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Having arachnophobia made painting these minis was an interesting experience - though they tripped my fear more when they were just base coats.
A couple of the miniatures I mixed things up with so that they were not all just standing centre on their bases.

The one I am most proud of is the one on the wall. I cut its moulded rock base off the miniature, and built a little stone wall, brick by brick from pieces I cut out of cheap discount store vinyl erasers. A very underrated hobby product in my opinion, I use it for rocks and walls all the time. Easy to cut, cheap to buy.

Next up, either a couple of Mind Flayers or a Lich…

The Miniatures:

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures 2 packs (6) of Spiders - Giant Wolf Spiders 25mm base

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures 3 packs (3) Phase Spiders - 1 Phase Spider 2 Giant Spiders 50mm base

jhgggggg  asked:

U got snap

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List of Fairymatsu’s, the troll with a hundred faces, accounts (both active & inactive):

This person likes to play both sides, sometime masquerading as an anti who sends people vicious hate mail or as a clueless, but angry shaladin who provokes antis. In the VLD fandom, they also reposted the Studio Mir leaks on fake blogs.

They repost from other sites & can be identified by their bizarre cheap 90s website-esque discount Lisa Frank/2edgy gore-punk aesthetic.

They are also infamous in other fandoms (Tokyo Ghoul, Osomatsu, SU & HS) for reblogging fanart with hate comments, tag spam & hate mail spam. If you spot one of these accounts or an account that you suspect to be them, DO NOT ENGAGE. They have a distinct typing style & will argue that they are not a troll. They will even argue against their own accounts to keep up an illusion of being multiple different people (ie: Account A screaming that a character is trans while Account B replies back with transphobic slurs.)

It’s suspected that they were the one sending all the “I hope you get painfully raped, you tr*nny!” anon messages to everyone earlier this year (as both antis & shaladins got the same ask).

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liveyourownpeace  asked:

Hey there. I have a question. What are best and easy ways to cleanse a room/house? I feel energies around me especially at night and get a bit scared. Anything I should put/do to better the energy? Thanks :-)

I’m so sorry this is extremely late, but hopefully still relevant. I’m working on clearing out my inbox >.>

Personally I think some of the best and easiest ways to cleanse space are:

  • Literally cleaning. Wash your sheets, pick up your messes, organize your shelves, etc. Your bed and pillows tend to hold on to a lot of muddled energy basically just because that’s your restart place. You leave your yesterdays there and keep sleeping on them! I know it sounds weird, but other than literal dirt, if you believe that energy sticks around, clean your sheets.
  • Open a window or crack one if you can. A constant flow of fresh air is great for keeping energies clear.
  • I love using pillow or room sprays. Usually you can find pre-made ones pretty cheap at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They are usually water-based with essential oils like Lavender, Rose & Orange Peel, and generally already have cleansing or calming properties. They’re like little bursts of happiness! You can also opt to make your own with moon water (or regular filtered) and your choice of essential oils.
  • Stock up on selenite? It’s a self-cleansing crystal and is great for clearing spaces as well. You can often find these in smoke cleansing bundles because of this property. They’re relatively cheap and you might be able to get a good-sized one at a fair price.
  • Himalayan Salt lamps or pieces also are self-cleansing. They are supposed to work on clearing the air in your home and neutralize contaminants, so it will work the same way for your energetic space. They do, in my experience, degrade over time, but will last a long time. If you get one I recommend putting a cloth under it. Mine has always shed pieces over time and the salt can embed itself into wood or other porous materials and eat away at them.

I hope this is helpful to you!