cheap art!


OK so a sale on my commissions on the moment because Im hoping to churn out a bunch of commissions super quick and Im in need of some extra cash 

Sketch- $1 dollar (add a char for $1)
Lineart- $3 dollars ( add a char for $1)
Flat color- $5 dollars ( add a char for $2)
shading- $7 dollars ( add a char for $3)
Colored lineart and shading- $8 ( add a char for $4)

Sketch- $2  ( add a char for $2)
Line art- $4  ( add a char for $2)
Flat color- $6  ( add a char for $3)
Shading- $8 ( add a char for $4)
Colored lineart and shading- $10  ( add a char for $5)

Full detail pencil drawing- $12.50
Full body character pin up- $20
Full detail- $25

NO NSFW of childrens show characters
Im horrible at drawing animals

But basically anything other than that is good!

I DO draw OCs

HEY! Still offering commissions, if you want a piece like this then the top price is $20! That’s the top price, pricing may be lower for what you want, might even be just $10!

Offering $10 to $20 dollar full color head shot commissions.

Now offering grey scale for $8!

Vegetable Curry is done. Just use any vegetables you like, really! Ginger would taste nice too and if you have coconut cream, add this! I just didn´t have any.


Britt’s Art Commissions

All commissions are hand drawn and digitally colored, with varying poses accompanied by a simple background! 

  • Headshot $10 
  • Waist up $20 (+$15 additional character)
  • Knees up  $30 (+$25 additional character)
  • Full body $40 (+$35 additional character)

Other commission (e.g. banners, icons, full illustrations, etc;) are available as well but prices vary by commission!

Drawing Limitations?

I’m not particularly keen on anthro. I’m pretty terrible at drawing animals to be honest, so I just don’t think you’re going to be getting a quality commission from me in regards to that type of drawing. However, I don’t mind light anthro like ears, tails, etc;

I strictly won’t draw hentai (although I will do nsfw), anything insinuating incest or pedophilia, hate-related works, and things of that nature.

I know that may seem more common sense, but I’ve had some strange requests in that regard.


Payment is done through Paypal only. Once commissions prices are decided, I will send an e-mail where you can easily pay! Commissions are complete after payment is received. 

A completion date for your commission will be provided (:  

E-mail to place your commission, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you for your support!


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