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Okay so not to long ago I came up with an idea for if I could make a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy film. Here and here are in depth details.

I wanted to do face up/repaint of barbie dolls to show what i want the characters to look like because for me this project is all about reclamation of beauty. Reclaiming beauty for me as a Jewish women away from white beauty standards and exploring the harm it those standards have done.

In this film idea I picture Poison Ivy to be a dark skinned black trans woman.

I always loved Poison Ivy since I was little I found her to be really cool because she is a brilliant person and also really beautiful in that sorta of way of she knows it and she knows you know it. Also she has got the whole plant thing going on and I love plants.

In the media dark skinned women especially so with dark skinned black women are depicted as ugly and savage like it is not just false it is disgusting. 

So with Ivy I wanted to take this character that I admired since childhood and found to be just kinda badass in just so many awesome ways and use this character to have an opportunity to have positive representation for people who rarely get it.

Something that I understand and empathize with because Jewish representation is rare and what little there is is shitty as fuck.

I also wanted to use the opportunity to bring awareness to danger that dark skinned trans women face since they are the most risk of being murdered.

Basically I want to explore how white standards of beauty have negatively effected many of us and the long term consequences of it.

And since the odds of me making this film any time soon are like below zero the next best thing I can do since I can’t draw is to redo dolls to try and get the image in my head out in the world.

Being as I’m not black I don’t feel very comfortable talking for black women. I would rather amplify black voices on this issue. 

Because while I can understand certain aspects of the effect white standards of beauty and damage it causes I not being black can not speak to that aspect just like someone who is not Jewish can not speak to the effect it has on Jewish people.

I was in the local kmart when they were having their store closing sale and was able to get a set of barbies for very cheap and one of the dolls is black, but I’m not sure if should I do the repaint of Ivy because I don’t want to do wrong by black women.

So for that I will wait to find out from said community what is best.

As for Harley Quinn I would like to do 3 version of her. 

The first being when she is working at arkham and this is when she first meets Joker.

The second being what she looked like when she was with the Joker and during the abuse.

The third and final version being what she would look like once she has left him and this has been some time past she is married to Ivy at this point and this is what she would be like in the film.

For Ivy if I was do a doll for her there would be two one is before she becomes Poison Ivy and this would be while she works as a scientist with plants for lab working with plant genes and such.

The second version would be after she becomes Poison Ivy.

I want to see two different journeys with two characters, but they both get to the same place.

Harley spends time internalizing antisemitic misogyny and hates her ethnic features by the time she meets the Joker and he plays on that and when he changes her he strips of those features but by the time we see her in the film she has gotten to point where she is able to best that she can embrace those features.

With Ivy I want to see a journey of not hating her features but rather knowing that if she have her hair natural or in any way embrace her blackness she will be discriminated more in the work place.

Where as once she has become Poison Ivy she has the freedom to embrace those features. 

I imagine that Poison Ivy has green tint to her and has the signature red hair and bright not really natural green colored eyes. But in this case her hair would be either dreadlocs or box-braids. 

For me these two characters have never been villains, but rather anti-heroes with some what flexible morals and with certain lines that you just don’t cross and that is how I would make them in the film.

So basically the reason I wrote this whole Megillah is if anyone knows of anywhere I can barbies, clothing, shoes, accessories and such for cheap please let me know because they can be quite expensive.


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Hello!I am going to Korea for a study trip soon and the tour group is bringing us to places like Myeongdong and Shinchon. I would like to know if the fashion apparels there are expensive or not so as to be prepared how much to bring. :)

myeongdong and shinchon are great places for tourists!!!!

there are a lot of brand name stores in myeongdong but also small, local shops that sell cheap and v cute stuff ranging from clothing to shoes to accessories, etc.

shinchon’s home to hongdae, edae, and the yondae area (hongik university, ewha university, and yonsei university respectively) so it’s definitely a popular place among teens and young adults! i like edae a lot more than hongdae though bc hongdae marks up their prices quite a bit… almost twice as much compared to the express bus terminal ://

here’s a list of some of the places i recommend shopping at and also here!!!