cheat this way

My admission day is Monday. I actually had this whole plan to fudge the whole thing and cheat my way out of gaining and not follow the meal plan but…….would it be so bad to just….try? Would it be so bad to return to a nice, normal state of mind where I feel happy and excited and stressed about actual real life things? I miss the days where I’d sit @ Whole Foods listening to white noise while writing a paper and casually munching on a carrot walnut muffin (no not 8 muffins as I chug Perrier and look for the nearest bathroom and try not to black out as I go home to do it all again). And does it really sound that appealing to continue purging carrot sticks so I can look a little extra boney at my sister’s wedding versus spending the summer pouring myself into my career and academic goals and making something out of this life? And maybe have enough energy to make some new friends and run in the sun and buy new clothes and get dressed up and drunk and find joy in the stupid little things again?? And all at the high cost of healthy coping mechanisms and literally looking exactly the same with nicer hair and a little less collar bone? This is gonna suck balls but think it’s time to let go yet again.

Let's be real, for a moment

The Six Thatchers was wonky. Everything felt off. The way the episode was shot , the illuminated skull picture at Baker Street, the fact our two main characters are pushed as far apart as possible all made this episode feel off. We’re supposed to be unsettled and begging for more – to ensure we tune in next week. We have to be rooting for Sherlock and John. We *all* have to be rooting for Sherlock and John.

This episode was about love. “Amo, Amas, Amat” – how good is your Latin? Sherlock and sentiment are brought up again, but we know he’s not really a machine so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. This episode is meant to question what you know about love.

***We’re lead to believe John Watson cheated on Mary by the way he texts someone at night. Someone who’s up at all hours, someone who misses him, someone who hasn’t seen him in awhile – but this is exactly a conversation he’d have with Harry, his sister. We’ve seen similar conversations on his blog. But we’re lead to believe John’s cheating. We didn’t see the contact info, our mind simply filled in the blanks with what we’ve been conditioned to assume. Classic misdirection.

***John told Mary “you could have talked to me” because “that’s what couples do” – a callback to Episode 9 when he told Sherlock “you could have called, you could have talked to me”.

***Mary taking a bullet for Sherlock but then telling him to go to Hell? Look, these mirrors are so frequent I’m getting nauseated. Emelia Ricoletti, the bride in episode 10, knew she was a dead woman walking, so she made her death count. She was part of something greater. Her death seemed like a boring suicide, but it was worth so much more than that. We see Mary tell John life as his wife was the best thing ever. Neither use the word “love”. This is important because we assume the “love” is implied. She loves John and Sherlock, Sherlock loves both of them, John loves Mary but hates Sherlock. All of this is messed up. Everything you think first is wrong. She made her death count. The long game is burning the heart out of Sherlock. That’s The Final Problem. And she just did an amazing job helping that along. She said his job is to save John Watson. She knows he’s in grave danger because she knows the long game. And Sherlock can go to hell.

***John presumably broke his wedding vows, Mary has been lying to him since day one YET FOR SOME REASON Sherlock *accidentally* breaking the vow from John’s wedding is the one that gets all the attention.

This is a love story. “Amo, amas, amat” – “I love, you love, she loves”. The seeds have been planted.

Have you been paying attention?


30 day AU challenge: 6. 1920s/Mafia

“Darby ain’t gonna be a problem anymore, boss.”

“Good boy.”

I couldn’t decide if I want to make Eggsy a muscle or a trophy boy. But then again why not both??? I can do whatever I want! ha!

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.


I realized the famous Vox Machina Cannonball Contest hadn’t been clipped on YouTube yet, so here it is! From Episode 56: “Hope”.

Good morning, everyone! I awoke to the news that the Conservative Party has been fined a record £70,000 by the Electoral Commission for breaching electoral spending limits and twelve police forces have asked the CPS to bring criminal charges against Tory MPs. It turns out they cheated their way into government, then called a referendum that should never have been and installed Theresa May as Prime Minister without even holding a vote amongst their own MPs because they have no respect for democracy or the British people. And now it looks like they’ll cause the break up of the United Kingdom. And they CHEATED THEIR WAY INTO POWER.

By the way, if a £70,000 fine seems to low to you…and it should…it’s worth noting that it’s the maximum fine the Electoral Commission is able to impose.

Emily Gilmore about the Revival

Okay not all of it, it had it’s moments of greatness with the Emily and Lorelai phone call scene about the pretzel story, and Luke telling Lorelai that he will never leave and Paris’ bathroom meltdown and Emily’s journey of self-discovery, but what they did with 

  • Rory and Logan and the cheating 
  • The way they treated Jess  
  • How little Lane and Zach we got and how they don’t really do anything in the revival
  •  Paris and Doyle getting a divorce 
  • Luke and Lorelai being together for so long but they still can’t talk to each other and they’re still not married (I’m sure that was primarily to show us their wedding but from a story POV it doesn’t make sense that they weren’t married) 
  • Rory’s storyline in general
  • The overly long musical that had little impact on the overall storyline (the most important song was the last one to get Lorelai to do Wild, the rest of it wasn’t necessary…they could have at least trimmed it down)
  • Those last four words, that was all
Cheating (This has nothing to do with you nasty ass porn blogs)

Because porn blogs are reblogging this and adding their own links to it I’m changing the title to discourage that. Because DAMN that shit’s annoying. 

Again, the young couple were found arguing. It was a daily occurrence but this time Lizzy had enough. She found evidence of Ciel seeing someone behind her back.

“I told you I didn’t cheat, do you not trust me or something?”

Lizzy thrust the letter in Ciel’s face. 

“So Sebastian is just an imagination of the perfect boyfriend and not your butler!”


“I read the fucking note, Ciel.”

“It’s not like that! We’re not dating! I’m not cheating.” Everything Ciel said was true, which was possibly the first truth he told Lizzy in a while.

“Are you just fucking then?”

“It’s not like that either.”

“Oh, this is comedy gold. A letter that clearly describes your love for some Sebastian that totally isn’t your butler, but no it’s not a love letter. What is it?”


“Is it? Is it really?”

Ciel couldn’t look Lizzy in the face, it was true that he loved his butler but not even Sebastian knew. Now Lizzy was screaming it for the world to hear, thankfully they were in his house; who knew what the servants would think.

It only Lizzy would quieten down.

“Yes, my young Lord. I would like to believe a love letter directed for me would be considered important.” Sebastian intereupted, ignoring Ciel’s growls. Clearly he only wanted to make things worse for the boy.

“Did I say you could enter?”

“You were talking about me. Quite loudly in fact.”

Lizzy handed Sebastian the letter, and Ciel’s eyes widened, jaw dropped. Sebastian was to never read that letter.

“Sebastian, Ciel is a cheater and there’s the proof.” Lizzy stated, smug. She seemed so proud of herself. Sebastian could only laugh at how Ciel still hadn’t noticed the flaw in her logic, he must’ve not been thinking things through properly.

“This letter states nothing about being in a realtionship with another person, only the desire to do so. So he hasn’t been cheating, not yet.”

Sebastian bent down, seemingly to hand Ciel the letter; his lips met Ciel’s in a short, sweet kiss. The letter gently placed in the stunned boy’s hand and as soon as it happened, it ended with Sebastian’s footsteps walking away. 

“You may continue your arguement.” 

Ciel and Lizzy were both stunned, standing in silence.

“I… Erm.”

“The wedding is canceled.”