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what the signs remind me of
  • aries: laughter; cliff diving; street food; short nails; bruised shins; midnight errand runs; dirty shoelaces
  • taurus: black coffee; short hair; crisp suits; stubble; whispering; a warm breeze
  • gemini: green apples; freckles; peppermint chapstick; suppressed giggles; soft hands; cold air
  • cancer: knee-high boots; rain on windows; blue-eyed cats; souvenirs; tiny, white flowers; sugar cookies
  • leo: red, melting popsicles; sun-kissed skin; pink and orange fireworks; high-waisted shorts
  • virgo: daily planners; printer paper; smartphones; dinner dates; stars against a black sky; winged eyeliner
  • libra: heart-shaped lollipops; valentine's day cards; bubblegum; netflix; french kissing; board games
  • scorpio: teasing; renaissance art; sarcastic remarks; drive-in movies; phone books; swimming pools
  • sagittarius: birthday candles; sunrises; jump rope; stilletos; creased eyeshadow; blue raspberry candy
  • capricorn: botanical gardens; face masks; bank deposits; caviar; wedding invitations; indie music
  • aquarius: video games; soda; horoscopes; cheap magazines; fuzzy socks; news channels
  • pisces: skinny jeans; ripped shirts; bagels and strawberry cream cheese; book stores; journals; fizzy lemonade
Bob's Burgers Characters as Aesthetics and Whatnot pt 3

Calvin: Pastels, bloody fingernails, seafoam, the view from a ferris wheel at night.

Felix: Sleek modern design, low tide, hotel bars, the satisfaction of clothes-shopping.

Mickey: The parking lot of Waffle House, stick n pokes, out-of-focus carnival lights, your softest shirt.

Marshmallow: White patent leather, sunlight through a large window, 90s summer fashion, sweet potato pie.

Mr. Frond: Hello Kitty characters, soft knitted sweaters, fogged up glasses, the perfect hug.

Mr. Ambrose: Rejected library books, spotlights, the Zodiac page in a cheap magazine, screaming into the void- jk, a collection of ties.

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What do you think the boys would do about being the subject of gossip magazines and tabloids? I suppose I N and G would be pretty used to it. Probably fairly amusing, but at most slightly annoying. But it'd all be pretty new to Prompto. Turning up to see I N G one day all flustered and clutching a cheap magazine, "guys it's not true! I swear!"

Realistically, assuming it’s the same as in the normal world, there isn’t much to do about it. I N and G are no doubt used to everything Noctis does (and everything they do with him) being tabloid fodder but Prompto no doubt would find going from an unknown to a celebrity by proxy jarring.

Suddenly images of him are all over, in all his glossy zoomed in beauty, with all sorts of crazy headlines, accusing him of everything from being a gold digger after the prince to a spy to a long lost son of the King to the King’s scandalously yound lover/Noct’s future stepfather. (That last one got a chuckle out of Regis and a strangled noise of alarm from Prompto.) He has a hard time taking humor in it or blocking it out like they tell him to do. He takes a lot of the worse things said to heart (especially when he dares to venture out to the Internet), and drives himself a little out of his mind.

In the end they have to ban tabloids and gossip sites under the threat of sleeping alone if he can’t. Prompto does eventually agree that he’s happier just not knowing about what people have to say about him
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The Speech

Hey guys! This has been stuck in mind for a really long time, and now I decided to finally put it down the paper. I’m in love with this ship. Hope you like it! Sorry for any mistake!


Taylor was pacing back and forth through the room. She was alone, so there was no point in hiding her nervousness. A couple of minutes before, she was merely biting down her lip, but when the mirror informed her that her teeth were partially in red color, the woman stopped.

For Heaven’s sake! I can’t ruin my make-up now. I’m presenting an award in less than ten minutes!

Truth to be told, she was always anxious before making speeches. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to speaking to a huge crowd of artists and critics. Not that she cares that much anymore. Taylor’s learned that she has to do her own thing and everything is going to be fine. The real reason the blond was still pacing in her changing room was a conversation she’d had a few days ago with her girlfriend.

“ It had been two weeks since they had last seen each other. Karlie was in Milan for a few photo shoots and then had to go straight to Paris. Even if the model decided to fly back to New York, it would be only for a few hours. And with the 1989 tour coming, Taylor wasn’t exactly free from work.

Two damn weeks. It was fourteen days rolling in bed trying to sleep with the unusual empty, cold side mocking at her. Meredith and Olivia would appear and look at her from the ground with, Taylor swears, pitiful expressions. Well, Olivia, at least, Meredith was more disdainful. The cats’ company was something to count on, even if they weren’t enough to make her forget about the other side of the huge bed for the entire night.

This part of their relationship was something new to the singer. She had never missed a boyfriend so much to the point of having trouble with sleeping. It would’ve been terrible, since she’s on the road every other hour. But Karlie had proven to be extremely different from the others since the very beginning. The model wouldn’t pass a day without calling Taylor. And, when the work was really chaotic, the singer would receive at least texts with ‘I miss you’s and ‘I’m sorry, Tay! It’s been hectic’s. It was almost ridiculous how Taylor really missed Karlie. Not that she couldn’t enjoy a day without the model, but the thought of her was there, in the singer’s mind. Always.

This morning Karlie would be landing in New York City. And although Taylor had insisted in picking her girlfriend up at the airport, she was reminded of an interview earlier on the other side of the city. Of course, it could be cancelled. At the same time, it couldn’t. Not really. Because cancel would mean the singer could pick her girlfriend up, then she’d face a crowd of paparazzi at the airport waiting for her, thirsty for any kind of romantic gesture to capture and sell for any cheap magazine or tabloid. Apart from the cameras, it’d be twice as hard to see Karlie walking to her and not to be able to hug her as she wanted, to kiss her as she wanted. It would be torture.

Karlie knew when Taylor had called her the night before to say she wouldn’t picking her up what the real reason why the interview couldn’t be canceled was. They both knew, and it killed them little by little. Small things, like not to be able of holding hands outside for more than a while, were merely mentioned by any of them. It was painful. In these situations, Taylor could see the sadness through hazel green eyes, even if a weak smile came along to soften things up. The blue orbs were full of pain in front of the sight. The model has the ability of putting a smile on the singer’s face by merely showing up, but seeing Karlie hurt broke Taylor completely.

So, since the singer still had a few appointments until late in the afternoon and refused to see her girlfriend only at night when they were in the same city free around lunchtime, they decided to at least share a meal. Restaurants offered a lot more privacy anyway.

It was a nightmare.

By the time Karlie arrived at the place, paparazzi were lining up on the front doors. And even if they couldn’t really see the girls, their presence made Taylor nervous and annoyed her. When the singer saw Karlie approaching the table, everything fell behind, like people eating around them and the cameras just a couple of meters away weren’t real. In the moment, her reality was a shining walking woman with a smile that turned Taylor into a shaking mess. Their hug was tight, full of need. Taylor was breathing the other girl in like she had never smelled such an essence before. To have the nose on the crook of Karlie’s neck wasn’t helping the singer at all. She felt an urge to kiss every inch of skin in sight, to make a mark, so the men who certainly have been staring at the model since she got in would know Karlie was not available. Not that she would ever be ‘available’, please.

— Baby — Karlie groaned as low as she could.

The feeling of Taylor’s lips brushing her neck wasn’t in any sense refraining any inconvenient thoughts the model could have about her girlfriend. Taylor took a deep breath and disentangled herself from the models embrace, dreading the cold she would feel once they were apart.

— God, you could at least try not to look stunning and light up the room when you enter it, you know — the singer complained half smiling.

The model chuckled and blushed slightly.

— And she’s being adorable — Taylor said rolling her eyes.

— I missed you — Karlie whispered locking their eyes. — I missed you so much, Tay.

With a melting heart, the singer’s first instinct was grab the woman’s hand and intertwine their fingers. When she motioned her arm, though, one look stopped her. It was Karlie’s. She was silent reminding Taylor they couldn’t. Not in plain sight, with all these people around. It would’ve been suspicious. There were already tons of articles with theories about them as a couple, they didn’t need any more. Tree’s words echoed in Taylor’s mind: ‘I’m not saying you shouldn’t come out. It’s your relationship, after all, your life. But are you sure parents would allow their twelve-year-old daughters into your show if you did it right now? I hate to see you like this, but it’s my job to think of your career’. And Karlie’s wouldn’t have as many problems as Taylor’s, but it could suffer too.

— I’m so sorry — Taylor replied in a small voice.

— I am too.

The sweet voice came with that weak smile, one the singer was hating profusely now.”

Why does it have to be so difficult?

The first time Taylor has found a relationship in every sense of the word, a health and happy one, and she has to hide it to protect what they have. Karlie’s sad expression and her words were engraved on the singer’s mind, haunting her at night and showing up at every uncomfortable situation they couldn’t be their normal selves. It was draining Taylor. She couldn’t bear much longer hurting the model. It stabbed her hard to see the sun not glowing.

God, I can’t lose her… I just can’t. It is too much… She won’t…

— Taylor — greeted a thick accent from nearby.

The girl jumped in place and barely avoided a scream out of her mouth. She never saw the door opening. Her erratic heart beating loudly above her hand was not helping her calming down.

Damn it, Swift! Put yourself together.

It was Ed Sheeran, one of her best friends. The guy was presenting the award with her, which was a relief. In case Taylor nerves got the best of her, he could at least try to help her not to be so ridiculous.

The ginger man was visibly concerned with the view of a shaking Taylor, because it was a rare state to find her in. He motioned himself to hug her, and she gladly obliged. His embrace was comforting and warm, but warmth reminded the blond of the model and her shiny smile, then the absence of it lately and all they’re going through flashed back in her mind. Unconsciously, Taylor’s hands started trembling again.

— What’s the matter?

The woman gave no indication of answering any time soon.

— Is it Karlie?

Ed, having such a proximity to the singer, knew about the women’s relationship. He was a big supporter of their happiness. Like him, their family and closest friends were aware of it.

— I’m losing her — she whispered, too afraid that if the words came any louder, somehow, it could happen faster.

— What makes you think so? — He asked, his tone matching hers.

— I’m constantly hurting her with all the hiding. I can’t keep doing it. It breaks me, Ed — she said her voice cracking and her eyes tearing up. — She won’t bear much more. She can’t. I can’t.

There was a brief pause between them.

— Coming out is a risk to your career… — he began.

— Losing her is a risk to my life — she snapped.

He pulled away and Taylor was surprised to find him smiling when she was just rude.

— Then tell the world she’s yours while you can say so.

For the first time that night, Taylor nodded sure of herself. A voice broke their bubble announcing they had to be on stage immediately.


The crowd was clapping loudly while the two were walking through the stage with their arms locked together. Taylor was silently thankful for the small gesture of support. She needed it. The singer had no idea how to break the news to people, if announce formally or simply to start kissing her girlfriend in the middle of the Central Park. There was time to figure it out, though. The blond felt relieved with the thought that she would be seeing a shiny smile soon enough.

The first thing she did once they reached the microphone was to look for the model on the front row. Karlie came to the show with her. The woman’s presence had eased Taylor’s mind earlier, but once the singer had found herself alone in the changing room, she broke down. Obscenely long legs and a bright smile stand out in the crowd making the blue-eyed-girl own smile grow wider.

Oh God. Okay, you can do it. Just keep breathing.

Some jokes were on the script for the two of them, and the woman was about to speak her part, but Ed had other thoughts.

— Don’t even start. I’m still mad at you — He said eyeing her with a lame look of disappointment.

— Oh — she had no other option but go along with his unknown plot. — I’m sorry? Whatever I did.

The public laughed.

— You’re unbelievable! — He exclaimed exasperated. — You’re in the Brit Awards, yet you don’t love England.

— What?! — Taylor’s voice was so high pitched with the ridiculousness of the statement that the crowd chuckled. — Of course I love England! Don’t even question that. A lot of my fans and friends do live here — she defended herself.

— Yet, you chose New York as your new home — Ed replied fighting back a smirk.

— Yeah… — Taylor dragged the word. — And that doesn’t absolutely mean I don’t love the country. Even I can’t afford so many houses, you know — she snapped crossing her arms. She turned to the audience. — Anyway, tonight…

— You’re not running away so easily, young lady — he cut her.

The singer rolls her eyes earning laughs again.

— What do you want me to do? Maybe if you let me finish the speech, after we announce the winner — if the nominated people don’t kill us in the backstage for making them wait for so long, of course — I can consider buying a place here, if you miss me so much — she finishes with a dry tone.

— That’s not necessary — Ed states. — Just answer one question.

She looked at him through narrowed eyes, curiosity invading her.

Where’s he heading to? We’re running out of time… What is he up to?

— What was the big factor?

Taylor had a confused expression dressing her face.

— I know you were considering London. What item of the list of pros and cons made you choose New York? — Taylor froze. — What they have that is so important we cannot replace?

“Nope. Not happening.”

Karlie’s voice appeared immediately in her head. She knew exactly what he was planning. The man was smirking openly now. Of course, the reason the singer chose that specific city was clear in her mind, even if back there she wasn’t ready to face the consequences of such a statement. The significance of it changed her whole life.

Ed was giving her an opportunity.

Taylor looked at the crowd and her eyes locked on hazel green ones. Karlie looked concerned. Her smile was certainly fake, only for the sake of the show and the photographers’.

Taylor remembered hearing her laugh for the first time, how the sound made butterflies appear all over her stomach, creating a surprising warmth in her being; then her mind displayed their first kiss during a many series marathon on her couch.

“They were laughing so hard that the pair found themselves entangled together and their faces were in a very dangerous proximity. Their laugh died. Karlie bumped their noses gently and never broke eye contact. That green tone made the singer breathless, and she didn’t think. She couldn’t anymore. Taylor just started placing small kisses on the model’s cheeks, then on her jawline, and finally on her lips.”

The blond flushed with the memory.

It’s time.

She smiled happily at the model, who couldn’t help but return the gesture.

— Sunshine — Taylor informed gladly, her blue eyes never leaving green.

The couple’s eyes watered while a huge clap engulfed them. The shiny smile showed up, filling the singer’s body with an amazing wave of warmth. The people standing and clapping were a clear sign of support. A few ones had no idea why the word was so marvelous that even made superstars stand up and whistle. The model’s cheeks were sparkling with tears, and Taylor only noticed that she matched her girlfriend’s state when Ed wiped her face gently and pulled her in a hug.

— Thank you — she whispered in his ear.

He merely nodded.

When the clapping stopped, they broke apart and Taylor was still sniffing slightly and smiling wide.

— Do you remember mentioning nominated people killing us?

The crowd chuckled. Cara and Ella were by Karlie’s side barely containing their excitement.

— Nah, I have an angel to look after me — Taylor said proudly.

Many ‘aw’s and sniffs were heard through the room. Karlie was literally supporting herself on her two friends, or else she was sure her legs would give up with all Taylor was doing.

— Well, I don’t. — More chuckles. — Would she protect me too?

Taylor turned to face him and, although she had a playful glint in her eyes, the smile was gone, faking an unamused expression.

— I don’t share — the singer stated possessively.

His head hung low.

— I’m sorry — he said.

People laughed again, and the blond didn’t make any attempt to take back her statement. It was a side she’s been hiding for so long that the woman doesn’t want to cover it now, even if it’s not needed at the time. And she feels like breathing after a large period gasping for air. It’s an enormous relief.

— So, here are the nominees for…

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jily road trip? if you want? idk

  • I do want
  • james driving, lily lying in the backseat eating chips and asking him where the map is and what his favourite colour was when he was eight
  • lily driving, james lying in the backseat throwing gummy bears in the air and catching them in his mouth while bitching about her terrible taste in music
  • fuck off james we’re not listening to ‘the broken snitch wing’ again their band name is shit me and sirius both agree
  • buying over-priced food at gas stations and after they’ve eaten their six dollar kit-kats they’re  like…. this is why we are broke.
  • calling the guys from a payphone only to have sirius try and guilt them into them into coming home because ‘guys. Remus is dying.’
  • ‘I AM NOT.’
  • ‘he’s in denial. You have to home right away. he only has days left.’
  • *sounds of remus and sirius elbowing each other in the background*
  • james buying lily cheap paperbacks and magazines she likes because he’s just like that
  • lily buying black liquorice because james likes it even though she hates it because she’s just like that
  • lots of arguing about directions and radio stations and who left the torch at home
  • lily evans lying on the dashboard wearing sunglasses and a huge floppy hat while james sits in the drivers seat like EVANS. YOU’RE TO PALE FOR THIS. GET INSIDE.
  • she gets a huge sunburn and he calls her a lobster but he does it while kissing her forehead so she can’t even be mad about it
  • james guzzling energy drinks and driving all through the night being like lily we should buy a dog we should move to mars we should go swimming in a very big lake we should get married we should find the map we lost we should- lily. Lily wake up. Lily we’re going to get a dog. Say something in two seconds if you disapprove of the dog idea.
  • turns out they won’t sell you a dog if you come in at four in the morning and you’re currently on a road trip and living out of your car. It’s unbelievable. Their standards are so damn high.
  • lily drawing a moustache on james’s face when he’s asleep and he refuses to wash it off because I don’t look half bad actually. This could be by new ~look~
  • they eat ice cream out of the bucket and go to the beach and run out of gas on the freeway and then they’re like…… we’ve done everything we wanted lets go home
  • they turn up, sunburnt, unshaven, missing half their clothes and stinking like air freshener because james kept spraying it in the car
  • sirius runs out to met them, almost tearful, while remus stands in the doorway and rolls his eyes


Oh shit, she reaaaaally hoped that wasn’t who she thought it was. Standing across the aisle of the gas station was a member (one of the higher ups at that!) of the gang her’s butted heads with. She wasn’t about that life anymore and really didn’t want to have to gut someone because of some old, faded wounds.

She quickly turned around, hoping he hadn’t seen her face, and shoved her face into a tabloid off the shelves. Cherry hated these damn, superficial, sexist, cheap magazines, but it will have to do.



Photography by Paolo Zerbini

Styling by Moreno Galatà

Models Francesca Cisani, Julia Zimmer, Michela Biasibetti, Julia Shvets, Jenna Roberts, Elensio Makharashvili.

From the latest issue of LURVE.


i’m sure what i’m about to say is going to upset some people, but the idea that you can just say “wow!! why NOT be trans??” at the drop of a hat, because you like dressing up occasionally as what society dictates women are, is almost everything wrong with the transgender movement today.

i’m not saying you need to be on hormones, or you had to have been the MtF who tried to snip her genitalia off with scissors as a child, but being transgender is not something you just decide you are one day because you feel like it. it’s not a designer label you accessorize yourself with when it’s convenient.

as a transgender woman who has been involved in the community for quite some time i can confidently say that many of us are either being killed, or are killing ourselves because of what this label means in society today. we’re not trans because “why not be…?” this is who we are. although i take pride in my identity and my experiences, had i the option to be born a cis female instead i can assure you i would have taken it.

i’m so sick of cis people putting on a female or male assigned article of clothing, calling themselves a different name/character, and mocking us like this. with that cover photo…? i’m so sick of people who do not live with this every day exploiting our lives for cheap costume laughs, magazine sales, clickbait, and all around shock.

leave us the fuck alone. 

It makes you wonder just how amazing working with Maddie must be. She must have an incredible work ethic or an extremely magnetic personality that she keeps getting booked for jobs by previous employers. Sia only needed her for “Chandelier”…yet she brought her back for three more videos, countless live performances, and now a movie. And its not just Sia….Maddie worked with Elle magazine once and they brought her back for NYFW, she worked with teen vogue and how many times now have they featured her, same with glamour magazine, and whoever else I’m missing. I think it just shows how professional, yet personable Maddie must be when getting the job done…and at only 13, that’s she’s so competent is amazing to me  

Cheap Trick was the first time I ever went backstage. The cool thing about how I got backstage is a lot of girls were giving blow jobs to get backstage and I did not even comprehend that. I just got out of juvenile hall and I went from high-end boarding school to low-end juvenile hall, told them I had a trust fund and they pretty much threw me out of juvenile hall, which I was sad about. I found this happy medium with like the gay guys at the all-ages gay club and those weird groupies in Portland at a place called the Paramount. And I had a mouth on me like nothing from the gay guys, they really taught me how to speak and how to conduct myself until Julian Cope, and then Julian Cope taught me a lot more and he was my mentor. None of these people ever sexualised me. I was never sexually involved with any of them, or romantically. Maybe romantically in my head, not in any inappropriate way. It would’ve been first of all illegal, second of all it would be wrong and I’d probably hate them for it. I have a 17-year-old daughter and a record company right now ostensibly called Cherry Forever. You do the math. I don’t take it lightly.
—  Courtney Love, 2009.