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Marauders + Road Trip hc’s

  • OK so imagine life is happy and there’s no imminent threat of death 
  • It’s the last summer before seventh year and Sirius and James are debating what to do with it 
  • They are all at James’, as usual, sprawled in the garden, Remus is reading a book and Lily is painting Sirius’ nails and they are arguing cheerfully. 
  • “Majorca!” James suggests. 
  • “Trashy,” Remus jumps in. “Everyone goes there. Paris?” 
  • “Ugh, Moony, that’s such a nerdy place to go.” 
  • “? how can a city be nerdy, Sirius? Plus, last week you told me you wanted to drink red wine and watch the sunset with me.” 
  • James is spluttering. 
  • Sirius is a bit red in the face. “Er. I like wine.” 
  • Remus is oblivious to Sirius’ romantic advances. 
  • “I can’t afford Paris anyway. Forget it.” 
  • “You got your licence, right, Remus?” This is Lily, finally finished with Sirius’ right hand (he waves them when he talks, making nail painting a mammoth task.) 
  • “Yeah. Just.” 
  • “I have mine!” James, suddenly excited. 
  • “It doesn’t really count though, does it?” Lily says. “We all know you only passed because you flirted with the instructor. You nearly ran over an old lady.” 
  • “Hey! That was her fault. And it wasn’t flirting. It was… chatting.” 
  • “Oooh, Margot, you handle a steering wheel with such… conviction,” Sirius mimics, batting his eyelashes. “I wish someone would “chat” with me like that.” 
  • “You do plenty of chatting,” Remus says. He looks surprised at his venomous tone. 
  • “Anyway, we were discussing my great driving skills?” James jumps in. 
  • “Remus’ driving skills. I was going to suggest a road trip. We can drive through France and Italy, maybe even spain? And camp on the way?” 
  • The boys look at her like she is a genius
  • what better way to enjoy their last summer as students than squish into a cheap car and navigate through countries where they can’t speak the language?
  • They utter a collective noise of approval, and James sort of throws himself at Lily, proclaiming her a genius. 
  • Remus also groans when he realizes that he will have to do all the driving because James is an incompetent buffoon and if he catches even a glance of Lily’s thighs in shorts he will probably crash into the eiffel tower. 
  • So they organize a car and book a ferry trip and in a few days they are off, trunk of the car stuffed with suitcases and the middle of the back seat piled with snacks. 
  • Three hours in Remus is ready to kill someone. 
  • Sirius is sat in the front with him and he wont stop talking about the stupidest things. 
  • “Moony? What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Out of curiosity?” 
  • “Tesco value.” 
  • “What?” 
  • “It’s cheap.” 
  • “But if you could have any?” 
  • “I’d just buy more of it. Up to the price of an expensive box of chocolates.” 
  • “Moony, out of curiosity, if you were going on a honeymoon, where would you go?” 
  • “To bed.” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Sex.” 
  • Que a red faced Sirius trying not to choke on the swig of coke in his mouth. 
  • “Moony?” 
  • “Yes, Sirius?” 
  • “If someone was proposing to you, how would you want them to do it?” 
  • “Look, Sirius, I’m really not the best person to help you with whatever girl trouble you are having. Ask James.” 
  • Sirius nearly screams and then proceeds to eat crisps until his wounds are healed. 
  • James and Lily are bordering the realms of public indecency in the back seat so at the next stop Remus demands Lily moves to the front and Sirius moves to the back. 
  • But Sirius and James just laugh, really loudly, all the time. 
  • So Remus puts music on. 
  • But then they sing. 
  • So James takes a turn driving, and Remus gets in the back with Sirius. 
  • And this is good because no kissing. 
  • And also it’s easier to talk to Sirius when he isn’t focusing on driving. 
  • The car is very small and the snacks have been mostly eaten, and Sirius has his feet on the seat and they are really very close together. 
  • Remus wonders why he hasn’t noticed how nice Sirius eyes are before. 
  • “Moony? If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with?” 
  • You, he thinks, absurdly. “Snape,” he says. “I wouldn’t feel bad about eating him.” 
  • He falls asleep on Sirius shoulder, and wonders why Sirius looks so happy when he wakes up. 
  • They go on the ferry and sit out on the deck, all of them, watching as the sea rushes by, remembering stories from earlier years at Hogwarts. 
  • Lily gives a detailed account of her first opinion of each of them. None of these opinions are very flattering.  
  • And so it goes, the four of them rotating seats and fighting across europe. 
  • They go to tiny villages and eat fresh bread and too much cheese, and get drunk on wine that Sirius manages to buy (his french is not too bad.) 
  • A few days in Sirius runs out of clothes because it turns out his bag was full of tapes and tesco value chocolate. 
  • They get cheap tents in a supermarket and camp, James and Lily in one, Remus and Sirius in the other. 
  • But camping is another hc post OK. 
  • And the car stinks and everyone, even Lily, smells bad. 
  • They listen to local radio stations and sing along even though they don’t speak the language, guessing at the meanings. 
  • Sirius says every single one is a romantic ballad. 
  • James and Lily smirk because he is so obvious. 
  • And it’s near the end of summer, warm and sweet and sticky, and Lily and James have walked on ahead, and Remus catches Sirius by the shoulder. 
  • They stand beside the river, stained red from the sunset, and Remus whispers that he’d come here on a honeymoon. 
  • And Sirius smiles and leans in and kisses him, and they sit in the back seat of the car the next day, fingers tangled between them, eating Sirius’ chocolate stash. 
  • They don’t hear James quietly propose to Lily in the front seat. 
  • Just… loud, laughing, happy wizards falling in love in a shitty car one summer, OK? I need to write a whole fic of this. 
Winchester Sandwich

Summery: If you ever imagined yourself being sandwiched between the two Winchester brothers, it sure as hell didn’t look like that.

Word Count:  3595

Warnings: Explicit language, mentions of death, dead bodies, violence, is being sandwiched between the Winchesters a warning..? A very frustrated reader, I guess that’s it.

When it comes to fantasizing about some ridiculous situations that would never even happen in the first place, being sandwiched between the two Winchester brothers was not at all like you would’ve imagined. The whole situation in itself was unexpected and awkward at first at least. To say Y/N was not happy about the outcome was an understatement of the century.

I mean, what would you do? You’re on a hunt, normal enough, right? In your line of work anyway. You’re hunting a nasty wendigo who had a taste for a couple hikers in the past few days. The case as normal as it can get, it feeling almost unnecessary for the three of you to be taking care of the problem. It’s just your regular, Friday night monster, ain’t it? So you go, prepare yourself for the hunt, mood light, happy, confident stride along the woods, you could almost start humming under your nose, the calm atmosphere and prospect of an easy hunt right ahead. The three hunters stepped into the woods like they owned the damn place, not wavering even a second, determined to kill the monster and save as many people as they could.

They decided upon drawing the monster out of its hiding, setting a camp in the deep woods, flare guns at the ready for the ugly son of a bitch to come out and play. They sat and talked for some time, their moods light enough to have them mistaken for regular campers but their senses sharp as ever, hunter’s instincts never faltering. So they sat expectantly, ready but cocky enough to be taken by surprise, because what they hadn’t expected was for the monster to have a partner in crime, literally.

There was not one wendigo, but two of them. And both of them hungry and strong enough to take the hunters down. When they first showed, the three musketeers weren’t sure where the sound was coming from, which was normal enough because those damned things are not only ugly, but friggin’ fast. So they strained their ears and looked around them as the growling grew louder. Soon enough they all came to the same conclusion, that the sounds were coming from different places, which most likely meant different monsters. It was unheard of for wendigos to hunt in a pack or with a partner but that wasn’t the weirdest thing to ever happen to them, right? Anasazi symbols drawn around them, unabling the growling monstrosities to come closer. Even though the hunters were taken by surprise, they still were skilled and experienced enough not to panic. So they waited for them to show themselves, which, obviously hadn’t happened. So the three of them looked at each other and nodded, silently communicating and started getting closer to the edges of the symbols that were protecting them so far.

Unfortunately, Dean wasn’t careful enough and when he started calling the ‘ugly sons of bitches to come out and take a bite out of that fine ass’ he crossed the line by half a boot and one of the monsters snatched him without much thought, the flare gun flying from his hand in the process. Both Sam and Y/N launching after him, only to be jumped by another monster. He caught Y/N but Sam slowed him down by putting a couple of bullets into his back and the monster faltered enough for Y/N to get out of its grip and fall to the ground. The wendigo was about to grab at her again when it shrieked and cried out into the night, its body catching on fire immediately. Sam ran around the creature to tend to Y/N and see if she’s alright, which she was and the two of them set off to find Sammy’s brother who was stupid enough to get himself kidnapped, which they didn’t fail to mention on their way, following the wendigo’s tracks.

That wasn’t even the worst of their night, not yet at least. When the two hunters found the monster’s hiding place, a very humid, very wet and slippery cave, they not only discovered the three bodies hanging from the roof of said cave but a few old bones scattered around the place, possibly what was left of their previous victims.

Before they managed to find and save “Dean’s fine ass” they stupidly decided to split up to cover more ground. Y/N went off deep into the very, very wet cave and Sam went into every little corridor, trying to find his brother. He finally did manage to get to his brother, who was hanging off of thick ropes around his wrists and grumbling under his breath that he was so gonna kill that son of a bitch when he got free. Sam called out to Y/N and she ran back to where Sam’s voice came from but obviously with her luck it couldn’t have gone down any other way and she slipped on one of the rocks and ended in a wet puddle on the hard ground, the fall making her wince sharply. Before she knew it, the wendigo was standing in front of her making the god awful growling noises again and she reached for her flare gun, aiming it towards the monster.

When they finally finished looking around the cave for any other victims who might’ve still been alive, not finding any, it was well into the night. All three of them were bruised and tired, unsatisfied with the hunt not having saved anyone. When they retrieved from the cave, they all realised they forgot where they came from and they were so far into the woods that they didn’t know how much time it would take them to find their way back to the car. Thankfully, Y/N had some sense in her head, as well as a good sense of direction and was able to lead them all back to their fake camp. Only then did they realise that the camp was as fake as it could get with only one tent and a couple of blankets from the impala. They were too tired, mentally kicking themselves for not coming there faster and saving at least one person, that they couldn’t even think about packing all that stuff up and heading out into the woods again in search for the car. So they did the only thing that seemed reasonable, what with the oncoming rain and all, they all got into their tent, bought last minute in Walmart, mind you and huddled up inside, trying to keep warm. The adrenaline from the hunt was wearing off and the cold started getting to them faster than they expected.

‘Goddamnit, I’m beat… I just wanna get some sleep’ grumbled Dean after thirty minutes of them sitting in silence, drowning in their own thoughts. Y/N sighed and Sam agreed, nodding his head. ‘You know we’re most likely gonna freeze to death if we fall asleep here..?’ Y/N said skeptically, the rain already pouring outside and pounding on their cheap tent. ‘Not if we keep close we’re not. We just need to huddle up and let our body heat do its thing and we’ll survive till mornin’ ‘ Dean replied matter-of-factly, smirking at Y/N. She rolled her eyes and struggled to keep her body from shuddering from the ever-growing cold surrounding them. ‘Yeah.. I mean, I could use some shut eye too Y/N/N..’ Sam said, looking at her expectantly. ‘Well alright! But if I freeze to death by morning I’ll haunt your asses for the rest of eternity, got it?’ she hissed. The brothers didn’t respond but started moving to spread out the blankets evenly on the ground. ‘Alright, get in the middle sweetheart’ Dean instructed and her head shot up to meet his gaze, her expression alarmed. ‘Why?! WHy do I have to be in the middle?!’ she screeched out, looking between the brothers. Dean scoffed and rolled his eyes ‘Because you’re the smallest and my years of cuddling with Sammy ended long ago, so stop grumbling and scoot over to the middle’. Y/N huffed and said something under her breath, neither of the brothers picking up the words. She moved to the middle of the makeshift bed and lied down, her head on a pillow made of a rolled up blanket. She was lying on her side, turned away from Dean, her back to him. He scooted over to her and lied down beside her, Sam doing the same, lying down and facing her.

They lied like that for a couple of minutes, all of them stiff and uncomfortable, awkward silence filling the air. The blanket-pillow was enough for Y/N and Dean, but Sam wasn’t so lucky and his head was a little lower than Y/N’s, one arm under his ear. It felt like the silence stretched on forever until Dean shifted behind her and cleared his throat before blurting out ‘Uhmm.. Y/N you think I could… I mean…’ he didn’t seem to be able to let the words out so Y/N sighed loudly and reached back for his hand, which was sitting awkwardly at his side and pulled his arm across her waist. ‘There, no biggie Dean. Just don’t get used to it’ she said and Dean murmured a thanks and slowly relaxed against her back. Y/N still wasn’t able to trick her body into thinking she’s on a comfortable bed back at the bunker, with a memory foam mattress, so she resigned herself to lying there with eyes closed waiting for sleep to come to her eventually. When that didn’t happen for the next few minutes, she opened her eyes and looked right at Sam whose eyes were closed tightly but she knew he was far from being asleep either. Then she looked down at the arm under his head and noticed the uncomfortable way his neck was strained trying to find a better position. She closed her eyes again. God, I’m so gonna regret this later… she thought and touched Sam’s shoulder to get him to open his eyes. He opened them immediately and Y/N moved back, pressing her back completely against Dean, feeling his hot breath on the back of her head, she patted the now vacated piece of the blanket-pillow she was previously occupying letting Sam know he was put out of his misery. He shot her a thankful smile and moved closer, lying his head on the blanket, visibly more content. Y/N retreated to her previous method of waiting for sleep to take her instead of forcing it come to her and this time it seemed to work because a few minutes later she was passed out.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been out but she didn’t feel rested whatsoever. What woke her up though, wasn’t the cold like she thought was going to happen but the unexpected heat coming from all around her. She opened her eyes slowly trying to determine exactly where the warmth was coming from but only then did she feel her body pressed tightly against Dean. She could feel his even breathing behind her, still fanning the back of her head, though now it was accompanied by his lips pressed against her hair as well. It seemed like deep in his sleep, Dean had pulled her tighter to him, top half of her body completely pressed against him, making her back really, really warm and no doubt sweaty once she pulled away. Having checked that, Y/N returned her focus to what was in front of her. No wonder she felt like she couldn’t breathe properly in her sleep, the younger Winchester was sprawled out right in front of her, facing her right on, deep in his sleep as well as his brother. His head was a little higher than Y/N’s and his hot breath was hitting her face every few seconds, his whole body on the side, shielding Y/N from any kind of fresh air she could get. It wasn’t only that but Sam’s long legs were tangled with her own in a mess of limbs which confused Y/N to no end. The man was big as it was but now it seemed like he was taking twice the space he normally did.

She tried to turn and change her position but Dean only held her tighter if that’s possible, quite probably crashing her lungs, successfully keeping the air out of them. She found herself unable to move, sandwiched between the two Winchester brothers, mess of limbs and bodies seemingly fused to one another, not able to determine where her body ended and theirs began. Suddenly she really sympathised with grilled cheese, feeling like she was about to melt between the two men from the heat coming off of them in waves and in not so pleasant way.

They were all covered by one of the thickest blankets, so Y/N, being the smallest and being squished in the middle of the Winchester sandwich was quite seriously starting to consider never ever making grilled cheese again, if only she managed to survive the night. She was starting to suffocate from the lack of oxygen in her very much restrained lungs and she attempted one more time to move and change her position to a more comfortable one, or at least a one that wouldn’t make her feel like melted cheese. That didn’t work out that well for her because in her attempt at changing her position, she kicked her legs around, which made Sam throw one of his legs over both of hers and move even closer to her, his face inches away from Y/N’s. If that wasn’t enough, Dean still held her in a vice-like grip and he didn’t seem like he was going to let go anytime soon.

Years of hunting, killing monsters, saving people, chopping heads off, thousands of close calls, dying and coming back to life, slicing, slashing, cutting, chopping, running, being impersonated, possessed, tortured, killed, mentally molested and this is gonna be my end… Being fucking squished to death by Winchesters… Fucking Winchesters, no one else… Who else would be even able to do that… Obviously, the fucking Winchesters, it’s almost a joke at this point…. Saving the world right after they caused the apocalypse in the first place… Goddamn fucking stupid, idiotic, handsome, nearly perfect, best hunters on the fucking planet, motherfuckers…. It’s almost an honour to be killed by them at this point… Oh holy hell, I’m dying!!!! Wake up you sons of bitches!! I swear I’m so gonna kick both your asses when I get out of here…

She continued her internal monologue as it was the only thing keeping her brain from focusing on the lack of air that was really starting to get unbearable at this point. Finally, she snapped. She didn’t care if she woke them up or hurt them in the process, but using all of her strength… Which at this point wasn’t much…. She kicked Sam’s leg off of her and used both her hands to push the brothers away, one palm on Sammy’s chest, the other on Dean’s. She managed to turn around and lie on her back, taking a deep breath, revelling in the feeling of air filling up her sore lungs. Her hands were still placed on the brothers’ chests, successfully keeping them at a distance, which was oh so needed by now. She really, really missed her bed back at the bunker. Neither of the guys woke up during her outburst, none of them even aware of her messy-haired, nearly melted away state. They both just lied there in a blissful peace of their dreamland.

Y/N slowly pulled her palms from their chests and put them on her forehead, still taking deep breaths, promising herself never to underestimate oxygen again in her life. It was a precious thing, that could be so easily taken away. Never in her life did she expect the brothers to be the ones to try and strangle her in her sleep but then again she never did expect to sleep between the two of them in a not very big tent in the middle of the friggin’ woods… So yeah.. None of this was neither expected, nor planned by any of them and that was the only thing stopping her from trying and killing them both in their sleep just now.

While she recovered from the sudden ambush on her life, by no one else but Sam and Dean Winchester, who, by the way, were still passed out on either side of her, Y/N tried to calculate in her mind how much time it was till sunrise, though that was a little tricky not actually knowing the time… So she sighed heavily and turned on her side in an attempt to get comfortable, this time facing Dean, her back to Sam. She put her hand under the makeshift pillow and closed her eyes, trying to get at least a little bit of sleep now that she wasn’t being strangled to death. She would never peg Dean Winchester for a cuddler but these men were full of surprises, she started drifting away with that thought and once more let the sweet world of her subconscious take her away.

It was some time later in the night, definitely closer to morning now, that she woke up again. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but she felt really warm and no doubt was that sweat that she felt on her back. Before she opened her eyes to assess the situation, her other senses started coming to and she felt herself pressed against a hard surface…. Actually she was pressed against two hard surfaces, from the front and from the back. Her eyes shot open, her hunter’s instincts kicking in, she tried to move and sit up but she found herself unable to. The arm under the blanket felt completely numb and her other hand was pressed tightly between hers and Dean’s body. Both of his arms encircling her, successfully holding her in place. His cheek was pressed to her forehead, making her face hot. A little lower, at her waist, another heavy hand held her down. Sam curled himself up behind Y/N, draping his arm over her waist and pressing his body to her back.

At this point, not only was she hot and sweaty in the worst way possible, not the sexy kind of way that you’d imagine being placed between the two Winchesters, but she was also friggin’ angry. She thought for a moment, wondering when the hell did she become the boys’ rag doll but feeling another wave of heat hit her body she stiffed and screamed at the top of her lungs ‘OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE!’. That had both brothers up in no time, reaching for their guns and knives, looking around, their heads whipping back and forth like an owl on steroids. ‘What?!’, ‘What’s going on Y/N?!!’ they both asked, still cautiously looking around but not as panicked as before, seeing that they were in no immediate danger. They both looked at Y/N expectantly as she hoisted herself to a sitting position and started gathering her things from around the tent, putting her jacket back on. Both brothers watched her with confusion on their faces, as she scrambled around. Finally, when she gathered all her stuff and opened the tent to get out, she turned to them and said ‘I’ve had enough of the two of you’ she pointed her finger at each of them, her voice cold and deadly ‘You are insufferable. I don’t know how a human can produce so much body heat but this is abnormal! Both of you.. You are… You will never and I mean never share a bed with me again, neither of you!! I will not die a death of a grilled cheese! Get your stuff, we’re getting back to the bunker and I’m going to sleep in my own damn bed without your stupid bodies trying to make a panini out of me!!’ with that she left and started getting the stuff they left outside, it was all still wet but she didn’t care one bit.

The brothers sat in silence for a few seconds after she ended her outburst, both of them dumbstruck, not knowing what the hell she was talking about. Finally, Sam turned to Dean and mouthed ‘panini’ with a confused look and Dean shrugged, bringing the corners of his mouth down, in a manner of saying ‘I don’t know man, don’t ask me’. They sat like that for another few seconds before Sam asked Dean cautiously ‘You think… Maybe she hit her head on a hunt or something..?’. Dean thought about it for a moment and nodded ‘I guess, we’ll have to check for a concussion when we get back’. ‘Are you coming morons!!’ Y/N’s voice sounded from outside the tent. The brothers knew better than to say anything. They were smart men after all. They gathered their stuff and packed their backpacks, heading out into the woods, trailing behind Y/N. They walked in silence but both brothers were wondering on their way to the car if Y/N’s head didn’t suffer during the hunt, or maybe it was just that time of the month. Either way, no one said anything. Sam and Dean were smart like that. They knew better.


Gemma, i loved the way you wrote TJ. Can i request something else with him and female reader? Something that would make all of us happy? - anon

A/N- sorry this is out a little late but I hope it’s worth it xx

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It had been a long couple of years for TJ, rehab and relapses took their toll on him but he had pushed through with you by his side and was proud to say he had put all that behind him. He was two years sober now.

After TJ had fixed himself everything else seemed to fall into place, he reconnected with his family but didn’t smother himself in them so it wouldn’t drive him back. He was happy and healthy and on his way to success.

You had helped TJ save up his money and with some donations from his parents he had been able to buy a large nightclub right in the centre of town. It was a classy place that became even more popular when people found out that it was TJ Hammonds bar.

“You gotta let me give you a share of this profit,” TJ insisted, the two of you were sat in his office above the club.

You shook your head, “Not a chance. Your club, your money.”

TJ sighed, “I wouldn’t even be here without you. The club’s practically yours.”

“That’s not true, I just helped you save up. Seriously, that is your hard earned cash and I refuse to let you give me any. Just give me free drinks,” you smirked.

TJ laughed, “Alright, fine.”

You smiled brightly, “Good. Are you free this weekend?”

“Why,” TJ said cautiously, squinting at you.

“I want to go out for a trip, like camping, and you’re going with me. So are you free?”

TJ shrugged, “Sure.”


You had always wanted to go camping without your family, the holidays you went on with a child were fun, sure. But not the same as going away with your best friend. And you wanted the whole thing to be authentic, so you had stopped TJ right in his tracks when he essentially started packing as if you were going glamping.

Not on your watch.

Instead you packed your old, cheap, but hardy tent, as many blankets as you could afford to bring. You had a pretty ordinary wardrobe of stuff you didn’t mind getting muddy, TJ however had a whole wardrobe of designer clothes. Even if he was rich enough to not mind about them getting wrecked you did, so the morning you were supposed to leave you did a quick shop for clothes for TJ that he could wear this weekend.

Putting up the tent was a lot more work than you remembered it being. Each time you hammered a peg into the ground the one on the opposite side would pop out. It took the two of you almost two hours to set it up securely, yeah, you weren’t making it into any world record books.

TJ made a small fire away from the tent and you ruffled through the stuff you had packed until you found food to cook on the fire. You and TJ had little kebab sticks and were holding them over the fire waiting for them to cook in the flames, “I haven’t got out of the city in so long,” you sighed, closing your eyes and enjoying the heat of the fire against your face in the cooling evening.

“Same here,” TJ agreed, looking over at the campsite, it was in the middle of the school term so thankfully the place wasn’t packed with families. There was only one other camper on the other side of the site and they didn’t seem to recognise or want to bother him, TJ turned back to the fire and took the kebab stick off the flames and blew on the hot food.

“We should do this more often,” you suggested, taking a small nibble of your hot food.

TJ hummed in agreement, “But we’re always so busy,” he sighed, with his new nightclub he rarely had spare time and you were just as busy with your own job.

“Alright, how about for one weekend at least every month or two we come up here for the weekend. Just drop everything for two days.”

TJ smiled, “Deal.”

“Deal,” you repeated with a smile.

The two of you finished off your food in a comfortable silence, enjoying the calmness of the evening and the quiet sound of the nearby river flowing gently along the creek in the background. The campsite was near a nature reserve, that mean that there were lots of long walks and hikes close by to keep you and TJ occupied for the whole trip.

The evening began to get chilly and you and TJ called it a night and headed back  to your tent after putting out the fire. You both had thick sleeping bag on top of blankets and a few more to go over you, even within all the layers it was chilly and you shivered as you tried to get comfy.

“Are you cold?” TJ asked, you could hear the amusement in his voice.

“No,” you replied stubbornly but your chattering teeth betrayed you.

TJ chuckled, you could hear him shuffling around in the dark and suddenly you felt and intrusion on the tight burrito of blankets you had made. He unzipped your sleeping bag and you shivered as a strong draft consumed you. You couldn’t see what he was doing in the dark of the tent, you could only make out shadows and hear scuffling movements. After a few long minutes of fumbling the sound of the zip could be heard again except this time it was being zipped up and was zipped to attach to the side of TJ’s sleeping bag.

You scooted over almost instantly and snuggling into the warmth that his body radiated. “How are you so hot?” you asked, your teeth still chattering as you tried to warm yourself with his heat.

“I don’t know, lucky mix of genetics?” he asked, you could practically hear his shit eating grin.

You shoved him in the side, “You know what I mean, dick. How can you be this warm?”

TJ shrugged, “I’m just a warm blooded person,” he wrapped his arms over your body and ran his hands up and down your arms to heat you up.

You hummed, warming up and beginning to feel drowsy in this new warmth. Soon, you and TJ fell asleep wrapped in each other arms.


A/N- Hope you liked it, let me know what you guys thought of this. Requests are open xx

lunar-lilacs  asked:

The fyre festival was a scam for rich white ppl who spent over 12,000$ (u.s) to go on a luxury camping trip in the Bahamas but when they got there it was a bunch of cheap tents and boring food. Basically it was a normal camping trip that costs the equivalent of some ppls student loans :/ and like they were crying about it and some of them started stealing other peoples wallets and valuables bc they thought that they "can never get out of there"


Like omg… 12k+ FUCKING dollars, was Tomorrowland too cheap for them? too “mainstream”?
Dude i just payed 300+ bucks for a trip A WHOLE WEEK with my friends on an island in one of the best hotels from there (as a birthday gift from mom an my own sweat) and this guys payed 12k+ for a school camp

anonymous asked:

are you growing in an apartment? i bought a 400w but haven't used it yet. im afraid it would smell too much (& too cheap to buy a tent and ventilation system...) advice?

Yep, growing in an apartment right now.

Ventilation is an absolute must-have for growing in an apartment or really anywhere unless it’s in an un-enclosed outdoor area. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a carbon filter, especially if you’re not on the first floor, but you need a fan with a good CFM rating to keep the temperature low, and you should try to vent the grow-area directly outside so it doesn’t recycle/re-heat air in your apartment.

My current growbox is being vented directly out a 2nd floor window via a 6" inline fan suspended by bungee cords inside the box, connected to insulated ducting to keep it pretty quiet. I think if you’re up off of the ground-level and you use decent ventilation to push any heat+odor out far enough away, no one will even notice.

Camping II - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Camping II – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and the pack finished watching the stars and went to sleep for tomorrow morning, but something happened to your tent which leads to an unforgettable night for you.

A/N: This was so requested! I am so sorry for the wait, I had help out my sister with something! I hope this makes up for it! I tried to get this out asap! Thank you so much for the kind words and support, much love xo

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1327

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Your POV

He held your hands as you guys were watching the stars together. It felt like nothing could break you guys apart. You felt like the shooting stars were all meant for you to wish on. He gripped on your hand tightly as the last wave of stars flew past. You saw the look on everyone’s faces, they were all just had open mouths in awe and smiles. After the meteor shower was over, everyone went to their tents and went to sleep.

“Alright guys, we need to wake up as early as we can tomorrow, we got a long day ahead of us.” Of course Scott was eager to head back home, once the shower had ended, he wanted to head back home ASAP.

You walked over to your tent, unzipping the small door. You snuggled into your sleeping bag, as you thought of the moment you had with Stiles over and over again. You still had that smile on your face.


An hour had past and everyone was asleep, except you. It was just too cold for you to bear. You wished you had grabbed an extra blanket in the caravan, but it was too late since Scott had locked everything up with his keys. You were literally pooping icicles out of your butt. You sat up, rubbing your eyes. You got out of the tent, and went to the camp fire. You gathered a few more sticks, and tried to ignite fire on the sticks and remaining wood. You wanted to warm yourself. Scratch that. You needed to warm yourself up. Nothing worked, the wind was too strong and the fire just wasn’t able to be lit. You groaned and walked back to your tent, scratching your head and yarning. You hadn’t realized that one of your tent corners weren’t tied to the ground properly, so when you went inside, the whole tent just folded into you. Great. Just great. You managed to get yourself out of the tent, which seemed like it took 1000 years.

“Even Lydia’s cheap tent could last longer than mine!” You thought to yourself, placing your hand on your forehead. Could this have been any worse? Besides from that magical moment before.

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I really want to take a gap year and backpack through S.E Asia / Africa / Europe / America but then get slightly bummed when looking at prices for them haha. Any tips for making travelling more affordable? X

DOOOO ITTTT!!!!!! Truly you can travel (especially through SE Asia) quite inexpensively if you want to). When I was travelling alone or with friends rather than family, we barely spent anything at all.

Look into:

  • Couch Surfing
  • AirBnB
  • Hostels
  • Workaway/Wwoofing
  • Skyscanner for cheap flights
  • Getting a tent to camp
  • Buying cheap produce for meals

If you don’t do really expensive things (ie stay in fancy hotels, going to tourist attractions like theme parks, driving and flying a lot, drinking, smoking, buying souvenirs) then you can get through a day without spending much more than $10. 

Befriend locals and fellow travellers, ask your followers if any of them live in areas you might be visiting, buy cheap snacks from supermarkets or famers markets rather than fancy restaurant meals, sight see by walking rather than getting taxis or paid tours, visit op shops for new items you need and to exchange books, etc.

I believe in you!

PS check out my friend lozeysay‘s blog, she’s currently travelling/travelled all of those places and done so incredibly inexpensively :) x