Cheap Cell Phone Batteries - The Honest Truth

Cheap Cell Phone Batteries – The Honest Truth

Could you honestly get by without a cellphone? Ha that is a funny question, cell phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury item, and cell phone batteriesare even more important due to the fact that they are the lifeline of your mobile. As we all know a cell phone is not just a phone anymore, its a fully functional multi-media device that we can use for work, gps tracking and just for…

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Commission a Great Artist!!

Hey guys, I have an amazing friend who I love dearly. She is in abit of a struggle right now with bills and finding work, and she does amazing artworks! Her commissions are well priced, and she excels at creating whatever you might imagine.

She does incredible works, I mean seriously. Look at this. Absolutely gorgeous, right?

She even does FURRY ART! Look at all that texture and carefully lined detail. Nisha can paint stories you’ve always wanted!

EVEN REFERENCE SHEETS! LOOK AT THAT. You like pokemon? You in the furry fandom? You just want some cover art or maybe a simple icon Look no further for quality art with a great price!

You wouldn’t only be getting art. You’d be helping out a wonderful young women who wants nothing more to produce art and get by with her bills. It would mean the world to me if you guys could consider commissioning her, or help spread this around. 

Nisha is one of my best friends, and super curteious and overall wonderful. You can contact her at her furaffinity! Or her commission email at

Thank you guys!


~my personal faves~ 

✉ Five-Pointed Star Print Short Sleeve Crop Tee

✉ Blue High Waist Elastic Waist Loose Denim Shorts

✉ Lazy Print Stripe Hem Sleeveless T-Shirt

✉ Plain High Waist Casual Hot Shorts

✉ Plain Plaid High Waist Mesh Insert Midi Skirt

✉ Round Neck Short Sleeve Tassel Trimmed Tee

✉ Red Mouth Print Studded Loose Tank

✉ Black Checker Pattern White Overall Shorts

✉ Lovely Cat Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

(REQUESTED) Lynn gunn by kellbell0412 ok this was requested but I just added it all up and the outfits are all around $60 including shoes. Without the shoes they are around $40 :-)

Black crop top, $4.71 / Black jeans, $36 / H&M black pants, $24 / Thigh high socks / H&M black shorts, $20 / Petite Elizabeth Cut Out Crop Top, $16 / Abercrombie Fitch bra / Glamorous black shoes, $31 / Black boots, $23 / Black boots, $23