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There’s a list of reasons as long as my arm as to why a Rebecca pregnancy storyline would be terrible. I mean, on the surface it would be boring, lazy, predictable writing, and it’s a storyline that has been done 24884849491 times before across all soaps. Not to mention the fact that, with this couple and these two characters, it was simply not needed.

Of course, at this stage, nothing is confirmed. So while quite a few of us are preparing for the worst, of course I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t actually happen.

But if it does happen, here is the reason why I’d be most upset about it (aside from the reasons I stated at the start of this post!!!).

Robert cheating on Aaron just three weeks after they got married is hideous in the first place. It was horrible for bi representation and just horrible and unnecessary in the first place.

But I also think if Emmerdale do make Rebecca pregnant, this would also be completely awful for bi rep, and here’s why.

I really hope I can articulate what I want to say here, so I’m going to try my best. 

So we have Aaron who, from the start, has been pretty biphobic from time to time. Now, we could argue that his comments towards Robert now and then aren’t really about Robert being bi, but about Robert having form as a cheat combined with Aaron’s insecurities, but that’s another argument all together. There’s no denying that some of the things Aaron has said to Robert, on more than one occasion, aren’t okay, and definitely scream of biphobia.

Now, for the most part, I would say Aaron has tried to understand his partner. I think he was (is?) just…..uneducated?? I don’t know. I do think a lot of Aaron’s issues with Robert being bi is more about Aaron himself than Robert’s sexuality. But the bottom line is, for Aaron, he was so threatened by Rebecca. He was so scared that she could offer Robert something he couldn’t. (and this is another reason why I’m so pissed off that, of all the women in the village/world, Robert had to sleep with her.)

Okay I’m kinda getting off track a bit here. What I’m trying to say is, Aaron is only interested in men, and Robert is interested in men and women. BUT Aaron is the love of Robert’s life. He has never loved anybody the way he loves Aaron. I truly believe that they can be blissfully happy together for the rest of their lives. I honestly believe that Robert wouldn’t ever be tempted to stray, not by a man or a woman. I honestly believe that Aaron is enough, and we had months and many conversations where Robert really stressed that fact.

Two men, living happily ever after. They can get married, and do all of the things a male/female couple can do. They can even have children nowadays, through adoption or surrogacy!


They cannot make a baby, biologically, together. Of course any child they would raise together would be theirs equally, biological or not. It would still be their son or daughter if they adopted or had a surrogate. They would still be parents and the child would still be theirs in every way that truly matters. 

But the one thing Aaron can’t physically “give” Robert is a baby. He can give him love, marriage, sex, a home…..but he cannot physically bear Robert’s child. They cannot “make” a baby together.

And this is what fucking pisses me off.

Because if, IF Emmerdale DO go there…….it’s like them saying; 

“look, two men can be together, they can be in love and married and they can have everything…..BUT LOOK! they can’t make a baby together the traditional way! and oohh, one of the men happens to be bisexual…..he digs women too… let’s have him fuck a woman, get her pregnant, and have her give him the one thing his husband cannot. you need a man and a woman to make a baby!!1!! so let’s have them make a baby!!!!!!! and let’s have his insecure, paranoid husband’s fears justified!!! let’s “justify” his biphobia!! because being in love and married won’t be enough!!! not when there could be sperm and a womb and a man and a woman and a BABY!!!!”

It would be like a massive, giant FUCK YOU not only to Aaron, not only to any real life person in Aaron’s position, but for any bisexual who is in love with somebody of the same sex. Because it’s almost like saying “you can have so so much, but you can’t quite have everything, can you?” which is….fucking BULLSHIT because yES YOU CAN. You can still have children. You can still have a family. You can still be parents, even though you can’t just randomly have unprotected sex and make a baby - planned or not. You can still have everything that truly counts. With same sex couples it actually takes more effort to have children, which proves their desire and need to be parents, and the child is so appreciated at the end of it. 

But it’s like a big fat reminder that it can’t be easy for a same sex couple to have kids. Like, they can’t just decide one day they want a baby and then make love and make a baby. There are things they have to go through, steps that need to be taken (and I’m not being naive, I know that there are plenty of m/f couples who can’t naturally have children, I know that it isn’t easy for everyone to conceive and that’s not me saying that at ALL just in case anyone misinterprets what I’ve said. but bottom line is, two men or two women can’t have sex and make a baby. that’s the point I’m making) - it can be a really long process for a same sex couple to get a child.

So I feel like….to have these two characters; a bisexual character who has struggled with his sexuality for half his life, and a gay character who has been shown to not always understand bisexuality, to then have the bi character cheat and make a baby with somebody else is just……I think it’s so horrible, and nasty, and offensive.

And maybe I’m thinking about this too much, because kids are important to me. But I just find it horribly insensitive. I feel like it’s pushing the narrative that, in a relationship between a gay man and a bi man, the gay man will never be enough for his partner because he can’t give him a baby in the “traditional” way. And therefore it’s almost justifying the gay man’s insecurities about his partner’s sexuality to the viewer; making the viewer think “aww see, this is why he was worried. because look what a woman can give him that a man can’t.” (which….isn’t actually true, as I said above, because same sex couples can have kids)

I’ve always loved kids and enjoyed baby storylines and even enjoyed a good Who’s the Daddy? storyline, as cheap and cheesy as they can be.

But in a situation like this it just feels….nasty. Not cheap and cheerful, but cheap and nasty. I find it offensive to both characters. 

I don’t know if I’ve put my point across properly and I hope people understand what I’m trying to say. But it’s just something that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, even just thinking about it. It’s probably the reason I hate most about the idea of this actually happening, because I find it deeply offensive. 

because, intentionally or not (and even if this does happen, I don’t believe Emmerdale would’ve actually meant to cause offence), I do believe it’s pushing the narrative that a same sex couple can never quite be complete, and that ultimately a man and woman are needed to make new life.

and I really really don’t like or agree with that. at all.

Care To Explain?

SasuSaku College/Roommate AU
Rating: K+

“Uh, who’s this, babe?” Emerald eyes were locked on and narrowing at the girl that was slung around his around. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown, wavy, and framing the curves of her face all too well. The golden eyes that looked back into emerald pools began to hold concern as she looked back up to the guy she hanging off of.

“Sasuke, what the hell?” Sasuke shrugged as the girl let go of his arm. She was now upset as she stood there, in this awkward as hell situation.

“Care to explain, babe?” The tone that the pink haired girl took was loud and furious.

“Chill, Sakura. She just followed me home and wouldn’t get off. I guess she was expecting something from me,” Sasuke’s voice was cold and the girl with him was now irritated.

“Whatever. Don’t act like you weren’t interested, because you definitely were.”

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Ultimate nostalgia with my lunch today 😍☺️. There is something about a toasty sausage sarnie with HP sauce that takes me right back to being a 6 year old again haha🤤🤣👧🏻. Of course I substituted the cheap nasty sausages for Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages and the white hovis “bread” for a milti-seed one. But the taste is still there!

Oswald x Nygma x Reader one shot- Favours (Rated M smut)

Oswald expects special things from you after he lavishes you with such precious gifts, but today he didn’t expect company.

Warning- OOC,HIGH sexual content, Domswald, Sub!Reader, Sub!Edward, penetration, M/F, M/M, vaginal, anal, oral, public sex, just PURE SMUT OH DEAR LORD!!

Originally posted by thequeenofgothamxo

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lightning-macrine  asked:

HI! My friends and I were planning on setting up a table to sell our art at next year's Sydney Supanova and as we are only 16-17 years old we're rather inexperienced and to put it bluntly, have no idea what we're doing. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you be able to give us a few tips or facts about what we should do in order to set up a good table? Thanks so much in advance!!!

Sure, no problem! I’ve only been doing this about 18 months myself, but here are some things I’ve picked up:

1. Get a Square reader. No seriously, get one. In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly rare for people to carry cash on them. Many, MANY people will ask you if you take card because they don’t have cash on them. The Square reader is only $19 with no other excess fees except the standard 1% for credit card transactions, making it the cheapest card reader on the market right now by a LONG shot. All you need to operate it is a smartphone with an audio jack. (So, not an iPhone 7 then, lol.)

2. Budget enough time to have all your prints finished NO LATER THAN the Tuesday before the convention. Sydney Supanova opens on a Friday, and you do NOT want to be rushing around like crazy on Friday morning on no sleep, picking up your prints and rushing to the convention hall and setting up while people are already browsing. I’ve done this. It’s not fun. DON’T BE ME.

Most printers can do same-day rush jobs, but they’ll often charge you extra for it. So, send your files to the printer no later than Tuesday, and most printers should have them done for you by Wednesday or Thursday no problem. Then you can sleep easy.

3. This kind of follows on from the above, but get loads of sleep the night before the convention. I’ve done conventions on no sleep before. It’s really not fun. Resist the temptation to stay up all night drawing to do last-minute prints. Get organised in advance! Conventions are exhausting, your body will thank you.

4. Bring snacks and water with you to hide behind your table. Interacting with customers all day long is super exhausting, you’ll want snacks and water.

5. On that note, not mandatory but a nice extra is having someone who can watch your table and sell for you if necessary while you’re away from the table so you can go get lunch and go to the toilet. If you do this, make sure all your prints are well organised in labelled folders or something so other people can find them easily if they’re selling for you.

6. Don’t under-sell your work! If everyone else at the convention is selling A3 prints for x many dollars, don’t think you will sell more by pricing yours as x minus $2 or whatever. This brings the price for everyone in the alley down so it’s not great.

7. Get a cashbox from Officeworks to store your cash in! In general, I find the second-smallest size that they stock there is a good size. The smallest one they sell is too small unless you have fairy-sized hands. I learned the hard way, and my hands are fairly small. I like to start the day with $100 in my kitty divided up like so: 4 x $10, 6 x $5, 5 x $2, 20 x $1. $100 is a nice round number and easy to subtract from your total at the end of the day to calculate what you made. And in general you will get a LOT of notes, and not very many coins, so it’s always better to start out with around $30 in coins. The exception to this is if you’re selling your prints at round numbers only, like $10 or $15 each. If you’re selling them at round numbers, forget what I said about coins and just keep 20s, 10s and 5s.

8. It’s up to you whether or not to print A4s, but generally I’ve found that they don’t sell very well. People tend to either want very large poster size prints, or mini prints, but often not the size in between. These days I print about half as many A4s as I do of A3s and A5s because they just don’t seem to sell well. For my first convention, I printed only ten of each print in each size, and that was definitely enough. Even these days, when I make a new print, I still only get 10 of them on the first print, until it’s proven itself to sell well.

9. That said, it’s sometimes impossible to predict how well a print will do, even if you’re drawing in the popular fandom of the month. So many various factors affect sales that are out of your control. I’ve had a print totally sell out at one convention, and then the next convention I went to a week later, barely sold any of the same print at all. It’s baffling! Try not to stress too much over it.

10. I said this in my last post, but DO NOT get your stuff printed at Officeworks. D O N O T. They are cheap and nasty.

11. INTERACT with people walking in the alley! I mean it. Really interact with them. If you see someone walking by with a costume from a fandom you’re in, compliment them on it! Yell out their character’s name and get excited! Be friendly to the people who approach your table. If they’re looking at prints from a specific fandom, ask them if they’ve seen the latest episode or whatever is most recent. Engage them. Don’t hide behind your table! The difference in volume of sales between days when I engage with customers and days when I don’t is staggering. People like to feel like you’re a real person and interested in them. Even if they don’t buy anything, maybe you’ll make a new fandom friend!

12. Optional, but bringing something to put cards from other artists in is always nice. A lot of artists in the alley do card swaps, or you might see other artists you want to look up later, and it’s nice to make other artist friends! And those cards are really easy to lose.

13. Put some thought into how you’re going to set up your table. If you’re going to display your prints flat on the table, bring blu-tac to stick the display copies to the table so people don’t run off with them. (Shocking, I know, but it happens.) You’ll want some velcro-stickers to stick your stuff up on the walls behind you, too. This kind is what I get from Officeworks. They stick to the walls that Supanova provides you with VERY nicely. Consider what you’re going to do for signage too, if you’re going to have any at all. (Pro tip: it doesn’t matter how visibly you display your prices. It doesn’t matter if you have your prices plastered all over your table. People will still ask you how much things cost ten times an hour.)

Also, prints displayed vertically catch the eye much better than things on the table that are horizontal. Look, Exhibit A! You can see @shorelle​‘s vertical table display on the right there and mine horizontal, laying flat on the table– her display is MUCH more eye catching! I ended up making myself a similar display for the next convention for only $12 with A3 foamcore and collapsible dishwasher racks from the dollar store. Plus, you can hide your water bottle and cashbox behind it! Score.

14. If you’re going to get business cards printed (and I recommend you do, because otherwise how else will people look you up after the convention?), get them done through Vistaprint. Again, DO NOT GO THROUGH OFFICEWORKS. Vistaprint is the best value for money you’ll find out there. You don’t need uberfancy double sided business cards for a convention– single sided will do, and it’ll save you money. The downside is, you need to send your design off to Vistaprint around two weeks in advance of when you need them, because their shipping DOES take some time. If you only have a few days until the convention, your only option is to go through a traditional print house, and they’ll run you about $100 for 250 business cards. YIKES.

15. This step is optional, but I like to purchase little cellophane sleeves to put a print in when someone buys it, to protect it from harm during the convention! And I slip a little business card in the back, so people who bought a print can look me up online later. People tend to lose business cards when they just put them in their pocket, or forget which artist they took it from and why they cared. This is the seller I get mine from, but there’s plenty out there.

15. Make sure EVERYTHING you need printed is in CMYK mode, not RGB. Prints AND business card. Printers do not like RGB. If you’re drawing digitally, make sure everything is at least 300 dpi. Anything lower than that will look shitty. Most printers will also require a 3mm bleed margin when you send them your work, so don’t forget to factor this in to your design. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, I recommend googling around, because they’re pretty necessary to learn if you want to get stuff printed regularly without giving your favourite printer a massive headache.

16. Sign your prints before you send them to the printer. I always forget this one. Always. Don’t be me!!! Sign ‘em.

17. This is another optional one, but if you’re travelling by car, it’s always nice when you bring a small rubbish bin to put underneath or beside your table. You would not believe how much rubbish you generate behind your table, especially if you’ve got snacks and cello sleeves to contend with. If you’re travelling inter-state, you can bring one of those table bag hooks instead ($2 at the dollar store), and a plastic bag to hang on it.

18. Buttons and bookmarks tend to sell really well! You can rent a button maker from $25/day in Sydney from various places.

19. You don’t have to stick to doing the fandom of the month, I promise. I’ve done prints for decades old fandoms that have sold just fine. Prints with bold colours and strong designs stick out really nicely, and if you can think of any good jokes, prints with humour on them sell really well too. (Shorelle’s Star Wars meme prints sell out EVERY time.)

20. Most importantly, have fun! It’s a convention, enjoy yourself :D!

Drawing the Line

Petopher AU

Rated: PG13 (death, murder, language)

Author’s Note: When Chris Argent saves the Hale pack from a house fire, he inadvertently changes all of their destinies.  


When Alpha Talia Hale sent a personal invitation to attend a pack meeting, one did not refuse, especially if one was a “retired” werewolf hunter living on the Alpha’s territory.


The Argents were long time residents of Beacon Hills and up until a few years ago, the family of hunters had co-existed with the family of werewolves for two generations. They were not allies, but respected each other to give one another a wide berth. Chris’s father, Gerard, was the principal of BeaconHillsHigh School at the time, happily enjoying his new life as an educator and protector of young adults. When he was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer, Gerard had petitioned to Alpha Hale for the bite in the hopes to cure his disease – but she had politely refused, as was her right.

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let’s chat 12

I definitely just drank alcohol for only the 3rd real time (first was a sip of wine this past Christmas) (my friend made me a mixed drink late February and then when I went on a trip with my friends in March I had some nasty cheap wine and then now I’m here drinking again) and I feel really hyper??? I’ve only had like a cup and a half of this gooooood drink it’s like 8% ABV and it was a 25oz can so like, if I had like a cup and a half, does that make me a lightweight? I don’t wanna be a lightweight. I stopped myself from drinking anymore cuz I can feel I’m getting hyper and I don’t want to be drunk like not tonight now is not the night.

Anyway idk why I felt like telling you guys this.

i am underage do not follow in my footsteps youngins 

If you do, drink responsibly like me in the comfort of your own dorm with a couple friends. Parties are dangerous.

k that’s all x

anonymous asked:

I'm actually really disappointed with the women's matches at Mania because they all seemed really rushed and boring especially the mixed tag team match... Poor Maryse. but hey the SD Live championship match was literally the last match before the main event. That's at least a step in the right direction.

I was looking forward to Maryse snatching Nikki’s (cheap nasty) weave.

anonymous asked:

Briana legitimately looks like a brats doll that got all types of fucked up in the factory so they put her in the cheap and nasty discount aisle with the other useless junk. Lmao home girls lips are gonna explode.

You’re right, she definitely deliberately styles (and injects) herself to look like a bratz doll.

Right down to the horribly over-filled and badly penciled lips.

Awkward. And when she’s not posing and hiding behind snapchat filters, the work she’s had done makes her look weird and older than she is. 

Placebo lyrics sentence starters
  • "I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still breathing."
  • "I gotta get high, before I go outside."
  • "I'm in alcoholic kind of mood."
  • "I know, you've got me wrapped around your finger."
  • "I know, the past will catch you up as you run faster."
  • "I know, the last in line is always called a bastard."
  • "We were born to lose."
  • "It's either you or me."
  • "S/he stole the keys to my house and then s/he locked herself/himself out."
  • "I'm confused and racked with self-doubt."
  • "Don't you wish you'd never met her/him?"
  • "You don't care about us."
  • "You're too complicated, we should separate it."
  • "Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine."
  • "I'll take it by your side."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing at all."
  • "Don't let me down."
  • "Your smile would make me sneeze."
  • "I'd pay to have you near."
  • "Don't forget to breathe."
  • "Another love I would abuse, no circumstances could excuse."
  • "I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind."
  • "There's nothing here but what here's mine."
  • "Never thought I'd fill with desire."
  • "Never thought I'd feel so ashamed."
  • "Never thought all this could back fire."
  • "Never thought you'd fuck with my brain."
  • "Say goodbye."
  • "You must realise that you're never alone."
  • "I'm a man, a liar."
  • "Now it takes him all day just to get an erection."
  • "Things aren't what they seem."
  • "I dream of a face that is pure as perfection."
  • "Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live."
  • "Change your taste in men."
  • "Come back to me."
  • "Join the masquerade."
  • "I'll describe the way I feel; weeping wounds that never heal."
  • "No escaping gravity."
  • "Draw your final breath."
  • "Every time I rise I see you falling."
  • "Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?"
  • "I was never faithful, and I was never one to trust."
  • "I'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home"
  • "I was never grateful, that's why I spend my days alone."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue."
  • "Those motherfuckers got it wrong."
  • "They said I should get expensive help to fix my head."
  • "I don't care for myself."
  • "Run away from all your boredom."
  • "Run away from all your whoredom."
  • "All it takes is one decision."
  • "Run away!"
  • "You're the one who's always bruised and broken."
  • "I understand the fascination."
  • "I understand the fascination, I've even been there once or twice or more."
  • "Please don't die."
  • "It seemed a place for us to dream."
  • "Love can die."
  • "Wake up..."
  • "I've got problems with the booze, nothing left to lose."
  • "I'm faithless... I'm scared."
  • "I'm on my own for far too long."
  • "She's insane, this friend of mine."
  • "Always stays the same, nothing ever changes."
  • "Hold your breath and count to ten."
  • "Beware this troubled world."
  • "Soulmate dry your eye."
  • "Soulmates never die."
  • "Hush, it's okay."
  • "See you at the bitter end."
  • "There's something rotten down here..."
  • "Don't forget to be the way you are."
  • "The only thing you can rely on is that you can't rely on anything."
  • "Don't go and sell your soul for self-esteem."
  • "Remember me..."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry the whole night through..."
  • "I'll be your father, I'll be your mother, I'll be your lover, I'll be yours."
  • "I'll be yours."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry for days and days..."
  • "You never were a genius."
  • "Yes I know you're the jealous type."
  • "Walk away!"
  • "Protect me from what I want..."
  • "Maybe we're victims of fate."
  • "Remember when we'd celebrate? We'd drink and get high until late."
  • "Now we're all alone."
  • "Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die."
  • "I've been waiting far too long!"
  • "Be mine."
  • "I was alone, falling free..."
  • "What happened to us, what happened to me?"
  • "Baby...did you forget to take your meds?"
  • "I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget."
  • "I will be the one to make you crawl!"
  • "I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday."
  • "Someone call the ambulance..There's gonna be an accident."
  • "I can see in the dark."
  • "I will be the one to watch you fall."
  • "I will find you!"
  • "You're always ahead of the game, I drag behind."
  • "You possess every trait that I lack."
  • "You got A's on your algebra test, I failed and they kept me behind."
  • "I just gotta get off my chest, that I think you're divine."
  • "You let me down before."
  • "I'm medicated...How are you?"
  • "It's the pills that bring you down."
  • "It's between you and me."
  • "It's the pills that pick you up."
  • "It's the special way we fuck."
  • "Fall into you, is all I seem to do..."
  • "I'm afraid to be alone."
  • "This house is no longer a home."
  • "Don't give up on the dream!"
  • "Tear us in two, is all it's gonna do."
  • "Don't go and leave me."
  • "Please don't drive me blind."
  • "I'd fill your every breath with meaning."
  • "I'll find a place we both could hide."
  • "You don't believe me."
  • "You do this everytime."
  • "I know we're broken."
  • "Your eyes forever glued to mine."
  • "I know I broke it."
  • "I know I broke you."
  • "It's horrid to see you again."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your lips."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your kiss."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your fists."
  • "I was not honest."
  • "And I'll wait my turn,to terrorize you."
  • "Can't you see these skies are breaking?"
  • "one of a kind is all I own."
  • "I wanna try but I get annoyed."
  • "In the cold light of morning the party gets boring, you're high."
  • "In the cold light of morning,You're drunk sick from whoring and high."
  • "You are one of God's mistakes."
  • "You're a waste of skin."
  • "You're waste of space."
  • "It's a song to say goodbye."
  • "Well now you need me more than I need you."
  • "You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?"
  • "It doesn't hurt me."
  • "You don't want to hurt me."
  • "So much hate for the ones we love."
  • "Tell me, we both matter, don't we?"
  • "Let me steal this moment from you now."
  • "The way you're dancing makes me come alive."
  • "Move closer, I wanna feel your touch."
  • "The way you're moving, makes you all that I desire."
  • "You are the one who took my place."
  • "And it was a leap of faith I could not take."
  • "And it was a promise I could not make."
  • "You are getting in the way!"
  • "I have nothing left to say."
  • "I will pretend it didn't hurt."
  • "You are a cheap and nasty fake."
  • "I am the bones you couldnt break!"
  • "I always aimed to please."
  • "I nearly died."
  • "For what it's worth?"
  • "Come on walk with me."
  • "Got no friends, got no lover."
  • "I've been wasting all my time!"
  • "I got no energy to fight."
  • "I don't see the point in trying."
  • "All of my wrongs, and all my wicked ways,Will come back to haunt me."
  • "He wrote all the songs I hope to write someday."
  • "Looks like the devil is here to stay."
  • "We'll kiss and tremble with the delight."
  • "I had so very much to say."
  • "I pretended I was okay."
  • "So I haven't given up."
  • "A heart that hurts, is a heart that works."
  • "No one can take it/you away from me."
  • "I long, I burn to touch her/him/you just the same."
  • "Don't let them get their way!"
  • "There is no law we/you must obey!"
  • "Damn you all to hell!"
  • "Time will help you through..."
  • "The sound of silence grows."
  • "The two of us are rebels."
  • "The payback is here, take a look, it's all around you."
  • "You thought you'd never shed a tear."
  • "This ain't no singing in the rain."
  • "You can run but you can't hide!"
  • "No one here gets out alive."
  • "Breathe me every time you close your eyes..."
  • "Taste me every time you cry."
  • "This memory will fade away and die."
  • "Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye..."
  • "How many times?!"
  • "Now I can't look you in the eye!"
  • "And I don't even want to try."
  • "Every word from you is a lie."
  • "I'm always falling on my face."
  • "I don't think that you're aware of the cost."
  • "Stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you!"
  • "Don't leave me here to pass through time!"
  • "I don't know where to begin."
  • "Don't leave me here."
  • "I'm sick of fighting..."
  • "The cold is biting..."
  • "My broken spirit is frozen to the core."
  • "Don't wanna be here no more."
  • "Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes?"
  • "And wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away?"
  • "You must be joking!"
  • "You don't even know a thing about it!"
  • "You've got no problem."
  • "I'd stay right there if I were you!"
  • "The grass is always greener over there."
  • "I don't want to be alone."
  • "I'm alive, so alive."
  • "I'm in a desperate situation."
  • "Now there's a hand print on your cheek."
  • "Is it my imagination?"
  • "Let me pay you back in kind."
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming"
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming because I know it's not of me."
  • "I smoke a dozen cancer sticks."
  • "We run for our lives."
  • "Promise me that we will make it through."
  • "Don't worry baby - it's just the end of the world."
  • "I refuse to remain in regrets."
  • "I've existed too long in secrets."
  • "Help me start to heal."
  • "Every one of my needs will be met."
  • "I refuse to be left behind."
  • "I know you want to stop."
  • "Be glad for what you got."
  • "I recognize the smile."
  • "There are some things I cannot forget."
  • "It may be for a while, I'll pretend we've never met."
  • "And maybe we will part."
  • "Will your paranoia keep you warm?"
  • "I will still enjoy to watch you fall."
  • "Stop!"
  • "I try every day"
  • "I try every day, to think of something deep to say."
  • "If I am an extra in the film of my own life, then who the hell is the director?"
  • "Show me how to live."
  • "There's a riot in my head."
  • "Let's fight until the end of days."
  • "Let's destroy and let's devastate."
  • "I know where you live."
  • "Time is money, bastard."
  • "You are so beautiful."
  • "Love claims to have the answer."
  • "Can you imagine a love that is so proud?"
  • "We are loud like love!"
  • "If you were mine, then we would know!"
  • "And with our bodies entwined we will know paradise."
  • "My computer thinks I'm gay."
  • "I got too many friends."
  • "I'll never be there for you/them."
  • "I am a small and gentle man."
  • "Hold on to me..."
  • "My behaviour is hard to understand."
  • "But I'm still doing all I can, to try and get me some redemption."
  • "And I'm knee deep in sinking sand, crying out for your attention!"
  • "Rob the bank!"
  • "Take me home, then make love."
  • "There wasn't much I used to need..."
  • "Now my mistakes are haunting me."
  • "I've lost the power to understand what it takes to be a man."
  • "You tried your best to be a friend to my heart."
  • "I saw you wanted this to end."
  • "Please no grieving, my love, understand?"
  • "Now I feel I've lost my spark."
  • "Can't you see I'm sick of fighting?"
  • "Can't you see I've lost my way?"
  • "All my dreaming torn in pieces..."
  • "As you wake does he smother you in kisses long and true?"
  • "Want you so bad I can taste it!"
  • "If I could, I would hover while he's making love to you, make it rain as I cry."
  • "Your touch, I cannot regret!"
  • "You're so my kind."
  • "You're so my kind, erotic and devine."
  • "To me you're more than a human, you are more complex."
  • "You are like a fallen angel."
  • "Look me in the eyes, say that again."
  • "Knock me off my feet like heroin."
  • "No need to disguise or to pretend."
  • "Tonight's the night that we begin the end."
  • "I tried, God knows, I tried."
  • "There's nothing you can do to change my mind."
  • "I don't enjoy to watch you cry."
  • "Blame me for the sorry state you're in."
  • "I love you more than any man, but something's getting in the way."
  • "I do you harm because I can for the second time today."
  • "When I get drunk, you take me home and keep me safe from harm."
  • "I ask you for another second chance, but then I drink it all away."
  • "I was so delicate when we began, so tender when I spoke your name."
  • "Now I'm nothing but a partisan to my compulsion and my shame."
  • "You know, I'm grateful, I appreciate."
  • "Then I run away to wonderland, and disappear without trace."
  • "Can't you see there's a world out there?"
  • "Don't be scared."
  • "Babe I'm gonna be your man!"
  • "And it's plain to see you were meant for me."
  • "I wanna be your toy."
  • "I've been smoking too long."
  • "I wanna turn you on."
  • "I'm only a person."
  • "Open up your heart, let me slip inside."
  • "Lie to me."
  • "Drink you pretty."
  • "My mother told me, that you're never lonely when you're laughing all the time."
  • "My father told me, that you're always lonely when they're all laughing at you."
  • "He tries to impress her, mentally undress her."
  • "Theres a look on your face I would like to knock out."
  • "All I want is to see you in terrible pain."
  • "Theres no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "So fuck you anyway."
  • "Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say."
  • "Theres a time for us all and I think yours has been, can you please hurry up cos I find you obscene?"
  • "I cant wait for the day that you're never around, when that face isn't here and you rot underground."
  • "Your eyes are almost dead."
  • "I wanna be much more like you."
  • "I wanna take a bath with you."
  • "I wanna say I do."
  • "The way your smile lights up the room."
  • "To jealousy I'll stay immune."
  • "She's a faker, always let's me down."
  • "Don't you make me frown."
  • "I never wanted the real thing."
  • "I didn't mean it."
  • "I'm the one to blame."
  • "Did too much cocaine..."
  • "One more time for me."
  • "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you give a fuck!"
  • "The only place you’re truly free is cosy in your dreams."
  • "We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye."
  • "Patience comes to the ugly, not me."
  • "Laughter comes to the lucky, not me."
  • "Where is my mind?"

Raul chooses a cologne to wear for every part so he can ~get into character~ or whatever and I made it my mission to collect many of these scents and smell them so I can live the experience of Rauliness more fully. I have amassed a small collection of Raul colognes and I wanted to share.

1. Bobby, Company - Royal Water by Creed

This cologne is very expensive and I looked at the price and was like “oh hell no.” I got this sample size off of ebay for about 13 bucks. It doesn’t look like an “official” sample because idk. I trust it is the real cologne tho. Raul called it “crisp and chilly,” bless his heart. It’s a rather flowery scent, but not in a feminine way. It doesn’t have the muskiness a lot of men’s cologne have. It’s a good scent for Bobby, who is all rich and desperately alone.

2. Jonas Nightingale, Leap of Faith - Tom Ford for Men

Another pricey one. For my wallet anyway. It’s a very citrusy scent, with some musky notes that make it smell manly to me. Sephora calls is “sensual, refined and luxurious.” Raul says, “Tom Ford smells musky on me and a little bit trashy, in a good way” and I want to die. Just imagine Raul getting super sweaty on stage and smelling like that… swoon…

3. Charlie Fox, Speed the Plow - Red by Giorgio of Beverly Hills

Notice how I own a full sized bottle of this. This was only 8 dollars on ebay. I sprayed it in the air and instantly started choking. My cat wouldn’t go near me and it LINGERED FOR HOURS. It smells like a car air freshener. It is so strong and piney and ridiculous. Raul said, “It reminded me of a truck stop on the Florida turnpike.” MY TRUCK STOP HOOKER FEELS I scream like a crazy person. I had the DISTINCT pleasure of viewing Raul in Speed the Plow and let me tell you he got extremely sweaty. Imagine your Raul smelling like a sweaty, piney truck stop hooker. This cologne is nasty and cheap BUT Charlie Fox is craycray coke addict so I forgive him.

4. Valentine Coverly, Arcadia - Prada Amber Pour Homme

Teenie tiny sample vial because this shit is expensive, yo. Raul only said about this, “It’s Prada, he’s very rich.” FAIR ENOUGH, RAUL. I’d say this is also a less traditional men’s scent. It’s not musky, it’s very clean and floral. It has a soapy scent which is very appealing. Imagine your little posh British math nerd!

5. Rafael Barba, Law & Order SVU - ???

Sorry to say the Barba cologne is a SECRET because I received intel from a confidential source. I’ll just say it’s very expensive and masculine and smells like a sexy lumberjack. My sexy lumberjack Barba feels.

anonymous asked:

Now I'M curious, what do you dislike so intensely about the Whedon version of Much Ado? I haven't seen it myself, only Branagh and Jodie/Tennant/Tate, both of which are delightful in my eyes.

When adapting Shakespeare for the screen, most tend to choose between delivering a heavily edited version with lots of stunning visuals, or a more minimalist version that focuses on the language (some do both, but I often find it’s overwhelming - think Branagh’s Hamlet). Whedon’s Much Ado gives you neither. He chooses to keep visuals to a minimum, and then has actors that clearly have no idea how to speak Shakespeare deliver the lines. So there’s nothing to look at and there’s nothing to listen to either. Visually and audibly, it’s boring. The shaky, handheld camera is really distracting, and it’s in black and white for no discernible reason (that I can see) except to hide the fact that it was done on the cheap and nasty. But it’s Shakespeare, right? You should be able to close your eyes and still enjoy Shakespeare.


WHY. CAN. NO. ONE. ENUNCIATE????? HOLY FUCK, okay so I’ve memorised at least 80% of the play and I just got angrier and angrier because they kept putting the emphasis in the wrong place, missing gags and glossing over all the hilarious bits. Benedick was the worst at this. His comedic timing was 100% off. All his timing was off. He sped through his soliloquies without proper pauses and without adequate inflection and with COMPLETE disregard for how to play up the language with some well timed visual gags or gestures. 

When you’re making a modern adaptation, this is really, really important. You have to make Elizabethan gags and puns understandable to a 21st century audience. It’s the actor and director’s job to make the language accessible. Some jokes people will understand if you say it right - others you simply have to deliver so that it sounds funny, even if it’s impossible to get across the meaning. I honestly believe that Whedon’s advice to his actors was ‘just rush over that line they won’t get it anyway.’ NO JOSS, THEY FUCKING WON’T BECAUSE IT WAS MUMBLED AND DELIVERED COMPLETELY WRONG. Audiences will get Elizabethan language and they will laugh at Elizabethan jokes, even the ones they don’t entirely understand, but you have to say them right.

Much Ado is quite a prose-heavy play, which means it’s easy to play around with how you deliver lines and make it seem naturalistic. The other side to this is that when a character starts speaking in verse it should hit you like a fucking freight train. Think of how beautiful Beatrice’s speech is when she overhears Hero and Ursula say Benedick loves her. It draws poetry out of her. None of that comes through in this version. Whedon absolutely refuses to embrace verse. He decides for a more naturalistic recitation, which would be fine IF IT WAS DONE PROPERLY WHICH IT’S NOT.

The setting is an absolute mess and the modern ‘look’ of the film clashes horribly with the language. Again, you have to put a lot of work into making sure Shakespeare’s language blends with modern setting. But you can still do it. Josie Rourke had me firmly believing that Much Ado was taking place in the 80′s, with Hero evoking the image of Princess Di and the soldiers embodying the sexism and prejudice rife in the Thatcher years. Hell, Baz Luhrmann had me believing that Romeo and Juliet were from warring mafia families. Whedon had me believing that he had a bunch of actors tortuously reading over a Shakespeare play he borrowed from the library in his living room.

The gulling scenes weren’t original or unique or exciting. This is where you get to have the most fun as a director. You’re given reign to do utterly absurd, ridiculous, slapstick comedy and he… has Benedick hiding out the window. And Beatrice under a table. ?????? That’s it??? Really???? The scenes were fucking wasted. They weren’t even funny. 



There is NO chemistry between Beatrice and Benedick. None. At. All. The wit-skirmishes should absolutely be flying with sparks and sexual chemistry. The energy needs to be bursting at the seams, with the two of them quite viciously knocking lumps out of each other but everything was so… subdued. Restrained. Boring. It was about as fiery as soggy oatmeal. 

People come up to me and say, ‘hey, don’t you know Joss did this at his house with a bunch of his friends?’ and I say YES, because IT FUCKING LOOKS LIKE IT WAS FILMED WITH A POTATO IN SOMEONE’S BACKYARD. If he wanted to have some fun with Shakespeare, fine. My question is why the fuck did he have to inflict it on the world? Why did it get a massive theatrical release? Why such a massive DVD release? It makes my blood boil to know that this is so widely accessible because it is bad. If it’s the only version you’ve seen, then you haven’t really seen Much Ado About Nothing, because Much Ado is an incredibly funny, incredibly powerful feminist play that goes from side-splitting laughter to heartbreak in a flash. It’s a commentary on toxic masculinity and how the boys’ club culture of misogyny can go from seemingly harmless jokes about women to actual violence. It contains one of the most scintillating and entertaining love stories of all time. It allows for creative adaptation and there are so many avenues for visual and slapstick comedy. It still baffles me that Joss Whedon could take Much Ado About Nothing and give me nothing. Nothing new or entertaining or interesting. No fresh take. No modern interpretation. No heightened feminist reading. No clever rethinking of the gulling scene or the sparring scenes. Just… nothing. 

anonymous asked:

Oh, Renee. Didn't anyone tell you never to tie your weave in a ponytail? Especially when said weave is cheap and nasty-looking? We can see the spots where they glued the extensions to your thinning, brittle hair. That's not a good look anywhere, not to talk of Wrestlemania.


The Changeling and the Knight

So, this is loosely based on one of my favorite books as a child: Hasse Simonsdochter by Dutch author Thea Beckman. I’m just using some plot elements and ideas and hopefully making my own world here. No knowledge of the book is necessary.

All my thanks to Mary, and her ridiculously awesome beta skills. Without her, this story wouldn’t even be half as awesome.

Kat, I really hope you like it. I’m sorry I’m a slow piece of shit that got carried away and made you wait forever.

O, de suizelende wind door het jonge riet! Hasse Simonsdochter kon er nooit genoeg van krijgen. Vooral in de lente, wanneer het nog groen en buigzaam was, was het riet haar lief.” – first lines of Thea Beckman’s Hasse Simonsdochter.


She has never seen a sight so beautiful as the sun peeking through the forest and trees to hit the water, reflecting the light everywhere. She jumps from her hiding spot and into the light, watching the shapes it creates on her torn skirts – oh Father will be very angry with her when she returns. But how can she worry about Father when there is sunlight and the water is warm as it laps at her muddy feet?

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Oh No, She Ain’t

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories;

Enjoy my lovelies.

                                            Stand Alone
Oh No, She Ain’t


‘We can’t just bring her back to the bunker Sam,’ Dean hissed quietly.

‘We can’t just leave her here either. This thing that’s after her Dean it’s almost killed her once already.’

Dean sighed.

‘And it’s not safe here, and easier to research from the bunker.’

Sam was right but still, she was a stranger and they knew nothing about her.

‘Do you really want to be stuck here, with the crappy water pressure for what could potentially be months?’

Dean grumbled but agreed and the boys headed home to the bunker Y/N in tow. Dean kept an eye on her in her Ford Explorer.

Back at the bunker they knuckled down and did some research trying to find what they could on the thing that had come after her and why.

Over the course of a few weeks, Dean had started to relax a bit more. Y/N helped out with the research and she happily cooked. And could she cook. In the three weeks since she arrived Dean hadn’t brought take out once. He had to admit evening was becoming his favourite part of the day, the smells that wafted through the bunker just had him in awe.

After a full day of nothing but research, Sam caved and went to bed early, leaving Dean and Y/N alone. Dean watched her from behind his laptop, she certainly was worth the view. Her Y/N eyes shone brightly, despite the dark room, the way her fair fell softly around her face. How her eyes furrowed together when she read something concerning, the way her nose crinkled when it grossed her out. That small one sided smile she got listening to the boy’s banter and bicker.

What Dean noticed most of all that night was that he had hardly spoken to her. He could tell a person everything about her facial expressions, how she looks, how she prefers to wear her hair and when. All of it. But he couldn’t tell them anything about her, her family, her likes, her dislikes. Hell, he didn’t even know how old she was or what she liked to listen to.

‘Wanna call it a night and watch a movie or catch up on some TV?’ Dean asked, trying to play it cool.

He watched how she looked up and checked to see if Sam was in the room.

‘I was asking you, Y/N,’ he grinned.  


‘You are Y/N, right?’

‘Yeah, it’s just. You don’t, we don’t…never mind.’

‘So, you up for it or not?’


‘There’s a pile of DVD’s in the draw under the TV,’ he suggested. ‘Want a beer?’

‘Ah, not really. But thanks. I’ll go make a tea.’

‘You don’t drink beer?’

Y/N shook her head.

‘Do you drink?’

‘Yes, but I’m a pricey drinker,’ she grinned.

‘What exactly?’

‘Glenfiddich, Johnny Green.’

‘Right. Not the cheap nasty stuff.”

She shook her head.

‘How do you have your tea? I’ll make it while I grab a beer.’

‘You really don’t need to.’

‘It’s fine, you’re picking the movie. How do you have it?’

‘Strong white, one sugar.’

Dean smiled and went to get drinks.

The night went well, he was surprised to find out she was an action buff and loved a good western. They chatted on and off and Dean was surprised to learn how much they had in common.

The boys resumed hunting in between research, Y/N staying at the bunker. Dean had to admit, he loved coming back to the bunker and having it more of a home than what he thought was possible.

The boy’s came back after a pretty nasty hunt and Y/N took one look at Dean’s wounds and ordered him to sit down so she could sew it up. Dean watched as she concentrated on the task, the small delicate stitches she put in place.

‘That’s not a bad job,’ he praised.

‘You’d want to hope so,’ she grinned.

Dean looked at her confused.

‘I’m an ER nurse, when I’m not being hunted by some psycho demonic thing.’

Dean’s jaw dropped. He didn’t think it was possible but damn she just got hotter. He went to make some sort of comment, but stopped himself as her fingers moved across his skin as she took in the bruising.

‘It’s not as bad as it looks,’ he told her quietly.

‘That’s reassuring. An Epsom salt bath will help though,’ she suggested as she packed up the first aid kit.

‘Did you do this?’ Sam called from the library.

‘Ah yeah, is that wrong? I just needed to visualise it better, try and sort things out.’

Dean watched as she sat on the edge of the table, and looked at the board in front of her. He came over and sat next to her, closer than he needed.

Sam looked at his brother and raised an eyebrow for a guy that didn’t want her here to begin with he seemed to be more than fine with it now.

‘Not bad,’ Dean smiled.

‘Wait and see if it yields results first. I’m going to go do dinner.’

‘What’s on the menu tonight?’ Dean asked.

‘Italian meatballs and crusty garlic bread.’

Dean’s mouth watered at the thought of it.

‘And there’s pecan pie and lemon tart for after if you’re still hungry. Before I forget I got those new wiper blades, oil and brake pads for your car that you wanted. They’re in the storage cupboard in the garage.’

Dean grinned at her, he’d forgotten he’d mentioned it. It was one of the things he was going to get while he was home this time.


Dean watched as she left for the kitchen, the smile on his face never fading.

‘Seriously? You’ve gone from I don’t want her anywhere around here to I don’t want her anywhere away from here.’

‘Shut up, Sammy,’ Dean muttered.

‘You’ve fallen hard, Dean,’ Sam laughed.

‘I have not.’

‘That’s great. So you have no issues if I ask her out then?’

Sam watched as his brother swallowed, his jaw tensed up and he ran a hand through his hair and down his neck. He did his best to hide the smug smirk that kept trying to form on his face.  

‘You… ah…you like her?’ Dean asked.

Sam could hear the pain and sadness in his voice.  

‘Yeah, a lot actually.’
Dean nodded, slowly and got up to leave.  

‘Purely platonic of course. I have no interest in being with her in that way, just as friends.’

Sam smirked as his brother noticeably relaxed.

‘You’re a bitch you know that,’ Dean muttered.

‘Stop being a jerk about it and admit it and I wouldn’t have to be.’

‘She’s going to be gone once we gank this thing, Sam. I’m not trapping her in this life.’

‘That should be her call Dean, not yours.’

A week later Y/N was in the kitchen icing a cake while chatting with Dean. Truth be told she was trying to ice the cake, while Dean ate the icing.  

‘You’re a child, you know that right?’ she grinned.

‘But you love it, so it’s all good.’

‘Can’t argue that,’ she laughed.

Walking past him she smeared the chocolate frosting on his face, and squealed when he grabbed the spatula to attack her with it in revenge.

Dean trapped her in the corner of the kitchen cabinets, grabbing her waist he held her still and proceeded to decorate her cheeks, lips and neck with the icing. He looked down at her laughing face and couldn’t take it anymore. He lent down and kissed her briefly, before pulling back to see her surprised face. He went to lean down again and hesitated, looking into her eyes intensely wanting to make sure it was ok. That small one sided smile was all he needed. He lent down and kissed her softly and yet passionately, his tongue sweeping gently across her lips, moving his mouth along her jaw.

‘I got it!’ Sam yelled. ‘I know what it is!’

Dean pulled back with a sigh, and watched as Y/N dropped her forehead to his chest. Both had been wanting that for a long time. Dean kissed her head gently and left to go see what Sam had found.

Y/N cleaned up her face and the kitchen. She was grateful it would be over soon, that she could go on living a life that didn’t involve being scared of your own shadow. But that would mean returning to the real world. Going home. Leaving the boys and the bunker. She had come to enjoy her life here. Although she missed work, but this, research and offering medical aid to these two was more fulfilling. Dean alone was worth staying for. But she knew it wouldn’t work, he was a ladies’ man and with all the travel there would be no monogamy in a relationship.

Y/N walked into the library 15 minutes later and looked at the boys.

‘It’s a high ranking demon, but not that hard to kill,’ Sam explained. ‘I also know where he is roughly, so it shouldn’t be too hard.’

‘That’s great.’

The boys packed up the car and got ready to head out. Promising to call once the job was done. Given the distance and time it was expected to be a week or two.

Dean watched as she sat against the library table and looked at the board she made, and the notes Sam had added. He didn’t want to go. It would mean this was over, they were over before it started. He never expected to find anyone so perfect.

‘It’ll be over before you know it,’ Dean said, his voice scratchy.



She looked at him and Dean saw the tears in her eyes. He came over and kissed her gently.

‘I’ll see you soon.’

The boys came back almost two weeks later. The smell of pot roast wafting through the bunker, fresh bread and cookies made them even more grateful to be home.

They found Y/N waiting with the first aid kit to check them over, but thankfully none of their injuries were too severe. Y/N was unusually quiet and looked sad.

‘It’s over,’ Sam told her.

‘I know and you have no idea how grateful I am.’

‘So what are your plans now?’

Y/N shrugged. ‘Go home I guess, see if I still have a job try and move on, demon proof my house, car, workplace, gym,’ she smiled.

Sam laughed, ‘Yeah it does make you do stuff like that.’

Y/N smiled and took the first aid kit to the bathroom before heading into the room the boys had let her use.

‘You could stay. With me, us,’ Dean said quietly from the door as he watched her pack.

‘You two don’t need some third wheel.’

‘You’re not a third wheel. And I will be honest as much as I didn’t want you here to start, it’s hit the point I don’t want you gone.’

Y/N stopped and looked at him.

‘I really want you to stay. And I checked and Sammy’s ok with it.’

Y/N sat on the bed and looked at him. Dean grabbed her desk chair and shifted it so it was in front of her.

‘This place has become more of a home since you showed up. I didn’t think I could find a better place until you came into my life. That feeling, that homey warm, cuddle by the fire feeling, that’s all you. I don’t want it to go back to as cold and bare as it was.’

Y/N gave him a small smile.

‘And well I eat better with you around.’

Her smile got a little bigger and Dean smiled back.

‘I heal better.’

He moved closer to her, resting his hands on her thighs.

‘I smile more.’

He shifted them up her thighs and onto her hips.

‘I feel more.’

He lent in and kissed her again, pushing her back onto the bed.

‘And I really want to see where this can go, because I want more.’

‘What about when you’re away hunting?’ she asked quietly.

Dean looked at her confused.

‘Hook ups.’

‘I don’t believe in cheating, Y/N. I want you and no one else. If it’s a three month hunt then I’ll wait three months to come back to you.’

He kissed her, lips and jaw knowing she was going to say yes.

‘And if I get too desperate, I’ll just beg you to come meet me.’

‘I suppose I can agree to that.’

Dean kissed her neck using it to hide the relief on his face. He let his hands wander, picking up where he left off last time.

‘Y/N!’ Sam called. ‘I think dinner’s starting to burn.’

Y/N groaned and went to sit up, when Dean stopped her.

‘Leave it, we can order pizza tonight.’

She chuckled and kissed him back.

‘Y/N?’ Sam called walking into the room. ‘Never mind, I’ll just go turn it off,’ he grinned walking out, closing the door behind him.