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My Sailor Moon collection

So it’s been a while since I showed you all my collection; I decided to rectify that! Unfortunately, my display space is very limited considering that my room is all I have to display my collection in, so everything is kinda smushed together. I hope to one day have enough space for everything!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my collection in its entirety! I also collect Madoka Magica and Pokemon stuff but I decided to have this post focus exclusively on Sailor Moon.

This is the Sailor Moon section of my anime bookshelf:

This part holds the Sailor V/Sailor Moon manga series, what copies of the animanga I have, my artbooks (both Naoko’s artbooks and the animation artbooks), and doujinshi. I also store my Sailor Moon necklaces here. And I have many, many necklaces. I also store my Starlight Studio brooches here. If you don’t know of them, they're AMAZING. They make replica Sailor Moon stuff that’s crazy cheap. The brooches also function as hand mirrors!

I also store miscellaneous charms, trinkets, and jewelry here:

And here are the necklace boxes:

Here’s the second shelf. It’s mostly doujinshi and merchandise I have no other place for. The reason why I’ve got so much doujinshi, by the way, because I do manga colorings of the series and I’ve found that the artwork in doujinshi is very beautiful and worthy of coloring. I stick to non-hentai doujinshi for obvious reasons, haha. 

More doujinshi and books that I have not sorted through yet. I’m terrible.

Here’s the bulk of my collection. This is where I display all of my figurines and dolls.

And here’s my mountain of plushies:

I have a ton of replicas of the brooches/wands/etc. I’ve had to put them in storage because I just don’t have enough space for them. The bin is open, though, so I can still see their sparkly goodness whenever I want.

My pen replicas:

My Figuarts and replica Ginzuishou! They have a special place on my dresser.

My assortment of Princess/Neo-Queen/Queen Serenity merchandise, which I consider to be the jewel of my collection:

Random stuff:

And that’s all! I’m so proud of my collection. It’s not the biggest out there, but I’ve handpicked everything I have and have been working on expanding my collection for three years now. It’s a very fun, intimate hobby for me.