cheapest solar panels

maawi replied to your post: “Job interview went well. Load of people there. Some group and…”:

Fro what you’re saying, you did great *HUGS*


So much fun but so much panic. Literally.

Also I seemed to awe the woman who asked the standard question of: “if you were stuck on an island on your own, what three things would you have with you if you were on your own?” because my response was basically: “sat phone, knife, twine” and she asked “how would you power the sat phone though?”

“Ionised water in a coconut that’s connected to the phone and replenished because salt water ocean and” basically I rambled about how certain plants can actually carry a current as well wire and that if you could manage it you had a change of recharging or jerry-rigging the sat phone to a renewable energy source.

Literally never seen someone look at me with so much awed amazement in their eyes. 

And yes, I recognise I’m a nerd. Already had my mam tell me that lmao

I mean, I didn’t tell her that building a kiln and mining some metal/using pieces of whatever you landed on the island in could also enable you to make the world’s cheapest and crappiest solar panel because I doubt she would have believed me but hey, island on your own for long time, you’re have the time to actually do that tbh xD