cheap polish


cheap nail polish and purple bottled perfume,
knock off sweaters, earrings, and handbags too,
all bought just to fill a room.

nobody likes a quiet mind,
so I’ll keep mine busy.
maybe if I fill it up,
people won’t know that I’m empty.

they say money doesn’t buy happiness,
but no one says I should be happy with nothingness.
I think they just don’t get it,
or they rather forget it.

drugstore moscato in a coffee cup,
faux leather to make me look tough,
all in a room I could never fill enough.


The holiday times are drawing near, and the gift DIYs are coming in! It’s really easy to buy someone a gift from the store, but when you’re on a budget and want to get something thoughtful, it’s more fun to DIY the gift!

Mug DIYs as a gift are super easy and awesome because everyone uses cups and you can customize it in many ways! I saw a lot of cute mug DIYs, but they either involved Oil-Based sharpies or stickers I just didn’t have the time to get! 

With a quick stop at the local dollar store and a bit of raiding through your make-up bag, you can make this really amazing, expensive-looking mug!



  • Ceramic mug (any shape or size)
  • Nail Polish - preferably 2+ colors
  • Disposable container
  • Tooth picks


  1. Fill the container with warm water - make sure it’s not filled all the way, so the water won’t spill over when you dip the cup in!
  2. Pour some of your nail polish colors in the container one at a time. (I used two, but I can see it working with more colors!)
    1. Note: for me, the nail polish got on the container, and I had to toss it out. Make sure it’s a disposable container!
  3. Use the toothpick to mix the colors into an interesting pattern one stroke at a time! (the nail polish is thick and won’t mix together if you don’t stir too much)
  4. Dip your cup into the mixture - I stayed away from dipping the top where people drink
  5. Optional - Use the toothpick to design with the clumps of nail polish on the mug or left in the container for extra customization! 
    1. Ideas - You can drag the clumps downward into a spiked design like the pink or dot them around into flowers like the blue!
  6. Let dry for 2-3 hours.

Hand wash these only! Otherwise, put on some dishwash safe Mode Podge as a sealant. 

The mug will smell like nailpolish afterwards obviously, but with a good (careful) wash, the smell should go away.

Wrap these mugs up, and now you have the coolest mug gift ever! ♥

Wrap them with hot cocoa mix (and marshmallows?!), coffee, or tea bags for those special friends!!

Dionysus’s Kids
  • They never have hangovers.
  • But they can drink you under the table and still be as sober as they choose.
  • They love everything grape.
  • Grapes, grape soda, grape candy, grape medicine.
  • Their cabin is decorated in purple and grape theme.
  • They are the most dramatic people ever.
  • A daughter of Dionysus once broke a bottle of cheap nail polish.
  • She bawled for days.
  • They tend to be in drama clubs and plays at their schools.
  • It makes them less dramatic in their day to day lives.
  • They’re rebels.
  • They always enjoy going against the status quo.
  • There’s always a child of Dionysus in a successful revolution or resistance.
  • They strive to change things.
  • Not necessarily for the better.
  • Some just enjoy seeing everything go to hell.
  • Luckily, those are rare.
  • They love Vine.
  • Six seconds to make something awesome?
  • No prob.
  • Step aside, they totally got this.
  • They typically enjoy hanging out with the children of Aphrodite and Demeter the most.
how the spe kids probably smell
  • Red: clean denim and axe deodorant
  • Green: extremely dark coffee and fragrant tea
  • Blue: nail polish and cheap perfume
  • Yellow: moss and flower shampoo
  • Gold: burnt stuff and sweat
  • Silver: mint and rotting strawberries
  • Crystal: hair detangler and pencil shavings
  • Ruby: fruit salad and glitter glue
  • Sapphire: fertilizer
  • Emerald: dirt and excessive hair product
  • Wally: laundry detergent and hospitals :/
  • Diamond: a pastry shop
  • Pearl: Maple syrup and cardboard
  • Platinum: extravagant perfume and money
  • Black: new rubber and vanilla ice cream
  • White: bubble gum and printer ink
  • Cheren: old books and glass polish
  • Bianca: Pineapples and marshmallows
  • N: Grass and washable paint
  • X: dust and marzipan
  • Y: Roses and fresh air
  • Shauna: shampoo and dog hair
  • Trevor: oranges
  • Tierno: styrofoam and new shoes

Sorry for the long post, but…. MY MASK IS FINALLY DONE HOLY POOP

This is Alexandrite from Steven Universe. I will be cosplaying this giant woman at KCCC on Aug. 7-9 in Kansas City!! AAAAUUUGHGHGHGHH

I have so much more left to do…. why does she have to have so many arms…

The mask was seriously so cheap. 6 bucks for the clay to make the teeth and pearl, the sunglasses and mask were 1 dollar each online, the nose is cardboard, each color paint was 50 cents, the hot glue was super cheap, the clear nail polish coat was 1 dollar so…. Pretty cheap mask overall! I’m super happy with it! My boyfriend won’t kiss me while I’m wearing it! 

If you have questions, suggestions, anything, let me know :)

This is my festival mani!!

Really cool holographic and yet cheap polish and Maybelline bleached neons.

unfortunately you can’t really see how awesome thoses glitters are but it looks cool anyway. :)

Tropink, Sun Flare and Coral heat for the neon ones.

I hope you’ll like it.

you know what are the worst days? the worst days for me are the ones where I realize that I could be doing so much at the moment if only I had one thing. money. I could be celebrating my birthday in Rome or cliff diving in Hawaii. I could be surprising my friends with the gifts that they deserve, not cheap nail polish and some one dollar candy I bought at the local dollar tree. the worst days are the ones where you see people living their lives while you sit in bed with a bag of chips, looking at families posting trips on YouTube or sharing photos on Instagram of their vacation to another country. it’s days like those where I think, of course money can buy happiness, anyone who thinks differently is wrong. but then I realize, so can five dollars and a bike ride to your friends house. that cheap nail polish you bought for fifty cents can glow in the dark as you watch classical movies and the one dollar candy can light up someone’s face. money can and cannot buy happiness, and the worst days are the ones where you realize you can’t do either

summer of 78′ - michael smut

word count: 1.7k+

authors note: yo haven’t posted a one shot in a while, hopefully this makes up for it. it’s smut, but it’s pretty light and i realized i don’t have much michael writing which made me v sad so here you go (ps: actually kinda proud of this one and i am willing to do a part two, i probs will actually i have a good idea.)

warnings: smut, no kinky shit, but still smut

The smell of cheap nail polish was burning Michael’s nose hairs but he didn’t complain, as a matter of fact, he had gotten used to the stench and although he didn’t like it, it reminded him of home and it reminded him of her. She sat in the passenger seat of his sky blue Mustang, feet gracefully kicked up on the dash as they speed down the highway. Her hair was wisping all around her, framing her face perfectly. He knew she belonged on the cover of every fashion magazine in existence, but he was also quite content keeping her all to himself. Her bambi eyes, with long eyelashes fanning out and her pouty lips that could work wonders on him, all to himself.

It was the summer of ‘78 and Michael couldn’t be more in love.

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