cheap art!

Money going down the drain for textbooks, new sketchbooks, and other art supplies. I have to buy gray scale markers, but I know I don’t want to invest in super expensive ones– especially for class assignments. I found this on amazon and it sounds like a good deal tbh. I really love cheap art stuff because it makes me less scared to use them LMAO. I want to buy it, but gotta wait since I’m broke af rn. TT TT 

Vegetable Curry is done. Just use any vegetables you like, really! Ginger would taste nice too and if you have coconut cream, add this! I just didn´t have any.

Last November, I made a quick rough animation of Masazo one night because I love him, I posted the WIP on twitter already and had intended to only post the finished version here once it’s done, but because I have no earthly clue when that will be, I’m sharing the WIP here too :D

It’s based on this page from chapter 413!!

Hey guys! 

So I’m reopening commissions, but only simple bust sketches! Anything would help! Commission info is simple, so keep reading below to learn more! Thanks kids!

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