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Help the Filipino women

So in the Philippines, their Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on preventing the Department of Health and its agencies from going full blast on its family planning program. This puts a total ban on all contraceptives. This TRO, affects 13.4 million Filipino women. These are the 6.1 million presently using contraceptives, and the 7.3 millions more who have unmet need for family planning.

Not only are contraceptives essential for safe sex, but the oral kind, birth control pills are a necessity for women with PCOS. These pills actually DO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those with PCOS. I can personally vouch from my experience of having irregular menstruation (I didn’t have my period for 2 years at some point) and then when I got checked up, I was given instruction to take birth control pills. I was skeptic at first but only because I wasn’t informed back then. To my surprise, my period started again. It was THAT EASY. Imagine that. I could have regular menstruation if I just took these kind of cheap but still safe pills! Having regular period did wonders to both my body and my self-esteem! No, it doesn’t make PCOS go away but it sure helps with mitigating the symptoms.

But with the TRO, my right to a normal functioning body is taken away. Me and millions of other women in this country will have to deal with the symptoms of PCOS even though it could be easily mitigated with the proper medication, aka birth control pils. And no, there is no alternative because this is the most effective way, all costs considering, of regulating hormones for those whose bodies cannot do otherwise. 

Please don’t let them take this right away from the many Filipino women who need them. Please help us win this fight. You can sign the petition here.

You knew love

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Summary: You knew love, and you knew Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum.

A/N: This is my favorite piece so far! It has been on a long road but now it’s here and I’m actually really proud of it. It’s a bit different, but I hope you’ll give a chance! Also, I really like the Michael part, but it contains mentions of alcohol, drugs etc. so if you’re not comfortable with reading about that, you can just scroll past his part x

You knew love, although your version was a bit different than your friends’. They would fall in love over and over again and their feelings never lasted long. They got drunk on love and swelled in self-pity, when the hangover hit them, while you saw love as something precious, something rare and something that made life worth living. You had experienced love four times, with four very different boys; their only thing in common was a strangely passionate fondness of music. And the love you shared with each of them had taught you about yourself, truth, sadness, anger, hate, love and life itself.

Your first love taught you that soft, blushing cheeks, nervous whispers and sweaty palms were way better than bad boy images, expensive cars and heartbreak. Luke taught you how to fall in love without getting broken, he taught you how to trust and how to not just be lovers, but also best friends.

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Toilet paper pill box.

Another small fun project for recycling!
These are perfect for little gifts and a cute way to send
your jewelry to customers… it not only give a nice shell of
protection to the treasures you put inside, its cost free, customizable
and keeps recycling on the mind <3

All you need are
- toilet paper rolls
- decor ( i used stamps)
- Tape or glue

Step one: decorate your roll.
I used some of my stamps, but don’t limit yourself to just that… you can
use old paper, photographs, tissue paper, paint,sharpie and whatever else you
have laying around to decorate. Mod podge and some pattered paper would
be fun!

Step two:
Once your roll is decorated to your liking, fold down the corners on one end,
making it look like little cat ears. Make sure they fold over each other so there is no
open gap, and tape down  ( you can also glue the end down)
* side note… if you dont like the look of regular tape, they sell something called washi tape? that comes in all sorts of amazing patterns!

-Step three:
When you have some side sealed and taped down, wrap and place your item/treasures inside the box ( i wrapped up some earrings)
and seal the other end, again making sure they fold over one another so there are no gaps.

- Step four… your done!

Again these are wonderful for gift giving and product packaging.
Small, sturdy, cheap, recycled pill boxes…. you can use old paper towel rolls
too! those are larger and can fit a bit more than TP rolls.

A cure for sleep has been found, by taking a cheap pill people no longer need to sleep. You opted to continue sleeping and now 1 year after the release of this pill you notice that people are starting to act oddly.

16 was rushed,
it was cheap,
and we left it
in a hurry.

16 was the
cheap beer we
solicited from
the older guys
who looked at
us like we were
something to
sink their teeth

16 was bad sex
in the harshly
lit fluorescent
basements of
our friend’s

it was sneaking
out when our
parents weren’t

16 wasn’t necessarily
what we took out,
but what we brought in.

the alcohol worked
the drugs were hard,
and our hearts
were stone cold
like the winter
days we were
born on.

16 was nothing
but bad,
for we were anything
but sunshine
and angel wings.

we were nicotine
lips sealed with
cherry wine kisses
in backseats &
and soundproof
but they were the
kind that closed
off the screaming
from the outside

16 was self
veins bursting
up in bathrooms.
we were high on
the kinda shit
a doctor never
could give you.

16 was,
“man you had to
be drunk to get
through this year.”

we were vile,
we were beautiful,
we were big-eyed
little paper dolls
loading up on
cheap liquor,
pills &

we were anything
but clean.

16 was brutal,
16 was far from
what it seemed.


sixteen wasn’t so sweet


Creepypasta #913: Medication

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Length: Medium

“And what happens after that, Kyle?” I ask, resting my eyes on his twitching face in what I hope is a reassuring fashion.

“Well,” he replies slowly, his words sticking to the roof of his mouth. “That’s when he…it…tells me to do things. Bad things.” There are tears brimming in his eyes. 

“Kyle,” I say softly, “I think that what you’ve told me has only strengthened my previous diagnosis. It’s treatable, though. Like I said before, I can write you a prescription for that new psychoactive drug. It’s been proven to stop the hallucinations almost immediately.”

Kyle’s face falls. “I looked into it when you told me about it last week. It sounds great, but…I just can’t afford it,” he explains, his shame and embarrassment painfully clear in his voice. I watch him for a moment, feeling him grow uncomfortable under the weight my scrutinizing stare.

Finally, I sigh and break eye contact. His relief is palpable. “Look,” I say as I open the top drawer of my desk. “The company that manufactures the medication sent me samples a while ago when they first tested the drug. I have a few bottles left.” To demonstrate, I extract one of the many orange pill bottles from the drawer, and Kyle eyes it eagerly. 

“I can give you this bottle for cheap, and if the pills do their job correctly, we can talk about a deal on the rest. How does that sound to you?”

“Is this even legal?” he breathes, his eyes never leaving the small bottle of pills.

“Honestly, no. But it’s not like I’m going to be taking them myself. I would rather help somebody out with them than have them sitting unused in my desk.”

“Okay,” he says. He’s tormented by those voices, and he’s desperate to have even a few moments of relief, even if that means breaking some laws. I shoot him a conspiratorial grin and name my price. It’s not too high, but it’s enough to make it worth my while. He agrees quickly and pays in cash. As soon as he hands the money over, he pops the cap off the bottle and downs one of the pills.

“Let me know how it works when you come back next week,” I say with a smile as he finally leaves a few minutes later. He grins and nods.

As soon as he turns his back, a small shadow detaches from the nape of his neck and stays behind in my office. I don’t even bother to wait until it manifests its corporeal form. Instead, I cross to the filing cabinet and grab another bottle of sugar pills to replace the one that Kyle had just left with.

“Thanks for that,” I say to the creature that crouches silently in the corner. If it heard me, it doesn’t give any indication. In fact, it doesn’t make a sound. No, it saves it whisperings for my patients, my valued customers.

Credits to: TitaniumLady

anonymous asked:

how do you justify smoking cigarettes? it's so damaging but you seem to make sure whatever you put in your body helps it and your mind.

I used to be the girl who wasn’t good to her body and would stuff it with pills or cheap whiskey or cigarettes and not enough sleep or food or vitamins.  Now I strive toward a more harmonious life, not one where I eliminate chaos and destruction, but where I balance my poisons with my antidotes, my toxins with my elixirs.  I started taking tea with my wine, food with my cigarettes, baths with my self-harm, socialization with my hermitry, creation with my mindless absorption, sleep with my insomnia, vitamins with my junk food, books with my t.v., journeys in the woods with my cabin fever, meditation with my mental destruction.  So yes, I drink 3 liters of water a day and a bathtub of tea, and eat lots of raw veggies and fruit and vegan food, and I meditate and do yoga and and absorb books and take walks in the moonlight, but I also sip smoky tequila with a crispy cigarette and lock myself into my room for days at a time with raw, red insomnia, watching an entire series and guzzling ramen.  And the balance between those two selves (chaos & order, dark & light) is just who I am!  

I’m a Pisces, and I think I’ll always need duality to survive… I’m much happier and much less destructive to myself and my universe and others than I used to be many years ago when I started tumblr, but there will always be a little spooky to go with my cute, a little grotesque to go with my gorgeousity, and always a little bit of tomb to go with all that glitter.  ;)

One-Shot(s) Man

1 Punch: Omega (or Saitama really should have changed the locks; Omegaverse with Omega!Saitama)

It also didn’t help that the cyborg had gone stock-still after releasing a noise reminiscent of a circuit breaker blowing a fuse. And with Genos just standing there, slack-jawed, mouth hanging wide open, and eyes practically flashing error messages, the only reasonable thing Saitama could do was this: absolutely freak. “For the love of god, this isn’t a free show! GET THE FUCK OUT!”

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So, MOD was wondering...?

He’s extremely low energy right now, but he was thinking…

He knows how to scour the internet pretty well for cheap and nice stuff. Would you like to see masterposts where he finds a whole lot of things (clothing, accessories, stress toys) for super cheap, and shared it?

And if so, what would you like to see?

Ideas he already has:
Cheap plus sized clothing masterpost
Cheap cute pill box masterpost (Since some people feel bad about carrying around medicine)
Cheap fidget toy masterpost (For those with anxiety)

Etc. If you have any ideas, respond to this post!

(Here’s an example of what you can expect.)

Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Does your dog seem a bit… off? In what way you ask? In so many ways! The thyroid regulates hormones which affect so many aspect of the body.

Does your dog seems to be gaining weight (especially if it came on fairly suddenly), no matter how much you cut back on treats and their food portion sizes? Is their fur a bit “different” than it used to be (i.e. greasier, not as thick, sparse in some areas esp the back of their hind legs)? Do they seem “down” or grumpy? Moody? Not as active? No pep in their step? Do their eyes seem a bit bulgy? Maybe their neck seems to be where a lot of the weight is attaching to, giving them an almost accordion look to it (esp if they’re fluffy)?

Just one or more of these signs could mean your dog may have hypothyroidism.

A simple blood test can tell you if they do. It’s not a old dog disease. It affects any age. 

If it is hypo, a simple, fairly cheap pill twice a day will make them feel better and drop that extra weight. It’s worth it!!

Most people don’t consider hypothyroidism in their dog, especially as some see it more as an older dog disease. Others might push “oh just feed them less! Exercise more! It’s so simple!” No, it’s not always that simple.

River was diagnosed with it when she was about 4 years old. She had ballooned up to 110 pounds (her lines run around 60ish-70ish lbs). I was at my wits end trying to cut back her food but not starve her at the same time, and increase exercise (added frozen green beans to her small portions of food, more walkies and play). Nothing helped.

After the pills started? The weight melted off. Everything else went back to normal. I had my goofy, playful, happy River back again.

So always keep hypothyroidism in mind if you encounter any of the above symptoms. River and I are now hypothyroid buddies <3 (I just wish my meds actually helped with MY weight loss haha).