Request: can u do a joker imagine where u find out he cheats on u with harley and complete angst please, u can choose wat happens in the end. love u xx - by anon

|Side note: Okay I thought about another ending actually, and somehow this one looked pretty cheezy. One thing I want to request YOU guys.. Please no more cheating/heartbreaking requests. I can say that most of my writing are with this kind of ‘sadness’. I don’t ask any fluffy shit, but at least let’s have some brighter future ;))|

||Warnings: Guns, bad language, obviously cheating (Should I do warnings? Or just let it bet without them?)||

Late evening you were waiting for Joker to comeback home. 9pm…. 11pm…1am… nothing. 

(Y/N) - “Daddy, where are you?”

J - “Working baby girl, go to sleep..”

Strange, he has never let you just go to sleep. “Maybe he is really busy…” You thought and went to bed. A dark purple, velvet blanket covered your body. You were wearing nothing but a black lingerie, gifted by your lovely Joker. You quickly fell asleep.


“J, DON’T!!” You screamed and saw how he jumped of the cliff after another girl to save her. You knew her, but didn’t remember. You ran next to the cliff’s edge and looked down. Cold sea, water hitting rocks. “JOKERR!!” You shouted while tears falling down your cheeks.


You quickly sat on your bed and while breathing heavily. You looked at the clock “4am” you whispered. “That’s only a dream…” You started to calm yourself down and looked at the Joker’s side. Nothing. 

You jumped off the bed and looked through the window to a small parking lot. His purple lamborghini was there. “Strange..” you shriveled and quietly opened the bedroom’s door. You heard a small giggle downstairs. “That wasn’t J…” You started to quietly walk down.

Giggles got louder when you stepped near Joker’s office room. You peaked out a little from a small door gap and gasped while covering your mouth. Your eyes widened and got teary. There was him, sitting on his couch in one holding a glass of whiskey, his other hand was on girls waist. “Harley” You thought. You were right. She was jumping on him, pleasuring him.

You couldn’t watch it. You walked away a little and sat on the ground quietly. You felt how your heart broke into million pieces. Your one and only Joker was with another girl, his ex, while you had to sleep right above them. Tears were falling down your cheeks as you were thinking what to do. “Should I just leave them? And act like nothing happen.. Or should I just beat that asshole to death and get rid off Joker…?” You smiled through your tears and stood up. You grabbed two guns, it was pretty easy, all house had a lot of secret places for guns.

So there were you, wearing nothing but your black sexy lingerie, holding two shining guns in your hands. You knocked at the door. You smiled even wider when you released how quickly they shut up. You kicked the door and entered while pointing your guns at them.

“Aren’t you tired after hard work, Daddy…?” You asked while smiling, looking at their faces with your red from crying eyes. “I’d love to have this kind of job, Daddy..” Every ‘Daddy’ part hit you even more, but it gave a very big effect on Joker’s face and his eyes. “Baby girl, you don’t sleep?” He asked while slowly moving Harley away and putting his pants on. Your guns were still right on Joker and Harley’s heads. “Put those guns down, sweetie and we will be able to have a wild night just you and me or you, me and Harley, it’s up to you.” He smiled while walking closer to you “For the first time, I will let you choose.” He said calmly with his wild smile on his stupid pale face.

“Don’t get closer!” You said angry and pushed him back on with your bare foot. He lost his balance and sat down on his big, black leather armchair. “HOW COULD YOU!! I THOUGHT YOU HAVE SOMETHING FOR ME!..” Your tears came back. “But I am just another toy right, Daddy!?” You looked at the Harley. “And you, slut. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE IN THIS HOUSE!” You shouted and pulled the trigger while moving your gun a little to the left of Harley’s head to make sure that the bullet won’t hit her, bu the wall next to her head. “Shut up!” Joker slaped your left cheek with his cold backhand. Your all attention was on Harley, that’s how Joker got closer to you. Harley ran away while you pointed your another gun to Joker.

“Put it down!” He shouted, but you only sobbed and looked directly into his blue eyes. “No..” Your face, neck, collarbones were wet ‘cause of your tears. “You fooled me.. like a child, with a stupid message.” You looked at the other gun. Joker started to laugh “Sweetie, I don’t have to explain anything for you. Go to sleep, doll.” He ran his hands through his green hair and bit his lower, cherry red lip. “You are still thinking about Harley, right?” You asked while standing right in front of him. then you pointed another gun on your temple. “Tell the truth” He gulped a little lost and confused by your action.

“What are you going to do, doll face?’’ He moved his hand on your wet cheek. “Shoot myself, Mistah J, or shoot you and then myself.” You said calmly and smiled. “You won’t do that, (y/n)” Joker cleaned your cheek a little “Yes I will do it!” You stepped back “I had enough of your little shit tonight.!” You shouted once again. You were angry as hell. You wanted him to burn in pain, no matter how much it will hurt for you, but you were pretty sure, he HAD to feel pain.

“How could you Mister Joker..?” You asked once again, no more daddy kink, you wanted to escape this nightmare. “Doll..” He started but Joker was confused for the first time, he knew that there were no explanations for what he did. His ego was pretty high, but something didn’t let you go. He stapped closer to you “Listen, doll… Put it down..” Your hand shookin fear and anger, tears were falling down, you let Joker speak. “Sweetie, Harley is just a toy..” His eyes looked directly into yours “STOP TALKING THIS SHIT TO ME!!” You screamed and looked at him for the last time. You took a deep breath. “She is just a toy, I am just a toy, you live with barbie dolls Joker! Get yourself some help!” You shouted at him, his expresion got angrier “Feel the pain, the pain you caused to me and to others who loved you!” Joker eyes widened a little “(y/n) DON’T YOU DARE!!”


One small hole was in the ceilings. Joker grabbed your hand and moved up in the air, he didn’t let you shoot youself. Without a word he kissed you passionately. Your lips touched, tongues started to dance together. You dropped the gun and hugged Joker super tightly. He moved his hands on your ass while kissing you passionately. “You dumb ass… Don’t you dare to make up this kind of drama ever again baby doll” he whispered and bit your neck leaving his mark. “Don’t leave me in this situation, daddy..” Finally you said it and actually mean it. He kissed you one again, roughly with fire and passion…