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SPN Hunters and Poverty

Ok the Original Post* was getting pretty long and I wanted to go off on a tangent so I’ve started a new one here:

So like, the audience is supposed to think it’s uncomfortable and possibly wrong for people whose job it is to save the world to have a certain level of luxury. Which is less than the one the people making the story have.

Honestly, I always knew they were there, but for the first time I’m actually kinda creeped out by the class issues in SPN (ok, I lie- the prices Creation charges creep me the fuck out, but aside from that. I mean in the actual story). Like, Sam and Dean are not truly poor anymore. But they do still live partially as working poor. They’re still economically insecure; depicted as, in some ways, working poor people who go into mostly middle-class and upper-middle-class communities, do a horrifying vital service, and then disappear. And it’s romantic, heroic. But it’s wrong.

Like, it’s actually a moral wrong that they should be poor. They deserve to be at least as economically stable as their creators.

We talk a lot about romanticizing violence, but what does it mean that the whole structure of the show honestly kinda romanticizes the poverty of the working class? Walmart is not romantic; it just sucks. @chiisana-sukima

Yes, American SPN Hunters are portrayed, generally, as working class (Winchesters, Campbells, Bobby) or middle class (Asa Fox, Jody, Donna). I think it is important to keep in mind that one reason full time hunters often seem poor is that the majority of what they are doing is a) considered criminal and b) needs to stay secret.  So they have to live under/off the radar.  In order to do that, you need to be either VERY, VERY wealthy (and bribe everyone) or you have to commit fraud on a daily basis. Assuming none of our hunters have endless supplies of cash, being cheap helps with the daily committing fraud process. Here’s why/how:

1) Hunters scam credit cards  - because they can’t hold down a real job and hunt, which means they have no means of income (other than technically criminal activity like hustling pool and looting the monster victims). Also, they can’t BE themselves - they cannot afford to be traced - by the authorities OR by the very smart humanoid monsters they hunt. Scammed cards can get detected really fast if you are throwing money around. Also, scammed cards are only as good as their limit (which is likely to be low) - so you want to make them last as long as possible. Lastly, when your card IS caught, skeevy, ethically questionable places are less likely to report it to the police. So Hunters look for cheap, dive places to spend their fake cash. Note: often some of these skeevy places are NOT less expensive than the Holiday In Express - they just ask fewer questions or will rent a room without a credit card or will forget you were there (or are more used to cleaning up blood from sheets).

2) Hunters are con men - they have to pretend to be authority figures/repairmen/teachers/social workers/lost relatives in order to get the information they need. They need to be ‘noticed’ as little as possible and leave almost record of their stay. Using a credit card leaves a trail - so that means using cash in places that won’t notice cash, and eating in places that see (and forget) lots of strangers. They also need to be hard to find when their identity is questioned. Who would look for the FBI in a skeevy hotel? Those two shifty guys in flannel coming out of the dilapidated Inn on rt 20 couldn’t possibly be the nice men we talked to earlier today…[of course the giant black car and hunter’s ridiculously good looks aren’t a problem, but that’s tv land for you].

3) Hunters are rural nomads - Notice that, in general, Hunters try to stay out of cities. While one of the main themes of SPN was supposed to be a focus on ‘heartland America’  - but really, woods monsters hide in rural areas, and (in theory) many human-eating monsters are are nomads, roaming for food. Thus Hunters focus on rural America and move around a lot following the monsters. Rural America is full of very small towns/places with no other option than the 1-2 star hotel (or less). One of my fav personal stories is of staying in the ONE motel in the entire COUNTY in TN - and it was EXACTLY the kind of place a Hunter would stay (right down to the friendly diner next door and the truck stop on the other side).  If you were wealthy and wanted to stay in that area - you rented a whole HOUSE/cabin in the nearby picturesque woods  - which is likely to get VERY noticed - or you stayed 30-50 inconvenient miles away.

US Hunters Evolving: Donna and Jody are an exception to many of the above statements. But they are a different kind of hunter - one that fans feel is an evolution of the American Hunter - the regional protectors. Jody and Donna, both suburban middle class, use their actual positions of authority to learn about and track monsters and also to cover up the evidence. They keep their own gerenal area ‘clean’ and call in “full time” nomadic hunters to deal with scarier stuff or stuff they hear about outside their territories. Their positions and training also make them capable fighters - brave, good with guns, etc.

US Hunters Best of a Broken System: Lastly, remember that the US did have a system more like that of the BMOL - academic magicians in authority directing local hunters to kill problems. What the US has NOW is what developed as a stop gap when the MoL vanished. Hunters like Dorothy and Mr. Ketch (shudder) trained others to keep the monsters at bay. They were focused on the find and kill part - not the administrative outlook of “Hey, if we are smart and make enough $, we can do this job better, faster and more efficiently.”  ‘Cause *I* know I sleep better in nicer hotels and I WORK better if I’m really well rested. Sam and Dean are MACHINES, really, - the stuff they pull off given how crappy they treat their bodies…

In Conclusion: Hell, I’ve lost the thread of where I was really going with this…it has devolved into an examination of WHY the class differences exist between US and British ‘hunter systems’. Not sure I’ve addressed @chiisana-sukima‘s concern about the morality of SPN implying that hunters SHOULD be poor or working class. 

Anyone else?

Prompt #162

“Anonymous said: Memory: Cheap dive bars that substitute alcohol with soda, but you’re already drunk so it doesn’t matter. The lines to the bathroom are longer than ever, but the girls are nice and want to talk. The girls won’t leave you alone when you can’t walk straight anymore because the boys are getting very friendly. The music is so loud and you just want to dance and dance. The ground is cold and unfinished. Solid concrete.”

// I’m not going to add anything to this, because it’s really perfect and I have no ideas on how to change it! Anon, you might as well have this blog, thank you so much! XD //

It’s been five years since we moved into our “new” Marvel offices in Midtown Manhattan, and we still continue to explore the area for the best lunch options. Last week, we walked over to 8th Ave and 49th to check out the Times Square Diner. It wasn’t the cheap dive we had hoped for, going for more of a classy theater district vibe, but the food was quite good. I went with their Bacon Loaf Sandwich, which was a thick slice of their homemade meatloaf on a roll topped with bacon, caramelized onions, brown gravy and melted mozzarella. I really enjoyed it and would go back for this sandwich again!


807 8th Ave.

NY, NY 10019


i want michael. i want sleepy michael at two am. i want him at his best times. i want him at his worst times. i want his goofy self. i want to get drunk with him and stumble home singing shitty songs. i want to stay up late with him whispering sweet nothings, and i want late mornings with him spent laying in bed for hours. i want to dance around to pop songs, and cry with him while watching sad movies while were curled up together on the couch. i want diner dates at cheap dive restaurants. i want drunk michael telling me im beautiful through sloppy kisses. i want to trace his tattoos with my finger tips. i want laughter at all times with him. i want to cuddle with him. i want really passionate sex with him. i want us to have inside jokes no one else we’ll ever decode with him. i want to worship him in a way thats not creepily over the internet. i want michael. and i know i’ll never have him.

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“Risqué” (From Male!Rosalinde)

(you can have Badger)

20.Our muses meet at a cheap, low end dive bar

Badger had returned home after a long year at college, but I would seem that none of her friends had cared. so instead of sulking at home you had gone to a shitty bar to forget her troubles and soon saw a very attractive man in the corner and approached him a bit nervously

“so…uh..come here often?”

The Post-Apocalyptic Coffee Shop AU

ishipanarmada has requested the most fabulous of AUs. Below, I attempt to deliver on it. Hope you like it!

They called it The Shop. It didn’t need a fancy title because everyone knew what you meant when said you were going there. It was the only place in this godforsaken hell hole that was still had coffee. They charged an arm and a leg for it, too. A week’s rations could get you a small cup of bitter sludge, but damn if it wasn’t worth it.

John shoved the rickety door open, the shoddy metal and wood creaking loudly in the otherwise silent street. Dusk meant everyone skedaddled right quick. Night time was for only people who were on guard duty or were looking to get killed.

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Last Resort

This is a hot mess and all selenicsoulmates fault.  1.5k Makorra


“Pleeease, Mako?” Bolin begged with hands clenched together while doing his best puppy dog impression.

“I told you, no,” Mako replied. He yanked a cupboard door open. “We only have like $20 for the week. We’re not going to blow it on some tourist trap restaurant.”

“I swear, I’ll eat ramen for the rest of the week with no complaints! Besides, it’s cheap! That’s like their whole gimmick.”

Mako sighed.

Bolin could sense his brother weakening and began bouncing on the balls of his feet.

With one last disparaging look at the empty shelves, Mako conceded. “Fine.” Bolin cheered. “But you get the cheapest thing on the menu and no complaints about how hungry you are for a week!”


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Summary of my WC2013 experience day 17 (Knock Out stage)

Netherlands 2 vs Mexico 1

Interesting play by both teams in the First half but nothing came of it. by the end of 45 mins its was square.

3 mins into the second half and Dos Santos hits us with a goal

the Game remained in the favor of Mexico and we all thought that was it.

a massacre was planned…oops wrong round object

meanwhile ochoa was ochoaing everywhere…you shall not pass

Goal no here

errrr i said no

when ever there is an OCHOA its = NO GOAL

and bruv still here loosing his shit

But in the in 88’ sneidjer equalised for Netherlands and everyone was bracing themselves for extratime

but 90+ Arjen Robben happened.

THE “omg its a dive,I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, its not a penalty. is it a penalty?, that was a penalty, its a fucking cheap dive, oh no its foul”

 the drama was real…i already addressed the issue. want my opinion? CLICK HERE 

A penalty was awarded and Hutenlaar took the penalty and it was good

But the Majority was gutted for Mexico. They somehow got the majority of the support and it was sad to watch them get their heart broken.

and bruv is just chanelling everyone’s expression


Costa Rica 1(5) vs Chile 1 (3) (Penalties)

Basically all you need to know.

Ruiz put in a goal for Costa Rica and Greece is at it again watching the ball as it crossed. its like they dint know they are suppose to stop the ball.

Red for Oscar Duarte and we thought it was over for Costa Rica

as expected an equalizer from Greece

and that was how it landed in Penalties

.both teams impressed everyone hitting the net everytime PENALTY SHOOT OUT HERE

But this Lad, Theofanis Gekas… i don’t want to be him. He was the one who had the bad luck and lost his.

and its happy days for Costa Rica with a win 

but Greece fans still wearing bed sheets

Day 17 had so many controversies but it was good fun..bring on Day 18

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Being a hunter, love wasn’t something Dean thought about much. Little diners and dives, cheap hotel rooms, bars, and one night stands were the kind of life he’d become accustomed to, but every so often, he’d glance down in the middle of the night and stare at the name marked onto his wrist in the moonlight through the silver threads dancing in through the open curtains.

“Clara,” he would breathe, wondering if she could feel when he was thinking about her, He doubted it since he never knew if she wondered about him. Part of him wondered if she even existed, or if she was alive. Sam had lost his soulmate Jess early on in their relationship, yet her name still lingered in his wrist. He hoped that this wasn’t the case for him, though he’d never admit it outloud.