cheap clothes forever

cheap ho tips

Unless a SD is buying me clothes I never buy anything expensive. Ever. It takes a little more work going the cheap way, but I think it’s worth it 

Cheap Clothes Options:

-Forever 21 and H&M are givens cause they’re pretty cheap

-Ross (not sure if they have these in every area) and Burlington

-Kohls and JC Pennys are hit or miss 

Super Cheap:

-get your ass to a thrift store and search for brand name clothes. they are there. it will take a while but you’ll find some nice ass cheap clothes (once found dozens of pairs of American Eagle jeans in amazing condition for $2 a pair) 

-”nicer” thrift stores aka Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet are goldmines 

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than 20 dollars for a dress and I still have nice clothes that flatter me and are in style. As a SB it’s your job to be a combo of slutty and classy. I try not to wear typical teenage girl clothes cuz I’m trying to look a little more sophisticated but that’s just me

As much as I love stores like Nordstrom and Bergdorf and what not I try to have some self-control

Keep ho’ing ladies.