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Making Stationery Affordable

We’ve all seen them - the fancy pens in so many colours, the lovely little notebooks too small to be practical but nice to look at and the folders with the cute patterns all over. 

The problem is the hefty price tag that such frippery demands - so, I’ve compiled a list of some UK stores that offer good quality stationery for low prices. Most deliver to the UK, and some have others stores in Europe or may deliver internationally. 

1. ‘The Works’ - a brilliant discount shop that sell everything from technology to pens to canvas’ to books to toys. They rarely do branded items but they offer affordable alternatives that are, generally, good quality. 

2. ‘Home Bargains’ - I only recently found this shop! It is an emporium of cheap branded items. It’s not exclusively stationery, but includes everything from outdoor ornaments to cosmetics to food to cleaning products to bed linens. I’ll be taking a trip there late summer to stock up for university!

3. ‘Tiger’ - another store that offers both impressive variety and low prices. They don’t have a webshop but there are 471 stores in 26 countries at the moment, so there may be one near you! 

4. ‘Hema’ - is a Dutch shop that recently came to the UK, offering affordability as well as a wide range of good quality products. I was most impressed with the range of post-it notes available for less than a pound!

5. ‘The Range’ - this store is one of my long-standing favourites. The low prices for homeware, art, craft, stationery, decor means that it is one of the shops I visit more frequently. I highly recommend it generally, as well as to get good quality, durable stationery for a good price. Most products are also branded, so you can be assured that your purchase will last.

So, that is 5 shops in the UK that offer a good range of wares at good prices. I specifically looked at stationery but they all also offer a range of other items that I really recommend. I just thought this might help those who can’t afford the fancy Moleskine notebooks and diaries or the posh pens - it means you get good stationery for a practical price. I’m aware most of my followers are young, so they’re still in education with a small amount of disposable income and they’re students, and students love cheap things. 

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