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I had a blast drawing this!

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Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)

Nursey knocked on Dex’s dorm room door again.

“Dex!  Will!  I know you’re in there!” he yelled, “Just let me in!   I need to know you’re ok!”  He’d been there for at least half an hour with no response, and wasn’t sure he expected one.  Still, Nursey wasn’t giving up.  No one had heard from Dex since that morning, and he was worried.

He was relieved when the door opened, but that was short lived, once he saw Dex’s tear streaked face.

“I’m fine.” Dex snapped, and went to close the door.  Without thinking, Nursey stuck his foot in the way, and forced it open.

“You’re clearly not.” Nursey pointed out.  He expected Dex to disagree, to argue, to kick him out, but he just sighed, and walked further into his room.  Nursey followed, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?” Nursey asked casually as he sat into Dex’s desk chair, and Dex curled up at the top of his bed.

Dex stayed quiet, playing with his sleeves and staring at his blanket.

“Will,” Nursey said. Dex looked up at the use of his first name.  “What’s wrong?  What happened?”  Nursey was worried he was being blunt, and harsh, but he needed to know what was wrong with Dex so he could fix it.

“I…it’s nothing.” Dex mumbled.  Nursey felt his heart clench at how quiet he sounded.  William Poindexter was many things, but quiet wasn’t one of them.

It was one of the many reasons Nursey loved him.

“Rubbish” Nursey said, trying to hide how he felt.  “That’s a lie Will.  What happened?  Why are you so sad?  Where’s Tanner?”

At the mention of his boyfriend, Will burst into tears.  He hid his face in his hands, shoulders shaking as he tried to hold back his sobs.

“Dex?” Nursey asked cautiously.  A million awful scenarios ran through his mind as to why that question would make Dex cry.  “Where is Tanner?”

“We…he….Tanner dumped me.” Dex managed to sob out.  “He dumped me and I don’t know why!  I thought we were great together!  And he broke up with me.  And I don’t know what I did, but he’s gone.”

Nursey felt like his heart was breaking.  Dex, brilliant, smart, beautiful, Dex, was hurting, and blaming himself for it.  He was sobbing his heart out, and Nursey didn’t know what to do to help him feel better.

“Dex,” he began, unsure what he was planning to say after that.  “Dex.  It’s not your fault.”

Dex shook his head, no.

“It’s not.  Just because Tanner couldn’t see how amazing you are-“Nursey tried, but Dex interrupted him.

“Stop, Nursey.  Just stop.  I-I don’t want to talk right now” Dex snapped.

“Ok,” Nursey said. “Ok.  How about I just sit with you, yeah?”

Dex nodded, and Nursey moved over to his bed.

“Could you-?” Dex asked quietly, before stopping.

“Could I what Will?” Nursey asked, knowing already he’d say yes to anything Dex asked of him, especially right now.

“Could you hold me?” Dex asked. “It’s ok if you don’t want to.  And I’m sorry for snapping at you.” He said in a rush.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Nursey assured, pulling Dex close to him. “It’s all gonna be alright Dex.”

“How?”  Dex asked, pulling away slightly to look Nursey in the eye.  “How’s it all going to be ok?  My first boyfriend dumped me. I loved him so much Nurse. How is it all going to be alright?!”

“I don’t know yet Dex,” Nursey admitted.  “But it will be.”

They sat in silence for a while, Nursey holding Dex close as he cried.


The next morning, Nursey called for Dex before morning practice.

“C’mon Dexy!” he encouraged “We got pucks to hit!”

“I don’t really feel like it.” Dex said miserably. “I just wanna sleep”

“Sleep after practice man. I know you have a few hours off then.” Nursey said. “Practice might make you feel better you know.”

Dex stared at him a moment, thinking.


“Absolutely!” Nursey said with a grin.  “And I’ll bring over pizza later if you come.”

“And ice cream?” Dex asked, hesitantly.

“Of course bro!”

“Okay. Just…..gimme a minute” Dex said, and closed his door as he went to get ready.

Nursey smiled. This was progress.  He quickly text Chowder to let him know Dex was coming to practice, and not to mention Tanner.  By the time he received Chowder reply, Dex was ready to go.


Later that evening, Nursey called over to Dex’s dorm with pizza and ice cream.  He pulled up a movie on his laptop and they watched and ate in silence for a while.  It was nice.

By the time the movie ended, Dex was curled up against Nursey’s side, and Nursey had his arm around him.

“I just.  I really loved Tanner.” Dex said out if the blue. “And I know it’s dumb to be this upset over my first boyfriend but-“

“Being upset isn’t dumb Dex. You’re feelings are valid.” Nursey interrupted.  Dex looked at him considering, before he nodded, and then continued.

“It’s just. He was my first boyfriend. He helped me come out to my family, and supported me through everything with my brother afterwards,” Dex explained. Nursey nodded in understanding - he remembered how Dex’s brother had reacted to Dex coming out, and how it had affected him.

“And he helped me to feel more comfortable here.  I know this is Samwell, and there’s the whole “1 in 4” thing, but he helped me brave enough to go to Winter Screw with a date.  And it was such an amazing night.” Dex said, his eyes filled with tears. He was holding them back though, and Nursey realised how much he needed to get through this right now.  To get his feelings off his chest.

“It’s was amazing.” Dex said, “Our first screw together. He looked so good in his suit.  And he told me I looked handsome. No one ever said that about me before.  And he brought me flowers.  Plastic ones because of my allergies.  And we went to dinner first. He wanted to treat me but I argued and he let me split the bill.” Dex laughed at the memory, the sound surprising Nursey. “And then he bought us both desserts anyway. I was so stuffed by the time we got to the Screw; I didn’t think we’d be able to dance.”

“I can’t actually dance,” Dex continued with a sad smile “Tanner said he’d cover for me.  He led all the dances and I still stood on his feet like 10 times.  He just laughed every time.  Told me I was getting better, and I’d be a great dancer by our next screw.  An-and now we’re not going to be going together.” Dex wiped at his tears as they fell, but couldn’t stop them.

“I just. I don’t know why he dumped me!” he said angrily, voice hoarse from his tears.   He stood up, and began pacing the room as he spoke. “We were good together!  I was a good boyfriend. I talked to him about how I felt; I listened to him as well!  I helped him when he needed it, and did my best not to shut him out when I needed help!  I paid for dates just as much as he did!  I went to his swimming competitions when I could!  I didn’t pressure him to coming to the hockey games when he was busy!  I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS NURSEY!” Dex yelled. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG! WHAT DID I DO?” and then, quieter, looking at Nursey as though he might know the answer “What’s did I do wrong?”

“Will- you didn’t-. It isn’t because of you. Tanner just doesn’t see how great a boyfriend you were.” Nursey said, trying to comfort him.  He wasn’t really great at it though, but he was doing his best for Dex.

“If I was so great why’d he dump me?” Dex asked angrily.

“Because he’s an idiot.” Nursey said simply.  He surprised a laugh out of Dex, which he considered a good thing.

“Is he though?  I mean, he’s best in his classes.  He gets really good grades.” Dex said sadly.

“Yeah, but he dumped you. And that’s the dumbest thing ever.” Nursey said.  He wanted to tell Dex he would never do that to him, never break his heart into pieces like Tanner had.    But he knew now wasn’t the time.

“You’re too good for him Dex, and someday he’s going to see that and realise that dumping you was the dumbest decision of his life.” Nursey said instead.  Dex was quiet, staring at him in shock for a minute.

“You really think so?” he asked unsurely.

“I know so.” Nursey said confidently.  If he was Tanner, he’d be kicking himself right now.

“You really think I’m too good for Tanner?  Tanner, captain of the swim team?  Tanner, who everyone wants to be with?  Tanner, who’s funny and sweet, and kind, and -?” Dex stopped, as he felt tears coming on again.  “You really think I’m too good for him?”

“You really are Dex.” Nursey said. “You’re smart, and kind, and honest, and hardworking, and witty, and helpful, and.  And Tanner’s the dumbest man alive if he doesn’t see all that!” Nursey practically shouted the last part, and Dex stood looking at him.

“That-.  That’s …. Um… Thanks Nursey.” Dex managed after a while.  Nursey couldn’t read his thoughts from his face, but he hoped Dex didn’t know how close he’d just come to revealing his feelings for him.

Nursey sat uncomfortably on Dex’s bed, trying to change the subject in case Dex was about to ask him about that.

“Want to watch another movie?” he asked quickly.  Dex nodded, and sat next to Nursey on the bed again.  Nursey put on the first movie he saw, not really watching it, but watching Dex instead.  Dex, who looked sad and confused and angry and like he wasn’t watching the movie either, but was too deep in his own thoughts and feelings to even call Nursey out for staring at him.

Nursey was worried about him.


“You haven’t been to a kegster since you started dating him.” Nursey pointed out.

“Because they’re for drinking and hook-ups, and Tanner and I were exclusive.” Dex argues back.

“Just come for an hour, walk around with some tub juice, talk to the team, complain about Holster’s taste in music with me, eat something Bitty baked, and if you hate it, we’ll leave then.” Nursey tried.  Dex hadn’t been out of his room much apart from meals, class, and practise, and he was worried about him.  The whole team was worried about him.  Nursey would only be able to keep them all from arriving in Dex’s dorm in well-meant concern for so long.

“Half an hour.” Dex bargained.

“40 minutes.” Nursey responded, and Dex nodded his agreement.

“And no more?”

“And no less.”

This was a great idea.


This was an awful idea.

At first it had been good. They’d played pong, talked to the team, had some pie, and chirped Holster for his music taste.

Nursey had decided he needed some air, and Dex had come with him to the porch.  It was full of people, some talking, some drinking, and some making out.  They were mostly strangers, except for the girl with green hair from his poetry class, and her girlfriend, a guy from his crit group and his datemate, and


The guy he was making out with was a stranger though.

Nursey turned around, hoping to steer Dex back inside before he saw but it was too late.

“Tanner?!” Dex froze on the porch, shocked to see him.

Tanner pulled away from the guy he was kissing, and threw a look at him over his shoulder.

“Oh, hey Will.” he greeted casually.  Nursey wanted to punch him in the face.

“What….what are you doing?” Dex managed to ask.

“I’m just enjoying the party.” Tanner said, and turned back to the guy he was with.

“It’s our 6 month anniversary.” the guy he was with said happily.

“Your what?” Nursey choked out.  As far as he knew, Dex and Tanner had been dating for the last 7 months.

“But.  But you can’t be….Tanner and I were.  We were.  We.” Dex stuttered out in shock.  “We were together.”

“We were good friends, yeah man.” Tanner said.

“Good friends?  We were…..we were good friends?!” Dex said in shock.  “Tanner I-“

“Yeah, I’ll see you around man.”  Tanner said, and turned back to his boyfriend.

Nursey needed to get Dex out of there.

“Why don’t we go back to your dorm Dex?” he suggested, guiding him off the porch and away from the Haus.  Dex nodded and walked with him quietly, still in shock.

They were about halfway back to the dorm rooms when Dex stopped.

“He was cheating on me.” Dex said.  “He. He started dating someone. He.  Tanner was dating someone else.  He.  Nursey he was cheating on me.”

“Dex….Will.” Nursey had no idea what to say.  “I’m sorry Will.  He shouldn’t have done that to you.  He didn’t deserve you.”

“But he…I didn’t…I’m so stupid.” Dex said.  “I actually believed he loved me”

“You’re not stupid Will. You deserve better than that.  You didn’t deserve that.” Nursey tried. “You deserve better than that”

“I don’t.  i. I don’t know Nursey.  I.  I trusted him so much.  And he did this.   I…I- UGH.” Dex shouted, throwing his arms up in frustration  

“Hey, Will.  Dex.  Will.” Nursey said again, pulling him close to him.  “You’re ok.  It’s ok.” Nursey assured him.  “Tanners an idiot and you deserve so much better than an idiot.”

“Like who?” Dex asked, “Who do I deserve?”

“Me.” Nursey said, regretting it instantly.  Now was not the time.  

“You?  What?” Dex spluttered in shock.  He pulled away from Nursey and stared at him.

“I’m sorry, Will. That was inappropriate.  I’m so sorry” Nursey apologised, but Dex cut him off.

“You like me?” Dex asked.

Nursey nodded, holding his breath for Dex’s reaction.  He hoped against hope he wouldn’t be mad, or upset.

“I.  Derek” Dex ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, a nervous habit he’d picked up since starting at Samwell.    “Derek, I can’t right now.  This is too much.”

“I know.  Will I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.

“I just.  Can we talk about this tomorrow?” Dex asked, “I…I just want be alone for a while.”


“I’m going back to my dorm. Can we talk tomorrow?” Dex asked.

“Yeah.  Of course.  Anything you want.” Nursey said “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Okay.” Dex said, and nodded to himself.  “Okay, I’ll see you then”

“Will you be ok getting back to you dorm?” Nursey asked.  

Dex nodded, and left, heading back to his dorm quickly.


Nursey showed up at his dorm at 10 am the next morning, hoping it wasn’t too early.  He stood outside for another 5 minutes, debating whether to knock now or not.  Steeling his nerves, he knocked, and Dex opened it immediately.

“Hey” Nursey said quietly.

“Hi” Dex said, “Um, you wanna come in?”

“Yeah, sure.” Nursey said, trying to sound casual.  He followed Dex into the room, and sat on his desk chair, as Dex sat on his bed again.

“So…” Nursey started after an awkward silence.

“So.  Um. About last night.” Dex started awkwardly.  “About what you said.”

“Listen, Will, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that.” Nursey apologised again.

“It’s ok.  It’s just.  I can’t be in a relationship right now” Dex said.  “I’m sorry Derek, but after everything with Tanner…” Dex stopped, swallowing back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand Will.  I’d never push you into a relationship when you’re not ready.” Nursey said.

“Can we still be friends?”  Dex asked quietly, looking worried.

“Of course.  If you want to be.  I want to still be friends.” Nursey said.

“Yeah.  And.” Dex stopped, looking at Nursey nervously. “Maybe someday we could… maybe we could date?  I don’t know yet.  But maybe.”

Dex smiled at him nervously, and Nursey smiled back at him.

They were gonna be okay.

anonymous asked:

If Ziam is real they clearly have an open relationship because it doesn't take intense digging to find receipts on them sexting girls as recently as the week just gone.

Oh yeah, let’s not question THOSE sources. Because Zayn and Liam are clearly just sitting around slipping into people’s DMs. 

It is a fact that all five members of One Direction have their social media accounts monitored, and often run, by social media managers. The Rye Social is the company that managed (manages?) 1D’s social media account, both for the band and personal accounts.

It’s rare that some information about shady shit that a celebrity as high profile as Zayn Malik or Liam Payne will just appear online organically. Just like, if a celebrity as high profile as Louis Tomlinson, who was in the midst of a world tour with his band whose main demographic is young women and girls, got a rando pregnant, there is no. way. in. hell. that any PR manager would let that story leak. And they CERTAINLY wouldn’t let it leak while the girl was still in her first trimester. 90% of people wait longer to tell their friends and family that they’re pregnant than they did to tell the entire world that she was apparently pregnant. 

My point is, these stories and screenshots and multiple photos taken in clubs that just happen to clearly catch someone looking like they’re standing pretty close to someone else with the flash on are a pretty convenient way of making you question your goddamn sanity. It’s called gaslighting. 

“Liam and Zayn can’t be together! Look at all these chicks they’re sleeping with!”

“Louis can’t be gay! Look at him standing close to a girl!” 

Just because these things are caught with cameraphones and screenshots does not make them immediately legitimate. 

Think about what screenshots like this serve to reiterate. First of all, that Liam and Zayn are straight. And second of all, that they’re complete morons because why would they put their cheating plans in writing? It’s pretty consistent with the media portrayal of both of them from 1DHQ. Well, definitely with Zayn’s character in terms of the cheating thing, but I’m sure Simon Cowell is doing everything he can in his power to discredit Liam’s character at the moment. 

It would be very simple to be like, “Of course they’re going to sleep with lots of girls! They’re young and in the most successful band in the world.” That would certainly be consistent with the rock and roll lifestyle. 

How-ev-er, there is one thing that should be like, “Hi, I’m a red flag!” And it’s this guy:

Niall travelled the goddamn world on a lad’s holiday doing God knows what and we got one or two fan photos. Niall dated Selena Gomez. You know how I know he dated Selena Gomez? Because a friend texted me from Shoreditch House to say, “lol Niall and Selena Gomez are sitting next to us and they keep making out.” 

So you’re telling me that Niall can (semi-)publicly make out with one of the biggest stars in the world and not only do most people not know about it, but not one magazine or newspaper reported on it? But Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry look at a girl crosseyed and it’s a Daily Mail exclusive? 

One of these things is not like the other.  

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Witchy Planner Inserts: Esbat Spread

To help bring in 2017 this New Year, I’ve revamped my Witchy “Planner” and to help out my fellow witches here on Tumblr, I’ve decided to make a series of posts of all the things I keep in my Planner. For more about My Witchy “Planner” see this post.

This is the result of watching too many planner videos on YouTube. Last night I watched this video by Filo Mioz and I was inspired to create this spread. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the spread for, however I thought it would be nice to create a Esbat planning cheat sheet as it were. I have a difficult time deciding on what to do for Esbats and so I made this spread!

In this spread I’ve wrote out a list of things to do, a bit about the Full Moon and the Dark Moon as well as incense recipes, a recipe for Moon Cakes and Lavender Milk and a tarot spread. 

I genuinely enjoyed making this spread. I think I may try other spreads like this. Adding all the scrapbook paper and the washi tape made the pages very thick, but it’s very pleasing to the eye, and super useful and durable.

If anyone has any ideas on any spreads like this they would be interested in, feel free to let me know! I always enjoy hearing ideas from others!


taylorslistofexlovers  asked:

There is a kevineil drOUGHT right now can you please make it rain (heh see what I did there) fluffy headcanons thank

I’m sorry its legitimately been like… 2 months since you sent this but HERE WE ARE, kevineil + fluff!! (throwing some under a cut bc it got away from me a bit)

  • an exy movie comes out, “the blind side” style. neil and kevin are so excited about it they actually skip night practice to go to the midnight release.
  • they even get sodas. kevin day drinks soda. this is how serious they are
  • the whole thing is emotional and dramatic and neil loves the shit out of it. he probably tears up at some point which is wild bc he doesn’t cry (except during sex, whoops)
  • kevin just complains out loud the whole time about how unrealistic it is
  • “he made that shot from past half court with NO OPENING! it was impossible. did you even see the angle?”
  • afterward, the two of them are so fired up that they end up going to the court at like 3am
  • kevin spends an hour trying to make the ‘impossible shot’ (he eventually does)
  • neil: “you said it was impossible” kevin: “well, no one else would be able to do it”
  • ok, moving on

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Anti-tcc cheat sheet

(before you plan your next discourse, brush up on the basics to avoid sounding (too) redundant!)

1. The true crime community is not a fandom.
2. Mass shooters and serial killers are not the same thing.
–Mass shooters typically attack a group of people at once (a ‘mass’, if you will) and open fire via guns (that’s the ‘shooting’ part of ‘mass shooting’) or sometimes bombs.
–Serial killers tend to kill multiple victims over a span of time (the word ‘serial’ is derived from ‘series’) and can use a variety of methods.
3. If you can’t remember tip #2 (likely because you probably don’t know enough about the crime to criticize the blogger), just use the generic - the Columbine kids (it’s okay, you don’t know their names), and Dylann Roof were mass shooters, while Dahmer, Bundy, Ramirez were serial killers.
4. Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone. He is not a serial killer, if anything, he is a cult leader.
5. The true crime community is not a fandom.
6. Hybristophilia is an authentic paraphilia that describes a sexual attraction to people who have committed violent acts, including murder. Not all of the TCC are hybristophiles, but many can openly acknowledge that even bad people can have attractive faces without dismissing what they’ve done. Have you ever met a person with a beautiful face, and even an interesting personality or were amazingly intelligent, but they were a total sack of shit human being? That’s how this works.
7. We know that Jeffrey Dahmer was gay.
8. Some of us are male. Some of us aren’t white. Some of us are trans, etc. A lot of us are gay/bisexual, etc. Many of us are adults.
9. You may catch us mocking the killer, but not the victims - we police our own. 99% of us don’t condone murder at all, especially the loss of the victims’ lives and up to including the death penalty.
10. Murderers are human beings. You can argue against this all you want, but the fact is that committing a heinous crime doesn’t alter your DNA nor change your species.
11. The true crime community is not a fandom.
12. Dylann Roof is not the same person as Dylan Klebold (aka Sunshine boy/VoDkA - one of those previously mentioned Columbine boys)
13. Many of us currently work (or want to work) in psych, criminology, law, etc.
14. Jokes/memes are a coping mechanism. Police, nurses, morticians, doctors, and psychiatrists make jokes about their professions and their field of expertise. It allows the subject matter to be of continued study/interest without overwhelming the individual with empathy - it is human nature to adapt to situations with humor and resiliency.
15. Interest in or mentioning how attractive someone is does not equate to wanting to have sex with them.
16. The true crime community is not a fandom.

imagine a Foxhole Amazing Race AU:

  • teams: Neil and Matt, Andrew and Kevin, Aaron and Nicky, Renee and Dan, Allison and Seth, (additionally we can have Jean & Jeremy and Laila & Alvarez)
  • teams are all meeting each other for the first time (except the cousins + Kevin)
  • Dan and Renee are always in the lead, closely followed by Neil and Matt
  • Kevin is the most passionate and keeps pushing them to go farther but Andrew doesn’t give it his all unless he has incentive
  • Allison and Seth frequently come in last because of their arguing but they rock the roadblocks faster than half the teams
  • Aaron doesn’t care. Nicky is just happy to be there.
  • Phil asks the twins, when both teams end up on the mat at the same time, why they didn’t come on the show together and they look at each other until Andrew says “I would kill him” and Aaron says “he’s a dick”
  • they don’t comment on the amount of times Andrew looked like he was going to kill Kevin
  • everyone thinks Matt and Neil are dating because Matt is constantly hugging and lifting Neil up and kissing him on the cheek or forehead, neither deny it
  • Allison and Seth are always bickering, the other teams are all betting on when they’ll break up during the race
  • somehow Matt always ends up doing the same roadblocks as Dan and he starts to fall for her, no one can say that Matt allows his feelings to let her take the lead because she was already in the lead and doesn’t need help to stay there, but she hangs around Matt longer than she needs to at times
  • one roadblock has a knife throwing challenge and Neil makes it out first (only a minute before Renee), doesn’t even blink at how easy it is for him. Andrew stares at him the entire time.
  • there’s a detour with heights involved and Andrew tenses, Kevin waits with him impatiently and starts to complain when Matt and Neil show up and start to pass them but Neil notices something is off and stops to talk to Andrew, “hey if you can get to the top of the mountain I’ll tell you a secret”
  • both teams arrive at the top almost at the same time and later that evening when they’re waiting for their plane, Andrew corners Neil and drags him away from the cameras. Neil tells him that he and Matt aren’t dating. “Not good enough,” Andrew says and Neil sees the question in Andrew’s eyes. He tells him a story of growing up with knife training every night. Andrew doesn’t ask why, just nods and goes back to the other teams.
  • Nicky asks Neil if he’s planning to cheat on Matt with Andrew and Neil laughs before going back to Matt and laying with his head in Matt’s lap. Nicky is the only one who still thinks Matt and Neil are dating at this point (mostly because everyone has seen Matt’s heart eyes for Dan)
  • Allison and Seth break up when they lose a leg and Allison writes her number on Renee’s hand
  • Dan and Renee win, Kevin and Andrew are in second, Matt and Neil in third
  • it’s speculated that Kevin and Andrew come in second because Neil had whispered to Andrew before the leg “if you give it your all, I’ll make it worth your while” (Matt’s not even mad that this probably cost them second place, he’s just happy for them)
  • a couple years later Andrew and Neil return for an All Stars Couple race along with Renee & Allison, and Matt & Dan. Their original race is forever known as the Match Making race (even more so than the actual blind dating race because this one actually worked)

“Fun facts about Mass Effect” is going to be the title of my autobiography.

Change Of Plans

Summary based off of a request from @silverrawrs: The attempt at trying to right several wrongs that I’ve been dragged in to unfortunately is planned. The encounter with Seth Rollins that leads to us tracking down an Elvis impersonator who’s stolen an engagement ring is not. The success of the attempt at fixing this mess is planned. The second encounter with Seth Rollins several months later is most certainly not.

Warnings: Cheating. Drinking. Fluff. Exasperated reader with Seth Rollins for being a little heel (BEHAVE YOURSELF SETH!) You have been warned. Some swearing. And… Elvis. Long fic.

Word count: Just shy of 9,000.

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The first time I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, I was curious about Peter’s mix-tape that he’s constantly listening to (not least because dude? You have a casette that didn’t wear out or snap after 20 years? Where the frilly frick did your mother buy her cassettes?).

Mix-tapes were generally put together for a particular person by someone who liked/loved etc them. What struck me is that this mix-tape definitely wasn’t made for Peter. Some of the songs are completely inappropriate for a mother to direct at their child.

However, as I recall, mix-tapes often were used to tell a narrative with songs put in a specific order. If you listen to the tracks as parts of a story, you get so much information about Peter’s mother, who clearly made this mix-tape. If she made it for Peter, it’s to tell him where he came from.

  • “Hooked on a Feeling” - a guy telling a woman about how he can’t resist her and the fact he believes she’s in love with him.
  • “Go All the Way” - … well, the title really says it all, doesn’t it? SEXY TIMES.
  • “Spirit in the Sky” - I can’t help feeling this is much more literal to her than it would be to us, because something has definitely come out of the sky.
  • “Moonage Daydream” - Basically “I know you’re an alien, but I don’t care”
  • “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” - the crush and fooling around has turned into something serious
  • “I’m Not in Love” - the ultimate break-up song, where someone is sitting in a dark room and having a good cry over all the little trinkets and tokens.
  • “I Want You Back” - does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • “Come and Get Your Love” - Again, self-explanatory, with a note of “ffs, will you get your butt back here, because I’m waiting”.
  • “Cherry Bomb” - It took me a couple of listens, but this is about someone who isn’t who she’s expected to be, a “wild girl”. I’m assuming this would be when she found out she was about to be a single mother in the 80s.
  • “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” - …I’ll let you figure out what a song about a jaded person planning to cheat on his/her long-term lover means in the context of this story.
  • “O-o-h Child” - Someone had a baaaaaaaaaaaaaby.
  • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” - And even after all of that, she’s still ready and willing to be there for the man she loves, no matter what comes between them.

So in conclusion, Peter’s mother had a swept-off-her-feet kind of romance with this man, who shortly thereafter revealed he was an alien. He wasn’t meant to fall in love with a human, but these things happen. When he had to leave, he had to leave her behind. The break-up was hard and she never got over it, but despite everything and the way people judged her for her behaviour, she didn’t care. She had a child, whom she loved, and if her lover came back, she was ready and waiting for him.

Or I could be completely misinterpreting it :D




Making up with Kwangmin after a fight (Requested)

Reminding Jeongmin that you love him

Finding Jeongmin and Yegeon adorable

Appreciating Donghyun’s blonde hair

Excited for Christmas


Boyfriend as Magical Creatures!

Witch!Au (Jeongmin scenario)



Boyfriend!Ilhoon jealous of the attention your dress is getting

Changsub texting his girlfriend after her comeback. (Requested)

Missing Peniel when he’s away

Missing Ilhoon’s It’s Okay Hair

Wishing an angel Happy Birthday

Excited for Christmas

Friendship with Btob

Asking them to buy you pads/tampons

Everyday texts with boyfriend Peniel

Setting you up with Peniel

Accidentally sending an NSFW

Scenarios and Reactions

BTOB as Magical Creatures!


Birthday Kiss (Minhyuk) 

When their s/o wears cute little lingerie as a surprise (requested)

When their s/o is an amazing baker (requested)

They get turned on when you’re swimming (Requested)

They propose (Requested)

Jealous that their girlfriend is touchy with her male bestie (Requested)

Fighting with Hyunsik

When their pregnant s/o is hospitalised (Requested) 



Bestfriend!Joshua complaining that he wants to date. (Part two

Messing with hyung line.

Dark Seventeen. Coups reaction.

Inspiring Woozi when he has writer’s block. 

Breaking up with leader line (S.Coups Part one Part two Part three Part four) (Woozi Part one Part two Part three) (Hoshi Part one Part two)

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~ 21/05/17 ~ {174/175} Making a summary sheet on important facts for my exam tomorrow! 😱

I think I already have Louis' baby Mama in mind...

A few months ago (before the whole “accidental cheating” thing) my plan was to have Louis start dating someone new once he went off to college and assumed Piper had moved on from him. I had a custom sim all set up and ready but of course I had to scrap her once the story took a different turn. THEN I was going to make her one of Piper’s roommates but she really didn’t fit the whole “sorority” dynamic so I stuck her back into my personal library, hoping I might get an opportunity to use her one day….

Oh yes, I think Melea will do just fine…

Reaction to You Not Telling Them You Met Your EX. . .

Anonymous said: First I want to start off by saying our such an amazing write. Best blog ever. Okay so to the request: a EXO and iKon reaction when you run into your ex but you don’t tell them but they find out from a picture on social media and they confront you about it?? Yay! Thanks! I look forward to it

Reaction to You Not Telling Them You Met Your EX…

[EXO Reaction Here >click]

A/N here’s the last one for this request! hope you like! requests are open, so keep them coming.

Kai Eonni ~


He would find out through one of his members, and would be shown the pic of you and your ex having a friendly talk in a cafe. Immediately jealous and anger would build up in him. However, he wouldn’t want to seem immature, so he would keep those poisonous feelings within himself. This would lead to him giving you the cold shoulder. It would hurt him, to him, honesty in a relationship is key, and this would make him second guess your feelings for him. Eventually the pain, confusion and questions swarming in his head would be too much for him, and would blurt out to you, “Why did you meet up with him?” But it could be two days later, and you would be lost as to what the question is about. He would be very touchy with you and clingy, his possessive side coming out slightly. He would need confirmation that you aren’t thinking of getting with other guys or going to leave him for your ex.

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Usually Bobby is pretty chill with you being friends with other guys, he would even be okay if you told him you ran into your ex, but to see you smiling at your ex in the picture and it looking like you two are on a date, that set Bobby off and brought out his usually non-existent jealousy to the surface. He would ask you what the meaning of the picture is the moment he steps into your apartment. He would need to hear every detail about five minutes before you ran into your ex and five minutes after. Later, when you tame his jealousy and assure him there was nothing more than your ex holding the door open for you to enter the store and you being a civil person and thanking him, he would be the chill Bobby you fell for and he would hug you tight, his eye smile distinct on his features as he says, “Ah, don’t go around meeting guys, ‘cause then it makes me worried~!”

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He would take this very seriously, and would find a time for you and him to talk in privately. He would ask, without accusing you, why there is a picture of you and your ex. He would need assurance that it meant nothing, and would take the benefit of the doubt and trust you. However, if this were to happen again, he would be a little more suspicious about it and would need a better reason than ‘we just ran into one another’ this time. 

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He would be a little hurt about you not telling him that you didn’t run into your ex. Even if it was just a coincidental run-in. However, he wouldn’t voice that, and wouldn’t even bring it up, unless the other boys kept making up scenarios and scaring him to the point that you would leave him and only then he would bring it up to you. However, if they didn’t do that, he wouldn’t bring it up. Unless, like Jinhwan, there was another case that you ran into your ex and didn’t tell him, then he would ask, in fear that you were cheating or planning on leaving him.


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He would be pissed about this. It would end up being brought up through a fight. He would storm into your apartment, his phone ready with the picture to show you. He would bring it up saying, “What do you think you’re doing going and meeting with other guys? Your ex no less!” This would be fueled from his fear of losing you or you cheating on him. He would need you to repeat what happened, only because he would be interrupting you with accusations. However, after you finally get it out and calm him down, he would sigh in defeat and lean into you, needing you to hold him. He would apologize while leaving kisses all over your face before sealing your lips with his with a whispered, “I love you my Jagi.”

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He would approach this situation in a serious manner, almost too seriously. When it came to you he didn’t mess around. Seeing another man with you set him off, but he didn’t want to come across as possessive or jealous, so he would swallow all his emotions and simply ask for an explanation. However, after he heard the reason you were with your ex was because you literally ran into each other, his whole demeanor changed. He would become so loving towards you and hold you close to him, internally thanking the world for not taking you away from him.

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He would approach this in a childish manner, finding a way to talk to you in private, however the moment you are in his room alone, he would say, “Do you still love me?” He would explain how he saw the picture of you and your ex. You would need to calmly explain what happened and assure him that you still love him. After he would bashfully smile, blush powdered across his cheeks as he apologizes, giving you a strong hug.

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