cheap faucets

(Sorry this is on the long side, I just have a lot of feelings.)

I thank god every day that I no longer work in retail, but now I work in an office for a small construction company and we have this old guy who is calling us repeatedly and complaining about our “shoddy work” because apparently his bathroom faucet is leaking….a YEAR after we completed the work. To top it off, he’s saying we replaced his faucets with the “cheap plastic kind instead of a good delta faucet” & that’s why they’re leaking, but we checked our invoices and we didn’t even replace his faucets…we literally just reinstalled his old ones….at HIS request.

The ACTUAL problem is that HIS cheap faucets have some kind of ring seal that naturally decays over time and needs replaced.

I have kindly and patiently told him this every time he calls but I think his memory is bad because he ~continues to call~ and rant about the same thing over and over. It takes about five solid minutes of him ranting in circles (not even joking, I’ve watched the call timer) to get him to calm down enough that I can explain AGAIN what the issue is. I’m 👌🏼this👌🏼close to blocking his number.