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I know there are a few other shows out there that have made it to 12 seasons (or more) but what makes Bones’ run so, so remarkable is that they’ve made it this far without losing what makes the show ‘Bones’. Sure, we’ve lost and gained a couple of regulars along the way, but at the heart of it, the main 4 (B&B + Hodgela) have been there since the very beginning and it’s quite rare for a show to go so long without losing one of the main characters.

The show hasn’t had to compromise itself to make it this far, unlike lots of shows out there (I won’t name and shame, lolol). The writers believed in their stories and their characters and didn’t need to resort to cheap tactics (ie. break up B&B) in a bid to secure longevity for the show…they did it by just remaining true to themselves, the characters and the fans! :)

Toralei Stripe’s Insecurity?

Something to note about Toralei Stripe, AKA one of the darkest and most complex characters in the show.

“Hey Nefera!  We don’t need what’s in the bag!” ~Toralei, Monster Mashionals Part 2

Now here’s something interesting.  Toralei Stripe, who up until now has only been portrayed as a backstabbing, conniving villain, has shown the first signs of good.  She doesn’t want Cleo to win, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to resort to cheap cheating.

Why is this?  My theory is that she has an extreme insecurity: Toralei believes that if she has to be the center of attention to prove her worth.

In The Nine Lives of Toralei, it is revealed that Toralei was abandoned by her birth parents.  As the runt of the litter, she was constantly competing with her older sisters for the bare necessities.  While the entire litter was eventually adopted by an old goblin couple… Toralei herself had been left behind.

And her reaction when Spectra creates a documentary focused on her?

“Are you kidding?  I love it!” ~Toralei, The Nine Lives of Toralei

In Clawbacks, Toralei is auditioning for the part of Gorethy in the Wizard of Ooze.  Not just a speaking role.  The main role.

In Join The Scream, Toralei becomes the star of Monster High’s sports teams.  While she doesn’t care much for the sports themselves ((having mastered them with her werecat agility)) and is fueled by utter revenge, she is shown clearly enjoying her victories.  Especially as the other ghouls cheer her on.

“I’m not really what you’d call a team player” ~Toralei, Join The Scream

In I Casta Spell On You, Toralei dreams of stealing the spotlight as a pop singer.  Note that her smile,  usually sarcastic and forced, is open in a genuine, toothy grin when she is ready to take the stage. 

In Freak Du Chic Act I, she is visibly upset when Mr. Grunderson announces that the arts would be taken out of Monster High.  She wants to save the classes, something that would normally be extremely out of character for her.

In Freak Du Chic Act 2, she has signed up for Freak Du Chic, and while everybody else is learning circus tricks to raise funds, Toralei actually has fun along the way. Toralei is the only one pumped up to perform when the rest of the circus doubts their abilities.  

“Hey, speak for yourself, Frankie!  This feline is ready to shine” ~Toralei, Freak Du Chic Act 2

Boo York won’t be out for a while now, but it’s already shown that Toralei will have a little segment to herself.  In an accidental upload, Toralei is shown singing gaily on the streets of Boo York City, when she is verbally attacked by pedestrians who can’t stand her singing.  Note that before they began to criticize her, she didn’t care about her singing voice.

She gets extremely emotional over this.  So much, in fact, that she decides to steal Catty’s voice.  And gauging by the current events, it’s not so that she can have a good voice.  It’s so that others will admire her.

Process this.

Toralei Stripe doesn’t cause mischief only for entertainment, revenge, or curiousity.  She does it so that she can be noticed.

Look- here’s the thing about jump scares. 

They are prevalent in the horror genre because it is an easy way to make someone scared. It is hard to find a horror flick that does not have them. So yes, sometimes it is easier to assume that a horror movie will have jump scares and the easy way to go about it is to advise people who do not like them to not see horror films. 

But you know… there are a lot of people (self included) who like horror films, scary movies, and stuff about the supernatural who don’t like jump scares for one reason or another. And I am constantly on the lookout for films that have the spooky atmosphere that I like in horror films without resorting to cheap tricks that basically ruin the movie. They exist, they’re just few and far between. 

So if a film has a lot of jump scares in it, I wanna know. Telling me that if I don’t like jump scares I should just leave my genre is fucking ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to give up something just because I hold it to a higher standard of storytelling.