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Joan Crawford, star of Rain at the State and Orpheum Theatres, has been known as a style leader for the younger generation. She wore one dress in Letty Lynton which has become a favorite all over the country, and young girls everywhere demand at the department stores, “I want a Letty Lynton dress.”

But in Rain she will set no styles. Her entire wardrobe will cost $17.50 as compared with the thousands of dollars usually spent for her costumes.

It took some time to assemble the gaudy skirt and jacket, the small, feathered hat, the near-silk stockings, the imitation fur and the high-heeled, cheap shoes, but they were bought at Los Angeles department stores and came to $17.50 in all. And she wears the same outfit throughout the picture, save for the scene in which she wears an elaborate negligee of the cheapest material.

Stories of the Stage (November 27, 1932)

rainbowrose93989  asked:

Hi can my friends and I cosplay the elites if so do you have any tips on what to buy? Thanks

Yes! I’d cry if I saw people cosplaying my characters!

Um as for tips, im not good at cosplaying or making things.
but I can try and help!


I think the best thing is to look for a blue bob hairstyle wig.

and find a way to make the rest of her hair, maybe take cardboard cutouts and use fake hair to cover them and then attach them to the back of the wig/head. I think the best thing is to see how people do peridot’s hair for cosplay and what they do to get the weird shapes.

If you wanna go an extra step, you can always get white contact lenses. I wouldn’t paint your skin brown if that’s not your normal skin color. Just use your normal skin color for her.

as for uniform,
you can try finding a cheap high heel boot that looks like this.. your choice if you paint or put something on the heel to make it golden looking.

For the main uniform part, you can get a plain long sleeve gymnastic leotard that matches part of her uniform color and just edit it, by sewing different colored fabric for the rest like her elite symbol.

For the gloves, if you can find cheap brown gloves, and again if you wanna edit the fingers like the boots.

and as for her gem, just get something round and paint it, it should fit right on the back of your neck.


for her wig, you would need something messy but long, and able to put in a ponytail. It might need to be trimmed around the face so it can boarder the face while in a ponytail.

for her uniform, another gymnastic leotard but without sleeves, and for the legs, just wear leggings under them!

for her boots something like this

but in her color or close to her color, for the different color at the toes either paint or cover with something.

You can paint your arms and face gray using body paint, and then use darker gray for her arm markings, or use arm sleeves. Here is a picture of someone using gray arm sleeves.(im sure they made them and there are tutorials online.)

You could just use fabric markers or paint below the elbow to make her markings.

and for her sharp teeth black teeth paint or fake pointed teeth!

As for her gem, get like a black plastic eyepatch, and just cut off the string and paint it to look like her gem, and just find a way to stuck it on. :P

if you want to go the extra step, black contact lenses if your eyes are not already dark.


a wig like this would be perfect!

I would do the same with her uniform as you would with Onyx, from the main body of it to the boots, you can also make green arm sleeves so you don’t have to paint your arms.

Her arm braces can just be normal metal bands.

For her gem, I would just do cardboard, but cutting folding and gluing to the shape, then painting it. then stick it to the side of the wig somehow.

and if you wanna go a little extra,  contact lenses like this would work.


a wig like this would work.

then get a fake ponytail attachment.

Normal skin color is fine for her

The same stuff applies for uniform and boots like Onyx and Molda, she wouldn’t need leggings tho, but thighhighs.

if you can’t find her color, either gold or yellow will work.

and the under part of her uniform.

If you can find a long sleeve turtle neck croptop of that color (and add on gloves of the same color if wanted)

as for gem, you can do a cardboard cutout, paint and stick it on your hand with something.

and if you wanna do the contact part, orange/gold or yellow contacts work.


I hope this helps! I’m not good at tips at what to buy or do, since I’m not a very good cosplayer and don’t doit much! If you or your friends do cosplay, make sure to take pictures! I would LOVE to see, and I would reblog them in a heartbeat! <3

don’t grow up too fast, they told me at age six while i paraded in plastic heels and cheap red lipstick. 
but with this heart of mine, that are many years my senior, my only choice was to do just that. i didn’t want to swap the red lipstick for a dark nude, it just happened. 
don’t grow up too fast, they told me at age ten when i blew the candles. at this point, there was no use in telling me. i wanted everything life had to offer, and i wanted it right at that moment. no waiting. that’s what i wished for.
and what i didn’t wish for is to be age thirteen and have people already treating me like some object that is there to stare at and to comment on and god knows what else. i get winks and i get whispers. i get friends and i get enemies. and those enemies treat me better than some friends, because at least they tell me where we stand. but hey, the beauty of youth, right?
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the eye of the beholder is pacific ocean blue and his hands are always cold. he likes the colour red. therefore, i set myself on fire. he doesn’t like being too warm, though. therefore, i’ll put myself out and he’ll watch the embers fade into nothingness and the fuels turn into a shade of black darker than my hair in dim lighting. 
but i can’t live my life in dim lighting. at some point, you’ll have to notice the golden brown my hair glows when the sun reflects on it. at some point, i can’t be as dark as you’d hope for me to be. i have to be happy.
Love Is Not For Sale: Part 5

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Pairing: Reader x Sam, background Destiel

Prompt: Smut and some angsty plot 

Tags: AU, smut, oral sex (female receiving), angst 

Words: 4,214

A/N: Sorry this chapter is so long!! I am thirsty af for feedback!!!!!!!!!!!

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For Negan Smut Week January 2017!

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: Biker Negan! Plot, SMUT, SMUT and more SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I could never understand why he was so interested in me. I mean, I wasn’t anyone special.

I was the manager at Torrid, a plus size store in the mall. I worked my hours and would go home and take care of things there.

Wash and repeat.

The man I speak of is Negan Smith, the President of The Saviors MC. Once the best coach at the local high school, he now ran the clubhouse, which was dubbed The Sanctuary.

He had power… he had wealth… the women on his arms and at his beck and call… So what in the hell could he possibly see in me?
Coffee in hand, I walked into Torrid, greeting my coworker, Janet. She looked to her right, quickly waving me over.

Shit. I hadn’t even clocked in and trouble was brewing.

“Yes, Janet?”

“Umm, Negan’s here to see you.” She said, hesitantly.

I sighed, my shoulders dropping.

“Just… I don’t know… make sure the window displays are clean.”

She nodded, scurrying away to do her job.

As I walked to my office, I made the mistake of looking over in Negan’s direction.

He was standing at a rack, looking at some lingerie, his eyebrows raised as he found something interesting.

When he finally looked over in my direction, I tried to make it to the back but he called out to me.


“Goddamnit,” I cursed under my breath, then faced him.

“What Negan?”

“Aww c'mon now Doll. Is that any way to greet your favorite man?” He teased, his smile wide with seduction as he neared me.

I rubbed my forehead, “Negan, I’ve got work to do, so if you don’t mind…”

I turned, going through the small hallway and into the office. I didn’t expect Negan to follow me.

“Come have dinner with me.”

I groaned, putting my coffee down on my desk, “No,”


Jesus, was he trying to piss me off today?

“Because Negan!” I sighed, frustrated.

He sauntered into the office, closing the door behind him.

My behind was propped up on the desk, my feet crossed at the ankles. With my arms folded underneath my generous breasts, I kept a close eye on him.

“Because isn’t an answer, baby doll.”

I could feel my insecurities bubbling over, making me down right ill.

“Why me, Negan? I mean, do you enjoy coming in here and making fun of me?”

At my comment, I could see the anger beneath his suave exterior.

“You think I’m fuckin’ makin’ fun of you?”

I looked at my feet, nodding.

I heard him kiss his teeth, then move closer to me, the heat coming off of him in waves from his leather jacket.

He cupped my chin, raising it so I’d look at him, “Do you think so low of yourself? Can you not see your fuckin’ worth, woman?”

I jerked my chin from his grasp, “I see the women that you are with Negan! Skinny, little bitties that just love to make fun of someone like myself at every chance they get.”

His eyes hardened, but I wasn’t done yet.

“I’m not stupid. I’ve heard their comments as they’ve walked passed me. I’ve always told myself that I wouldn’t be the ass of anyone’s joke and I’m telling you right now, Negan, that I’m not about to start!” My chest heaved as I got off my soap box.

“Are we fuckin’ finished yet, Doll?” He asked, softly.

I clicked my tounge, feeling the tears burn my eyes, “Yeah,”

“Good. I want you to listen,” he pushed me back so that I was sitting on the edge of the desk, “and I want you to listen real fuckin’ good. I’m not one to beg so this will be the final fuckin’ time I bring this up.”

I gripped the edge of the desk, my legs opening as he stood between them.

“Have dinner with me, tonight. If you feel uncomfortable, then I’ll take you home. I don’t force any woman.”

I sniffled, “But you sure are persistent.”

Again he took hold of chin, “When I see a beautiful woman, you’re damn fuckin’ right, baby.”

He was so close to me… just an inch or two more and we would’ve been kissing.

“Now, will you have dinner with me?” He asked, his thumb stroking the corner of my mouth.

I admit that I wanted to give in, to live a little. It would be nice to be cared for even if it was just one night.

I licked my lips, sighing, “Yes,”

Negan smiled slowly, his white teeth gleaming, “That’s it baby… you won’t fuckin’ regret it.”
Negan had left my office shortly after I said yes, surprising me because he didn’t even try to kiss me.

After I had gained my composure, I went out onto the floor to do inventory. Negan was still there however, winking at me when ever we were in each others view.

Once my back was turned, he’d gone to the register, buying whatever for whomever, then leaving without a goodbye.

Later on that day, while I was on lunch, the VP of The Saviors, Simon stopped by along with Prospect Fat Joey.

Simon held a girly, pink bag and I couldn’t just let him get away without picking on him.

“Ya know, that color really brings out your eyes.”

He held the bag up for a second, looked at it, then surprised the hell out of me, “Really? I thought purple was more my color.”

I busted out laughing.

Simon chuckled, placing the bag on my desk, “Prez says to wear this if you want. I’ll be by to pick you up at 8.”

I scratched my head, “I can find The Sanctuary just fine, Simon.”

“Negan’s orders. Just for once, don’t fight him or me on this.” He sighed.

I rolled my eyes, “Fine.”

Simon smiled, leaving with a wave.
I wasn’t one for dresses all that often, but Negan did have some great taste.

He picked out a gorgeous black bodycon dress. It was modest, but showed just the right amount of cleavage to where I wasn’t uncomfortable.

He even had a matching black and blue lace bra and panty set in the bag.

Jesus, I hope Simon didn’t snoop.

After applying my barely there makeup, I had to take a second. I almost didn’t look like me.

Of course I still had the same face, but there was a difference… dare I say a happy gleam in my eyes?

I smiled at my reflection and was blown away by how carefree I looked. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

A knock on the door, brought me back to the here and now. Fat Joey stood there, looking bored as ever eatting a Twinkie.

I grabbed my clutch and over noght bag, locking the door behind me.

Simon sat in the driver seat of an SUV, watching as I approached and got in.

“Smooth sailing from here on out.”

When we pulled up to the clubhouse, I noticed a bunch of bikes lined up and music so loud that it made the vehicle vibrate.

Simon let me out, walking me to the door and opening it.

The smell of cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and alcohol assaulted my nose as I was led through the fog of smoke.

I heard Negan before I had seen him, his laugh booming at some racy joke that one of the guys told him.

“Well if it isn’t my fine fuckin’ ass date!” He cheered, holding his arms out.

The women nearby rolled their eyes, leaning over to whisper to one another.

I wasn’t going to let them get to me. Tonight, no one else existed but Negan and I.

As I approached Negan, he leaned back slightly so he could be face to face with me, “Hey baby.”

Oh God… his voice was so deep, just oozing with lust as he greeted me.

I rubbed my hands on the sides of my thighs out of nervousness, blushing, “Hey Negan.”

He chuckled, licking his lips, “Goin’ to give me a kiss?”

I looked over his shoulder, seeing his buddies and the women, watching us.

Negan moved his head into my view, eyebrows raised.

Giving a short nod, I tipped my head up, my lips barely grazing his. At first taste, I heard Negan growl. Using his chin, he gently jutted it forward, deeping our kiss.

The men clapped and cheered, only to get louder as Negan gripped handfuls of my ass.

“Hmm mmm! Now that is what I’m talkin’ about!” He boasted as he pulled back from the kiss.

Giving my behind a pat, he wrapped an arm around my waist and led me to his group.

I stayed quiet mostly, sipping on his drink when he offered it to me.

Simon came over, whispering something in Negan’s ear. The jovial, lusted look left his eyes briefly, but it returned slightly when he looked at me.

“Need to take care of some shit, baby. Seems like Lucille has a date tonight as well.”

My eyes bugged. Everyone who lived in and around town knew who and what Lucille was. Some serious shit was about to go down.

Negan, although already in my personal space, leaned in even closer, “Keep that fine ass right here, am I clear?”

I swallowed, nervous for the poor bastard that was going to meet Lucille.

“Crystal.” I nodded.

Negan lifted his arm, signaling the others to get a move on.
Most of the party died down considerably, leaving only the women and hang arounds.

It wasn’t long until I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The sounds of cheap high heels clicked and clacked against the concret floor.

I sighed, really not wanting to do this tonight.

“You think you have him hooked, don’t you?”

I cringed at the nasally voice and the multiple gum popping.

“Hey, she’s talkin’ to you, bitch!”

Rolling my eyes, I got off the stool and faced the group.

Four women stood in a semi circle, their arms folded and scowling at me.

I said nothing as I stood there, waiting.

When one reached out and pushed my arm, I smacked it away and growled, “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Another walked forward, “Why? What are you gonna do?”

“Not a damn thing.”

“Stupid bitch thinks she can rub up all on our Negan?”

I heard the men come back in, but they kept quiet, watching the scene unfold.

The same girl that pushed me, reached out to do it again. Before she could get her lick in, I gave her a right hook, sending her down to the ground hard.

A collective gasp came from the girls. One of them growled and charged at me. When she got close enough, I grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her face into the bar.

I could hear the rip of the mesh fabric from my dress and Negan yell, “Enough!”

The girl stopped, her bony fingers letting go of my dress.

“But Negan-”

“But fuckin’ nothin’! I leave for thirty goddamn minutes and this is the shit that I come back to!?”

She trembled in fear, backing away.

“I’m shutting this shit down right now!” Taking Lucille, he pointed at her, “Get your friends here off the floor and out of my fuckin’ clubhouse.”

She stood there, trying to stutter out an excuse.


Scrambling to get their behinds out of Negan’s sight proved to be difficult for them as they tripped over their feet.

Negan put his chin on my shoulder, “I’m about eighty percent more into you now.”

I rolled my eyes, but at least my tone held humor, “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.”

“C'mon, let’s go. I want this shit cleaned up, now!”
With Negan’s hands rarely leaving my body as we went to his loft, which was connected to the clubhouse; I was finding it very difficult to hold up the top of my dress with shaky hands.

“Had your bag brought up to my room. Sorry about your dress, baby. It looked fuckin’ amazing on you.”

“Thank you.” I said, quietly.

Once inside, Negan escorted me to his bedroom. On his bed was my small overnight backpack.

He leaned against the door jam, biting his bottom lip while watching me, “Don’t mind me, Doll.”

“Turn around you perv,” I laughed.

He did so, thankfully and began to hum. I quickly changed into a purple teddy; just a little something extra that I had picked up for him.

“Okay,” Sighing, I waited for his reaction.

Negan turned, looking me up from my bare, freshly shaven legs, to the skimpy teddy and finally meeting my eyes.

Shaking his head, he bit down on the inside of his bottom lip, “Mmm, I like.”

He slowly stalked over to me, rubbing his chin, “Now you see; Here I thought you were just some shy ol’ manager, but holy shit baby! You’re one hell of a minx!”

He walked around me, close enough that I could feel the warm leather caress my skin.

“I really wanna know, Y/N,”

“Know what?” I asked when he paused.

He leaned close to my ear, “Can I open this fuckin’ gorgeous gift?”

Two long fingers pinched the end of the bow that held the front together, ready to pull at any moment.

I gulped, weighing my options; was I really going to sleep with the President of The Saviors? Give myself over to the one man who I knew could break me?

“Just say the word, baby,” Negan whispered, his tounge sneaking out to gently flick my ear lobe.

Yes, yes the fuck I was going to give myself to this son of a bitch.

“Yes,” I moaned, falling back into his arms.

Negan chuckled darkly, the sound making me even wetter.

Without warning, I spun around, and pushed Negan back up against the wall. He grunted, his smile down right carnal.

Looking into his eyes, I undressed him, being mindful of his leather jacket and cut, which I placed neatly on the chair near the dresser.

I took off his shirt, throwing it to the side, running my hands down his hair covered torso.

When he reached out to undress me, I slapped at his hands.

“Hmmmm, that the fuckin’ game we’re playin’ tonight, baby?”

I licked my lips, sinking down to my knees as I finally got his pants undone. His length sprang free, bouncing gently.

Grasping it at the base, I held him steady as I licked the under side of his cock.

Negan hissed, his eyes heavy lidded as he stared down at me.

Slowly, I wrapped my lips around him, taking him as deep as I could without gaging.

I looked up at him through my lashes, happy to see him rendered speechless for once.

Negan’s chest heaved as I hummed softly. His legs began to shake slightly when I twirled my tounge over the sensitive head of his shaft, lapping up the pre-cum.

“Jesus, I knew those fuckin’ lips would be amazing.” He groaned.

I pumped my hand up and down slowly as I smiled up at him, then took the head back in my mouth.

He threw his head back, the cords in his neck standing out as I sucked lightly.

“Goddman,” he moaned, gripping my hair in both hands.

Putting my hands on his thighs, I let him move my head as he slowly fucked my mouth.

“Fuckin’ filthy mouth, but goddamnit it feels fuck awesome,” he spoke, panting.

He pulled back, leaving the helmet of his cock between my lips, “Let me feel that tounge, baby,”

I traced the outline of him, then licked the slit before sucking him more firmly, “Fuck yeah.”

Negan’s dirty talk and the taste of him was becoming too much.

He watched as I slipped my hand into my panties.

Slowly, I ran my fingers in between my wet folds, moaning around the head of his shaft, which in turn had his legs locking up.

“Keep that shit up and I’ll blow my load, baby.”

Cupping my jaw, he pulled his cock from my mouth, it bobbing with a wet plop.

I whined, rubbing my clit.

“Get on that bed,” he demanded gruffly, letting go of my chin and helping me up.

As I turned to walk away, he gripped the hand that I had in between my legs, sucking my fingers into his hot mouth.

“Oh god,” I moaned.

“Hmmm mmm, fuckin’ delicious.”

I walked backwards, pulling him with me.

Negan helped me out of my panties, letting them fall to the floor. He then pulled on the string that held the teddy closed, my breasts finally free from the confinement of the see through lace.

Negan licked his lips, pushing on my shoulders gently, to sit me down, “Lay back for me, Y/N. Need to get the whole view.”

I was self-conscious, but did as he asked.

He hissed, running his hands up my thighs, “Look at that pretty pussy,” his voice was so deep.

“You gonna let me pet it, baby, huh?” He asked, his fingers dangerously close.

“Yes,” I panted.

Negan smiled as he hummed, taking two long fingers and running them on my outter lips, tickling me.

I rolled my hips, needing his touch.

The tips of his fingers gently probed my slit, sinking in at slow pace. He dipped his fingers in my entrance, coating his digits, “Fuckin’ hell. You are absolutely drenched,”

“Negan,” I pouted, propping myself on my elbows so I could watch as he touched me.

“Hmm, you like to look huh? Tell me baby; does it turn you on watching my fingers fuck that pussy?”

Jesus he dirty talk was gonna be the death of me. Well, good sir, two could play that game.


“What baby?” His smile was cocky.

I reached down, pressing his hand more firmly against me, looking him in the eyes, “I want that thick cock inside me,”

His pupils dilated, the smile slipping from his lips.

I pressed on, rolling my hips against his hand, “I want you to fuck me so hard that I forget my own name,”

Bending my legs so that they were spread wide and I was able to sit up slightly, I reached for his length, closing my hand around him, my palm rubbing against the head.

Negan’s panting was damn near uncontrollable at this moment; my own pants matching his as he curled his fingers.

He slipped his fingers from me, pulling me closer to the edge, his shaft touching my mound, “Fuckin’ continue,”

He spread my out lips as I took hold of him, rubbing his pre-cum all over my clit.

“I want this cock to tease me,” I groaned, my head falling back.

“Yeah?” He asked, licking his lips, “You gonna show me where you want my cock?”

Rubbing the helmet up and down, getting him nice and lubricated, I finally placed him at my entrance.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, barely moving his hips as he teased me with the tip.

“How bad do you want it baby?” He pushed in farther, pausing, “Like this?”

I held my torso up, watching as he teased, “Deeper Negan,”

He pulled out, pushing in even slower, “Goddamn this is the best pussy,”

“Deeper,” I mewled.

Again, he pulled back, only leaving the head at my entrance. This time, unable to help himself, he pushed hard, burying himself to the hilt.

“Fuck!” We both shouted.

Negan gripped my hips and began picking up pace, watching my breasts bounce with each thrust.

“Fuck, I gotta get a taste, baby.” He moaned, his hips still jack hammering as he leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth.

I moaned so loud that it echoed in the bedroom, holding his head to my breast, watching as his tounge flicked over my hard nipple.

He bit lightly, pulling at my breast, letting it fall from his mouth, coated in his saliva,

“Harder, fu-fuck me harder!” I begged.

Negan growled as he bit down more firmly on my breast, his hips slapping against me.

“Negan!” I screamed, coming so hard.

He rubbed my clit, prolonging my orgasm, “Fuck, Y/N!”

His thrusts became harder and erratic as he was about to come. Pulling out, he began to stroke himself furiously, but I couldn’t have him take care of himself.

Sitting up all the way, I held my breasts up, letting his slicked cock, slip in between them.

I braced myself, letting  Negan hold my breasts together as he brought himself to completion.

He grunted loudly as the come spurted from his shaft, coating my breasts in a pearly sheen.

He panted, his cock still nestled in between my breasts, “Jesus, fuck, baby…”

Negan could barely form a compete sentence. As his member softened, he stood back, his steps wobbly.

He went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth and coming back out. His steps were more sure as he got his composure back.

I was sitting up in bed, leaning back slightly on my hands.

He paused, looking at the mess that we had made.

“What?” I asked.

He kissed his teeth, “That is one hell of a picture you set, baby.”

I laughed, not believing my eyes as he began to harden again.

“Round two, already?”

He chuckled, coming over and cleaning me up, “Well, my come all over my fuckin’ favorite tits, sure do get me riled, doll.”


Chloé vs Adrien! Fight! Chapter 2

Chapter 1 | Chapter 3Ao3

Summary: Chloé and Adrien compete for Ladybug’s affections.

Chapter 2: Chloé schemes and orders flowers.

How dare he? How dare he? Chloé filed her nails furiously. Adrien was her friend and he was trying to steal her girl? Why was he doing this? He had mentioned that he thought Ladybug was pretty a few times but he had never been a fan like her.

Sabrina looked at Chloé with concern, pausing in her note taking. “Are you okay?” She whispered.

“Of course I’m okay.” She hissed. “Pay attention. I’m going to need those notes.”

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17 notes to self for a good life
  1. Don’t wear a sports bra to work. You think you’ll be comfortable but your boobs are going to sag and ache by hour 3.
  2. No one has time for full makeup, but at least put on eyebrows before you leave. Your face will literally feel more assertive.
  3. Negativity is boring and no one will remember you for it. Unerring positivity is the ultimate rebellion.
  4. Your body is not your masterpiece. Your life is your masterpiece. Appearances mean nothing if you are not engaged in the world around you. Staying fit and healthy is a good thing, but don’t let it get in the way of real experience.
  5. Eat food that makes your body and brain feel good. Don’t ever force yourself into a diet that you hate. Eat to fuel your best life. Don’t ever force yourself into exercise that you hate. You have a higher purpose in life than burning calories and toning thighs. Exercise to feel awesome.
  6. All your hard work goes to waste if you don’t get enough sleep. 
  7. Simple quality always trumps tempting quantity. One pair of Docs matches everything and will last forever. And you’ll never wear those ten shitty pairs of cheap heels anyways.
  8. Fashion is fleeting, but classic practicality is always in style.
  9. Fancy soap is nice and all, but you’ll be just as clean and healthy if you use the generic brand. Save your cash and use it for something that actually matters.
  10. Simplify your material existence. Don’t have more; be more. Do more.
  11. Leave your house and do something social at least once a week. Even if it’s just a 20-minute coffee break with a cute stranger. Don’t stagnate. Be human.
  12. Feelings are gross and uncomfortable but they’re a necessary part of having a healthy existence. Don’t avoid them.
  13. Your sex life is no one else’s prerogative and has nothing to do with your respectability unless you lose respect for yourself in the process. If you want to have sex (and your partner/s want to have sex), have sex. If you don’t want to have sex, then don’t.
  14. Self-awareness is a powerful weapon, but a weapon is useless until you learn to wield it. 
  15. Travel is the only way to buy happiness.
  16. Life is too short to put shitty fabrics up against your bare skin. Go buy some well-made, high-quality underthings.
  17. Life is also too short to never have brownies. Make time for brownies.