I am a Yu Yu Hakusho fanatic when I was in secondary school! I would scrimp every lunch money I got and make sure I get the manga…! Not cheap since it is imported from Taiwan!

I absolutely love Hiei! Hahaha I guess I have a thing for misunderstood characters. However as I reread the series now when I am older, I actually enjoy Yusuke more! He is truly the leader of the team; no matter how bad things are, Yusuke is always optimistic and believes! A very relatable character since he is just like a slacker like most of us and tries his best in situations he is in!

Anyone watched/read YYH? :D


Bleach volumes 2,3,11,14,15,19,21-24,&27 I also have a box of Bleach trading cards that I will throw in if you purchase all of them (or more than half!) ALL 11 volumes-$30, Seperate- $4

Blue Exorcist voumes 1-7 ALL 7 volumes $20, sperate $4

The Gentleman’s Alliance volume 1 $4

Wild Ones volumes 2 & 4 Both $6, each separate $4

MAR volumes 1-3, 13,& 14 ALL 5 volumes $15, Separate $4

Kannagi volume 1 $5

Code Geass volumes 1-3, ALL 3 $10, Separate $4

Gurren Lagann volumes 1 & 2 BOTH $9, separate $5

Alice In The Country Of Hearts volumes 1 & 2 BOTH $9, separate $5

V.B. Rose (also good shoujo manga) volume 1 $4

Sugar Princess (ANOTHER great shoujo manga about ice skating!! very cute) volume 1 $4

K-ON volume 1 $6

Anyone want to buy manga?

I have too much of this shit on my hands and I need to get it away. I’ll sell it super cheap or just give it away because it’s too much on my hands.

Let’s see what I have

Durarara vol.1-4

Durarara Arc 2 vol. 1-3

Blue Exorcist Vol. 1-3 Now just Volume 3!

Bleach Vol. 32 & 40

Color Bleach Profiles

Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 4 & 13

The Earl and the Fairy Vol. 1

Death Note Black Edition 1

Dogs Bullets & Carnage Vol. 1

Black Butler Vol. 1-13

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Hi Niu~ I wanted some advice when it came to traveling to Osaka, Japan. Out of all cities and towns, Osaka is a favorite of mine and I am going to be taking my best friend to see what I consider to be my second home. Any advice you have when it comes to saving money (whether it be in food, transportation, souvenirs), especially because we are both food fanatics and anime geeks <3 Thank you in advance <3

Here’s a little list I wrote for two of my friends. This is overall info of Osaka for traveling with some extra I added here, so that’s why the text is a bit jumpy. This is also written in a way that someone who knows nothing of Osaka can read it and get some help, so ignore the spots which you are already familiar with. 

- Buy souvenirs and basically anything you need from 100 yen shops. Biggest brands are Daiso and Seria but individual 100 yen shops exist, too. For example in Dotonbori road there’s big Daiso as well as in Tenmabashi mall. You can get anything you can imagine from 100 yen shops, however, only Daiso has food, drinks, snacks and other edible items.

- For cheap manga, DVDs, CDs, art books, magazines and such go to BOOK-OFF. One is also located in Dotonbori road. Prices start from 100 yen, but usually one manga book costs around 300-400 yens. 

- For new manga books, magazines, art books and such, go to Kinokuniya. There are many in Osaka so check your closest one.

- You can often find cute famous series fan stuff from LOFT department stores. There are two big ones in Umeda and one smaller one in Namba (at Namba,  take metro exit 5 and turn right towards OiOi store, cross the street and turn again to right from in front of OiOi.)

- You can buy a day metro pass from any station. From Monday-Friday it’s 600 yens and on the weekends 800 yens per day. With that you can travel as much as you can with metro for one day (24 hours). 

- If you don’t want metro day pass, at least buy yourself Icoca card from the airport (from train ticket machines) and load money on it. If you already have some Japanese travel card, you don’t need to buy Icoca. Nowadays all Japanese cities’ travel cards are valid in whole Japan. Just load money on it.

- For manga, anime, doujinshi and such you need to head to DenDen Town. Go to Nippombashi station and take exit 5 and head away from the big bridge before you toward Ebisucho metro station. K-Books is something you two should see (2 floors fan items, 1 for cosplay and 2 for doujinshi!), and just nearby it there’s also Animage store. Note that fan stuff in Japan is expensive! Some stores in DenDen Town sell used fan items, kinda like collector items and such. 

- Namba walk. It has one floor (basement floor) nothing but food, and rest of the floors are full of anything you can imagine. Get off from subway at Namba station and take exit 35 if I don’t remember wrong (don’t worry; at the subway platform there’s a yellow exit map which shows in English which exit you need to take to get to Namba Walk).

- Tenmabashi (Keihan) City Mall. This has multiple floors and there’s lovely Daiso and absolutely gorgeous small shop, which sells anything traditional in there. It’s a bit pricey but perfect if you want traditional items. The mall is next to a river so you should have nice views from it, too. There’s an entry to the mall directly at Tenmabashi subway station. Purple Tanimachi Line goes to Tenmabashi (station T22)

- If you like things like Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Miffy, Sanrio ect. there’s Kiddy Land in Umeda. 

- Shitennoji temple flea market is open every month on 21st and 22nd day. People go there to sell their old items, and there’s plenty of antique, kimonos, ceramics and food. It’s beautiful place and worth of taking a stroll there. Visiting the temple itself cost a few hundred yens, but you can bid your offering, go to pray and buy omikujis outside (note that omikujis here are in Japanese only; in Fushimi Inari you should be able to get translated omikujis). Entry to the flea market is free.
It’s a short walk distance from Shitennoji-mae Yuhigoaka station, on the purple Tanimachi subway line (station T26)

- Uneda Sky Building has a cafe at 44th floor and I think you should be able to go there for free if you want to take a look at Osaka. Seeing the Sky Building itself costs. It’s located in Umeda, near the central railway station. There’s an underway passage outside which goes in front of the Umeda Sky Building.

- Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the 2nd biggest aquarium in Japan. The entry fee is 2 300 yens. It’s located in Osaka-ko harbor area. Take a green Chuo Line (subway) to Osaka-ko (station  C11)

- There’s Gudetama cafe in Umeda 😃

- There’s a very long shopping street going through Dotombori road (with the famous crab statue and the runner picture). Get off at Namba subway station and walk north to Shinsaibashi subway station. This street has high class department stores and shops but also Daiso, Book Off, Disney Store and Sanrio Store. You can get some high quality Japanese candies and snacks, also fresh taiyakis here, from the basement food floor of Daimaru department store (also big department store Takashiyama has wonderful selection of everything you can possibly need, especially for food! You’ll find Takashiyama at Namba subway station; there’s direct entrance to the department store from the station)

I hope this helps! Ask if you need any more info!

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Oh, could I get some headcannons for having part 3 jotaro as a best friend? If that's okay ;0;

Hell yea, kitten. The Joot would be a good friend!!

Originally posted by anakiss

“Friendships Never Die”; Best Friend Jotaro headcanons

  • Jotaro would invite you to have a smoke and a beer with him. If dem drugs doesn’t suit you, then he just wants you over to hang out
  • Again, he’s not much of a talker but he’s down to just sit there and read cheap manga with you
  • You offer him your notes. Let’s be real, he’s not one to study or be a goody-two-shoes in class but he still wants to pass
  • Jotaro uses Star Platinum to sketch things for you
  • He also uses Star Platinum to hug you. You, being someone without a stand, can’t see it but you feel something hug you. Little do you know that it’s Jotaro’s appreciating for you as he takes a nap with the bill of his cap covering his eyes
  • You two still remain best friends. If you’re male, he invites you as his best man for his wedding
  • Jotaro looks out for you. If bullies at school even say anything about threatening you, he is gonna be on their tails like a territorial wolf
  • If he has pocket money, he’s willing to buy you a refreshing canned coffee or soda of your choice
  • He lets you wear his coat when it’s cold. All that beef he has is muscle and more blood can circulate heat in his body

I got some Osomatsu-san goodies when I went to Little Tokyo with my boyfriend! ♥

Sorry for all the bad quality photos. ;;

All of these were pretty cheap! (The mangas especially). The Birthday Ichimatsu and the Noodle Stopper were the most expensive out of my haul, but I had to get them since they were my dream figures to have! 

The Choromatsu keychains were the cheapest I got (I also have two Jyushimatsu buttons, gave one to my brother since he wanted one. They were a dollar more than the Choros).

Sadly I had to leave some other manga, figures, and buttons behind since we have to leave. ://

I’m already saving up to buy more merch when I go again soon!


~ I’m opening commissions for the upcoming holiday season!! I need the extra xmas money!! ~

Sketches - 10$
Line art - 15$
Flat color - 20$
Shading - 25$
Icons w/out color - 5$
Icons w/ flat color - 10$
Icons w/ shading - 15$
Will do:
Original characters with references, characters from a tv show with references.
Will NOT do:
NSFW art/nudity
Over complicated designs (cars, robots, etc.)


FMA 2003 has much more weight behind it, while FMAB is full of cliches and inappropriate humor. Typical happy ending, typical villain who wants to be god, typical “good vs evil” morals. 03, meanwhile, had a lot more complex villains, the homunculi weren’t just underlings of the villain, they had their own independence, their own goals, their own identity. Lust was a huge example. 03 makes you think a lot more. Plus, the ending of FMAB was just cheesy.

FMAB isn’t the worst anime out there, sure, but it pales in comparison to 03 on several factors, especially moral depth. In 03, the villains were more sympathetic but you still never knew where to stand with them, the heroes were not completely good, but morally grey and rather questionable at points… Anyway, my point is that I like FMA 2003, because even if it has flaws, it’s still amazing, and is not just a cheap imitation of the manga. Also, from what I heard, even Hiromu Arakawa herself said that she enjoyed 03′s take on the Homunculi.


the first manga I ever bought when I was 8 vs my current collection :’ )

August 14-15


“Since this story has the rule that if you don’t give up something then you can’t change anything, I think Armin is going to give up Eren and Mikasa.”


“It would be nicely dramatic to take Erwin to go see the basement from here. If Levi was to take that role… he’d be squashed by Erwin. This is your cue once again, Floch.”


“True, Erwin said that he had to be there when the truth about the world is revealed, so this is plausible. But it’s true that if Levi carried him, Levi would be squashed and Danchou’s feet would be dragging along the floor, lol.”

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can you imagine that touka goes to haises christmas party, and haise is all happy because maybe he could ask her out in a real date, but once she arrives EVERY-SINGLE-BODY just starts flirting with her and not leaving her alone, so haise is all jelly because he has to share touka with his coworkers!!!!! yay for shameless toukaxeverysoulinthemanga ship🙈 sorry flor the cheap shoujo manga plot, i just really like the irony of ccg dorks crushing in a ghoul ❤️

I CAN DEFINITELY IMAGINE THIS. TG is the kind of manga that really really needs shoujo headcanons, isn’t it??

Haise really wants to hang but also really needs to cook so everyone gets a chance to hit on Touka first. Shirazu is nervously like “Do you remember me from the hospital??” and Touka nods and gives him the stunning smile again. he is just about to ask if she’d like a motorcycle ride when Saiko drags Touka away for Ness dittos and teaches Touka how to wavedash while Saiko slowly works her way to lying her head in Touka’s lap.

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Ebay! I'm selling a ton of manga!

To try and drum up more funds, I’m selling a ton of manga from my collection.

I put them in lots according to genre, interest, or stuff I think if a person likes that, they might like this.

The Peach Girl and Friends lot. A manga lot of Peach Girl, Peach Girl Sea Story and two other shojo vol 1 books. Quantity of 12  CHECK IT OUT HERE

Sweet Shojo lot. A lot of 12 sweeter  shojo manga. Think Aishiteruze Baby, Pita Ten, Cardcaptor Sakura, Baby & Me and more. SEE IT HERE!

High School Shojo lot! All of the manga here are shojo set in school. Most of Paradise Kiss, a Kimi ni Todoke and a bunch of vol 1’s. GO SEE!

Classic manga lot! Remember manga before Tokyopop changed things in 2000? It has a lot of Fushigi Yugi, Eva, Guyver and some other titles. CHECK IT OUT!

This is a lot of 8 manga. Not much in common except that it’s more shonen, seinen and harem manga. It has Chobits, One Piece, Yugioh and Happy Lesson.  GO SEE

I’ll be putting up more stuff for sale today and tomorrow. Thanks!