cheap online stores


Hey guys!

So I shop a lot from (it’s a Chinese online store wich ships internationally)

I thought that if I get something I will share it with you cause it’s a great and cheap place to get stuff from.

These are the clothes I got today and I love them so much 😍

Romper / Jumpsuit

Pink crop-top

Panda crop-top

T-shirt dress

(please let me know if you want me to post these kind of things or if you want some reviews about them or if you are annoyed by it)

I wish everybody a great day 💗


Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about this super cool app I’ve been using to help me earn money for art supplies.

Its pretty straight forward, you just complete little tasks and you earn coins which you can redeem for gift cards. The tasks usually consist of downloading popular apps like Clash of Clans. All you have to do is play with the app for a second, and then you can delete it or keep it if you like it. I usually redeem the coins for PayPal or Amazon gift cards, but there are plenty of other options too! If you join under my referral code, you’ll get 200 coins to start with, but you don’t have to.

I’ve redeemed gift cards from this app before, so I know its legit. Just wanted to throw this out there as a way to earn some extra money. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask :-)

The app is called GiftCard on the Apple Store. The icon for it is shaped like a giftbox. 

not-so-perfect-porcelain  asked:

Can you suggest any stores where I can find gothic home decor that doesn't look uber cheesy (like it came from a cheap Halloween store). Preferably online, since we're in completely different countries. I adore lace, apothecary jars, anything glamgoth, anything witchy...

Hmm, I think sites like Etsy and Amazon are probably your best shot since there are literally all sorts in there. Some online goth clothing shops have home decor sections as well, but some of the items definitely fall under the Halloween store category. Funnily enough, sometimes costume stores have really nice quality decorations all year round! There’s also Not on the High Street, which has a lot of small independent stores selling their products and I’ve found nice little gothy things from there, for example, small skull bottles. (It’s a UK site but some stores ship abroad.)

When searching through big sites like Etsy it’s good to keep your keywords in mind. Don’t try just goth and witch, try occult, Wiccan, dark, antique, Victorian… People use all sorts of words to describe their products and you sometimes find them under obscure tags. You can also look for things like old apothecary jars online/at second hand stores and then decorate them yourself with text, fairylights, glitter, or dried flowers… A little DIY goes a long way and is often cheaper too.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but hope this helps!

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