cheat with both hands

'First Kiss' Headcanons

All right, so here we go. First Kiss synopsis things. Should I turn them into ‘fics to make part of a little tiny 'first kiss’ series? Should I just leave them like this? Sophie has claimed the levihan as a collab piece so that one will definitely get written. Any other artists wanna collab on one of these? :’D

The pairings:

1- Mike/Nanaba

2- Levi/Hange

3- Erwin/Hange

4- Ian/Rico

5- Marlo(we)/Hitch

6- Auruo/Petra

7- Jean/Mikasa

8- Sasha/Connie

9- Ymir/Historia

10 a&b- Gelgar/Lynne(Rene)


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I know for a fact that Reyna can win at any arm wrestling challenges with any of the seven.

Just imagine Jason and Percy getting all cocky but then she just destroys them.

Leo doesn’t even try cause he knows he’s weak af compared to Reyna, she can legit bench press him.

Frank and Hazel just congratulating their fellow Roman and hope they don’t get picked to go next.

Piper would probably be that one person to cheat once they realize they are going to lose and start using both hands but ends up losing anyways.

Annabeth and Nico are the ones who get really competitive though. They keep trying but lose every time.

Then finally Thalia decides to try it out and it’s the most intense arm wrestling match ever. Thalia makes really flirty comments at her and Reyna goes easy on her just so she can hold her hand longer.


XY042 - XY043 - XY045 - XY046 - XY047 - XY053!

The little skits presenting Mega Evolutions are, as Manon introduces them, mostly about Alan’s previous battles:

In some, she describes the ‘mon a little - in others, such as Yadoran’s, she clearly didn’t witness the fight itself (in that one, she asks Alan about the outcome).

What’s super cute is that, from mini-episode to episode, 1°) Manon becomes less and less clumsy, 2°) Alan turns more reactive towards her and, generally, more “random” in his entrances, 3°) Alan and Manon get in sync to present the Mega of the week /o/

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never again [yoongi&you]

Summary: after a huge argument happened broke out between your boyfriend Yoongi and you, you turn up missing into the night and cops wouldn’t help; as they think you’ll just show up later. Only then did Yoongi receive a call from you, however the person’s voice over the phone belonged to someone else.

a/n: @jiminights i still can’t tag you, and idk why? buttttt enjoy this long as oneshot. i worked real hard! hahahaah <3 i love uuuuu

Originally posted by gaeku

It was grocery shopping day, and you were more excited about it than your boyfriend Min Yoongi ever was. He never was a huge fan finding food, for he’d rather you do it than him. Only if it’s clothing wise, would Yoongi ever care to pay attention instead.

“We need more green onions, right?” You ask while fishing for the fresh ones at the bottom.

“I don’t know. I think so,” he mutters an annoyed reply, and you turn to give him a stern look.

Yoongi was always like this and you disliked it. Grocery shopping isn’t even bad, but the latter just seems to hate it so much. You have completely no idea why, but you weren’t stopping yourself.

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Prince of Hell

Character(s): Crowley

Warning: None

Word Count: 676

Request:  Do you think you could write something where Crowley and the reader are expecting a child? Just thought it would be cute since Mark’s fiancee is pregnant.


   “How is my queen this morning?” Crowley sidles up behind you and loops his arms around your waist.

   “Bored. I wanna kill something.”

   “Maybe I could let you organize a few soul collections. There’s a few scheduled to be collected this afternoon.”

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Louis Tomlinson - This Girl Ain’t Loyal

My friends dragged me to this stupid club to ‘have some fun’. I love going to clubs, just not tonight. I was so tired from working all week and I just wanted to stay at home and have a night in with my loving boyfriend. My ex was a total douche, the whole relationship was just sex. I can’t lie, it was the best sex I’ve ever had, but I wanted more. When he didn’t want to stay in at night and just cuddle (not having sex) so I decided to leave him, and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. 

I was sitting at the bar alone while all my friends were dancing. I would dance but I’m just too tired. I was facing the bar searching for a bar attendant so I could get another drink when someone sat next to me. I didn’t even bother looking at him, he probably just wants to get in my pants. Which is not happening. The bar attendant finally came over but before I could ask for another drink the person next to me spoke “can I have a beer please and a screwdriver [vodka and orange juice] for the lady”. I knew that voice, and I’m not looking forward to the conversation I’m about to have.

“So Y/N, miss me?”

“Definitely not Louis”

“Oh really? I doubt that”

“Actually I have a new boyfriend, one that isn’t a complete ass. So if you don’t mind, please leave me alone”

“Yeah, I’m an ass. But I’m still the best you’ve ever had, and I know that I’m better than this ‘new boyfriend’ of yours, because you’re here and not with him”

“I’m here because I was forced to be here, I didn’t want to come”

“Well, I’ll take you home if you want?”

“No. Not at all. No way Louis. Just leave me alone”.

I turned back around to face the bar and finish drinking my drink that Louis bought me. Even though I hate him, doesn’t mean I’m going to pass on a free drink. 
He grabbed my thigh and spun me around on the stool so I was facing him again.

“C’mon Y/N, come back to mine with me. Just for tonight. Your little boyfriend doesn’t need to know”

“No Louis, I don’t cheat”


He grabbed my hand leaving both our drinks behind dragging me to the dance floor. He walked until we close to the middle, Louis grabbed my hips and tried to make me dance with him. No way I was going to dance with Louis. I saw my friend just behind Louis so I pushed past him to go dance with my friend. 

Louis followed, dancing behind me again putting his hands on my hips. I tried to ignore him and carry on dancing with my friend until I felt a pair of lips on my neck. Louis was leaving light kisses all across my neck and shoulder. I tried to pull away but his hands kept me still. He kissed my sweet spot before sucking on it probably leaving a mark. I bit my lip to try and keep in my moan but it eventually came out. I knew that Louis had heard because he chuckled behind me, pressing me closer to his body. He spun me around so we were face to face. Louis slowly began to lean in eventually pressing his soft lips against mine. I know it’s wrong but I kissed back. Not long after his tongue licked across my lower lip asking for entrance, which I denied and pulled away. I looked him in the eyes before turning around and walking away from him. 

I started to walk out of the club heading for the doors before someone grabbed my arm turning me around and straight into a rough kiss. I knew it was Louis, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so right. Maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with him.

He pulled away, “Last chance, I can take you home to your boyfriend, or you can come to mine? What’s it going to be?” I thought about it for a couple of seconds before I leaned back in for another kiss. It was only short as he pulled away and took my hand dragging me outside into a taxi. 
The whole ride back to his apartment we were making out in the backseat. He pulled me out and into the elevator to go to his apartment. And once through the door I was slammed against the wall in a rough and heated kiss. Louis grabbed the tops of my thighs signalling me to jump and wrap my legs around his waist. He carried me to his bedroom, softly throwing me down onto the bed before pulling off his top and hovering over me. His lips reattached to my neck kissing down to my collarbone. His arms wrapped around my back to unzip my dress. He slowly pulled my dress down, absorbing my half naked body. He looked me up and down before placing his lips on mine once again. His hands now cupping my breasts and then unclasping my bra, setting them free. “So beautiful”. I started to blush a bit as he kissed my cheek then moving down towards my boobs. Lightly kissing each nipple then kissing down my stomach towards the top of my knickers. He slowly pulled them down my legs. He moved back up kissing my lips once again. I fumbled with the button of his jeans but managed to get it undone. He unzipped his zipper and slid them off his legs along with his briefs. 
Louis pumped himself a couple of times before lining himself up with my entrance. His lips returned on mine as he pushed himself in, we both pulled away to let out a moan. My back arched as he thrusted in and out at a slow and tormenting pace. I grabbed his hair tugging indicating to go faster. “Beg” I shook my head.

“If you want me to go faster you’ll have to beg baby”

” Louis please, please go faster, oh god Louis baby” he increased the speed. Also going deeper. Hitting the places my boyfriend couldn’t. 
He flipped us over so I was straddling his waist. I moved up and down, rotating my hips in a figure 8 motion. His hand found my hips guiding me up and down. He started thrusting at the same time. Going deeper than before. He hit my spot over and over and I was a mess. “I- I’m close” I placed my hands on his chest supporting myself as Louis took control guiding me along his shaft while still thrusting. I felt the knot become bigger and my walls clench around Louis earning a loud growl from him. 
The knot suddenly disappeared as I reached my high. Louis releasing into me shortly after.

I fell onto Louis chest breathing heavily. He removed himself from me and I whimpered at the loss of contact. He wrapped his arms around me kissing my forehead lovingly. I closed my eyes falling asleep. “I should’ve never let you walk out that door”. I cuddled more into Louis’ chest keeping my eyes closed. Falling asleep. 

I awoke the next morning with my head on Louis’ chest and his arm wrapped around me. I got up and put on my knickers and Louis’ shirt that lay on the floor from last night. I grabbed my phone and called my boyfriend telling him I cheated and it was over. I returned to bed and crawled underneath the blankets cuddling up to Louis once again. Lightly kissing his chest then falling back asleep. 
Louis is the best I’ve ever had, and I never should’ve left in the first place.

*Not my gifs, but my writing :)

Is it too late to say surprise? (Neymar Jr. Imagine)


The past few days have been strange. Neymar would come home from training, have dinner with us. Then hide out in our room. When ever I would walk by he would quickly hide his phone, or hang up on whoever he was talking to and start playing with our kids.
I decided to go check up on Neymar, since he’s been in our room for the last 2 hours. I could hear him talking so someone on the phone through the closed door.

“She’ll never know. It’s a secret between us.” He paused. “ Alright I see you tomorrow.”

I stood still. What is he talking about? The tears that threatened to come out, did. The door opened, and exposed a concerned looking Neymar.

“Babe? Why are you crying?” He tried to hug him, but I just pushed him away. I went downstairs to where our 2 kids were playing.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Davi, my 5 year old asked me. He came over and offered me a hug. My youngest daughter sat on the ground unfazed by my crying.

Neymar came rushing down the stairs, then came over to the couch that I was sitting on. “ Y/N, what’s wrong?”

I shook my head, not wanting to argue in front of our kids. “Y/N stop lying, what the fuck is wrong.”

“Don’t use that language in front our children!”

Davi saw there was a problem, and quickly went to a different room, bring his sister with him.

“Y/N what’s your problem.”

I scoffed. “ My problem. My problem is your cheating on me aren’t you!”

“What! Babe I would never cheat on you.” Neymar grabbed both my hands and pulled them close to his lips. “Why would you think that?”

I yanked my hands away from him, and stood up. “ You’ve been different the past few days! Not only are you having secret conversations, you’re having secret meet ups!”

Neymar stood their looking confused. “Where did you hear this?”

“I heard you talking on the phone, don’t even try to deny it!

“Y/N, trust me I will never cheat on you.”

I shook my head. “ I don’t know what to believe anymore. W-we need a break.”

Neymar looked hurt. He grabbed my hand and made me follow him to our room. He grabbed a binder out of his dresser. “Here look at this.”

I opened the binder, and was nervous of what I would see in there. But what surprised me was, it was nothing bad. Instead, it was travel plans. There were pictures of tourist attractions, and flights confirmation. “N-Ney?”

He grabbed the binder out of my hand, and set it on the dresser. “ These past few days, I’ve been planning a surprise trip for you. You’ve been working so hard, being a mom and you deserve a break.”

I quickly hugged him, letting my tears soak his shirt. “Ney.. I’m sorry.” I sobbed. “ I should’ve believed you. I feel so stupid.”

Neymar pulled me away and put his finger under my chin making me look at him. “ Hey. You’re not stupid. We all make mistakes, and if I was you, I would’ve have thought the same thing too.” He pecked me lips.

“I ruined your surprise.” I poured.

“Is it too late to say surprise?” Neymar joked.

I laughed. “I love you, you dork.”

“I love you too mi amor.”

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courferre for the otp meme

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Combeferre, unfortunately, through sheer lack of experience.  Courfeyrac can sext in a way that actually seems natural and, you know, sexy.  (He’s a strong believer in practice, him and Grantaire would play sext chicken… except that eventually stopped mostly because neither of them have an ounce of shame and it wasn’t going anywhere except distressing Marius every time he borrowed Courf’s phone)  The first half a dozen times or so that Courf even attempted to sext with Combeferre Ferre didn’t clue in.  “I’m wearing my coat and a scarf. Don’t worry, I saw the weather forecast, I’ll be fine :) Thanks for checking up on me <3” Only after Courf finally sat Ferre down and explicitly told him he’s trying to sext him, work with me here man, did Ferre realize.  After that was… unfortunate.  Ferre’ll never admit it but he definitely googled “how to sext”.  He’s… learning.

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Absolutely Courf.  Lion King, every single fucking time.  But also Mulan when they find the doll, and Finding Nemo when the mother is killed, and Cinderella when her dressed is ruined, and just UP in general, and…

Courf just feels a lot of things, okay.  Like “she was just so excited about going to the ball, Ferre, and her friends worked so hard to make it for her and now it’s RUINED-” “Courf you know the fairygod mother is going to be here in like one scene…” “Yeah but she doesn’t know that and besides this one was special and she deserved better!” At which point Ferre just lets Courf cuddle against him until he starts crying again at the end when Cinderella reveals the second glass slipper, this time out of joy.

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

This would go one of two ways.  It would either be Courfeyrac because he’s thinking and doing roughly a million things at once and kinda looses track of little things like utensils and forgets to take it out of his bowl before sticking it in the microwave.  An honest mistake, Ferre, sheesh.

Or else it’s Combeferre because, well, he objectively knows what happens when you put metal in the microwave but like… it’s not very scientific to just take everything on faith, right, and come on you can’t say you aren’t at least a little curious about what would happen and it’d probably look really cool…

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Coufeyrac (with some difficulty since Ferre is an unreasonably tall human being).  Whenever Combeferre sits down to read he’ll run up behind him and do that and refuse to take his hands away until Ferre plays along.  (This is what leads to Combeferre eventually learning how to read braille just so he could have the deep pleasure of messing with the system and hearing Courf complain about “cheating”.)

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Both of them do this.  Courf does this without really meaning to because he believes in spending as much time as humanly possibly attached to Combeferre and will immediately climb into whatever bed/couch/chair Courf is in and intertwine himself like an octopus.  If he’s been outside and has cold hands and feet that’s just a perk.

Combeferre, on the other hand, always seems to have cold hands and feet and he hates it so he will intentionally seek Courfeyrac out and stick his hands down his neck or up the back of his shirt and cling on while Courfeyrac shrieks and tries to escape.

  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?

Courfeyrac except he is not even remotely embarrassed and it’s like semi-weekly thing.  He makes popcorn and shouts at the screen. Their Netflix account is a mess.

  • Who laughs more during sex?

Courf, he could laugh at anything and he is a very strong believer in not just sexy sex – which is all well and good, don’t get him wrong, he looks damn fine in his lace panties – but also in fun sex. Combeferre wasn’t even really aware that that was an option, until Courf makes it his life mission to make Ferre laugh as much as possible while they have sex because, come on, they’re boyfriends but Ferre’s also his best friend and if he can’t make him laugh then he’s doing something wrong.


Courfeyrac. Not because Combeferre wouldn’t love to be the little spoon, even if he is quite a bit taller, but because Courfeyrac adores being the little spoon and doesn’t willingly give up that role.  He can get aggressive about it – if Ferre’s lying curled on his side Courfeyrac will absolutely squirm his way into his arms and tug at him until he’s arranged around Courf comfortably.  He wants to be able to tuck himself right up against Ferre’s warm torso and have his boyfriend curl right around him and make him feel safe and warm and loved.

I don’t have a scanner RIP
This is some sheet music i made for the song “Mirror Gem” by Aivi & Surasshu (from the Steven Universe soundtrack) because, you know, Lapis Lazuli…. Here is a link to the song on their soundcloud:
The rhythm is really easy but some of the notes and reaches are kind of difficult, as you can see in the left hand…… but whatever you can cheat because there’s pedal throughout! Also deeeeefinitely use rubato in both hands and really slow down at the end…. Just listen to Aivi & Surasshu’s recording and do what you need to do.

Edit: oh my god I still don’t know if measure 10 is right what the hell each hand sounds right on its own but together it’s like the biggest clash ever…. but.. i think it’s right. yeah. edit (again): yeah second to last measure right hand has a c# whoops
Drunk/Jealous Luke


Luke was going out to some party with the guys and you decided to use your time alone wisely. Catching up on your favourite tv show.

Already in your sweats and on the sofa, you were ready to start as soon as Luke left.

“Alright babe, I’m leaving now, I’ll see you tonight okay? Love you” he said, leaning down and placing a firm kiss to your lips.

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The Little Geek (1/?)

Sarah is a bully. Cosima is Cosima. High school.

For punk-rock-science.

“Oi! Nerd!” I yell, cupping my hands around my mouth. I smirk, because I can see her cringe down the hall. I take my time, knowing the little dork will be all flustered and – yep, there she goes dropping all her shit. One of her textbooks slides my way, so I stop a few paces short, resting my foot on it. “You missed one,” I say lightly, chuckling at the fucking terrified way she looks up at me, nervously adjusting her glasses.

I wait, letting her think today’s humiliation is just me watching her make an idiot of herself. I wait until she scuffles over, hands and knees, to pry the book (micro-something) out from under my boot. “Oops, sorry about that geek,” I sneer, pulling back my knee as she tries to stem the blood from her nose. I barely avoid crunching her glasses, too, on my way to class. Wouldn’t kill me to be on time, for once.

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(okay, so I wrote the angsty goodbye before a certain pirate gets sucked into the Underworld fic that everyone is doing. With smut, cause it’s me)

Her magic would only hold it at bay for so long.

His eyes are sad and resigned, watching her frantically cast spell after spell until she’s wrapped them both in a cocoon that covers and conceals them like a small tent. Only instead of canvas the walls are made of desperation and love (her love for him, his love for her, everything she’d done had been for love) and she grit her teeth and conjured more, every last drop she can spare.


His hand landed on her wrist, forcing her to turn as the hook settled at the small of her back.

“I won’t let it take you.”

She fisted her hands in his shirt, pulling him closer, “Do you hear me, Killian Jones? I won’t let it take you!”

Killian’s eyes crinkle at the corners as he smiles and pressed his forehead to hers, breath warm on her face, “Emma. I’ve lived far longer then any man ever should and I’ve cheated death more times than I can count on both, or well, one hand. But it’s time to pay the piper at last, love.”

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Going Home - Chapter 21

Oh Jeez, thank you for the wonderful feedback for the last chapter :) You guys rock!
Now, I really like this chapter because it’s just carefree for once and in a happy mood and definitely a break for Z. I think she deserved this.
Previous chapters.

Chapter 21: Crew Love

When I was waiting for Val to finish his paper work before we could start our next training session, I discovered a red head of hair in the crowd of people that were flowing out of the studio. Bella.

I hadn’t seen her since the first time we had met and I had never called her to make up a date we could hang out and dance Hip-Hop, mainly because I had not been able to spend more time away from Jay than I had already been, but now that I was alive again, I felt the sudden urge to meet up with her, to hang out with someone who had never met Jay before and wasn’t prejudiced, someone to start over with.

“Bella, hey, wait up.”

She turned around, surprised at first but when her eyes caught my face she seemed to remember and gave me a huge smile. “Hey, Zendaya!” She hugged me and her small, bony figure reminded me that for the first time in a while I was actually the strongest person in a relationship. “Haven’t seen you in a while, how’s it going? Is life treating you good?”

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