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Do you mean is that you wouldn't mind if your boyfriend masturbated to piks of other girls? What if he was WITH another girl. Would it be okay because of all the distance between you and him?

I’m assuming you came here from daisy lola’s page? What I’m saying is that who he masturbates to is not my business. Masturbation is primal, it is about pleasure. Masturbating to images or video’s isn’t symbolic of love. Sure, if he was pleasuring himself to pictures of girls he knew or had been intimate with I think I would find that a little overwhelming. However, how do I know that he doesn’t think of girls he knows, how does he know I don’t think boys I know? 
It doesn’t really matter. It’s not a reflection of who or how we love. The thing is, I don’t need to know. Sometime’s it’s better to stay curious you know? 

As for sleeping with other people. I am a reactive being, so sure I would be hurt. But life is anything but black and white, there are too many external forces in this world to able to answer this “correctly”. Sometimes life is messy, and it’s easier and cleaner to accept that than to fight it. Though, if a partner convinces you that they are monogamous and then sleeps with people continuously without you being aware. That is deceptive, and disrespectful and it is not okay. But “cheating” doesn’t necessarily involve malice, or lies, and sometime’s it is purely situational. It would be wise to always have compassion for people. 

Men. Cheating.

They say once a cheater always a cheater. I don’t believe that. I’ve cheated but I am far from a cheater I’ve grown from that. THAT wasn’t even real! They say all men cheat or will cheat I say every man have cheated before in their life it’s like masturbation it’s bound to happen.

I wanna speak it into existence that my man wont cheat and don’t cheat I could be wrong but then again when it exist I might have the man that was intended for me by God. But quote me today my won’t cheat I believe that. My husband won’t cheat!

I’ve heard they are the worst ones and I believe that i believe those husbands didn’t get married for them they got married to please everyone else. I just have way to much faith to believe anything other that one man one woman. Before God for the rest of my life one man one woman NO OUTSIDERS!

My man won’t cheat!