chea s

@miilkydayz @robinine-blog @donaldtheduckdad Loving all the Della angst on my dash, but it’s all so heavy. I need some fluff for balance.

Imagine Della, after her return, locking Donald in a chest lock in annoyance because he’s being stubborn. Her arms are under his arms around his chest, so he can’t get at her.

“Now kids, I’ll show you the best ways how to make your Uncle laugh.” A devilish grin that Donald can sense without seeing because he knows that tone freezes him. He then starts struggling in terror. But that moment of terror is one moment too long. A quack interrupts him as Della digs on finger into his side and drags it down.

“That’s chea-eating, Della! Let m-me go!”

“You just don’t want to admit that I got you good at our competition, lil brother.”

“No, I won!” Because some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry is a good excuse reason to start a tickle-fight.

She tickles across his stomach, evoking a gasp that already sounds close to laughter. He does his best to stay calm but she’s always been good at this, and again, she’s cheating, and he tells her as much. By now Della is laughing as well because the kids finally dove in and Donald isn’t their only target. It evolves into an all-out tickle war, everybody against everybody. Donald is grinning and laughing as he’s buried under a pile of kids or when he snatches up Louie and Webby to get at their feet, and Della’s face hurts from her own grin.

Later, they rest on the ground in exhaustion, watching the clouds pass by on the sky. The children are dozing, snuglged against each other and the adults. Louie passed out draped across both Della and Donald.

Donald tilts his head towards her. He has that funny arch to his eyebrows when he tries to act unimpressed.

“Is that what you call bonding activity? Trying to kill me from lack of air?” He whispers because he doesn’t want to wake the kids.

She snorts and whispers back. It feels like back in time when they were this young themselves.

“As if you didn’t have fun, Donnie. You got into it like the kids did.”

They continue bickering even though it’s not bickering anymore. It’s easy, warm talking as they slowly grow sleepy, their heads coming to rest against each other. When their breathing is finally slow and even, the kids peer up and grin at each other.