The fact that we got John’s tears. In fact, that whole final conversation, my GOD

John’s subconscious urges him to talk to Sherlock

Sherlock repeatedly stops John from leaving by continuing to talk to him, finally asking him if he’s okay (hello, asip callback I see you there! But we are no longer cool and flippant, we are TALKING about FEELINGS what????)

John forgives Sherlock for Mary

Sherlock admits his life has value but he doesn’t know what to do with that

Irene, who ships johnlock almost as hard as Hudders does, deus ex machinas into the scene–this stops John from leaving

John’s subconscious immediately suggests the idea that Sherlock loves Irene, an idea that we know John has wondered about since asib

John uses the occasion of the text to deduce that it’s Sherlock’s birthday–which quickly turns into yelling about how lucky Sherlock is that someone likes him, over Sherlock’s protests that he doesn’t text her back

Over Sherlock’s protests that romantic entanglement is not for him, John yells that it “would complete you as a human being.”

“That chance doesn’t last forever, trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it,” well well WELL Johnny boy that’s hitting rather close to the point for both of you isn’t it?


Sherlock’s right next door to a love confession cut off by John’s cheatig confession oh my GODDDD

“who you thought I was is the man who I want to be” Mary knew, we knew she knew, neither of us were first you know

Also John wants to be steadfast and true and love deeply like wowowow his heart has been torn in two for a million years and now he can finally be free

“Well then, John Watson, get the hell on with it. ” YOU CAN BE A GRUMPY BISEXUAL JOHN YOU HAVE THE POWER

Immediately followed by tears and the most tender hug

Fade to black????? But then it’s an exterior shot as if time has passed and???? Sherlock has changed clothes? But it’s still the same day, it’s still Sherlock’s birthday? If there was not some goddamn tender cuddling and more tears and possibly some smooch it is on its way my friends

It was just texting John we all know your interests lie in a different area wheeeee

We all fully ascend next week my friends

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