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Fuck... other customers? I guess? I was in the Prime Mark getting some cheap tees for summer and a middle aged woman asked me if I worked there. I said no, because I don't, expecting that to be that. But that clearly wasn't enough for her, because she started screaming at me for being a bad and lazy worker, and demanded that I call a manager. She ended up getting removed by the mall security.

Rose Pink
Gerard Way x reader
By @icantemo

The first day back at school was always the worst, right?
Well, when I went to collect my schedule for the year to find that I had Art with Mrs Cooper (who literally nobody liked), I found myself agreeing with myself. This year was going to suck.
Unless I was going to spend the year in the same art class as Gerard. We’d been friends since 7th grade, but it was only in 10th grade that I realized that I had developed a hell of a crush on him. It didn’t really help that he was the best in the class, but I also adored how shy he was, with the way that he kept himself to himself and didn’t appear to talk to anyone. Oh well, I would find out if we were going to be classmates, because Art was what I had last.

To finish off the last hour of the day, I walked into my new Art classroom, greeted by Mrs Cooper’s standard steely gaze as she grunted something at me which vaguely resembled the words “Good afternoon”. Honestly, if her first name was Alice, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyways, I wandered over to my seat, and sat down. I heard the door creak open and turned around to see who it was, and sure enough, it was Gerard.

I snuck a look at him walking quite slowly to his seat (which was only two away from mine), glancing at his feet as he went, which was definitely a characteristic of his. He looked attractive as usual, with his long, off-black mane of hair and his lips pursed. He still looked as cute as he did the first day of 7th grade.

He caught a little glimpse of me as he got his stuff out of his bag, so I smiled at him, prompting him to smile back, a shy little half smile, only to look at his table, and then at the front of the classroom to listen to Mrs Cooper. He was adorable.
Of course we were painting flowers for the first Art lesson. Well, at least we got to do the most basic thing that Mrs Cooper could think of. She laid out a variety of flowers on the front desk for us to choose from, from simple poppies to intricate yet beautiful sunflowers. I decided to pick a deep purple orchid, whilst Gerard picked a pale pink rose, and we got to work painting our flowers.

At the end of the class, we were asked to lay out our outcomes on the front desk, so the once drab, brown table turned into a rainbow of pink, purple and yellow colours. I could pick Gerard’s out easily, as it was the best. I just wanted some way to make him notice me. Unless…

“Now, everyone, clear up your paints and hurry up! We all want to go home, I’m sure.” Perfect timing. If I could just nudge Gerard’s arm slightly, the paint that he was currently carrying over to the sinks would hopefully spill on to me, so I tried it. “Oh my gosh, I’m so, so sorry! I’ll pay for the dry cleaning if you want!” Success.

The rose pink of the paint had landed on me, all over my cheap plain black tee, covering a large amount of my torso. I looked up at Gerard, who was shocked and flustered. “No, no no, don’t worry about it, I needed a new one anyway. Besides, I like the way it looks now… well, when we get out of here, you could come with me to find another one?”

I was probably pushing it at this point, but I knew Gerard well enough to know he would do the simplest of things to be on good terms with someone.
“I… guess so, I’ve got nothing on…” “Great! I also saw something in Hot Topic the other day, I don’t know whether to buy it, maybe you could give me some advice? You know, from another person’s point of view?”

“That sounds good to me… I’m so sorry, by the way.”
“Gerard, don’t be! Accidents happen”

I smiled at him. My plan worked, and now we were kind of going on a date. To the mall, but it was a date.

The mall wasn’t too far away from school, so we managed to walk there in 10 minutes, talking the whole way about art, music, and other things we both loved. It turned out we had a lot in common, the most notable thing being that we loved “classic” rock. Helpfully, at this point, we were outside Hot Topic, where I’d seen and fallen in love with a Metallica shirt, and a pair of jeans to go with it.

“Mind if we go in here? This is what I wanted your opinion on.”
“After you, (y/n)”

I walked into the store and found what I was looking for, and then I turned to Gerard, who smiled at me and followed me to the changing room.

“If you wait here, I won’t be too long…”

Sure enough, within 5 minutes, I opened the changing room door, and Gerard stood there, and he looked… taken aback? By me?

“That looks… so good on you… (y/n) You should definitely buy it!”

I looked back at him in surprise, and my surprised expression curled into a smile. “Glad you like it, I’m just going to change back, I’ll be with you in a sec!”
As I was changing, I couldn’t take the thought of his facial expression out of my mind. His jaw was actually a little open, he looked almost amazed… did he like me back?

I came out of the changing room, greeted Gerard and paid for my clothes, before leaving the shop with him.

“So… we’ve just done what I wanted, is there anywhere you want to go?”
Gerard turned to me, smiling. “Well, we could go for coffee, that’s generally what people do on first dates…”

DIY Tarot Card Sweatshirt Tutorial from fancymade.

This is such a good gift for those into Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards. I love tee shirt transfer paper, and have been raving about it since I started this blog in 2011. You can buy tee shirt transfer paper for either dark or light materials.

If you want to make DIY Tarot Card Tee Shirt, you can skip a few steps of this DIY and iron the transfer right on to the tee.

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hi! i just created this 1d blog and i was wondering if you could give me any good 1d/harry blogs to follow? thank you! xx and i love your writing, especially drive!

Hi there, love! Welcome! And thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say.

Okay, going off the top of my head:





















I’m BLANKING ON SOME! But these should get you going! And everyone, check out this new Harry blog! :) xx

Hello again and welcome to my next post sponsored by Fair Action. Today’s subject is very, VERY important and dear to my heart. The fashion and textile industry is largely a women’s issue - a majority of the workers are women, and most of the products are consumed by women (the bosses and designers aren’t necessarily women – worth noting).

‘Intersectional feminism’ is a bit of a buzz word at the moment - in short it means feminism that takes race, class, sexuality, gender identity/queer issues into account and acknowledges that privilege is a thing. A type of feminism not just created for and by educated, white, western women. GOOD. Ye olde buzz word would be 'Solidarity’. I like that one too, especially 'International Solidarity’. Oftentimes the struggles of people far away from us are so removed from our daily lives that they become easy to ignore. But with clothing the physical link is right there, close to your skin. Your t-shirt may say 'made in Cambodia’ on the tag, for instance. Personally I’m convinced that If capitalism hadn’t been working so hard to desensitize us in order to make us obedient little consumers we might have stopped more often to consider what that means exactly. There’s no getting around it; it means that there’s an extremely high likelihood this garment was made under conditions of suffering. The suffering of another human is surely not worth it for a cheap tee when you already have plenty of clothes.

Perhaps this is naive of me but I believe most reasonably well informed Westerners are aware that working conditions in garment factories are most often absolutely horrific and dangerous, so I’m only going to go over this quickly. Salaries in sewing factories average around each country’s minimum wage (nota bene: –minimum– wage does NOT equal living wage) and the contracts are most often short term. This means incentives against joining a union, speaking up against sexual harassment or campaigning for a safer work environment. Garment production facilities are also lacking in basic safety – accidents and fires are commonplace. In 2013 the Rana Plaza factory fire took the lives of over 1100 human beings. It’s the deadliest of it’s kind so far but by no means an isolated incident. The fight for fairer working conditions has been long and arduous in the western world, so now that things are better (though not perfect) here let’s not forget our fellow humans who are still struggling. (For more resources I recommend visiting @fash_rev and if you read swedish also and @johannanswe ’s recent blog post on the subject).

That said – in my opinion there is absolutely no point in placing blame on an individual for buying a cheap, made-in-Bangladesh t-shirt. Humans are cultural, social beings who exist interconnectedly and this culture of ours promotes fear and greed (expressed in racism, hate and violence .. but also consumerism) over compassion. Compassion, kindness and critical thinking are not rewarded. And we all want to be part of society, to be loved, and fit in. Here’s where that quote comes in (I’ve tried to find the source, to no avail) – “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act”. Love yourself, take care of yourself and the earth, love and support your sisters to the best of your ability and that international solidarity will come easily and naturally.

(( United nations Agenda 2030 – Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls –
8.8 Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants, and those in precarious employment ))

#solidarity #feminism #garmentindustry #fairagenda #unitednations #agenda2030 #sustainablefashion #slowfashionmovement

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Hi, do you have any fic recs?

This is took me hours but here we go:

@punkcupcakestyles, my bestie, has a few of my favorites:

Wake me up (a personal fave just cause Bells is my favorite character ever)


Lessons (absolute faveeeee)

Then we have @deathbyfics:

Hide (this one is lengthy but it’s amaaaaazing and I’ve reread it more times than  I could count)

XO Series (spin offs from Hide)

From here we go to @permanentcross (she has some great stuff):

It’s about balance (this one is amazing!)

You can find more of her writing here.

Then we have @jawllines:

You can find her writing here. I can’t pick one cause I love them all.

And we have @harryandmesohappily, she’s got some amazing stuff too, can’t pick just one.

Also, @cheap-tees-tuition-fees, @ccockholmsyndrome, @dibsonthat1d, @trulymadlysydney, @wdmsusie.

I think that’s about it. It’s everyone I’m used to search for some great writing. Enjoy yourself!

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With the amount of hate going around on everyone’s blog, it discourages me to stay active on here. However I feel like if we were to quit doing what makes us happy and to stop making new friends with each other, then the haters will win. I feel like some of us have been through the ringer for no reason. You guys are truly incredible people who don’t deserve it and I don’t like seeing people attack my friends with ludicrous statements that are irrelevant. 

If anyone would like to, I want this to be an appreciation post! Just tag everyone and tell them you love them! 
@trulymadlysydney, @canistayhaz, @pocharryfics, @harrysbunshun, @jawllines, @jamescordenforpresident, @weeklyfangirl, @wdmsusie, @irish-nlessing, @inkedangelhaz, @inkedferns, @permanentcross, @poshspicestyles, @punkcupcakestyles, @appreciatetommo, @stylesunchained, @aniallate-1d, @fairylightsstyles, @geenalovesthelittlethings, @gottabestyles, @harrehmadness, @summertimehazz, @tigerharry, @tigerthightat, @harrystylqs, @harrzan, @just-a-digital-love, @xxoicurlyxx, @babustyles, @nips-and-tats, @moonchildstyles, @steponmestyles, @stylessemantics, @stacksonstacksonstacksgirl, @baby-girl-styles23, @babymyharry, @bandthirst, @cheap-tees-tuition-fees, @cheshirepuddin, @chrissy22787, @cuddlyboyfriendstyles, @doubledenimniall, @harriesuccs, @harryandmesohappily, @harrycarryme, @harry-styleswho, @harrymemes, @harrysalbum, @harryslovelylocks, @honeymilkharry, @matilda-breeze, @thirstthighs, @stylesthebaker, @snoopdobb, @snapbackhazza, @snowflakeinthesummer, @robotharru, @payno-and-tea, @narrysoul69, @myaimlessuniverse, and @soloharried

I love you all!!!

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Ex-Jock: Part 3

After several months of over-indulging in whatever I desired, I had definitely acquired the ex-jock look. My belly had rounded out quite a bit, and it constantly looked bloated and distended. Since moving in with Austin I put on 35 pounds. I was fully aware of my piggish ways, but being a larger guy actually made me feel more powerful and masculine. It felt nice. Austin, on the other hand was becoming increasingly irritated with me. Everything came to a head when he arrived home late one night and found me passed out naked on the couch with two roaches in the ash tray, an empty pizza box, almost a dozen empty beer bottles, and an empty pint of Ben & Jerry’s surrounding me.

“Jesus Christ you fat fuck!” He exclaimed, stirring me from my food coma. “Why don’t you do something with your life instead of eating me out of house and home! Jesus, look at you.”

“But… I didn’t eat breakfast,” was all I could think to say.

“Yeah, well you sure made up for it in beer, huh? Fuck, Calvin, have you looked in the mirror lately? You’re a butter ball! I’m embarrassed to take you anywhere with the way you spill out of those slutty clothes. Plus you pig out in front of all our friends like you’re a goddamn starving African child. Newsflash, you’re no longer poor and starving- go to the fucking gym!”

“Um have you looked in the mirror lately, Austin?” I was becoming increasingly incredulous. “You’re fatter than me. And you gulp down that expensive wine like it’s water. You’re being a fucking hypocrite, I thought it was about love not looks you superficial cunt.”

“Love can be pretty fucking difficult when your dick doesn’t want to go anywhere near your boyfriend’s flabby thighs!”

“I’m out of here,” I said and rolled off the couch.

“Good, go squeeze into some clothes so you can uber to McDonald’s.”

I packed my bags and went to my own apartment. I had a complete breakdown when I got home. I felt like an obese monster that no one would ever love. How could I let myself get this way? I knew I had gained weight, but why didn’t I care? None of the boys at the clubs looked like me. No one likes chubby guys. What was I thinking letting myself go like this? My brain was rattling with negative thoughts of self-hate for the rest of the night.

My house was cold and uncomfortable compared to Austin’s, plus my cabinets were bare. After a few hours my stomach began to growl. I decided to do exactly as Austin recommended and called an Uber to go to McDonald’s. I sat inside wearing a skin tight white tee and ate all my feelings away. I consumed two big macs and some fries in less than fifteen minutes. Then I ordered a large milkshake for the ride home and a few apple pies for breakfast in the morning. I was completely gluttonous and I hated myself for it.

Austin and I didn’t talk for the next few days, and when we did finally sit down together it was clear our relationship was over. I guess I just wasn’t fit to be a kept boy. He was kind enough to pay my rent four months in advance while I was looking for a job, plus he gave me $1500 in cash while I got back on my feet. It was time that I built a real life in Seattle, but it was al lot harder than it seemed. As days became weeks I grew increasingly unhappy. I really thought I was in love with Austin, and it was hard to accept that his love for me was superficial at best. These feelings led to some extreme comfort eating. I blew through most of the $1500 in a couple weeks before realizing I couldn’t continue eating the expensive food I had become accustomed to. In an effort to save money, I started on a new diet of fast food, pasta, and rice a roni. As a result, I was gaining weight faster than I ever had in my life.

My comfort eating was reaching new heights the longer I went without a job. I constantly had a bag of chips and a soda in hand- even while I was running errands around town. I started to outgrow my entire wardrobe. T-shirts no longer covered my softening belly. My ass ripped the pants of every pair of jeans I could still button. On two separate occasions I had the bottom button of dress shirts pop off in public. I finally resorted to wearing cheap Hane’s tees and gym shorts almost every day. I couldn’t afford nice clothes, and I would probably outgrow them anyway. Elastic waistbands were comfortable and didn’t constantly remind me of how fat I was becoming. I was officially a hairy chubby dude, a simple fact I had to accept. I figured this meant I should start going to bear bars.

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Do you know any good harry imagine blogs? (Except for yourself :)) Love your writing so very much! Keep going! Have a great day and hope your well!

got this today and also got this one like several days ago (sorry!)

I like lots of people! they’re all so nice too ☺️

two newer additions to my list, whom i love with all my heart: @permanentcross and @stylesunchained

and then some of my rocks. always reliable. always amazing:

@ziallzquad, @harrydesires, @sorrynotharry, @cheap-tees-tuition-fees, @punkcupcakestyles, @haroldsilhouettes, @harrysbunshun@harrysfictions, @theriseofsoloharry

anyway, thanks for the kind words, sweetness! 

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Can you rec any good writers on here? I've read a lot but you seem to have the best and I want to read some more one shots

Writers are as follows:


@cheap-tees-tuition-fees // @ohteefour // @team-styles // @heart-attack-harry // @stylesunchained // @permanentcross // @trulymadlysydney // @punkcupcakestyles // @harryskinkyside // @harrysbunshun // @snowflakeinthesummer // @never-enough-harry // @fayestardust // @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly // @stylessemantics // @pocharryfics // my-fanfic-soul // @xxoicurlyxx // @harrrystitties (I got it right this time!) // @harrycarryme // @weeklyfangirl // @stilesharrystyles // @whoopsharrystyles // @inkedangelhaz // @harryandmesohappily


@dibsonthat1d // @irish-nlessing // @aniallate-1d // @niallmeallnight // @squirrely83 // @rulingtherecovery // @lucyvanpelt78


@chrissy22787 // @niallandharrymakemestrong 

I’m sure I forgot someone but I tried really hard.  All of these people are fabulous and amazing friends as well as writers.  You would do yourself a solid by speaking to them as well as reading their amazing fabulous stories.

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What're your favorite Harry blogs? Ones that do imagines etc.

I have quite a few fellow Harry writers that I love and adore.

My “follow forevers” that I draw so much inspiration from and die of excitement every time they post something new:

-permanentcross- I am honestly constantly in awe of what E writes. She pulls off Harry so beautifully and everything is unbelievably realistic. Fluff, smut, feels, dad Harold; she does all of it. She is probably my favorite writer on this website!

-trulymadlysydney - Syd is so, SO good at fluff. Particularly an expert at describing just what it would be like to kiss Harry and I LIVE for it! She’s also super sweet and hilarious.

-secret-rendezvous1d - Emily has a really sweet pregnancy series going on right now and also does cute little “Texts From Last Night” posts with Harry and the other boys.

-jawllines - Oh my God…if you’re looking for smut that is out-of-this-world hot, Liv has you covered.

Other excellent writers that I love:












I’m probably forgetting people and I’m SORRY! But I love you all! :)


DIY graphic tees!! Easy & cheap shirts :)