Hello my fellow SNK fans! I was going through my costumes and decided I want to part with my SNK jacket. I’m selling it and it’s in hella good condition–only worn to one con for one day. I figured with the amount of SNK fans following this blog, I’d come here first to garner any interest.

ASKING PRICE: $30.00+shipping (shipping depends on where you are in the US!) If your shipping is UNDER 10 dollars, I’ll pay it for you. :) But over ten, I really would need you to pay that!
SIZE: Small-Medium. I have large shoulders and it fit me quite well. It was advertized as a medium, but I personally think it’s more on the small side!

-Originally bought on Alliexpress for $50.00
-It’s a nice ass leather material
-Inside is soft and quite warm. So if you’re in a Southern state like me and planning to run around, take breaks or it’ll get way stuffy in that jacket!
-Has the wings emblem embroidered into the fabric
-I’m serious guys, this jacket is super high quality and you feel and look like an actual member of the Survey Corps
-Light mark on the sleeve, but it’s hardly noticeable and pictured. If it really bothers you, I’ll scrub it down. :)

If you are interested, please send me an ask with your email and we’ll talk there. This is a first come first serve sort of thing, so if someone contacts me and another contacts me but has the money upfront, I’ll have to take their deal over yours! So to prevent this, please have your money upfront!

alright, so! long story short: i’m both kind of tight for money right now (i need to gather up some just to have on the side and to pay for uni) and i’m also running out of room a lot of the k-pop merchandise that i’ve bought over the last few years. i’m planning on keeping a good chunk of it, but willing to let a lot of it go at this point.

all of the merchadise has been opened, but they’re in good condition (and if any aren’t i’ll elaborate when listing them below). they’re lacking in the plastic wrap because i’ve looked through them a few times each. i’m gonna try and be fair with pricing as well: $8 for singles, $11 for mini albums and $16 for full albums, anything else i’ll mark as a different price below. i also have a few dvds and photobooks that i’m willing to put up for sale too (which are also basically in mint condition), so! full = album, mini = mini album.

✿ why so serious? the misconceptions of me - shinee (full)
✿ dream girl : the misconceptions of you - shinee (full)
✿ everybody - shinee (mini)
✿ sherlock (jonghyun version)- shinee (mini)
✿ the first - shinee (full)
✿ lucifer - shinee (full) ($10) - first 5 pgs are loose
✿ hello - shinee (full)
✿ 2009, year of us - shinee (mini)
✿ juliette - shinee (mini)
✿ amigo - shinee (taiwanese special edition) (full)
✿ shinee world (ver. b) - shinee (full)  
✿ shinee world (ver. a) - shinee (full)
✿ replay- shinee (mini) $10 (has dvd)
✿ replay (japanese) - shinee (single) $10 (has dvd)
✿ juliette (jap)- shinee (single) $10 (has dvd)
✿ lucifer (jap)- shinee (single)  $10 (has dvd)
✿ fire - shinee (single)
✿ 1000 years, i’ll be by your side - shinee (single)
✿ dazzling girl - shinee (single)
✿ boys meet u - shinee (single) $10 (has dvd)
✿ spellbound (repack) - tvxq (full)
✿ catch me- tvxq (full)
✿ exodus - exo (korean / kai version) (full)
✿ mama - exo-k (mini)
✿ miracles in december- exo (korean) (mini)
✿ mirotic - (can pick between version a and b) tvxq (full)
✿ 2nd album o- tvxq (ver a/b/c/d) (mini)
✿ sorry, sorry- super junior (full)
✿ only one - boa (giant photobook version) (full)
✿ keep your head down - tvxq (full)

i also have:

✿ 2nd asia tour concert “O” dvd (korea version) dvd which is: two discs with a 52 page photobook (also in full color). price$30 

if anyone’s interested in any of these you can message me (off anon, of course) and i was thinking we could go about information this way: we can exchange emails and move our conversation from tumblr to there and discuss the items that you’re interested in, ect. i’ll send you photos of whatever merchandise you choose you can decide whether or not you want it (either just the cover if you’re not wanting photobook, ect. spoilers or a bit of everything) and, when / if you decide you want to buy, we can exchange paypal/ venmo/cash information and discuss shipment / pricing, ect. so, yes, in order to do this you’ll have to have a paypal or venmo or cash account because that’s the only way i’ll be able to work it out. anyway! have a good day!



I need to get some quick cash since my job isn’t bringing in enough cash. Each chibi will be based on the same template, changing the template will cost extra, so message me if you have any questions. 

I really need to get enough money for my tablet so I don’t have to borrow someone else’s computer to do my job. So, if you could spare just $5, I’d be grateful. If you can’t, please spread the word by reblogging, it helps a ton. Thanks!

The ponies in the examples belong to Whooves N’ Pond, Queen Moon, and Nemo Von Silver. I chose these blogs because I love their art and Nemo and Whooves have been kind enough to be regulars in my streams lately. Thank you to them and everyone else who supports me, it means a lot in ways you could never know! :3