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10 Gift Ideas for the Broke Person

Gift season approaches, and I’ve been struggling on how best to spend what little money I have on all the people in my life who I want to give holiday presents to. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem… so I thought I’d share some ideas.

1. Mix CDs - make your friends/family a mix CD with handmade cover artwork. If you can’t afford a stack of CDs, make a virtual CD and share the mp3s with them over Dropbox.

2. Homemade Cookies - Spending $7 on baking ingredients allows you to make a large batch of simple cookies. Divide them and use as gifts for multiple people. Throw on a handmade card and WHAM you got yourself a spiffy gift.

3. Cooking supplies - I’m not talking top of the line Kitchen Aid shit. Go to your local dollar store and buy things like wooden spoons, platters, funny mugs for under $5. Everyone needs at least some cooking supplies!

4. Cacti - Don’t go to a nursery, go to a grocery or department store with a plant section. Cacti are some of the cheapest and easiest to maintain plants, they only really need to be watered once or twice a week. And they look awesome. If the person you had in mind likes to cook, you might want to consider buying them some sort of herb like rosemary or thyme.

5. Bulk food - This might not work for everybody, but I’m sure your broke roommate wouldn’t object to a bulk package of ramen or mac and cheese. They sell 12 packs of ramen at my local dollar store for $1 each. ONE DOLLAR FOR TWELVE MEALS.

6. Unused Books - I’m betting that there’s a book in your apartment/dorm room that’s in perfect condition, but for whatever reason that you will never use again. Wrap it in some gift wrap and scrape off the price tag.

7. Spa Day - For those of you in relationships (or who feel safe touching your close friends/family in that way) make mock “spa coupons”. Offer services such as manicures/pedicures, hair stylings, massages, etc.

8. Use your talents - Are you an artist or musician of any sort? Make a piece of artwork or write a song. Buy a large piece of poster paper at Home Depot for $5 and make a funny collage full of inside jokes that only your friends will understand. Are you a knitter? Make mittens for people.

9. Weird clothing - Go to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill and spend a couple hours combing the shelves for weird items. Funny t-shirts, strange hats, etc. Don’t go to department stores looking for clothing, it’ll be too expensive.

10. “Fancy” Meal - Spend $20 and invite several friends/family members over for a fancy dinner. You don’t need to be a chef or to spend lots of money to make something “fancy”, just make the atmosphere “fancy”. Make pasta with some sort of red sauce and possibly meat. Insist that everyone dresses up, light candles, play jazz standards, take pictures- make a real night of it. 

ALSO! If you can’t afford gift wrap use newspaper. 


IDK about my other witch’s, but one of my fav things to do for family and friends for gifts are making them from scratch. Especially beauty products that have a touch of magick and are as chemical free as I can make them.

If any of you want to make salves, lotion, or any other herbal remedies and beauty products for the gift giving season. I HIGHLY recommend bulknaturals for Cocoa, Shea, and Mango butters.

Steven is so nice and deliveries super fast. It’s free shipping for the US (I’m not sure about international.) He gives out very decent sized samples for .99 a piece. (He even included 2 free samples!) and you can buy a 16oz thing of unrefined shea butter for just $9.99! He even sells in bulk going clear up to 25Ibs!

They are legit and all natural and he is an extremely new shop on etsy. Give him a look, I was pleased to find his shop personally.

As usual, I also recommend BathBodySoul for essential oil’s as she has the lowest prices ANYWHERE I’ve personally seen online for 100% undiluted EO’s. The peppermint tingles, the Cinnamon warms and all of them smell extremely strong and pure. (She also sells carrier oils for a decent price.)

And for those that just want the scent without the physical properties, ApothecaLunulae has really nice scents and gives out decent samples. You could make a solid perfume and make it cherry and vanilla scented for love etc.

PS. Happy Holidays/Yule/Christmas/Winter Season witchlings! <333

Heart Attack Box
On a budget this Vday? No problem! Get a cardboard box and fill it to the brim with paper hearts in all shapes and sizes (cut them up yourself or buy some at dollar stores or craft stores). For a little extra something, add candy and GLITTER so it will get every where. Add a few loves notes here and there!


DIY Candle Glasses

I decided to put some of these together as part of little gifts I am making for my friends. They were relatively cheap to make, as all you need are

  • Tea candles (*$2.99 /30 vanilla; ikea)
  • Candle Glasses (*$1.98 /4; ikea)
  • Stickers (*$1 /set; Target Dollar Zone)
  • Mod Podge or other glue
  • Decorative supplies (ribbon, glitter etc)
  • Acetone to clean up excess glue

Be creative and decorate your glasses with any supplies you have. I had bought s bunch of stickers from the Dollar Zone from target that I used on most of these. On most, I did one big sticker on the “front” and small stickers making a pattern around the rest of the glass.
Let them glasses dry and clean off any messes with the acetone.

Made some cute ones? Show me them!

DIY Tarot Card Sweatshirt Tutorial from fancymade.

This is such a good gift for those into Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards. I love tee shirt transfer paper, and have been raving about it since I started this blog in 2011. You can buy tee shirt transfer paper for either dark or light materials.

If you want to make DIY Tarot Card Tee Shirt, you can skip a few steps of this DIY and iron the transfer right on to the tee.


5 DIY Miniature Soda Craft Projects


🎨 30 sorority crafting “cheap tricks” 🎨

Sisters always need big/little crafts, but they’re especially important for reveal, initiation and graduation. Ir you’re on a college girl budget, it can get expensive. Here are some tips & hints for saving money and achieving less expensive sorority DIYs.

Greek Girl Crafting “CHEAP TRICKS” ☆

  • Keep it simple and paint a canvas in one color and attache one single letter also painted in a solid color. Using two colors is less expensive than ten.
  • Shop the fabric remnants and sewing leftovers section.
  • Use Lilly agendas and other “recycled” prime paper for decoupage.
  • The very best scrapbooking paper is still super cheap and can create a rich look for many different crafts. 
  • Use your computer for printing labels and inserts for a more professional look than your own handwriting..
  • Trace images and words whenever possible. Find pictures, clip-art and lots of cool fonts online for free. 
  • Use free online DIY guides for creative crafting instructions.
  • Chalkboard paint can be used in many, many cute ways. On plaques, trays, memo boards, glassware, mugs, coasters, candle holders, flower pots & more.
  • Learn how to hot glue properly. Hot glue is your best friend.
  • Big/little photos can turn any basic item into a sentimental gift.
  • Sorority symbols, colors, flowers and mascots turn any plain item into a special keepsake.
  • Large quantities of cheap items make a big impact. For example, a room filled with inexpensive balloons. Streamers, confetti, bulk candy, posters, letters and decals can be used generously for maximum impact.
  • Use the right tools. Your crafts will look sharper if the paint is applied smoothly, the edges are sharp and everything is properly polished.
  • Take time to prep, prime and dry between coats. Don’t hurry or take shortcuts with your crafting. An elegant DIY project cannot be rushed.
  • Metallic paints make simple shapes shine.
  • Fresh flowers make an inexpensive container blossom.
  • An adorable ribbon accent takes every craft to the next level. Shop online for cheap, but cute, bulk ribbon to use for years. 
  • Use a string of craft store pearls to outline plaques, boxes, paddles and boards as the perfect crowning touch.
  • Think big! An extra large letter simply painted makes more impact than a small box.
  • Copy what you see on Pinterest and Etsy and give it your own twist.
  • Don’t waste money on ‘never seen before’ designs. Mistakes and re-dos are costly. Plan designs that you can realistically achieve. 
  • A big jar of silver or gold glitter is cheap and can transform glassware, plastic and other surfaces into glamorous swag. 
  • Measure twice ~ cut, glue, or paint once. Careful pre-planning saves cash and your sanity.
  • Learn how to gold leaf. It’s cheap, easy and addictive. 
  • A big basket of cookies or candy makes a big impression without costing a fortune. 
  • Take a dollar store plush toy and embellish it with your sorority colors and designs. 
  • Learn how to hand sew neatly, or how to use a sewing machine. Lots of new projects will open up to you. Like making a cute sorority pillow cover.
  • Decorate a cheap paper lampshade in sorority style.
  • Make your own soap and give it as a big/little gift. 
  • Up-cycle, re-purpose, re-imagine!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Ultimate Big/Little Giftie Guide

Top 20 Inexpensive Big/Little Craft Ideas

Big/Little Gifting for LESS

ginnylesbian  asked:

Hi! Do you have any cheap DIYs that I can make en masse as friend gifts?

Cheap DIY Gifts for Friends! 

This got me thinking about my own gift list and I did a little bit of digging. These are my top cheap DIY gifts for friends! Hope you enjoy.

DIY Elastic Hair Ties

Just need some fold over elastic (you can get some online or at a local fabric shop) and pieces of cardboard and voilà! 

Handy dandy stylish and snag free ponytail holders!

DIY Dish Soap Silly Putty

Using just dish soap and cornstarch, you can make some silly putty for your friends! Who doesn’t want a fun stress reliever? Use some food colouring to add some more fun, but the creamy snow white look is just as appealing. Package it in some tiny plastic tubs or glass jars. Go nuts!

DIY Dino iPhone Tripod

Get some plastic dinosaurs, caulking, and suction cups. Make sure to make it about 4-5 days in advance! The caulking will need some time to dry.

After, you can leave the dinos as is or paint them with gold, glitter, polka dots, anything.

DIY Baking Soda Christmas Ornaments

Doesn’t necessarily have to be for Christmas! Use your cookie cutters or use a small knife to cut your own images. After baking, you can paint them to further customize them. 

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.