cheap scotch

When you fall, l cannot promise that I’ll always be there to catch you, but swear I’ll be the first to give you an ice pack. When you cry I may not always be able to give you comfort for I am no good with words, but know that I’ll tuck your worries into my pockets and throw my sweater into the washing machine. When you need a shoulder to lean on, I’ll give you a pillow because I do not believe in relying on another person to make yourself feel whole again. I will sit on the end of your bed and sing you lullabies, even though I dislike my voice. When you smile, l promise to take a picture, because it is rare that anyone sees your crooked teeth. When the rain drags in, l will get a glimpse of your half-assed grin and the skies shall clear again. When you attempt to drown your sorrows in cheap scotch, l’ll let you drink until you cry and scream. Then, l’ll drive you home, and when you wake up with the world pounding in your head and scattered memories of the night before, l’ll give you a bucket and tell you to take a shower. A warm cup of tea awaits you. When nostalgia wraps your heart in barbed wire, l’ll listen to what it has to say, even if it hurts knowing that another still has a piece of you you get frustrated with it, you will crumple up the paper and toss it under my bed safekeeping. One day, we’ll look back and laugh. I’ll assure you that every doodle you make is amazing You’ll disagree, but know that every pencil mark adore. When the planet’s weight finally falls and crushes every fragile bird bone in your body, I will ask the gods to turn gravity off and watch your troubles float away. When the cold winter months freeze your fingertips, I will tell you to put on a pair of gloves, and when you say that you forgot them inside, I’ll give you mine. I’ll kiss your hands until they’re warm again. When you throw words at my chest until I can no longer breathe, l’ll take every bullet wound and I’ll whip them right back to you. We are both stubborn, apologies do not come easily, but that’s okay, because I’ll gladly sit in silence with you until one of us cracks. When your spine curves forward and you can no longer tell real from fake, l’ll be there to help you distinguish memories from hallucinations. When the cracks in your voice get to be too much to speak, when you can no longer walk without help, when you are hurting, I will still love you. (Via mindbeforemouth)