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Why Danny Rand is the Best Boy: Defenders Edition

-Takes the love of his life on a six month honeymoon wherein they track down the Hand from country to country and beat them up

-Meditates and uses an old ass ipod from his childhood when he could easily buy a new one

-his winterwear is just more piled on hobo jackets

-shares Married Looks with Colleen often

-when called out on his privilege he goes “oh shit, good idea” and then goes and uses his privilege to find out more info about Midland Circle

-calls Colleen to let her know that he is safe after getting attacked by the Hand

-Gets excited about cheap Chinese food and encourages everyone to eat while they discuss teaming up

-literally told that he is the only thing the Hand wants and tells the others that they need to come up with a plan- gets knocked out by Jessica and tied to a chair and still refers to her as “our Jessica” when comparing her to a dragon

-Ditches Bakuto as soon as he sees Colleen hurt

-uses Luke as a human shield when getting shot at (lol)

-asked that Misty be looked after at the hospital for free because she helped Colleen in her fight against Bakuto and got hurt

-Blames himself for Matt dying in the explosion even though he had nothing to do with it at all

-still the sweetest human being on the planet who needs to be protected at all costs


Scott Lang x Reader

“Alright, Cassie.” Scott mutters, sliding into the car and closing the door behind him. “What are we having for dinner tonight?”

You turn around with a smile, watching as the little girl thinks. Her face scrunches up as she does so, and then her face suddenly lights up with pure joy as she gets in idea. It’s probably the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. “Main Moon!” she squeals.

“Main—but we just had that last week!”

“Pleeeeaaassee.” Cassie opens her brown doe eyes even wider to form what has to be the best puppy face you’ve ever seen.

Scott sighs. “Alright, alright.” He locks eyes with you and you smile softly as the two of you turn back to face the front. “Cheap Chinese food it is.”

You roll your eyes good-naturedly as Scott starts the car. “Don’t listen to him, Cassie. Chinese food is the best food.”

The little girl doesn’t respond, and you swallow (nervously). You’ve been friends with Scott for months now, but this is the first time you’re meeting Cassie. To put it simply, you’re terrified. You’re so nervous that she won’t like you, probably more nervous than you should be.

It’s definitely not because you like Scott. That’s not why at all.

“Hey, (y/n)?” Cassie’s small voice jars you out of your thoughts, and you practically jump out of your skin. Scott shoots you an amused look, and you shoot him a smile.

“What’s up, sweetheart?” you respond to her.

“You’re really pretty. Like really really pretty.”

Your heart warms at the words, and you smile softly. You turn around in your seat to face her. “Thank you, Cassie. But I think you’re even prettier.” She nods shortly at your words as if she’s agreeing with you, and you giggle before turning back around. The three of you pass into another bout of comfortable silence, the only sound being Scott mindlessly skipping through radio stations.

“My daddy really likes you.”

Scott hits the breaks a little harder than necessary at the stoplight you were just approaching. The two of you glance at each other with wide eyes, and you feel yourself flush from the tips of your ears to your chest. You have to look like a tomato. Scott smiles nervously, but neither of you are able to form any words. You almost jump out of your skin for the second time that night when the car behind you honks loudly.

You and Scott rip your eyes away from each other, both of you swallowing nervously as you stare straight at the road. One side of you screams for you to say something, while the other side tells you to stay silent. But, to not say anything would make things more awkward. But to say something is probably the most nerve-wracking thing you can do.

So, you just do it.

“Well,” You pause, taking a deep breath. “I really like your daddy too.”

That time, you almost swerve off of the road.  

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This place is amazing, cheap Chinese food with these crazy extras, I love their barbecue buns but I’m excited to try these “chicken” drumsticks 😱

Divine Realm Veggie Delight
Melbourne CBD - Victoria - Australia

 The ending kind of falls off I’m so so tired of looking at this. @klangst-week

Title: I’m just a notch in your bed post (but you’re just a line in a song)
Prompt: Mistake/Faith
Rating: T
Word Count: 825
Warnings: Pining Keith, unrequited love, mentions of sex
Summary: Keith has been many places in the world and he’s never belonged anywhere but beside Lance. Even when it hurts.

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v3 ending continuation au thing where shuichi, maki, and himiko all form their own detective agency and they all live in a run-down apartment in the city and survive off cheap chinese food and ramen and all watch movies together to cope with their trauma and losses and they are constantly supporting each other and make their own small family

Dog Sitter (Frank CastlexReader) Pt. 2



Most of the time your new job kept you running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Even at home you didn’t get much of a break. Your desk was covered in paper work in stacks that had no sense of order. There was food in the fridge, but you hadn’t cooked a meal since the first week you moved in. Your diet consisted of cheap Chinese food and refillable water bottles.

Finally you had a weekend off and on Saturday night you dig out all of the ingredients you need for your mom’s brownie recipe. It was always the most popular treat at any of your school bake sales. Mixing the ingredients and the mix together caused a deep homesickness to settle at the bottom of your chest, but you try to push the melancholy away and focus on the future taste of chocolate paradise.

You don’t remember that you live alone until after you’ve eaten a third of the pan of fresh brownies. With a full stomach, you contemplate what to do with the remaining brownies. You could store them in the fridge and eat them later, but your body would really hate you. But you didn’t want to throw them away either. Without a decision you begin to cut up the remaining brownies into reasonable squares. Maybe if they were already cut you wouldn’t be tempted to eat until you felt sick.

You were transferring the sweets onto a new plate when Fido next door started to bark again. The noise reminded you that your neighbor had helped you get into your apartment earlier in the week. Maybe you could give him some of the left over brownies as a thank you. You slide half of the brownies onto a second plate and cover them in some saran that you had in one of your drawers. You also grab a sticky note and write a quick note explaining what the treats are. You would give them to him personally, but he was just a little scary. You put the plate beside his door and then retreat back into your apartment. As soon as the door closes behind you, your stomach fills with butterflies. Not the kind that you get when you see your crush, but the kind that comes with the feeling of crushing anxiety. You suddenly wondered if he even ate sweets. He was a pretty built guy and maybe he was super into eating healthy.

You caught yourself pacing from the door to the window. Every other pass you run into the random mini wall that jutted into the hallway leading to the door. The layout of the apartment made it clear that this was not originally an apartment building. After stubbing your toe for the fifth time, you decide to call it a night. It’s a few hours before you normally go to bed, but if you were going to spend all of your time burning calories by walking in circles it would be smarter to get some extra sleep.

Sunday afternoon when you leave your apartment to go grocery shopping, there is a small piece of paper taped to your door. All it says is “Thanks” with a smiley face at the end. You know exactly who the note is from, but the little drawn smile catches you by surprise. IT’s cute. You tuck the note into your bag and leave for the store.

When you return a huge racket is coming from your neighbor’s apartment. Fido was howling, but he didn’t seem distressed. It sounded like he was having a good time. You were half way down the hall to your door when your neighbor’s door was thrust open by a pit bull’s head. The dog comes barreling towards you with its tongue flopping out. You drop your bags before the dog reaches you, but you can’t brace yourself in time. The dog jumps onto you and you fall to the ground. Your arms protect your face until you realize the fierce attack is simply a slobber bath.

“Fido get back here you piece of shit!” The words are harsh, but there’s an underlying tone of affection. The dog isn’t a very good listener though and he continues to stand over you excitedly. You laugh and return the dog’s affection with a pat on the side. Your neighbor grabs the dog’s leather collar and pulls him off of you. He guides the dog back into the apartment and closes the door. He turns around and offers you a hand. You gladly take it and he easily pulls you back to your feet. Before you can think to bend down and pick up the bags he’s already done it.

“Sorry about that ma’am. He doesn’t get to go out much.” You take the bags from him with a smile.

“It’s ok. He’s a sweet heart. He’s a pitbull right?”

“Yeah. Picked up from a dog fighting ring bust.”

The door to your room is open now. “That’s so cool. Well I don’t want to keep you from whatever you were doing.” You almost close the door, but suddenly remember something that you had wanted to ask for a while. “Wait before we don’t see each other for another month, what’s your name?”

“Frank.” He doesn’t give any kind of last name so you don’t ask.

“(Y/N). Have a good night Frank.”


The door closes and you drop the bags of groceries on your counter. Frank. The name fit him. For all of his scars and muscles he was very polite. You hoped that you’d be able to interact with Frank more. For whatever reason you wanted to learn more about him. The man with a loveable ex-pitbull fighter, both littered with scars and much more thoughtful then they appeared.

making spirits bright

today’s fic: jily celebrity au

(or basically a sequel to the tinder au i wrote back in may)

lol remember when i had about 30 anons clamouring for a sequel to this and i was like ‘um no idk what it would even be about’? well ta-da. here’s a sequel. about nothing. idk man it’s just 2k of fluff.

wc: 2201

ao3 | see more ficmas here

“Did you know that we’ve apparently broken up?”

James barely looks up from where he’s sat on the floor, leaning against her legs as he goes head on against Sirius and they in a FIFA match. She finds it absolutely hysterical that he’s losing so badly when he himself is a world class football player.

“Charming,” he says distractedly, “Is that the Sun again?”

Lily flicks his ear. “No, the Sun said we eloped in Paris a few months ago and we’re awaiting the arrival of our firstborn with bated breath. Honestly James, keep up.”

“My bad,” he says dryly, “By the way, we’re naming our first child Elvendork.”

“I thought we agreed on Bathsheba?”

“Yeah, but Elvendork is unisex.”

“Good point.”

He throws down his controller in a huff when the game ends with him losing spectacularly. Remus comes in first place, and he snickers when he sees his ridiculous pout. Meanwhile Lily just pets him, accustomed to her boyfriend, the drama queen.

It’s only later, when he’s spread out on the couch, his head on her lap while the rest of them switch over to another game, does he ask, “Sorry, who was saying that we broke up?”

Lily glances down at him, still scrolling through her phone. “Oh, the Mirror. Marlene likes to tweet me articles that we’re mentioned in. Apparently the fact that I didn’t go to the last fundraiser with you but went out for milk on Saturday without makeup means that our relationship is on the rocks.”

“How dare you not wear makeup while doing menial everyday things. They’re right, this is the beginning of a downward spiral, Evans.”

He’s still in her lap, glasses askew and hair a complete mess, and she leans down to swipe a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah, I’m a real embarrassment, you should break up with me.”

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Four Times Trish Walker and Jessica Jones were not on a date. (And the one time they maybe kinda were)

“Where are you taking me?” Trish groans as you coax her up the hill, dragging her feet and making it just that much harder for you to do something nice. You roll your eyes.

“You’ll see.” It’s really not that much farther. And if she could just pick up the pace a little, you could be there in a minute. You’re about to tell her as much when you remember that this is you trying to do something nice for your best friend, so you keep your mouth shut as you walk over the crest of the hill.

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you ever think Gordon Ramsey ever just orders cheap pizza or Chinese food? Like hes tired and sometimes you just gotta eat. He knows it doesn’t taste that good but like

he need food to live


I want y'all to meet the love of my life: Harry E. Styles.
Imagine waking up to this face every morning, falling asleep in his arms, eating cheap Chinese food because you don’t care about his money- just his happiness. Putting a smile on his face, hearing him laugh, watching him play word games… I’m done; I’m in too deep.

anonymous asked:

UPDATE: Went on a 3rd Tinder™ date w/ coffee/bar Dude and we got the BEST cheap Chinese food and watched a movie (also: we kissed and it was the absolute best first kiss ever 😍) and cuddled until like 2 AM

This sounds so iconic and tbh something I wanna do. Maybe next time I come home me and my kid can have a movie night or go to the movies

It’s Not a Lie (Frank CastlexReader)

Request:  hi , could you do a Frank Castle imagine that the reader just want to show how much she loves him but in the start he does not believe in her? idk sorry for my bad english

Your feet rest in Frank’s lap and your back presses against the armrest of your couch. All of the lights in the apartment are dark and the only source of illumination is the television set. The show that’s on isn’t capturing your attention and Frank is staring blankly at the screen. Discarded containers of fast food litter the coffee table and the lingering smell of cheap Chinese food fills the room.

You admire Frank’s face while he isn’t paying attention, drinking in the sharp cheekbones and the angled nose. You notice that his hair is starting to curl, meaning he’s due for a haircut soon.

Frank finally notices your staring and turns his head so that your eyes meet. “Something wrong?” He raises an eyebrow at you.

“Oh nothing” you give him a wide smile. “Just thinking about how much I love you.”

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Well, this was unexpected.

Another dull dog and pony show with the Senate had brought Tony to DC.  Since the Battle of New York he and Steve had grown closer, keeping up correspondence on a regular basis so, naturally, he had gone to visit him at his Columbia Heights apartment, a bag of cheap Chinese food in tow.  They talked, they laughed, one thing led to another and…. well, here he was.

He closed his eyes, letting a grin cross his kiss-swollen lips.  Contentment seemed to roll over his body like a gentle current, underlined with a faint hint of lingering unease.  He felt sore in a way that made him smirk to himself and about a decade younger and he felt happy…. and that was the problem.

The memory of the previous night flashed before him as he carefully slipped from under Steve’s arm.  Their clothes lay around the room in a disorganised trail, a visual representation of the desperation and need between them.  God, it had been wonderful, all heavy kisses, playful wrestling and loving and the evidence of it was displayed on Tony’s skin.  Walking to the mirror, he saw dark marks on his neck and chest, chuckling softly as he turned around to see the bruises on his hips and arse: four fingers and a thumb, the super-soldiers strength and enthusiasm on bold display.

His fingers traced along his hip for a moment before he shook his head, gazing into the mirror with a sudden sense of melancholy.  "I’ve got to get outta here…“ he whispered to himself, continuing the search for his boxers, eventually finding them discarded in the doorway.   He hopped into them, gathering up the remainder of his clothes as he moved his way to the kitchen.  

The boxes from the Chinese restaurant they ordered from still sat on the kitchen counter, half-eaten and now growing cold.  He ignored them, quietly opening cabinets and rolling his eyes.  Ever the soldier, he mused, regarding the discipline and care Steve had put into organising his kitchen.  Everything was in its proper place, labelled and sorted.  Tony’s kitchen was a chaotic mess, both because of the time he spent out of his home and just how little he cared about cooking.  

He pulled a tin of name-brand coffee from the cabinet, wrinkling his nose at the lack of quality in the beans.  The coffee wasn’t for him though and if Steve bought it, he guessed it must have been because he liked it.  He scooped the grounds into the coffee maker and filled it with water as quickly as he could, trying his hardest to be as stealthy as possible.  He then gathered eggs, milk and bread and went about the task of making food, cracking eggs with at a hurried pace, adding milk, turning to heat the stove between each addition of ingredients.  He didn’t bother measuring.  He didn’t have the time.

Dipping the slices of bread into the milk, he watched as the sizzle of the pan sent up a small plume of steam before returning to his clothes and pulling on his trousers and socks.  He dug around in his jacket’s inner pocket, pulling out his pen and returned to the kitchen, flipping the bread.  With a sigh, he flattened out the white paper bag of the takeaway and scribbled on it a few times before writing: Nice night.  Enjoy your breakfast.  - T.

"That should be enough…” he said with a sigh.  It wasn’t perfect or heartfelt but it would do.  He removed the now-completed bread from the heat, setting it down on the bag before finding a plate in one of the cabinets.

“Enough for what?”  came a voice from behind him.  Tony jumped as Steve walked up to him.  

The man’s hair stood up in several angles in a way that told a story in and of itself.  He wore a simple flannel bathrobe and looked, Tony couldn’t deny, perfect.

Tony swallowed and looked over at the mess of ingredients around the stove.  "I, uh, I  thought I’d be done with this by the time you got up.“

Steve smiled softly, wrapping his arms around Tony’s waist from behind, nuzzling into his hair.  "That was very sweet of you,” he murmured, bending his head to kiss Tony’s shoulder. His gaze turned down to the counter, his smile slowly dropping as he noticed the note.  "What’s this?“

Tony’s entire body tensed immediately, pulling away from Steve.  He dipped under the taller man’s arm, grabbing his tee-shirt and pulling it on, gesturing to the note, "Um, yeah.  Sorry I couldn’t finish breakfast, thanks for last night.  I should really get going…” he sputtered, clumsily slipping his feet into his shoes, ignoring his socks.  "So, yeah, bye.“

Why he thought he could just walk away from a trained military grunt was beyond him. Steve closed the gap between them quickly, grabbing Tony’s arm and turning their bodies around to block his path effortlessly.  He folded his arms, his jaw set in a hard line, his bright blue eyes the only thing in his posture that showed softness.  "What’s going on?  Is something wrong?” he inquired, his hand reaching out to touch Tony’s arm.  Tony recoiled immediately, his eyes cast down.  

Don’t look at him.  Don’t look at him. Just get out, Stark.  Run.  “Yeah… no…  look, we both know where this is going, so let’s just get it done, okay?” he said, his voice shaking somewhat.  He cleared his throat and inhaled sharply, hazarding a peek at Steve’s face.

Steve’s face was one of utter confusion, his brow furrowed as he met Tony’s eyes with his own.  "What the hell are you talking about, Tony?  Get what done?“

Tony took a breath, steeling himself with a sigh. "This, get this done.  I know how it goes, all right?  We fuck, we have fun, we go our separate ways. No harm done.”

“Is…” Steve began, his voice lowering to almost a whisper, “…is that what you want?”

Tony rubbed his face and groaned, “Yes.. no.. I don’t know!  Maybe!  Either we end this here or we don’t and both are freaking me out right now because if I stay, we get in a relationship.  Then what?  We fight, I work too much, you find out what a mess I actually am, or I do something stupid (and I will do something stupid, Steve).  So let’s just call it, okay, before it gets too hard for me to walk away…”

Steve stared at Tony, his expression indecipherable but Tony could clearly see hurt behind his eyes, in the stiffness of his posture.  He turned away again, looking at the floor.  It wasn’t supposed to go like this.  He should have been gone, no fight, no hurt.  Nothing is ever easy, is it?

“Tony…” Steve whispered sadly, “I don’t want you to go.  You’re scared, so am I.  What if you get bored with me because I don’t have your money or connections?  I can’t give you anything that you can’t just buy yourself in abundance.   I work for SHIELD. I sometimes have to go away for weeks on end.  What if you meet someone else while I’m gone?  What if you get bored with me because I’m some poor kid from Brooklyn and you’re one of the richest men in the world?  I’m scared too, but I’m not going to run because I’m not so scared that I’m not willing to make this work.  If you want to go back to New York, I can’t stop you… but I really hope you don’t.”

Tony stood quietly, his face blank with shock.  He felt frozen and small, his heart pounding against his chest.  God, he felt so stupid, so shit.  He took a step forward and Steve closed his eyes, his shoulders slumping as he prepared for Tony’s departure, but was met by a warm presence wrapping around his body.  Tony gripped him around the waist, his nose nuzzling into his shoulder, his breath a mix of panic and laughter.  Steve smiled in relief and pulled him close, resting his head on his shoulder.  

“I’m an idiot,” Tony sighed as he breathed in Steve’s scent, smiling, “and you need a shower”

Steve rolled his eyes, kissing Tony’s head, “Glass houses, Tony.”  There was a pregnant silence as they stood in the living room, holding onto each other as if they were afraid the other would bolt at the nearest opportunity.  "Thank you for staying.“

Tony nodded and kissed Steve’s shoulder, "Don’t thank me yet, babe.  You haven’t tasted my cooking yet.”

Steve chuckled softly, peeling himself away from Tony and taking his hand, “Shower now,” he chirped, dragging him towards the bathroom, “and then we’ll see about your food.”

And I’ll Choose You (On the Devil’s Playground): “English”

6/6 to And I’ll Choose You (On the Devil’s Playground) aka The Amish Laura AU no one asked for.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Hollstein
Word Count: 2630

Being that it is nearing the end of December you don’t really go into the water so much as you walk along the shore. There’s practically no one there aside from the two of you when you first arrive. You’re wearing one of Carmilla’s long coats while she just wears a vest to keep herself warm. You’re wearing a pair of mittens your mother had made for you before she’d died and she’s wearing gloves, but her hand still feels warm in yours.

You walk along the sand hand in hand with her once the sun has set and look up at the night sky. It’s cold, but that doesn’t take away a single bit of the beautiful expanse that you find is the ocean. It stretches out in front of you as far as you can see. It blends seamlessly into the night sky like they’re one. You squeeze Carmilla’s hand in what you hope she’ll take as a thank you.

Her arm wraps around your waist instead to hold you against her. The kiss she presses to your temple feels like a ‘You’re welcome.’

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Ruby pushed past Liam to his kitchen table, where she set down a very impressive array of very cheap Chinese food. She had started the conversation from outside the door, as soon as she heard his voice announce that he was coming to the door. “And then,” She continued, swinging around to meet his eyes for the first time. “She yelled at me for a solid five minutes. Like it was my fault her kid never actually died and was just ignoring her calls. Who does that?”

She gestured to the mess she had made of his table. “I was hungry after that whole ordeal at work, I didn’t know what to get ya, so I just got whatever the guy said was good. I think he just wanted me out of there so he could get on with his life.” She passed him a bowl and a pair of disposable chopsticks. “So, what’s new with you?” 

I was in London for about a week and a half and I was seriously so bored by the end of it. I did the usual touristy stuff then I had nothing to do and ended I going to primark everyday lol I was by myself too so it was more boring :( if I were to go back what other non touristy places would you recommend?? - anonymous. 

Well, anon. You’re in luck as I often get asked what I do for fun in London and what I recommend so here is my guide :)


Tourist Attractions

  • London Eye
  • Big Ben
  • The Shard (amazing views of London)
  • The O2 Arena Climb (more amazing views)
  • Westminster Abbey (very cultural)
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • China Town
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London
  • Canary Wharf (pretty cool place)

Museums (most are FREE!)

  • Science Museum
  • National History Museum (my fave - visit the ant farm thing)
  • V&A
  • Not been to any others but there are quite a lot


  • Phantom of The Opera
  • The Lion King (must see)
  • Book of Mormon
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
  • Wicked
  • Matilda
  • Shrek (I think?)

Shopping Places

  • Oxford Street (obvs)
  • Westfield (Stratford for cheap shops/Shepards Bush for posh)
  • Regents Street (Hamleys toy store!)
  • Harrods (Knightsbridge)
  • Carnaby Street
  • Camden Market (favourite)
  • Portobello Road Market
  • Covent Garden

Other Things:

  • SeaLife Aquarium (South Bank)
  • Kew Gardens
  • Thames Boat Ride (speed boat for definite!)
  • If they still do them the Duck boat tour thing
  • Aubin Cinema (cinema with armchairs and sofas!)
  • Somerset House (if you come in the summer they do a really cute outdoor cinema screening thing)
  • London Zoo
  • Cutty Sark

Places to Eat/Party: (will warn you clubs tend to be quite expensive in London so be warned and some places you have to book tickets beforehand)

  • Tiger Tiger (favourite)
  • China Town (amazing cheap Chinese food & all you can eat)
  • The Strand
  • Fabric nightclub
  • Egg nightclub
  • Funky Buddha (not actually been lol and I think its members)
  • XOYO
  • Ministry
  • Queen of Hoxton
  • If in doubt and just want to get drunk for cheap, ALWAYS seek out your nearest Wetherspoons.

If you need anything else or want to ask me any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and enjoy your stay!