This song just popped up on my itunes! Forgot how much I loved it.

Should've been disastrous.

So me and Dunni were so, so ready to tear up Uxbridge/Brunel (Aish’s uni), but then Dunni forgot her ID……….biggest fail of 2k12. The whole thing was pretty funny (I caught it on camera, contemplating putting it up, I’ll keep you posted). So we just decided to hit up her campus club, which can I add was freaking mental. We made so many new friends (hahaha) and literally had the best night ever. See folks, everything happens for a reason.

Yup, Aishah legit began studying…we’re not even in her room, crazy ass ni..


dance party with Jenny in my room, then back to studying ;)


ahahahaaa, this vid is cute!! And so the Simmons legacy lives on…


I hate the fact that I love this song haahaa. The vid is very standard Hype Williams though. Thoughts?


Okayyyyy, so this may be a bit awks because I am aware that we’re like 5 years late, and probs because we’re English, but me and my two flatmates have become obsessed with the whole teach me how to dougie thing. They always rip it out of me saying I’m not actually black ‘cause I can’t dance (plus a whole lotta other reasons I probably shouldn’t share hahaa) but, I tried, okay. Everyone’s pretty much intoxicated in this vid (& I’m pretty tired), but believe me when I say this, they are like this all the freaking time haahahahaaaaa

Ps. we’re probs not even doing it right..

Okay so I’ve been to Westfield shopping centre four times this week. YES THAT’S RIGHT, FOUR. TIMES. Twice to the London one and twice the Stratford. I must be really good for their economy, right??

Seen my sister three times this week and got to catch up with my beautiful best friend Nazmie today. Had an amazing first week back at university, but gotta start some serious studying and probs attend a shopaholic anonymous group…