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25 No/Low Cost Self Care Acts

1. Have a drink from your favourite cup/mug. Coffee. Tea. Hell, even plain water is nicer when it’s in your fave mug (and you’re probably dehydrated rn so get on that). Allow yourself the couple of minutes to drink it in entirety.

2. Visit the library. Seriously. Nothing says quiet me time like the quiet couches and a novel in a library.

3. Look up some topics on iTunes U and read up on them. You’ll feel accomplished when you learn about a new scholarly topic.

4. Check over your resumé. Anything need to be updated or polished? Do that now, it can come in handy if an opportunity comes knocking.

5. Call a beloved family member or close friend. I just called my aunt for the first time in a little while and honestly you feel a lot lighter and a lot warmer.

6. Listen to ASMR, Binaural Beats, or guided meditation. There’s ASMR and meditation videos on youtube for pretty much any need– general relaxation, reassurance, mock spa days…

7. Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Volunteering is proven to make you feel better about yourself, petting animals helps lower your blood pressure, and nothing compares to the love and gratitude from a dog or cat.

8. Randomly browse Wikipedia or WikiHow. Clicking the random article is always an adventure– probably a laughable one, but you might learn something new.

9. Clean out your closet. It’ll feel like a lot of weight is off your shoulders, and you can sell or donate pieces that are still in good shape.

10. Write out a list of things you like about yourself. It can be tricky at first, but write down whatever comes to mind, even though it may seem trivial. Put the list away for times when you are being too hard on yourself, or need some self love.

11. Movie night. Obviously. Netflix, Hulu, library… A lot of thrift and secondhand stores often have really cheap DVDs. Re-watch your faves, allow yourself a guilty pleasure, or choose something that looks laughably awful.

12. Have a bonfire. Check your local fire codes beforehand, first. A bonfire or a fire pit is extremely soothing, especially wrapped up in a blanket.

13. Meal Plan/Prep. You’re probably going to be cooking anyway, so setting aside a day or half a day to prep meals ahead of time helps free the rest of your schedule.

14. At-Home spa day. Wash your hair. Trim your nails. Soak your feet. Exfoliate.

15. Write letters. Especially to your grandparents if you’re emotionally close– it will make them feel really loved.

16. Sleep in or nap. No explanation needed.

17. Bake cookies or make eggless cookie dough. One serving of edible cookie dough uses only spoonfuls of ingredients you probably have at home.

18. Wash your pillowcases and linens. This is especially good if you’re like me and the depression is real. Washing sheets gets neglected but the feeling of fresh sheets makes everything suck a little bit less.

19. Forgive yourself. Acknowledge that past mistake that’s been eating you alive and accept the fact that you can’t change the past. You’re still growing, still learning.

20. Keep a happiness journal. Before bed, write three things that made you smile that day. Life won’t seem all that bad, and it’s a good way to de-stress.

21. Shamelessly sing and dance along to music you enjoy. That song you would TOTALLY kill on lip sync battle? Own it.

22. If you like makeup/skincare, go to your local sephora or drugstore that has a beauty section. Sephora does free mini makeovers if it’s not busy. At the drugstore makeup counter, ask the beauty questions that you’ve wanted answers to.

23. Remember to say “no.” Declining to do a favour or go on an outing you can’t currently justify or afford does not make you a bad person. It means you have boundaries and deserve respect.

24. Watch some game shows. Lots of channels have them, and there’s plenty of compilations on youtube.

25. Let it out in writing. Sometimes having it all out in black and white can make solutions easier to realize.

I believe in you all! Remind yourself that you’re a good person, and a bad bitch 💕

Dating Carl Would be Like..

I’m posting my imagine on Sunday, I’m so sorry I suck ass wow. But please enjoy this for now! - Ramona 💕 

Dating Carl Would Include/Be: -

  •  either Carl in your bed or you in his bed and just listening to music together!! 
  • One earphone in each ear and just holding hands while listening to some tunes - 
  • Lots of cuddling after he’s done eating you out, he’d hold you so close??? So precious??? - 
  • CUTE NAMES!: baby girl" “my love” “babyyyyyyyyy” -
  •  If you guys fight and you’re trying to avoid him and he’ll be like “did you know angry sex is the best sex…… let’s try it out?” - 
  • Late night walks talking about anything or everything - 
  • Having study dates where you mainly study and Carl just copies off you - 
  • “Are you okay? Please don’t be sad, I want you to be happy all the time you know..” - 
  • Helping him better his life even if it means having to accept him leaving for military - 
  • “I don’t deserve you, why are you even with me.” - 
  • Getting high with him and buying cheap snacks and watching comedy movies - 
  • Going over his house, the Gallagher house more then yours because your father isn’t fond of you dating him - 
  • (If you self harm) he’d probably just run his fingers over your scars and being proud of you stopping but also he’d feel sad for not being there before to help before you started - 
  • Him helping you realize your self worth and what you’re going to do in life - 
  • “Carl, I’m proud of you” because he’s changed a lot for the good - 
  • After sex, he’d be the big spoon and he would wake up before you and shower you in back/neck kisses - 
  • Fighting with his ex because she cheated on such an angel - This means you will hang out with Ian and Lip A LOT - 
  • You and Debbie becoming close - Debbie telling you everything Carl says about you - 
  • Liam getting attached to you because you’re over all time,,, A LOT 
  • HIM BUYING YOU FLOWERS RANDOMLY “I know you love flowers, you tell me what you’re favorite are.. but they didn’t have them so I got you these.” - 
  • him being worried about going back to his old ways, but you letting him know even if it does happen you’ll be there through it all - 
  • When you go out shopping and you’d come out to show him how it looks he’d be really loud and obnoxious “TSSSS, WHOS BABY GIRL IS THAT? HMM, THATS ALL ME.” -
  • You ending up spending the night and waking up to make his whole family breakfast -
  •  smoking a joint, and him saying “ I think.. I think I’m really in love with you” - 
  • You playing with his hair a lot - HICKEYS, SO MANY. ON YOUR NECK, CHEST, STOMACH, EVERYWHERE

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Favorite Adam moments

It’s Adam Parrish’s birthday and since he’s a character that has made me bite my fingernails and yell at the page and grin like an idiot and maybe even get a moist eye or two (this despite being spoiled to his ending), here are some of my favorite Adam moments in (I think) chronological order:

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listen youtube i know im extremely cheap and im constantly watching cooking videos but isn’t this callout a little extreme

  • Magnus: Dinner and a movie is the perfect first date!
  • Barry: I think the perfect first date doesn’t feel like a first date at all, because you’ve known each other for a few years. [looks longingly at Lup] Maybe even work together… And one night you’re laughing, and then all of a sudden, it’s just like blammo! Kissing.
  • Lup: Cheap dinner, watch basketball, bone down.
  • Barry: So… pretty much the same as what I said.
stuff I appreciate on “Yuri on Ice”
  • Yuri is a character that struggles with his weight, and he is a professional athlete. This isn’t a one time comment or information from an interview, it is an actual character trait and something as simple as showing what Yuri eats maintains this consistently.
  • Yuri had a bit of a crush on Yuko when they were children, but the fact they never got together doesn’t mean they are no longer friends; they care for each other, for each other’s families, root for each other and are always happy when the other is happy
  • on top of that Yuko is married to Takeshi, and Takeshi is a good friend of Yuri’s as well. The Nishigori marriage are easily Yuri’s closest friends in Japan and their daughters are fans of him too.
  • Yuri doesn’t get on Yurio’s level whenever Yurio is mean to him, the only time Yuri competes against Yurio is on the rink when they are skating cause they are both professional skaters. Yuri, an adult, does not fight a teenager but doesn’t let him win either.
  • Yuri’s friends support Yurio as well. Even if Yurio is still pissed at Viktor, Yurio does communicate with Yuko and her family and doesn’t treat them badly for being Yuri’s friends.
  • this may seem like a small thing but, the main pairing in this show is made out of two adults. Yes it may not seem like much but if this was any type of Yaoi, a literal child would wind up portrayed as the one having a romance with his coach.
  • Yuri’s problems are stated as being psychological. Mental and emotional issues affect your life and it is ok to portray that.
  • Yuri’s previous coach still talks to him and is proud of him, same as his ballet teacher. Just because you changed careers or are trying something new, that doesn’t mean that all the people you knew before are gone from your life.
  • Yurio is not used to loosing, but upon loosing to someone else that he looked down on he changed strategies and stepped up his game.
  • Yuri is not afraid to be selfish anymore. People praise selflessness, but that shouldn’t come in the way of not moving forward. Yes you can want someone else’s affection, you deserve to win at what you are working on, you deserve to feel important and to not let others tell you otherwise.
  • you can be an adult and still decide to do something new with your life
  • Yuri’s parents don’t know anything about his career besides “he got a good rank we guess”. I actually relate to this a lot cause no one in my family has the same career as me, not even distant cousins, so there’s only so much of what I do that they can actually understand.
  • that said, just because they don’t get it, this doesn’t mean they don’t support it. Sometimes all your parents know to do with what you like is tell you “sure go ahead” and that’s a form of encouragement. They found a dance teacher for Yuri and let him ice skate (which is probably not cheap) and they always watch his competitions.
  • this is an international competition. And we have people from at least 3 continents representing that. A character from Thailand? can’t remember seeing that elsewhere, a dude from Switzerland? Azerbaijan too? the Chinese boy is not a kung fu stereotype? and the American one is Latino?!?!? yes please
  • Yuri is one of those people who downplay themselves so much, that they can’t imagine other people thinking that they are amazing. But yes, you are amazing, someone thinks so, and it is ok to not fully believe that yourself at first, but don’t discourage others from looking up to you as they have their reasons for doing so.
just kids (peter parker x reader)

request: can you do a peter parker imagine based on dodie’s would you be so kind? i think that’d be super cute - anon

summary: you and Peter have known each other since you were little, and he’s been head over heels since you were both 10. now, you’re both sophomores, and in a sleepy, 6am haze, you confess your feelings for each other.

word count: 1.5k

this didn’t quite follow the request but i think it still turned out really cute so here u go

tagged: @yoinkpenisparker


You had known Peter forever. You met when you were five, and by third grade, you practically lived in his apartment. You’d walk home with him everyday after school, and the two of you would build cubby houses out of sheets and pillows, dim fairy lights flickering around your heads as the batteries ran out with the darkening sky. You would speak in hushed voices and play tic tac toe on the backs of your hands with glittery pens until you fell asleep in a bundle of blankets and little limbs. Peter always lost.

He was in love with you. There was no other way to put it, he had been since you split your sandwich with him and told him he had pretty eyes when you were ten. You made it yourself - almost half a bottle of sprinkles in between two slices of white bread, stuck on with far too much butter for anybody’s liking. Your small legs hung over the edge of the old wooden dock May had taken the two of you to, gentle waves lapping just below your shoes. You had pulled the sandwich apart and handed him the bigger half, butter on your fingertips that you licked off. Peter told you that was gross, and you told him he was gross. But he knew you were only joking.   


You and Peter were lying on your stomachs under a canopy of white sheets, light blue lights glowing above you as they draped off the chair propping the sheets up. You’d both just started your sophomore year, but you were glad you still got to spend so much time together. You left blue dots over your notes as you tappen your pen to the page in front of you, Peter humming a tune. He clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth annoyingly, and you shoved his shoulder with yours. A giggle fell from his lips, muffled by the cushion he was hugging close to his chest as he leaned over, scribbling a little grid in the corner of your page with a purple glitter pen. You glanced over, a smirk curling onto your lips as you drew an ‘x’ in the middle box.

“Prepare to lose!” you challenged, shoving him gently.

He grinned, shaking his head, “You’re on.”

You took turns scribbling your symbols into the grid, though Peter wasn’t paying much attention. His eyes were fixated on you, tracing over your gentle movements as you thought out each turn. He smiled when your ribcage would rattle with giggles each time you caught him, ears burning red.

“What?” you asked, touching your face a little self-consciously, glittery ink marking your skin where you did. Peter let out a soft, mischievous giggle, quickly leaning forward and writing in an 'o’ in the winning square. Your jaw dropped open, blinking in shock at the three circles lined up diagonally on the page

“No way,” you said, turning to look at him, faces close together.

“Not undefeated anymore, huh?” He teased, poking you with an ear-to-ear grin plastered to his face as he sat up on his knees, and you pushed him playfully.

“Hey!” he grinned, and you stuck your tongue out at him. He leaped forward, reaching out and tickling your sides. You gasped out a laugh and rolled over onto your back, holding your hands out to stop him. A giddy smile was engraved into his features as he continued tickling you, loud laughs escaping both his lips and yours. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him down and wrapping your arms around him too with a giggle.

Mmph… Let me go! Y/N!” He cried out through his laughter, squirming in attempt to pull free. You shook your head, keeping your tight grip on him until he stopped struggling with a defeated sigh.

“Aha!” You shouted, letting go. “I win!”

“You win what?” He asked, rolling off of you and landing by your side, so the two of you were on your backs.

“I just win.” You told him, brushing your hair out of your face, a smile still ghosting your lips.

“Well, I think that’s dumb.”

“I think you’re dumb.”

“Hey!” Peter exclaimed, pulling a cushion from underneath him and throwing it at you. You mock-glared at him, pulling the pillow to your chest and looking at the cheap kiddie watch on your wrist. He got it for you on your eleventh birthday, it was bright pink with stars and glitter decorating it, the face displaying faded digital numbers that were always 10 minutes slow. You frowned when you saw the time, turning your attention back to Peter.

“It’s getting late, I should be going home…” You said, a small pang of sadness hitting you when his face dropped.

“Noo, May’s making your favourite pasta, special!” He protested, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout.

“I’m sorryyy,” You said, dragging out your words, “I have to, Mom said to be home by 9:30…Save me some?”

He smiled, though he still looked a little disappointed. “Yeah…okay. And of course. I’ll walk you home?”

You nodded, and the two of you crawled out of your sheet-hideaway.

After you said your goodbyes to his Aunt May in the kitchen, Peter walked you three blocks in the stinging cold to your front doorstep. The streetlights  glowed orange and casted dark shadows over his features as he flashed you a smile.

“Well, goodnight, Y/N,” He said gently, running his hand through his hair.

You grinned at him. “Night, nerd. Love you.”

“More,” He replied.


Little did either of you know, that you both really meant it.


The sky outside had only just lightened when you let yourself into Peter’s apartment the next day, fingers numb from the biting morning breeze as you shut the front door gently behind you. May had gotten a key cut especially for you in 6th grade - she even bought you a keyring with it, but it had fallen off and all that was left was the metal-smelling chain. You tiptoed past the kitchen and the living room, making your way to Peter’s bedroom with quiet footsteps. Stepping inside without a sound, you grinned when you saw him curled up under his blankets, his chest rising and falling with slow and steady breaths. You stifled a giggle, crawling under the covers beside him and throwing an arm around him. He jolted gently, eyes opening to slits and he sighed a smile when he saw you.

“What are you doinnggg?” He mumbled nearly incoherently, voice gravely and hair unruly from sleep as he closed his eyes again.

“Sleeping.” You whispered, laying your hand on the side of his face and letting your own eyes shut. He squirmed, covering his face with his hands as a whining noise came from the back of his throat.

“Don’t touch my face - Stoppp, your hands are so cooold..!” he sulked sleepily. You giggled almost silently and he let out a small *hmph* sound.  “Why are you so cold…” he mumbled,

“You’re so freezing… freeeeezing…”

You pushed his hands away and grabbed his face with both hands, grinning. He let out a little squeal then a huff, quickly rolling over so his back was to you.

“Aw, c’mon, nerd, I’m just playing!” You teased, to which he gave no response. A smirk spread across your features and you reached out, tickling his sides just as he had to you last night. He let out a gasp and broke out into a grin, pushing you away with his hands but you persisted, sitting up and straddling him with your knees so he couldn’t move. Laughs tumbled from his lips, though he kept his eyes closed. You could feel it racking his body as you held him down and carried on tickling his sides, his laughter getting louder and louder until he couldn’t control it. It was contagious, and you found the same thing happening to you, until your arms turned to jelly with elation and you were both sitting there in a haze of utter glee, your snorts filling the room like music.

“God, I love you” Peter said between half-asleep laughter. You grinned impossibly wider and cupped his face with your hands, though he didn’t complain this time.

“Duh, I love you too, dork,” You told him, beaming.

“No,” He chuckled, “No, really”

You froze, hands still on his cheeks and your eyes widened like saucers. “Wh-what?” You stuttered disbelievingly.

His face flushed crimson and his movements came to a halt as well. “I-I…” He murmured, “I said, I love you.”

You stayed silent for a moment, and before you could even think about it, you were shutting your eyes and pressing your lips to his. It was a short but tender kiss, with your lips moving soft and smoothly with his. When you pulled away, Peter’s eyes fluttered open. You mirrored the grin that broke out on his face, warmth spreading through your chest.

“I love you too.”



items found in pidge's backpack
  • headphones 
  • laptop their dairy with several bad selfies of their family 
  • usb drives with all the harry potter books and movies 
  • a “what to do when aliens attack” pamphlet 
  • a mashed up pack of raman noodles 
  • a small bottle of scented hand lotion they use for special occasions or when theyre missing home 
  • a smaller backpack with an entire universe solely devoted to powering pidge’s laptop 
  • a usb with the torah 
  • several rubber bands 
  • a cheap watch with a dead battery, the hands frozen at 4:20 am 
  • an entire dog 
  • high heels for when they want to feel tall 
  • a old nintendo ds with “danny phantom: urban jungle” as the game cartilage 
  • a usb solely devoted to meme music, another for the greatest hits of the 1980’s, and all of lorde’s albums 
  • a picture of a dinosaur 
  • fifteen different shaped rocks they found on the ground and kept because they were cool. now they keep them bc its the the only earth rock out here 
  • a empty water bottle 
  • a single sock 
  • seven marbles

y’all can’t tell me kylux wouldn’t move their own Valentine’s Day to February 15 to take advantage of the 50% off chocolate and easier dinner reservations  

Stockholm Syndrome | Aleister Black

Title: Stockholm Syndrome 

Pairing: Aleister Black/Reader

Summary“I’ll escape with him, show him all my skin. Then I’ll go, I’ll go home. Amsterdam.”

Word Count: 4,526

Warning: a sprinkle of violence and mention of stalking

A/N: This is going to be a series, god help me. (ALSO I DIDN’T READ OVER THIS BECAUSE I’M A PIECE OF SHIT)

Tags@calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style| @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | @wwesensualfanfics | @blueblazezz | @ratedrkohardychick91 | @wweburnitdown | @1dluver13xx | @nickysmum1909 | @balorismydemonking | @ifyouarentaprowrestlerthenleave | @alexekaydus | @cfloyd776 | @panic-angel3314

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