hiatus, n.

“It’s up to you,” you said, the graciousness of the cheater toward the cheatee.
I guess I don’t believe in a small break. I feel a break is a break, and if it starts small, it only gets wider.
So I said I wanted you to stay, even though nothing could stay the same.

- David Levithan, from The Lover’s Dictionary

GOT7 reaction to thinking you cheated on them, but they’re wrong

Anonymous said:
Hi there! I really love your reactions especially the ‘you think they cheated on you’ one! Do you think you can do the reverse? Like they think you cheated on them and they got all angry and jumped to conclusions only to find out you didn’t? Pretty please?! Thank you!

ooooh nice perspective ^_^ love the idea! 
Hope you like what I’ve done :)
Keep requesting guys!!


Thinking you cheated: hothead jaebum wouldn’t be violent towards you, but be very stand offish. he’d raise his voice when asking you for an explanation, and not give you time to answer. but if the ‘cheatee’ was there he may shove him a little.

Finding out you didn’t: once you did give he a reason, he’d retreat into quite contemplating jaebum, the jaebum that was chosen to be the leader of the group, he forgot all his manners and sense of self, that he ended up disappointing himself


Thinking you cheated: you’d never seen mark talk so much, he went on and one about the times you had, even though he was blemished with the idol aspect, it was still time together. 

Finding out you didn’t: he look at you confused and sorry, he’d quietly apologies. he knew he could get a temper when things suddenly changed, he just wished you never saw that side to him, and hoped you stay with him.


Thinking you cheated: its like he had been working out for this day. He doesn't get violent at all, but he really was hot and bothered. he has to blow of some steam, probably by going to the gym.

Finding out you didn’t: he’s facial expression hasn’t changed but he rethinking everything that happened in the last few hours. think of it like ‘buffering’ jackson. he would think of everything he did and how he didn’t even give you a chance to explain.


Thinking you cheated: shocked, disappointed and even a little angry, to the point where he doesn’t want to look you in the eyes, mostly because he himself doesn’t know if gel start shouting or crying.

Finding out you didn’t: still emotional AF, he’d apologies through teary eyes and he wants to get to the bottom to the situation, but he knows he has to calm down first. 


Thinking you cheated: you’re not sure if you had ever seen youngjae without a smile, but today was the day. as he starting wrongly piecing the situation together, he became more and more withdrawn. he stared at you then back to the other guy. he wouldn’t say much but nor would he listen much.

Finding out you didn’t: it wasn’t until you said the right words did he realise what had happened, this time he stared at you confused, pleading you with his eyes for more answers.


Thinking you cheated: sad, shocked, confused. it was a different bambam, not the one who didn’t want people knowing his worries, right now all his emotions were written all over his face, and it was not good.

Finding out you didn’t: he would try to lighten the mood, not as far as joking, but you could still see the hurt in his eyes. its going to take him a while to get back to his cheery self.


Thinking you cheated: speechless and angry, he would square up to you and give you the most intense look ever, then he’d go on to start asking rhetorical questions, at one point he’d even start answering those questions, being tha sass master he is.

Finding out you didn’t: he would try and calm himself down as much as possible, and it all seemed to be fine, but in his mind he was going over all the questions and answers he just said, and tried to figure out why he said all that.

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Have you ever thought about the cheatee? Not the cheated, not the cheater, but the person who was used so that the cheater could cheat? They are used, like cheap shampoo on a vacation. They are used, and thrown away. They don’t know what’s happening. They sometimes think they are doing the right thing, the cheater actually loves them, they’ll leave the cheated for them.

Don’t blame the cheatee. They already blame themselves. 

Cheating is retarded

whether you’re the cheater, cheatee, or cheated.

if you’re the cheater:

- You’re obviously not completely satisfied, no need in fucking with someones feeling especially someone who you somewhat ‘care’ about.

- Its retarded how you’re dependent on the unsatisfying relationship you are in to the point that you can’t break off.

if you’re the cheatee:

- Who the hell are you to mess with someone who’s in a relationship.

- How much do you care about yourself that you don’t mind being the booty call?

-Grow some, you deserve better than being used by someone in a relationship.

- Quit being selfish, you can fuck around with someone who isn’t in a relationship.

if you’re the cheated on:

- Something’s up, somehow you’re not paying attention and tending all the needs of your significant other.

- Go out and figure out what it is, if the relationships worth it this shouldnt be such a task.

- Quit sticking to a relationship where your significant other considers another woman his in ANY which way.(except for family obviously…)

*Communication can go a long way. Talk stuff out, it’ll make your relationship healthier.

As for the cheatee, just get rid of them.

To the cheatees...

I typed in “Cheater”, and out comes all these post about how these people got scorned by their lovers of 3 months to 6 years. Understandably so, everyone has the right to talk about it.


I must state out some reasons as to why some people would cheat. One person may be the victim, but sometimes… the victims pull some stupid shit that causes things like that to happen.

1. You met and knew each other for only a few months, then get proposed to because your their soul-mate, and that “getting a green card is only a plus”.

2. You’re standing naked next to the TV, and your spouse decides that completing their mission on their XBOX 360 is more important.

3. A date consist of either McDonalds, Taco Bell, making the drive to their place, or the Gas Station every time.

4. A person gets more pleasure out of a phone on vibrate.

5. Comparing the current spouse to the ones before, and how they should act more like those before.

6. Telling them how they are the ugliest things on earth, and how they settled for you because they felt sorry for you.

7. Not paying for the meals when THEY are the ones who asked you out in the first place.

8. One or both of you aren’t happy in the relationship.

9. The spouse cheated on them first.

10. Beating the living hell out of them because they forgot to put the fork in the sink.

A few of these are from previous experiences. Not exactly as how I typed it, but you get the picture.

Why do you think people would cheat?

Im so done with the male population. Im so done with the fact they just want to screw and screw and don’t care who they hurt. Its fine if you want to screw around, thats not the problem, the problem is when they want to screw around when they have girlfriends, tell me, please explain to me why? If you want to screw multiple girls, go for it, but don’t claim to be committed to someone just to go behind her back and get with other girls. Thats lower than low. If you don’t want a relationship are aren’t happy anymore, than leave, don’t fucking cheat. Stop lying, stop being shady, stop taking advantage of the love being given to you and stop overlooking it just because you’re thinking with the wrong head. And I know this isn’t just guys, I know girls are cheaters to, I know it and we all know and either way its still wrong, but for me, right this instant, the shit I’m dealing with due to the inconsideration of a male, is the reason Im writing this because Im livid. I want to believe that things can last, I want to believe that there are good honest loyal and loving men who will be as good to me as I to them. I want to believe that, but it’s hard, its frustrating to see myself as well as other great girls and guys go through this heartache over someone who doesn’t value them enough or respect them enough to not cheat on them. If you don’t want a relationship, don’t have one. If you’re unhappy in the one you’re in, fix it or leave but don’t further deepen the cut by cheating. Over all, don’t cheat or be the cheatee. And if you had no idea,the person you’re getting involved with, is with someone else, walk away from them because if they can do it with you, they will do it to you. Don’t cause that type of pain and don’t put up with that type of pain.