cheap honeymoon

anonymous asked:

umm but what if macdennis stayed in one of those cheap honeymooners hotels

listen i love this concept

  • why are they at this hotel in the first place? hugh honey and vic vinegar are on a little getaway vacation (paid for by one of frank’s many credit cards)
  • when they check in at the reception desk, the concierge tells them, “oh my goodness, aren’t you two the cutest couple?” they don’t really care at first, but after they check in, the concierge says the exact same thing to the couple behind them in line, and they spend the entirety of their time at the hotel trying to out-cute the other couple
  • dennis hogs all the blankets and hot water
  • mac uses the free toiletries enthusiastically and over-zealously 
  • they order room service every night because they can’t be bothered to change out of the fluffy bathrobes that were provided. guess who the room service attendant is? the waiter from guigino’s (he got fired for falling into spaghetti too many times)