up and gone”
    • GUYS!!!!
    • #freud


  • “And if your wife/could share a fraction of your time…” / “I live another fifty years…”
  • “…that would be enough.” / “…it’s not enough.”
    • But this time, it’s not enough.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, ladies and gentlemen and nonbinary people.

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Wanna Try That Again

Summary: You and Dean Ambrose go out for a few drinks as friends without telling Baron. Baron finds out, and his jealous side comes out. He takes you to the hotel and you argue before having a little dominant makeup sex. Then fluffy cuddle time after the sex. Angst. Smut. Fluff.

WARNINGS: Cussing, Spanking, and light biting.

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka

*          *          *          *

You were sitting in a dimly lit bar next to Dean. It was the first time you guys had gone out just the two of you in almost a year. You guys came up in FCW and NXT together and you broke into the company around the same time. You used to have so much fun with him back in the day.

Then Baron Corbin came into your life and turned it upside down. You loved Baron. He was the best man you had ever been in a relationship with. He made sure you had whatever you needed and he was faithful. You knew he wasn’t out sleeping around with other girls on the roster behind your back.

The downfall to being in a relationship with Baron Corbin? His jealousy. He got jealous anytime a guy looked at you let alone talked to you. Baron had driven a wedge between you and Dean. You never got to hang out with Dean alone anymore and anytime you would go out together in a group, Baron was always so protective that you couldn’t really talk to Dean one on one.

“This is nice. Like the old days.” Dean said as he looked over at you before he brought his beer to his lips and took a drink.

“It is, isn’t it? Nice to get away from work-“

“-And Corbin,” Dean added.

“Dean, he’s not-“

“I know, I know. ‘He’s not a bad guy.’ ‘He is just watching out for you.’ ‘He is the greatest guy in the world’ blah, blah, blah.”

You rolled your eyes at him.

“I’m serious Dean. Despite the jealousy thing, Baron is great.” You said.

“Didn’t say he wasn’t. He treats you well. That’s what I care about. But Jesus the whole possessive thing is a little annoying.”

“I know…I just don’t know how to get him to reign it in. He trusts me, he just doesn’t trust other men.”

“So where does he think you are? Because I know if he knew you were out with me, he would’ve walked in that door by now.” Dean said.

“I told him I was going out with Renee and some of the girls.” You said.

“Oh, so you threw my wife under the bus?” Dean joked.

“I told her the situation. She was cool with it. I didn’t want rumors to get back to her about you and I. And she said she would cover for me so I could hang out with you again.” You said.

“Renee wouldn’t worry. She knows she’s got nothin to worry about with me cheatin’ on her.” He said.

“I know. I wouldn’t dream of hurting her like that. Or doing anything with you. It would be weird…you’re like a brother to me, ya know?”

“I’ve always kind of been a big brother to you. Wish Corbin could see that I don’t have eyes for you.” Dean said.

“I’m working on it, Dean. He’s just been hurt in the past. He doesn’t want to get hurt again. And he wants to protect me.” You said.

“Well, I’m not gonna hurt you!” He said.

You were about to say something when your phone started ringing. You slid it out of your pocket and saw Baron’s face on the screen.

“I better answer this. It’s Baron.” You said.

You slid your finger across the screen as you made your way out of the bar so you could get away from the noise and hear Baron.


“Where are you at?” He asked flatly.

“Baron, what’s wrong? I told you I was going out with Renee and the girls.” You said.

“Yeah. I know. I just saw them at the hotel. You weren’t with them.” He said.

Your eyes widened as you realized you were caught. You didn’t know what you were going to do. You couldn’t lie again. But you didn’t want to tell him the truth either because you knew he would just end up coming down to the bar and getting in a fight with Dean.

“So let’s try this again. Where are you?” He asked. “And who are you with?”

“Baron, calm down. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Nothing to worry about? You lied to me! To my face! That’s something to worry about? Why the fuck would you lie to me?” He asked.

“Baron, calm down.” You said.

“Who are you with? And tell me the truth because I already know the answer. I’ve seen the pictures on Twitter.” He said.

You let out a sigh and then took in a deep breath, preparing yourself for Baron’s reaction.

“Dean.” You whispered

“Why the fuck are you with Ambrose? And why didn’t you tell me? Do you know how that looks, Y/n?”

“Baron it’s not like that! You know I would never-“

“What the hell am I supposed to think, Y/N? You go out with Dean behind my back and lie about it? What am I supposed to think is going on? Do you know how bad that looks?”

“Baron, I know it looks bad. But I promise there is nothing for you to worry about.”

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing to worry about when you lied to me about who you’re with!” He shouted into the phone, causing you to wince and move the phone away from your ear.

“Baron, Dean is my friend. Just my friend. You need to accept that. We were friends before you-“

“If you’re not back at the hotel in fifteen minutes I’ll come drag you out of the bar myself.” He cut you off before he hung up. You stood there for a moment, your heart racing.

You hurried back into the bar and finished off the last of your beer before sliding your coat on.

“Where you running off to?” Dean asked.

“Baron found out about me being with you. He’s pissed. He’s on his way here.” You said.

“Let me take you back. I want to make sure you get back safely.” He said.

“Dean that will just make things worse.” You said.

“I can handle Corbin. Besides I’m not letting him take his anger out on you. He needs to get over himself.” He said.

Dean handed the bartender his card and closed the tab for the night before he led you out of the bar. You slid into the passenger seat of Dean’s rental and buckled your seat belt.

You fidgeted with your fingers on the drive back to the hotel. You were so nervous to face Baron. You knew how upset he sounded earlier.

“Hey relax. It’s gonna be okay.” Dean said as he glanced over at you.

“Dean he was so mad and upset. I don’t know what he’s gonna do-“

“He’s not gonna do anything to you. He lays a finger on you, you call me. I’ll come beat his ass.” Dean said.

“Baron wouldn’t hurt me. I’m more concerned for you.” You admitted.

“Darlin’, I can handle myself. I ain’t scared of him.” Dean said.

“Please don’t start a fight.” You said, knowing Dean could have a short temper of his own.

“I won’t punch unless he does,” Dean said. “I don’t want to upset you.”

“Thanks, Dean.” You said.

Dean parked the car in the hotel parking garage and you stepped out of the car. You were about halfway between the rental car and the hotel when you saw Baron enter the parking garage.

“Ambrose get the hell away from her!” Baron said.

“Baron please don’t!” You said as you put your hands up.

“I’ll deal with you later. Go up to the room. I’ll be there in a minute.” Baron said.

“Baron, you’re not fighting Dean. He’s my friend. We went out for a few drinks. Nothing happened.” You said.

“Why did you lie to me about it then?” Baron asked.

“Because I know how you get. You always get like this when I go out with my guy friends. Baron, I would never cheat on you. I wouldn’t hurt you. I don’t like Dean that way. He’s married for God’s sake. He’s one of my best friends in the company.” You said.

Baron looked down at you before he locked eyes with Dean.

“Man to man, dude. I didn’t touch her. I’d never touch her like that. I love my wife, and she’s like a sister to me. I’d kill for her just like you would.” Dean said.

“Please, let’s just go up to the room, Baron.” You pleaded as you reached out and put your hands on his chest hesitantly.

He was silent for a few moments before he sighed. “Okay.”

“Thank you.” You whispered.

“Bye Dean.” You said as you turned to him.

“Bye darlin’. Have a good night.” Dean said.

Baron reached down and gripped your hand in his tightly before he led you back towards the hotel. The two of you stepped into the elevator and Baron pushed the button for your floor. The ride up the three floors was silent and you could cut the tension in the elevator with a knife. Yet Baron’s grip on your hand seemed to loosen the slightest bit, almost like he was afraid of squeezing too hard and hurting you.

Once the two of you were in the hotel room Baron sat down on the bed and looked down at his hands.

“Why were you really with Dean tonight?” He asked sadly, as he avoided looking at you.

“Baron, it was nothing, okay? I just wanted to hang out with him.” You said as you took a seat next to him.

“Why wouldn’t you just tell me? I mean why lie to me about it? Have you been seeing him or something?” he asked, his voice still soft and hurt.

“No, I haven’t been seeing him. Today was the first time I’ve been alone with him in months.” You reassured him.

“Are you sleeping with him?” Baron asked.

“Of course not, Baron! Dean loves Renee so much. And I love you.” You said. “How could you even ask something like that?” You asked.

“Maybe because you lied about where you were tonight and you were on a date with him! How do I know you’re not fucking him behind my back?” He yelled as he stood up.

“I am not fucking Dean and I never have.” You said as you raised your voice back at him. “I shouldn’t have lied about who I was with tonight but you have no right to accuse me of cheating on you!” You said as you shoved a finger into his chest.

You went to step around him but he put his arm out to stop you.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“I’m leaving.”

“No, you’re not.” He said as he leaned in towards you.

“Baron let go of me.” You said.

“You’re not leaving.” He said.

“Yes I am and you can’t stop me.” You said.

“Where you going to go? Back out to be a slut with Dean?” He spat at you.

You felt your blood boil. You could handle Baron being mad but you were not going to stand there and taking getting called a slut and accused of cheating when you are nothing but faithful to Baron.

You pulled your arm back and went to slap Baron, but he caught your wrist right before it hit his cheek. He pushed you up against the wall, holding both of your hands above your head in his tight grip. He leaned in and you felt his lips brush the skin of your ear as he whispered: “Wanna try that again sweetheart?”

You swallowed the lump that had caught in your throat. Baron smirked at you before he leaned in and pressed his lips harshly against yours. It felt so right but so wrong all at the same time. You wanted to be mad at him. You wanted to shove him off of you and tell him to go fuck himself. But your body was telling you something else. You could feel the electricity running through your body from his kiss. You wanted him. And if there was one thing you and Baron were amazing at it was makeup sex.

“Can Ambrose make you feel like this?” He asked. You shook your head, causing his lips to curve into a smirk.

“Strip and lay down for me.” He said as he took a seat on the bed and leaned back on his elbows so that he could get a good view. You kept your eyes locked with his as you reached down and popped the button of your jeans open before you turned around and shimmied them down your legs, making sure he got a perfect view of the little black thong barely covering anything.

His hands reached out and grabbed your ass before he kneaded it in his hands.

“You have a perfect ass, baby.” He said. “Now show me what you’ve got under that shirt for me.”

You spun around and reached down for the hem of your shirt. You pulled it slowly over your head, revealing your sexy lace black bra to Baron. It was one of his favorites and you knew that. You saw him lick his lips as he eyed you from head to toe.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He said. “And all mine. Now come here, baby.”

You stepped in between his legs and he smirked up at you as he reached around and unclasped your bra. He then reached out and grabbed one side of the thong before he ripped it apart.

“Baron! That was brand new!”

“I’ll get you another one, baby. Hell, I’ll buy you ten more of them.” He said.

He reached out for your hand and pulled you down onto the bed.

“Now baby, you’re going to do exactly as I tell you to, or else…got it?” He asked as he looked into your eyes. You were a little nervous about what he had in mind. Baron rarely got this dominant with you. But you trusted him. And you knew if you were uncomfortable all you had to do was tell him. “Now lay down.”

You laid down on the bed on your back and watched as he kicked his shoes off before sliding his jeans and boxers down. He then slid the gray beanie off his head before sliding his jacket and shirt off. Your eyes ran over his perfect figure and you couldn’t help but notice how hard he already was.

He crawled onto the bed and hovered over you as his lips began kissing a trail starting at your lips, moving to your jaw, and then down to your neck. His lips brushed against your collarbones and made their way towards one of your breasts while he kneaded the other in his hand. He bit down lightly on your nipple causing you to let out a whimper.”

“You like that baby?” He asked.

“Please Baron,” you practically begged as you tried to lift your hips up to his to relieve some of the pressure. You felt his lips curve into a smile and he made his way down your stomach and stopped just above where you needed him most. He placed several kisses on the inside of your thighs and just above your clit. But never touched where you needed him.

“Baron please!” You whimpered as you tugged on his hair to try to pull him closer to your core.

“No more talking or I’ll stop.” He said as he looked up to meet your eyes.

You swallowed a lump in your throat. You were vocal in bed. Baron knew that. Baron loved that. But this dominant side of Baron was turning you on so much that you were willing to do whatever he said. And you needed a release soon or you were going to explode.

You nodded your head, causing Baron to smirk. He leaned down and his tongue licked up your slit.

“You’re already so wet for me, baby.” He whispered before blowing gently on your core, causing a shiver to go up your entire body. You whimpered as you felt his lips gently suck your clit into his mouth.


“What did I tell you?” He asked, pulling away from your center. “Now I’m gonna have to punish you, baby.”

Before you knew what had happened he flipped you over onto your stomach and your face was in the pillow.

“Grab the headboard and you better not let go or I’ll tie you to it.” He warned. You nodded, remembering his no talking rule. 

“Good girl.”

You felt his hand come down and deliver a harsh smack to your left cheek, followed by a second harsh smack a second later to the other cheek. He delivered four more smacks to each cheek before he gently massaged the sensitive skin.

“Your ass is so pretty all red from my hands. You took your punishment so good, baby.”

“Please fuck me, Baron.” You knew you weren’t supposed to talk but you also couldn’t wait anymore. And you could feel how ready he was from his cock brushing against your thighs. You didn’t know how he hadn’t already started fucking you by now.

He leaned over your back and you felt his lip on the back of your neck, pressing gentle kisses to it as he brushed your hair to the side.

“Could he make you feel this way, Y/n?” He asked as he pushed just the tip into you before pulling out.

“Answer me or you’re not getting it.” He said. “Can he make you feel the way I do?”

You shook your head. “No, Baron. Nobody makes me feel like you do!”

You couldn’t see his face but you could only imagine the smirk that was on his face. He grabbed your hips and pushed his entire length into you, giving you no time to adjust before pulling out and thrusting back in hard, causing you to cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. He pulled all the way out before slamming into you over and over.

“You’re mine, baby. All mine.” He whispered before he bit down on the sensitive skin of your neck before running his tongue over the dark mark that you would have to cover up for your match tomorrow.

“Say it. Say you’re mine.” He whispered in your ear.

“I’m yours, Baron! No one else’s!” You spit out as your mind started to become a jumbled mess as your orgasm approached.

Then he pulled out of you and flipped you back over onto your back. He looked into your eyes as he slid back into you. He spread your legs wider, giving him more access before angling his body and thrusting hard again. You struggled for air as his thumb reached down and started rubbing circles on your clit. You slid your hands up his arms and gripped his shoulders, fingers digging slightly into skin and tattoos.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you more.” You whispered back.

He leaned down and kissed you, this time you felt all the love he had for you in the kiss as his hips continued to thrust in and out of you.

Baron pulled away from the kiss and looked down at you.

“Come on, Y/n. Cum for me, babe.” He growled. He reached down to rub your clit again and it was the final thing you needed. You felt your orgasm burst as you screamed his name as his thrusts became sloppy before he stilled, shooting his seed into you.

He collapsed onto the bed next to you, catching his breath. Once his breathing was somewhat back to normal he reached over and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.

“I’m sorry I got so jealous, baby. I’m just so scared you’re going to realize how much better you could do and leave me.” He said.

“I don’t want anyone but you, Baron. You’re it for me.” You said.

“I love you. I know I’m shit as showing it sometimes, but I do.”

“I know you do, Baron. I love you too.”

You leaned in for a kiss and Baron wrapped his arms around you pulling you closer to him.

“Baron, I promise that Dean isn’t a threat. He never will be. I probably should have told you this a long time ago. Dean and I came to WWE around the same time. We broke into FCW just a few weeks apart. We were on NXT together. He was like a brother to me. He always had my back and he was always training with me to help me get better. He’s been my best friend in wrestling since I started wrestling. And once I started dating you, me and him stopped hanging out. It was hard not seeing him when I was used to seeing him every day.” You said. “I missed it just being us two going out and having fun. I’m sorry that I lied to you. I should have been honest with you-“

“I should be the one apologizing. I jumped to conclusions and I should know better than to think that you would cheat on me. I know you’d never hurt me like that.” He said.

“I wouldn’t dream of it. Can you at least try to work on the jealousy thing? For me?” You asked.

“I’ll work on it, just for you baby.” He said.

“Thank you. And I promise from now on I’m going to be honest about who I’m with.” You said.

“Good. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Come cuddle with me so I can get to sleep.” He said as he pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you.

Last Name

Bucky x Black!Reader

AN: Coming up with names is damn hard. My single hopeless romantic side got the better of me at one point you’ll know it when you see it.

Part 2 / Part 3

When you met Bucky you were in a grocery store trying to grab the last case of water from the back of the bottom shelf. It wasn’t too hard to reach, but you were becoming increasingly tired with every day that passed. You had no idea being pregnant would make you as tired as you were. You weren’t even that far along only about 3 months and you felt like you had run 10 miles and were carrying a small baby elephant. Your baby bump wasn’t huge at this point but noticeable enough for older women and some men to look at, you smile, and then immediately look around for the man they assumed you were with. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t piss you off because it damn well did. Every time you went out and had more than two bags, no matter how light, someone would always offer help which was greatly appreciated until they opened their mouths and asked about your husband. Which was why you were so damn determined to get this case of water without help.

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milquetoastttttt  asked:

I think it's time we bring back ghetto!levi

Levi: Eren! Don`t you walk away from me!

Eren: Levi, for the last time, I am not your baby daddy!

Levi: You just don`t want to pay your child support.



Levi: Oh so you cheatin` on me?

Eren: What!?!

Levi: It`s that hoe Mikasa isn`t? Tryin` to steal my man, that`s why you don`t want me!

Eren: Levi-

Levi: I`m gonna cut that bitch, brb

Eren: *cries softly*

ok so i was rewatchin eps right and im sitting here thinking holy shit just think how different this show would be if eddie wasn’t conveniently unconscious in the first ep when barry takes down the weather wizard

i mean just imagine joe being the one unconscious and eddie finding out barry’s got superspeed

imagine that moment they make eye contact and barry realizes oh shit eddie can see me and panicking and legit bolting leaving eddie just standing there shellshocked bc he has no idea how to process this and he’s pretty sure he had to be hallucinating right

imagine eddie being confused and cautious around barry bc he doesn’t know what he is or what he can do or even if it was barry at all that night bc maybe he was just passed out and dreaming all of it but then reports of the streak start coming in and it all starts coming together

imagine eddie confronting barry in his lab like it really was you that night, you’re the one out there, you’re the streak, but how is that even possible and barry is just so uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to admit anything but eddie is the only one that knows and he can’t risk eddie telling joe or iris so he has to tell him

imagine eddie and barry working more closely together bc eddie’s the one who has to keep barry’s secret and things maybe starting to get a little romantic but neither of them is willing to admit it bc …. department regulations …. but mostly eddie not wanting to get shot

(imagine joe wondering if this is suspicious behavior or if it’s good that barry is making such close friends with his partner

imagine iris being totally oblivious to anything going on between barry and eddie and just being happy her!!! boys!!! are hanging out bc even if she and eddie didn’t work out he’s still important to her and it’s nice to see barry and eddie getting along)

imagine barry introducing eddie to team star labs and all of them being super suspicious of eddie and overprotective of barry and wells just being pass-aggs as all fuck but it’s like wow eddie is super!!! nice!!! and trustworthy!!! excuse u

just imagine this au

(which obviously ends in barry/eddie kisses so imagine those too)

Marriage Material - Part 3 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2

Summary: in this chapter, you’re called something you can’t stand.

Warnings: language

A/N: this story is definitely not my best work in terms of writing, but i’m using writing it as a stress reliever because it’s a light, funny story and i love jim.

You stared at the thin gold band on your left ring finger. You stared at what you deemed to be the top and stared at the completely identical bottom by flipping your hand over, slowly as if the band’s weight was barely liftable.

You twisted it around your finger, seeing a tiny bit of your deep gray uniform jacket reflected in the metal. You sighed and looked up, your palm flat against your leg. You clicked your tongue twelve times, you drummed the fingers of your right hand against the screen of your PADD, you counted the number of ensigns that passed you.

“You look like you’re gonna be sick.”

You took a deep breath, leaning back in your seat so your head lolled against the cushioned headrest. Your eyes slid shut, muttering dryly, “Husband of the year.”

Jim laughed through his nose, sitting back as well. He leaned towards you slightly, bumping his shoulder against yours until you opened your eyes with an irritated click of your tongue. His smile was small as he regarded your scowl. “What’s wrong, starlight?”

You looked over his features, wishing his smile wasn’t so easy, so natural. It made you hate your natural tendency to frown. You sighed after a moment. “Spock called me Lieutenant Kirk this morning.”

His smile grew as he laughed and you scoffed loudly, jamming your elbow into his ribs so he made a squeak of pain. “Hey!”

You frowned, staring straight ahead at the members of the crew that passed your seat in the shuttlecraft. “I wouldn’t take your last name. I’d hyphenate, I’d make you hyphenate. If I have to include your name, you have to include mine.”

He nodded once. “It’s only fair.”

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What More Could I Want? (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 3115

Warnings: KINDA SMUTTY YOU WERE WARNED, overuse of the word sang

Summary: Ben and Y/N are performing Say No To This at MisCast. Things, naturally, get steamy, and some feelings are revealed

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: Combining three requests! Yay! I had two anons ask for kinda smutty Ben stuff, and one who requested the whole steamy MisCast performance! Hope y’all enjoy

“Cast meeting! Report to the blue room!” I read aloud, chuckling at the text from Will. I made my way to the blue room, noticing that I was the last person to arrive.

“And now we’re a complete set.” Will said, raising his eyebrows at me. I put my hands up and sat down on the couch next to Ben. “Anyway, I have decided to call a cast meeting for a very important reason.” Will said, standing at the front of the room.

“And what would that reason be?” Mike asked, only to be met with a violent shush from Will. “Let me finish, Faist. As you all know, MisCast is this weekend.” Will said and we all cheered.

“Hush. Anyway, I have consulted with a majority of the cast and we have decided on our number, and performers.” Will said and I looked at Ben with a  confusion that he shared. We hadn’t talked to anyone about this.

“We will be performing, drum roll please, Say No To This from Hamilton!” Will said and everyone clapped. “And onto the cast reveal. In the role of Aaron Burr… Mike Faist!” Will said and Mike stood up, taking a mock bow.

“In the role of James Reynolds… myself. Thank you, thank you.” Will said, bowing. I chuckled, clapping lightly to myself. “The bastard orphan Alexander Hamilton will be played by none other than Benjamin Platt.”

Ben looked a little confused but stood up none the less, bowing and smiling. “Which leaves the role of the infamously seductive Maria Reynolds, my wife and Benny’s mistress. Who could possibly play that?” Will said, stroking his chin in mock thought.

“Y/N Y/L/N, that’s who. Congrats wifey.” Will said, gesturing for me to stand up. I’d watched my fair share of Hamilton bootlegs, and I knew how Say No To This played out. There’d be some pretty steamy stuff going down, and I’d have to do it all with Ben.

“Thanks for letting me know beforehand.” I muttered, earning a laugh from the rest of the cast. “Just so you know, we’re getting a divorce after this.” I said, pointing at Will. He put a hand on his chest in mock hurt, an offended look on his face.

“That hurts, Y/N. Anyway, even though everyone knows the song, we should probably do a quick run through before the event.” Will said and I nodded, looking at Ben, his hair shining a golden colour in the sunlight.

“Awesome.” Ben said, a wide smile on his face. “Well, thanks for coming everyone. Meeting closed.” Will said, smirking briefly at me before leaving the blue room, most of the cast following suit.

“So, Miss Maria Reynolds. How does that feel?” Ben said to me when everyone had left. I chuckled nervously, scratching the back of my neck.

“A little overwhelming. How the hell am I gonna fill Jasmine Cephas-Jones’ shoes?” I said and Ben shrugged his shoulders, giving me a shy smile.

“I have the utmost faith in you. I’ve heard you sing Satisfied in your spare time, so I don’t doubt that you can sing this one.” Ben said, gently squeezing my shoulder.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I said, and Ben laughed, his cheeks flushing slightly. “See? You’re in character already.” Ben said, shaking his head slightly.

“Well, I should probably go get ready. I’ll see you later, Alex.” I said, and a half smile crossed his face. “See you later, Maria.”

I took in a deep breath and smoothed down the skirts of my crimson dress, walking up towards Ben. “Hey Ben.” I said, tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around and his jaw dropped, his eyes scanning my body.

“Woah.” Ben muttered, his cheeks flushing a colour a few shades lighter than my dress. “Oh, uh, hey Y/N.” Ben said, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his suit.

“Hi. You ready for our big performance?” I said, taking in a deep breath. Ben nodded, his eyes still trained on my body. “Ben?” I said and he snapped his head up, his cheeks flushed.

“Oh, uh, of course.” Ben said meekly and I smiled, putting a hand on his shoulder. He took in a shaky breath and mustered up a smile. “Then let’s go.” I said, looping my arm through his and walking towards our seats.

“I’m kinda freaking out because two of the current Hamilton cast members are here. What if we screw it up?” I muttered, sitting down on a plastic stool.

“Y/N, you are incredibly talented. We’ll do great.” Ben said, placing a hand tentatively on my knee. I took in a deep breath, internally screaming because Ben’s hand was on my knee.

“Let’s go.” I said when I noticed that Mike and Will had taken their seats. We all stood up, and Mike and Ben walked onstage. “Hey guys!” Mike said, waving to the audience.

“Well, today a few members of the Dear Evan Hansen family will be singing something from a musical you’ve probably heard of.” Ben said, nodding to the band. The cello began to play, and I took in a deep breath.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city. Someone in a rush meets someone looking pretty. There’s trouble in the air you can smell it, and Alexander’s by himself. I’ll let him tell it.” Mike sang, the music playing ominously.

“I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake. You’ve never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife. That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life. She said.” Ben sang, his voice low.

I walked on stage, clutching the microphone for dear life. “I know you are a man of honour. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone.” I sang, my voice surprisingly sultry.

I noticed Ben’s eyes widen slightly, but he kept singing, turning to face me. “She said.” He sang, leaning against the desk provided. I nearly missed my cue because the sight of Ben leaning against a desk was rather attractive.

“My husband’s doing me wrong. Beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreatin’ me. Suddenly he’s up and gone. I don’t have the means to go on.” I sang, walking closer to Ben.

“So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home. She said.” As Ben sang this I walked right up next to him, and I turned to face him, clutching my dress as I did.

“You’re too kind, sir.” I sang, winking at him as I did. “I gave her thirty bucks that I had socked away. She lived a block away, she said.” Ben sang, moving his free hand about as he did.

“This one’s mine, sir.” I sang, looking away from Ben. “Then I said "well, I should head back home.” She turned red, she lead me to her bed, let her legs spread and said.“ Ben sang, and I whipped around to face him, my dress clutched in my hands.

"Stay?” I sang, trying to be as sexy as possible. “Hey.” Ben said awkwardly, looking me up and down, earning chuckles from the audience. “Hey.” I sang seductively, and I noticed Ben bite his lip.

“And that’s when I began to pray Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. But my god she looks so helpless. And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang, growling slightly on those last two words.

“Woah.” I sang, circling Ben as I did. “Lord show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. In my mind I’m trying to go.” Ben sang, and my eyes were trained on him. “When her mouth is on mine I do not say no.”

As Ben sang this I walked away from him, and took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. I turned around at the same time as Ben, our eyes locking. I walked quickly towards him, and took in a deep breath.

I gently grabbed the sides of Ben’s face and pulled him into a kiss. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, relishing in the feeling. Ben’s hands sat on my waist, and he pulled me close to him.

My stomach filled with butterflies, but before I knew it, the kiss was over. Ben broke away, and even though he was in character, it still hurt a little.

“I wish I could say that was the last time. I said that last time, it became a pastime. A month into this endeavour I received a letter from a mister James Reynolds, even better. It said.” Ben rapped slightly, Will swaggering onstage.

“Dear sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health. And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of people like me, down on their luck. You see, that was my wife you decided to.” Will sang cockily, looking over at Ben who was clutching a piece of paper.

“Fuuu….” Ben said, earning chuckles from the audience. “Uh oh. You made the wrong sucker a cuckold, so time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled. And hey, you can keep seeing my whore wife if the price is right. If not, I’m telling your wife.”

Will ended his part and waltzed off the stage, shooting me a wink as he did. “I hid the letter and I raced to her place. Screamed "how could you” in her face. She said.“ Ben raced over to me and I clutched his arms tightly. "No sir!” I belted, suddenly feeling like I was very much Maria Reynolds.

“Half-dressed, apologetic, a mess. She looked pathetic, she cried.” Ben sang and I sunk down onto my knees, my face dangerously close to his crotch. “Please don’t go, sir!” I sang, and Ben walked away from me, my hands slipping off his knees.

“So, was your whole story a set up?” Ben questioned, looking down at me. “I didn’t know about any letter!” I sang, my hands clasped together. “Stop crying. Goddamnit, get up!” Ben sang, and I clutched my dress.

“I didn’t know any better!” I cried, and Ben sighed, crouching down so he was looking me in the eye. “I am ruined.” Ben sang and I looked him right in the eye. “Please don’t leave me.” I pleaded, watching as Ben walked away.

“I am helpless.” We both sang, and Ben stood up and walked away from me. “How could I do this?” Ben sang softly, almost to himself. “Just give him what he wants and you can have me!” I belted, beginning to stand up.

“I don’t want you.” Ben sang and I felt those words cut deeper than they should have. “Whatever he wants. If you pay, you can stay!” I belted, the key change flowing smoothly.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this.” As Ben sang I raced up behind him, running my hands over his torso. His breath hitched slightly, but he continued singing.

“But the situation’s helpless.” I turned around so I was looking him right in the eye. “Helpless!” I sang, my breathing laboured slightly. “And her body’s saying hell yes.” Ben sang and I spun him around, holding onto his arm.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this.” Ben sang, and he placed one arm on my waist and one on my back. I cupped the side of his face, and took in a deep breath. “How can I say no to this?” Ben and I sang in unison, and I pushed him away.

We decided not to use a chair, so Ben wandered upstage, and I lingered towards the front. “There is nowhere I can go. When her body’s on mine I do not say no.” Ben sang, and I raced over to him, snaking my arms around his neck.

Ben took hold of my arms and took them off his neck. He grabbed my waist and flipped me so I was facing forward, and my back was pressed against his chest. “Yes.” Ben breathed out, his head resting in the crook of my neck.

“Yes.” I sung, leaning back so there was no space between Ben and I. Ben’s arms circled my waist and I rested my hands on top of his. I took one of his hands and moved it higher up my chest, bravely sitting it just above my cleavage.

We briefly forgot about the other lyrics, and I gasped a little when I felt something poking into my lower back. It took all of my willpower to pull myself out of Ben’s embrace, but I had to.

“Say no to this, I.” Ben sang, panting a little. “Don’t say no to this.” We both sang, and I slinked further and further behind Ben. “There is nowhere I can go.” Ben sang and Will stepped forward. “So?” Will said, looking over at Ben.

Ben sighed and walked over to him, handing him an envelope. “Nobody needs to know.” Ben sang, letting out a shaky breath. The music faded and the entire theatre erupted in applause. Mike and I made our way back to the front of the stage, and the four of us all took a bow.

“Thank you!” Will called as we walked off the stage, waving to the audience. “Y/N. Can I, uh, talk to you for a second? In private.” Ben whispered in my ear and his breath tickled and made the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

I waved at a few people, but quickly followed Ben off to a slightly sheltered area. “I’m gonna cut right to the chase here.” Ben said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Please tell me it wasn’t just me that felt something onstage.” Ben said and I nodded slightly. “I mean, other than your, uh, you know.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s crotch with my head, and Ben frowned a little.

“You know what I mean, Y/N.” Ben growled, his tone of voice igniting a fire in my stomach. I simply smirked and pulled him into a heated kiss, nothing like our one onstage.

This one was frantic, in a way. Like we were trying to convey months of repressed feelings in one kiss. Ben held me close to him, his hands resting on my upper and lower back. My hands sat on his chest, fiddling with the lapels of his suit jacket.

I quickly pulled off Ben’s jacket, and it fell to the floor. Ben kicked it away and moved me so my back was pressed against a wall. I pulled away, desperate for a breath. My lips felt swollen, and I was fairly certain they were.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Ben said, his voice low and gravelly. “Well, against the wall at MisCast isn’t how I imagined this going, but here we are.” I said and Ben’s eyes darkened, lust clouding them.

Ben attached his lips to my neck, and I felt my legs tremble a little. “Ben.” I gasped, clutching onto the fabric of his shirt. He grabbed the zip of my dress and expertly tugged it down.

I shivered a little as my bare skin hit the cold cement wall, but I let out a breathy moan as Ben found the most sensitive part of my neck. I leaned forward from the wall and I felt my dress fall down, pooling at my feet.

Ben stepped away, surveying his work before his eyes travelled to my incredibly exposed body. “Y/N.” Ben whispered, his wild eyes scanning me up and down.

“Now, it’s not very fair that you’re still wearing most of your clothes, is it?” I said and Ben almost immediately took off his tie, discarding it with his jacket. I captured Ben’s lips in a fiery kiss, and I hastily undid the buttons of his shirt.

Ben shrugged the shirt off, and I trailed my hands down his now bare chest. A moan escaped his mouth and the fire in my stomach blazed. I swiftly unbuckled his belt, noticing the rather significant tent in his dress pants.

I tugged his pants down, and Ben kicked off his shoes at the same time as his pants. Ben’s moved his hands up to the clasp of my bra, and fiddled with it for a second. He went to undo it when we heard a voice.

“Jesus Christ!” I looked up meekly to see a slightly traumatised Mike Faist. “Ben!” I whispered harshly, gesturing to Mike with my head. The look on Ben’s face could only be described as varying degrees of frustration.

Normally I would’ve laughed, but I was suffering from serious sexual frustration at the moment, so I wanted to punch Mike in the face and get back to screwing Ben.

“I knew you two had chemistry, but this is a lot more than I expected.” Mike said and I chuckled nervously, trying to ignore the fact that Ben looked like he wanted to murder Mike.

“Mike, can you, uh, give us a second, please?” I said, shooting him a look that screamed ‘leave us alone’. “Oh, ok. Sure thing.” Mike said, winking at us before walking away.

“Ben.” I said, and Ben cut me off almost immediately. “I really like you Y/N. How about you come back to my place after this? Maybe we can have a proper date before we run straight to third base.” Ben said and I nodded, pecking him on the lips before pulling my dress up.

Ben quickly got redressed, although his clothes were a little more crumpled now. “Hey, you mind zipping me up?” I said and Ben nodded. He zipped up my dress, his hands lingering on my back a little longer than normal.

“Thanks.” I said, and Ben smiled sheepishly at me. He leaned forward and our lips connected, butterflies filling my stomach. I cradled Ben’s face in my hands, and his hands sat gently on my waist.

We pulled apart, and I rested my forehead against Ben’s, panting slightly. “What do you bet the rest of the cast set this up so this would happen?” I said and Ben chuckled, his cheeks flushed.

“The odds are pretty high, but I don’t care right now. I’ve finally got the girl I’ve been pining after for months. What more could I want?”

“Defiance - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader

@girlwithdreamsandablog here is psycho pissed off jealous Chibs. Just for you darlin’ 😚😚😚
“Yer not goin’ an’ thas that,” your old man stated matter-of-factly. Your company had an end of the year party every year. It was a big thing, they would rent out a local sports bar right next to a hotel and everyone would go, no spouses or family allowed. The company felt it was hard to let loose if your family was with you, so they nixed it altogether. Your boss even rented out a block of rooms for those who got a little too tipsy, or flat out too drunk, to drive. Oftentimes your coworkers would hook up, scurrying off to a room together when the night ended. That’s not why you wanted to go of course, you loved Chibs, but your entire office was going and you had friends at your job. You didn’t want to miss out on all the events they’d be talking about for the next year.

“Chibs, please?” you begged him, “You go all over the place for your ‘job’, having Lord knows what hanging all over you when you’re out at night and I’m stuck here at home, but when I have a chance to go out and have a good time without you, it’s off the table,” you pouted, folding your arms.
“Aye. I know wha’ goes on a'those parties,” he raised his eyebrows at you.
“You don’t trust me?” you argued against him.
“Not when ye set out ta get hammered. No.”
“This is Bullshit!” you threw your hands up in the air, marching off to the bedroom where you stayed until Chibs came in to kiss you goodbye.

By 9 o'clock he hadn’t made it back home and the party was starting in an hour. Quickly you made the decision to defy your old man’s direct orders and go to the party, just for a little bit, he probably wouldn’t even know you had gone. You threw on a cocktail dress, curling your hair and doing your makeup just in time to step out the door at 10.

You quickly drove to the party, parked, and sauntered inside, finding your friends at a booth inside the bar area. You were being conservative with your drinking, only having a couple before cutting yourself off and switching to water. Your friends on the other hand, chose differently. They were definitely feeling their buzz when some dance song came on and they all jumped up to run to the dance floor.
You, being sober, had no intention of humiliating yourself so you opted to stay back, keeping the booth secure. You glanced down at your phone. It was already 11:47 and you thought you should be getting home soon when a shadow cast over you, breaking your attention away from the time.
“You’re (Y/N) right?” the tall handsome salesman from the seventh floor spoke.
“Y-yeah,” you stuttered, cursing your nerves and smiling to him.
“I thought so,” he smiled sliding in the booth opposite you, “We’ve been in the elevator together a couple times but never officially met, I’m Brian,” he held out his hand to shake yours and you let him, but suddenly you felt bad. Chibs didn’t even know you were here and this extremely handsome guy was now sitting with you. Your guilt started to overtake you but suddenly you heard shouting.

“Ge’ offa me!”

Your head whipped around so fast it might have flown off as the man beside you also gazed over his shoulder.

“Oh Lord. Looks like an angry husband coming to ruin his wife’s good time,” he chuckled looking back to you, taking in your shocked expression.

“Oh no. Is he–”
“–mine.” you responded as Chibs’ jealous glare landed on you and he stomped to where you were sitting, grabbing your arm and jerking you up from your seat to drag you out of the venue. You didn’t even protest, you knew you had fucked up good this time.

“Keys.” he demanded when you got outside and you handed them to him. He snatched them and hit the unlock button, throwing open the passenger door and pushing you inside before striding to the drivers side and getting in, starting the vehicle up and peeling out of the lot.

“What about your bike?” you asked shyly.

“S'gonna hafta’ fuckin’ stay ‘ere since I can’t trust tha’ ye will go home if I let ye drive yerself!” he growled, never taking his eyes off the road.

The rest of the way home it was completely silent, when he pulled into the drive your stomach was in knots. He had never hit you, but if he ever was going to, you disobeying him and him finding you sitting with another man would be a pretty good reason for him to finally let himself go there.

He shut the engine off and got out of the vehicle, striding around to your door and opening it, you must’ve sat still for a little too long because suddenly he lunged into the car, reaching across you and unbuckling your seat belt before grabbing your wrist and hoisting you out of the car, dragging you up the sidewalk and in the front door.

Your lip was quivering, now that you were behind closed doors, you were actually afraid of the consequences that would come.

Chibs locked the door and tossed the keys on the counter, turning to you with anger in his eyes and stepping towards you,

“Wha'n'th'ell ’s a'matter with ye!” he bellowed, his accent so thick you almost didn’t understand him.
He stepped closer to you still and you began to retreat backwards away from him as he advanced on you until you were backed up against the living room wall and he slammed his fists in the wall at either side of your head making you flinch and whimper waiting for his hands to connect with your face, but they never did.

He was breathing hard and fast, his face only inches from yours, his seething look making you that much more afraid of him.

“I… I’m sorry,” you squeaked, finally mustering the courage to say anything at all.

“Who was th’ bastard ye were sittin’ with?” he growled through clenched teeth.

“His name… is Brian. He works on another floor. He had just sat down, I was about to excuse myself when–”
“–Shut up,” Chibs spoke over you and you stopped talking, “Am I too old for ye? Too borin’? Am I no’ n'tha right profession?”

You shook your head vigorously in response, still pinned to the wall with Chibs’ arms boxing you in.

“Wha’ is it? I don’ show ye I love ye enough?” he narrowed his eyes and you shook your head 'no’ again.

“Are ye cheatin’ on me, lass?” he accused through gritted teeth.

“No. Chibs, I would never do that,” you spoke with sincerity in your voice.

“Do I need ta remind ye who ye belong to?” he growled again, pressing up against you.

You swallowed hard, “I’m yours. I know that baby.”

“Don’t ye go callin’ me baby as if I’m gonna forget seein’ ye sittin’ with tha’ arse in the bar!” he scowled at you, hitting the wall beside your head again making you jump and look down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Look a'me.” he ordered, reaching behind your head to grab a fist full of your hair and yank your head up, “Ye. Are. Mine.” he stated and you nodded as best as you could before he plunged his head down to you, smashing his lips against yours, kissing you roughly, his hand still wound tightly in your hair as he pressed you against the wall.

Darry x Reader

Title: Cheater

Characters: Darrel Curtis, Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis 

Pairing: Darry x Reader

Warnings: lowkey yelling 

Word Count: 776

Summary: Darry thinks the reader is cheating.

A/N: Shit bro I’ve been working on this for so so long and it’s finally done. This was technically requested but I didnt write down the username, so sorry and I Hope you like it dear. (god im awful at this whole writing thing) 

“Damn Soda, he sure ran me ragged today.  Shoot. I almost wasn’ home in time to make dinner.” You exclaimed loudly throwing your bag to land on the couch beside Soda. He laughed and told you he was glad he didn’t have to cook dinner. He’d probably burn the house down, you thought with a light chuckle stopping next to him briefly to ruffle his hair.

You shook your head and kicked off your shoes, making your way into the kitchen to make dinner.  You gasped slightly at the sight of your boyfriend, Darry, home so soon. None the less a smile grew on your face. “Oh, sweetie you’re home! What a pleasant surprise.” You said cheerfully moving to hug your boyfriend.  He returned the hug half-heartedly which surprised you, he always looked forward to holding you close when he got home.

At least he normally did.

With a slight frown, you looked up at him, one of your hands on his chest for support. “What’s wrong Dar?”

“Who’s runin’ you ragged baby girl?” Darry asked his eyes unfocused and colder than usual. You smile,

“Just Al at the Diner” you brushed off his concerns, and you almost frowned at how easily the lie fell from your lips.

It wasn’t that you enjoyed lying to Darry; you just didn’t want to rub it in his face that you could afford to go to college. You were in your third year anyway, you could tell him next year before graduation, and literally beg for his forgiveness. But for now lying it was. He seemed satisfied with your answer anyway and you felt your shoulders sag in relief. Thankfully he didn’t question you further and leaned down greedily kissing your lips.

You sighed quietly as he left the kitchen to without a doubt plop down and question the boys about their days.

“Al sure is tirin’ (Y/N) out at the Diner. Maybe I should have a talk with him, huh Pone?” Darry sighed to Ponyboy.  

“(Y/N) don’ work at the Diner on Fridays, she only works Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Pony said absentmindedly not even looking up from his book. An odd look crossed Darry’s features, which was replaced quickly by his normally stoic face.  He scoffed lightly deciding he wasn’t going to wait to confront you on this.

You cringed hearing Darry’s boots stomp their way into the kitchen. You sighed running a hand through your hair; you just didn’t have the energy to deal with this today. Sure you signed up for these classes but sometimes it was just a little much for you. High school had always drained you mentally so you didn’t really know what you were expecting from college.  

Your train of thought was interrupted by Darry’s hard and unforgiving glare.

“Listen, sweetie-“

“Don’ give me none of that bull (Y/N), I don’ wanna hear it”, Darry growled stalking toward you. You backed up hastily until your back hit the counter.

“Darry I-“

“No!’ He all but shouted, “Give it to me straight. You’re cheatin’ on me aren’t you? I’m not around all that much so you’re sleeping around to get back at me huh? Come on doll tell me.” Darry spat venomously, but you could see the tears glistening in his icy blue eyes.

“Shoot. You got it all wrong baby, it ain’t nothing like that.” You whispered taking his hands.

“Then what is it?” He asked his voice breaking.

“I didn’ wanna tell you ‘cause I thought maybe you’d think I was rubbin’ in the fact you can’t go.” You whispered your voice cracking slightly.

“What baby? You ain’t rubbin’ in nothin’ just tell me. Please.” Darry whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“I-D-don’t cry ‘bout it, I just, I’ve been uh finishing up my college courses, and I thought I shouldn’t tell ya till next year when I’m graduatin’”, you looked down tears filling your own eyes.  

“Oh, baby”, Darry’s voice is hoarse as he steps forward to cup your cheeks.

“I-I I’m so sorry”, you sobbed falling against his chest.

“No. Don’ you be sorry for nothing. I’m so proud of you baby girl. Don’ ever keep your accomplishments from me, you ain’t making no one feel bad.” Darry spoke into your hair; his voice was calm and sweet but held a firmness that made you believe him.

You pulled away to wipe your tears and you chuckled. He laughed too, and you turned back to the stove to finish dinner. Darry’s arms slipped around your waist and his chin nestled into your neck. You smiled, finally feeling refreshed, a weight lifted off your shoulders so you smiled.

Kuroko no Basuke characters in a nutshell
  • Kuroko: now you see me *disappears* now you don’t
  • Nigou: come here and love me
  • Kagami: *grows invisible wings and jumps 7 feet in the air*
  • Hyuuga: hi i’m the captain and I’M HERE TO WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU
  • Izuki: if you shoot eagles, eagles will shoot back
  • Mitobe:
  • Koganei: he said you should stop before the captain hears you
  • Kiyoshi: *runs dramatically into the sunset* *clutches knee in agony*
  • Riko: she is beauty she is grace she’ll kill you if you say she’s flat to her face
  • Kagetora: that’s my girl
  • Tsuchida: i have a girlfriend
  • Furihata: i want a girlfriend
  • Kawahara: i’m bald
  • Fukuda: …who?
  • Kise: monkey see monkey do
  • Kasamatsu: *kicks kise* go practice or i’ll kick you
  • Moriyama: how many girls should i flirt with today
  • Hayakawa: *unintelligible speech*
  • Midorima: our signs are incompatible get away from me
  • Takao: *whispers* ...i can see yOU
  • Momoi: i know everything from your name to your underwear color
  • Aomine: the only one who can beat me is me
  • Sakurai: sorry i'm sorry really sorry but thE ONLY ONE WHO CAN APOLOGIZE MORE THAN ME IS ME
  • Wakamatsu: i want to drop aomine in a ditch that bastard
  • Imayoshi: nice shot i know ten year-olds who can do that too
  • Murasakibara: don’t like sweets? I’LL CRUSH YOU
  • Himuro: and all the girls say i’m pretty fly for an asian guy
  • Okamura: why won’t girls like me
  • Alex: if you’re good i’ll kiss you
  • Hanamiya: they see me cheatin’ they hatin’
  • Haizaki: *transforms from asshole hottie to cornrows thug*
  • Nijimura: my sons will go far
  • Ogiwara: *suddenly disappears, returns at the last minute*
  • Akashi: lowly peasants obey me or ELSE
  • Hayama: if i add one more finger you will cry in despair
  • Reo: that’s pretty suggestive. onee-san approves
  • Mayuzumi: hello prototype i am phantom player 5000
Shea Weber Ft. Brendan Gallagher - 12 years now lost.

Originally posted by careynco

Author Note: SOOOOO I’m pretty sure this has been one of my longest pieces ever. I might have gotten a little carried away, but that tends to happen when I write about sad stuff. I love writing sad stuff. So, please enjoy and don’t hate me! -Julianne 

“People generally didn’t cheat in good relationships.” -Emily Giffin

It all happened slowly, years, within years. You and Shea had been married for 12 years, most of those years were full of love and nothing more. Yet, as you two hit your 10th year of marriage, you knew something went wrong. Where or what you were sure, all you knew is that it was different between you and him.  

“Good morning babe. What time did you get home?” You asked.

You were downstairs making a cup of tea, when your half dressed husband came walking in to make a cup of coffee. He was wear a pair of dark blue sweat pants and nothing else. You watched his back muscles move with every movement he made while making his coffee.

“About three. The boy’s um, they want to drink, so I was the DD.” Shea said not looking at you.

Lie number one.

“Do you have to work today?”

“Uh, yeah Julien wants us to practiced more before the game on Sunday. Then, I have to go help Gally pick out a tie. The big dork doesn’t know how to shop still at the age of 25.”

Lie number two.

You had gotten up from your seat, making your way over towards Shea. You pressed your front to his back side as you slid a hand into his sweatpants. You grabbed his limp cock in your hand. Nothing.

“I really need to go get dress, or I’m going to be late.” He said pulling your hand out of his pants like it was nothing.

“Yeah….yeah don’t want to keep the team waiting.” You said standing by the sink trying not to cry..again.

“I’ll see you sometime tonight.” Shea smiled weakly as he pressed a kiss to your head.

He never kissed you on the lips anymore. He never touched you anymore. He never loved you anymore. You heard the front door slam shut. That when you let the tear slip. With a deep breath you made your way upstairs to clean up Shea’s clothes. That’s when you knew. You always knew but this, this was the piece that made it real. Picking up the shirt you saw lipstick, but it was what was in the pants pocket that hurt.

“A little something to remember me by, when you’re with her ;). Love you.” That was written on the back of the photo. The photo of your husband and another girl having sex. He touched her, but not you.

You weren’t sure how you felt. You wanted to be angry, but how can you be angry at someone that you barely know anymore. You wanted to feel sad, but at what? You weren’t sure what was going on in your head when you made the call, but you did know that you need to feel loved and you knew he could give it to you.

“Hey Y/N! What’s up? Everything okay?” Brendan asked cheerfully.

“Are you busy?” You asked wondering if Shea was actually telling the truth about practice.

“Nope! We have the day off. Why?”

“I..well. Shit. Can you come over I just need to talk to my best friend.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be over in ten?”

“Great, I’m going to be cleaning my room so just let yourself in okay?”

“Okay, bye.”


You had slid out of off you pjs, underwear and bra, before covering up in your bed. You lied there waiting. You soon heard the door and Gally’s cheerful voice boom through the house.

“Up here.” You yelled back as you pulled the covers down to show your full on naked body.

“Okay, so I brought some booze, be-” Brendan started before walking into your room. “Hmmmm? I’m confused? Turned on but confused.” he said walking towards the bed.

“Shea is cheating on me.” You said handing his the photo.

“Fucking asshole.” Brendan said getting mad as he looked at the photo of your so called husband. “What the is wrong with him. I’m going to kick his ass, I swear!”

“BRENDAN!” You yelled trying to get his attention back.


“He’s been cheating for almost two years. In those two years he hasn’t kissed me or touched me. I need to feel something. Someone.” You stated getting teary.

“Y/N, you’re vulnerable right now. I’m-”

“FUCKING SHIT BRENDAN! MY HUSBAND IS CHEATIN ON ME! FOR TWO FUCKING YEARS! Two years. We are done, there’s no saving us. So if you really care about me, you are going to let me have sex with you. AND yes I do know how crazy this sounds.”

“Okay.” Brendan said knowing all too well that you were going to win no matter what.

Brendan stripped his clothes off one by one, looking at you making sure that you were still going with this. He climbed on the bed, you pushed him down so the his lips were on yours. His hands going to your hips as you two made out. You hand made it’s way down to his member. Brendan, moaned into your mouth before kissing along your neck and down to your thighs. He placed a hand on each thigh before looking back up at you.

“Are you sure about this? I can st-”

“Brendan! I’m sure.”

“OKAY!” He giggled. “So, bossy during sex. I liked.” He winked, causing you to giggle.


“Wow! That’s was the best sex, I’ve ever had and I have a lot of it.” Brendan sighed as he flopped next to you in bed. “You okay?”

“I’m better than okay.” You smiled as you snuggled closer to Brendan’s chest. “I agree, best sex ever. We should do it more often.” You giggled hiding your face in his chest.

You two laid there in silence for a while, before Brendan spoke up.

“If you need a place to stay, you’re always welcome at my place.” He said running his fingertips up and down your back.

You kissed his naked chest.

“Thank you Bren. I wonder where it all went wrong. Did I do something or did I not do enough. It ate at me, but when I saw that photo and the shirt, I know whatever it was…is something that can’t be fix. I’m faced with my worst fear, having my husband fall out of love with me and yet, I’m okay with that.”

You weren’t sure when you two had fallen asleep, but the slamming of the front door woke both of your up.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!” Brendan softly said as he climbed out of you bed in search of his clothes.

“Brendan?” You said as you threw on your clothes.

“What!?” He said still freaking out.

“I love you.” You said stopping him in his tracks, but before he could reply Shea was in the doorway.



You’ve been laying on your couch for hours, waiting for him to come home. He left the house to go ‘hang out with Steve’ around six o’ clock at night and he hasn’t come back. You glanced over at the clock that hung on the wall, it was now forty five minutes past three.

This has been going on for the past month, and by god you were so sick and tired of this. He had to be hiding something, and tonight you decided to wait and see if he would come home so you could confront him.

A few more minutes went by, you were just about ready to give up due to the exhaustion that was taking over your body. Just as your eyes were starting to droop shut, the door swung open making you quickly leap to your feet.

His back was turned to you, him not noticing your presence just yet. You stood there with your arms crossed as you watched him spend a really long time locking the door behind him.

He fumbled against the wall, aimlessly feeling for the light switch. Once he turned it on he turned around and he visibly jumped in surprise when he saw you. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, he knew you were pissed; he also knew something really bad was going to happen in the next few minutes.

“H-Hey, babe.” He stuttered.

He watched as you raised your eyebrows at him, you were studying his every move and you immediately caught the stench of alcohol that radiated off of him.

“Your drunk.” You stated.

Your Sodapop… drinking? What was happening to him? The man that stood before was not the Sodapop that you had fell in love with, this wasn’t the real Sodapop.

“Uhh… Yeah… So?” He slurred.

“So?” You were completely flabbergasted. “Soda, you never drink. Where have you been?”

“Steve’s…” He mumbled, refusing to look you in the eyes.

You breathed deeply and closed your eyes for a moment, trying to calm yourself down. “You were always a s.hit liar, Sodapop. Tell me the truth, now.”

He didn’t answer, instead he made his way towards the kitchen and began to poor himself a glass of water. You stood in the doorway watching him, you were reaching your breaking point and pretty soon you were going to let the sadness and anger out into a storm.

“Where have you been?” You asked once more, your voice now shaking slightly.

He ignored you again, both of his palms were resting on he dining room table. He blankly stared and this mornings newspaper in front of him on the table.

“GOD DAMNIT SODA!” You screamed making his head whip up to look at you. “ANSWER ME! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?”

“Don’t yell at me.” He groaned. “I have the worst headache right now, I really don’t need this.”


“SHUT THE F.UCK UP!” He roared, picking up the newspaper and slamming it down hard on the table.

Your body began to shake in fear, Sodapop Curtis never cussed at you, never mind do anything violent. You didn’t notice the tears that started rolling down your cheeks until he rolled his eyes.

“Great.” He huffed. “Now your cryin’, just great.”

He didn’t even care, he didn’t care about your feelings like he used to, he didn’t care about his actions and how they were affecting you.

“You’ve been doin’ this for the past month, leavin’ at night and not comin’ back for hours at a time! You haven’t even been talkin’ to me or hangin’ out with me! You avoid me like the plague for Christ sake! What did I do to you Soda!? What did I do to you to deserve being treated this way!?” You wailed.

“I’ve been at Buck’s alright.” He grumbled.

“What?” Your eyes widened in shock, your mouth hung open as you covered it with your hand. “Why the f.uck have you been sneakin’ off to Buck’s at night.”

Silence once more, your heart dropped thinking about the worst he could have been doing over there for the past month.

“Are you cheatin’ on me?” You whispered.

He didn’t have to answer, just the look in his face told you everything. The guilt had been eating him up for a long time, and he obviously avoided you for that reason. He knew you’d find out if he tried acting all lovey dovey when you’d notice something was wrong right away.


“Get out of my house.” You spat. “Don’t you ever show your face round here again, ya hear?”

If I never knew you

Yondu X Reader.
Forgive me if it’s out of character for Yondu I just wanted to write some angsty sappy sadness. Forgive me if there are any mistakes..or if nothing makes sense.. I wrote a lot of this half asleep because late nights and junk..enjoy my loves.


This was it,
Peter was facing his father Ego head on as the living planet began to crumble beneath them. Just moments before all you could see was bright light and the weight of the powerful god pressed you down against your will. Slowly taking over you and your friends around you.. if it wasn’t for Star lord you were sure you’d be dead.. now it was just you and had stopped fighting for a moment when your captain said something that struck you as odd.

“What did you say Yondu..?”

“I said I an’t done nothin’ good in my life. Now it’s time ta fix that..” there was a pinch of sadness in his voice as he spoke to you. His eye brows were knotted together as he gave you a painful glance..smiling softly as reality hit you. He didn’t mean what you thought he meant..did he?

Your mouth opened as you thought of what to say, you could feel your eyes begin to swell as tears began to form. “Y-You don’t really mean..” your head shook as you fought back tears, “Cap’, I’m not gonna let you-”

“Now now list'n here Y/N..I gotta do what I gotta pleas-”

“I am not gonna let you die on me!” Your voice rang against the heavens as more of the world began to crumble around you. Rocket and Groot had just landed behind you, quickly dusting themselves off. The raccoon eventually spoke up, obviously anxious,

“What the hell are you two fightin’ about?! This place is gonna blow in five minutes and we gotta get out of here.” The tears were coming out of your eyes now as you turned around to look at Rocket. His ears dropped at the sight of you crying, mouth opening to question what was wrong broke in swiftly, explaining what Yondu had planned and the coon’s eyes went over to the blue man. “Are you fricken insane?”

“I gotta do it. Like I said ta her..I’ve been nothin’ but bad my entire life. Stealin’ and cheatin’ from world around me..from Quill..‘nd you Y/N.. ”, he peaked over at you with a weak smile, “ya’ll been nothin’ but loyal ta me. Let me do this one last thin’, for our boy..please..”

Without another word you launched yourself into his arms. Wrapping him up tightly as you sobbed into his duster.. he returned the gesture with a tight grip of his own, one of his hands pressing up against the back of your cranium as he rocked you gently..

“..If I neva knew you..”

Out came a rusty, poor excuse of a singing voice..from one old ravager that you were pressed into.. you peaked up to look at him with swollen, questioning eyes.

“..Are..are you singing that one song you know I love..? From that Disney movie?”

Way back when Peter was younger..around his teens, you had made a personal trip to Terra to pick up a few of your old belongings from your grandparent’s house. An old CD player, couple of books, and one heavy box full of Disney VCRs and the player. When you had returned you managed to hook it up to an old screen that you had laying around and began to watch some of the classics..a recent movie that had come out, Pocahontas, was in the pile. Your grandfather had found it shopping one day and left it in your belongings for when you returned to visit.

Of course the movie was about a Native American falling for a white settler by the name of John smith. Forbidden and in love they secretly saw each other until John smith was accused of murder and put to death. The scene in which Pocahontas goes in to see the now captive John.. was your favorite. The song that played made you cry each and every time.. Yondu had stumbled across you when you were silently sobbing to yourself..the VCR paused to the part right after the last line in the song..

“Whatchu cryin’ about girl?” Asked the captain as he settled down at your side. Wiping your tears you calmed yourself. Pressing rewind to the start of the song..

“It’s just this stupid song from this stupid movie from Terra. It’s the last time these two will see each other, since the man is gonna let himself be killed.” You explained.

Yondu simply nodded and listened to the song play through before asking if you could play it again only from the beginning of the movie so he could watch with you. You told him all about the movie and it’s plot so he could understand..and when it came up to the song once more you leaned into him. Singing softly before him..he had never heard such a sweet voice before, singing him a song that you seemed to really enjoy.

Little did you know he would get a hold of it and learn word by word..hoping one day he could attempt to sing along to it with you…

But not like this.

“I learn’ it yeah..I wanted to be able ta sing with yah.. I know how much yah liked it.. It an’t the time I know but-”

“No, sing with me.”

Rocket jumped in, “Are you two serious right now?? There an’t time to sing, this place is gonna-” Yondu shot a glare at the raccoon, and he grew silent. Obviously angry as he lashed out, “Fine! You guys go ahead and sing til yah dead! I’ll just wait here and-”

“Okay thank you Rocket. We won’t be more than a minute I swear.” Chiming in you smiled, looking back up at your captain, and he began again. Rocket grabbed his face and tugged on his cheeks in a groan.

“ If I neva felt this love
I would have no inklin’ of
How precious life can be.

And if I neva knew yah
I would neva have a clue
How at last I’d find in yah
The missin’ part of me”

The bomb went down a minute, Peter was still battling his father. Each blow the planet around you began to whither away..despite the chaos and the noise around you, it was just you and Yondu. The sounds behind you became nothing more than white filler as he went on..

“In this world so full of fear
Full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear..
In yah eyes
So dry yah eyes..” he ran his thumb over your left eye, and let his hand rest there. You nuzzled it gently, holding it against your face..

“And I’m so gratefu’ to yah.
I’d have lived my whole life through
Lost forever..
If I never knew yah..”

You pressed away from his hold as you broke into your part.. the bomb went down another minute..

“If I never knew you..
I’d be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel
A love so strong and true
I’m so grateful to you
I’d have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you..
I thought I love would be so beautiful..somehow we’d make the whole world bright..I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong.. all they’d leave us were these whispers in the night..and still my heart is saying..we were right..”

You both broke into song together.. you tightly gripped his chest and he held on to you. You didn’t want to let go..but knew it was almost time..

“If I never knew you/There’s no moment I regret”

“If I never knew this love/Since the moment that we met”

“I would have no inkling of/If our time has gone too fast”

“How precious life can be/I’ve lived at last…”

“Okay okay! It’s time to go Y/N.. ” Rocket finally leaped up and hurried over to the two of you. Pulling on your jacket gently..

“Yondu..I-I can’t leave you.. ” looking up at him you felt your chest grow tight as you knew this would be the last time you’d see him like this..alive..breathing and here with you..

“Y/N, I love yah.. yah gotta go..don’t you go and worry about me now..yah hear me?” With that, he leaned down and gingerly kissed your lips. Eyes fluttering closed as his embrace on you tightened. You fingers gripped the collar of his shirt as you pulled him in. Eventually he released you, slipping something into your pocket without your knowledge before pushing you towards Rocket. You touched his face one last time, he kissed it and inhaled your sweet scent before you moved away.

Rocket had handed him the last suit he had and the two of you were off. You turned your head to slowly watch him grow smaller and smaller as you left the planet’s core..

Yondu smiled, turning away to look in the direction of Ego’s center, knowing very well that it was down to the last two minutes.. he gave a weak smile,

“And I’m so gratefu’ to yah..
I’d have lived my whole life through..
Empty as the sky..”

You bit your lip, and in a whisper you sighed,
“Never knowing why…” landing on the ship just as it prepared to leave..leave him behind. The only person that ever understood you..the only person that you helped raise a kid with..he was your captain, your friend and your knew he had to do was what he wanted.. you felt your lips curl in a w ould’ve been way different if you didn’t know him…you thanked the gods for meeting him so long ago..
You watched the light of the planet slowly fade away as the door to the ship closed..

Lost forever… if I never


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#28. Singing - Dick Grayson x Reader

It’s day 28 of the 30 day challenge! If you haven’t heard ‘Say No to This’ from Hamilton, I highly suggest you do. That song is literally like sex personified. I put it up on the blog here. For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You had a bad habit of listening to music while you worked around the house. The listening part wasn’t necessarily where the problem lay but when you started jamming out and singing into kitchen utensils or cleaning instruments. You were convinced that you must have been a rockstar in a past life with how easily you slipped comfortably into your solo performances.

Usually you were alone when you started singing into spatulas but there were also times when you boyfriend, Dick would walk in and just smile in amusement as you put on a show for him. When you first started dating, you used to be embarrassed to be caught by him but now it happened so often that it oftentimes didn’t phase you and you just kept singing.  

Your favorite days lately have been when Dick decides to join you in a duet. He didn’t do it all the time. He said he preferred just to listen to you, saying that the way you sang put him in a trance but you loved the moments you and Dick shared when he joined you.

Lately you’ve had a bit of a fixation with Hamilton. Naturally the soundscape of your home was usually filled with you rapping and singing the United States into existence. Dick would laugh and shake his head at you as you made eye contact with him and proceeded rapped the Cabinet Battles dramatically at him while you were making dinner.

Tonight you were humming along to the songs but hadn’t yet slipped into singing just yet. Dick came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head against your shoulder. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before taking your phone from the speaker and fiddling with your playlist. You couldn’t see what he was doing but you had a feeling that he was up to something going by the playful smirk dancing across his lips.

“Watcha doin’ Dick?” You ask, eyeing him suspiciously.

“You’ll see.” He said vaguely. He seemed to find the song he wanted and placed it back on the counter. The opening chords of Say No to This filled your kitchen.

“Oh you wicked man!” You laughed throwing your head back. “This is the song you choose?” You ask as Burr set the scene for the song. Dick didn’t respond but instead gave you a wink as his cue to sing came up.

I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake. You never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife, that’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life.” Dick narrated softly along with the song. “She said:” Dick looked at you expectantly. You rolled your eyes and shook your head with a bright smile on your face.

I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home but I don’t know where to go and I came here all alone.” You sang in an exaggerated sultry voice batting your eyelashes innocently at him. “My husband’s doin’ me wrong. Beatin’ me, cheatin’ me, mistreat’ me. Suddenly he’s up and gone, I don’t have the means to go on.” You sang your woes sadly with a flourish of your hand.

So I offered her a loan, offered to walk her home” Dick sang. “She said:

You’re too kind, sir.” You fawned giving Dick your sex kitten eyes and running a hand down his chest. You were only trying to play the character right …

Dick’s eyes darkened and he gulped but continued on without a fault. “I gave her thirty bucks I had socked away. She lived a block away. She said:

This one’s mine, sir.” You sang with a seductive boldness pulling him closer to you and wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing your body flush with his.

Then I said, “well, I should head back home,” She turned red, she led me to her bed, let her legs spread and said:” As Dick was singing he wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed you against the counter with his hips never breaking the connection with yours. You lifted your leg and wrapped it around his waist pressing your core against his arousal. Perhaps your duet was getting a little out of control but you weren’t about to stop and neither was he.

Stay.” You crooned curling your finger under his chin and guiding his face closer to yours. Your lips were just inches from touching.

Hey.” He sang softly closing his eyes and leaning closer, his lips ghosting over yours.

Hey.” You responded bringing you hand to rest against his jawline.

“Lord, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. But my God, she looks so helpless and her body’s saying, ‘hell, yes’” He said looking at you in hunger and running his hands provocatively down the length of your body until his hands came to rest underneath your hips. He lifted you onto the counter and you spread your legs for him to stand closer to your.

Woah.” You sang out, almost sounding like a moan.

No, show me how to say no to this. I don’t know how to say no to this. In my mind, I’m tryin’ to go Then her mouth is on mine, and I don’t say…” You interrupted him and pulled him into a hard passionate kiss, throwing your arms around his neck and pouring all the love you had for this man in the soft movements of your lips.

The song was quickly forgotten as you and Dick got into the heavy kiss. The music still played in the background as he lifted you off the counter. You wrapped both of your legs around his waist while still keeping your connection with the kiss. Dick carefully walked you to the couch, his hands roaming up and down your body. He gently set you down on the couch and hovered over you, lifting up the edge of your shirt to reveal your soft alluring skin.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me, [Y/N]?” He asked gazing up at you as he placed soft kisses onto every new millimeter of skin he revealed.

“You’re the one who chose the song, Grayson.” You reminding him, letting your fingers bury into his hair when he revealed the skin just underneath your bra.

“You’re irresistible without even trying. When you are like this thought?” He moaned at the thought of you. “It’s impossible for me to keep my hands off you.” He confessed.

“Then don’t.” You offered with a smirk.

“Oh that’s exactly what I intend to do.” He winked at you pulling your shirt the rest of the way off your body, your bra and his shirt quickly joining it on the floor soon after.  

Best Friend for Comfort


“Ah yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck, god, so good!” Her screams were loud and Niall could hear them as soon as he walked into the house.

What the actual fuck? He goes up the stares and sees her personal trainer fucking her. Of course. He was so fucking blind. Niall stood there for a moment before going over and shoving him off of her. “You and I? We’re fuckin’ done, get yer shit outta ‘ere!” He spits out. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Gone, all of dis fuckin’ shit. You and I? We’re fuckin’ done!” Niall storms out of the room and  goes to his car. His first choice as it always will be, calling you.

His very best friend of a very long time.

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