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"Who’s to say I haven’t already?" - Me. Haven't seen any female close to his age. Unless it's Chea, but she needs to grow up somewhat. Or unless prospective this love is not female. Or is not close to Jivi's age. Or both! But seriously, wouldn't it be nice if Jivi and, say, Dawn got together?

Ah, but Dawn is finally safe from our harmful need to be entertained by the suffering of fictional beings, and won’t be back in the story.

It may be helpful if I admit that love interests, romantic relationships, and shmoopy kiss-antics are not my favourite things in fiction, and you won’t be seeing a lot of them in Unsounded. I prefer fantasy weirdness, politics, violence, and existential crises. This is why I will die in obscurity and my forgotten corpse will be left in a trailer to moulder and be eaten by feral dogs.