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Man, I just realized it’s almost April

…and I have less than two weeks to watch five seasons of Prison Break before the sequel premieres. 

Which realistically I’m not going to do. 

Can any PB/Wentworth/Dom fans maybe give me a summary of essential eps to watch so that I won’t be completely in the dark? 

Face Facts

A prominent menswear blog this week ran an article on watches for under $150 and made the fatal mistake that most style blogs make when on this subject: they went for cheap watches that looked vaguely like Rolex and Breitling, made by the likes of Invicta and others.

Each of the watches featured had lots of dials, buttons and gold plating in an attempt to look ‘impressive’. But anyone who knows anything about horology is not going to be fooled by these bits of tat. You may impress some people with them, but what have you really achieved by doing so? Style is not about showing off, it’s not about being fake or being ‘flash’.

This sort of thing is a real no-no.

A watch need not be expensive to be stylish. The secret is to go for the exact opposite of the flashy, gold-coloured button-fests and opt for something simple, understated and classic.

So for a stylish watch under $150 (around & £125) we recommend looking for a Timex Mercury on one of the many auction sites on the web. They were made from the 1950’s up until the 1990s fairly unchanged. This example is an honest, understated yet sophisticated classic and who doesn’t want to be more like that?


favorite fictional boys: Sam Lloyd // Sergei Lubovitch [The Diviners]

He had a clear memory of the first time it had happened. He’d been young—ten or eleven, maybe; it was sometime after his mother had left. His father had a watch, which had belonged to Sam’s grandfather. Sam had been told not to touch it, and it was precisely that edict that made the watch so appealing. One day he’d sneaked it out of his father’s drawer and smuggled the treasure in his coat to show the other boys in the schoolyard in the hope that they would understand its value and stop teasing him for his accent, his clothes, his smallness. Instead, they’d ridiculed him. “This? It’s just a cheap watch,” the leader said, and he smashed it on the ground. Sam had been afraid to go home and face his father. As he sat on the sofa waiting, he wished for a place to hide. When his father came home, Sam’s fear was so great that he felt like a small child again, imagining that he could simply close his eyes in a game of hide-and-seek and the other person wouldn’t see him. He heard his father’s footsteps coming closer, heard him calling Sam’s name. Don’t see me, Sam thought. “Don’t see me,” he whispered over and over, like a prayer. And then, oddly, his father looked right at him and kept walking, calling his name as if he were a ghost.

My favorite date idea is a road trip. Getting up early, so you can see the sunrise together. Piling everything in the car, then stopping for breakfast and getting some coffee to-go. Driving along the coast so you can see, hear, and smell the ocean, while having the radio on in the background. Taking way too many pictures together, and of each other. Either staying at a cheap motel and watching a black and white film, or just camping out in the back of the car with lots of warm blankets. Then finally falling asleep to the sound of ocean waves and each other’s breathing.

keep seeing these ‘couch to 5k’ things and they seem... way too complex.

This is the British Army get fit leaflet version I used :

Get a pair of trainers you can run in.  Not fashion trainers, actual trainers. Grab an old tee and some shorts or tracksuit bottoms. if you’re a girl over an A cup, get a sports bra.  

grab your phone or a cheap digital watch. Something with a timer of some sort.  There’s a lot of free running apps too that will track your distance, but we don’t give a shit about that until week three.

go out your front door.  jog as far as you can and then walk the rest of it for four minutes non-stop.  Stop for breath. walk back.  (you’ll be tomato faced and wheezing and want to die.  this is normal.)

By the end of the week, try to increase this to 8 minutes.  Stop.  Get your breath back and stretch a bit. Try and jog bits of the walk back, but keep moving, even if it’s at snails pace.  (it’s normally add one minute or one block per run). Don’t do it every day.  If you only increased it by two minutes, that’s fine.  You’re still making good progress.  A really good way? Pick a marker not too far in the distance like the next tree or lamppost, grit your teeth and get to it.

Week two. Try and make it to 12 minutes.  Jog more of the way back.  By this time, the blisters *will* be appearing. Sorry.  You may want to start carrying water, especially if it’s warm.

Week three, sixteen minutes.  By this point it starts to get easier and you’ll find yourself cruising past the old eight minute marker without thinking.

Week four, twenty minutes.

Week five, still twenty minutes, but increase the portion you jog of the way back.

Week six, jog to your twenty minute mark, hit it with your hand and turn, running as much of the way back as you can before stopping for breath.

You’ll hit 5k.

And remember:  you may be slow but you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.